Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Is Haris Ibrahim Ready For Jihad Or Gone Bonkers ?

Hantu Laut

This is it, my biggest fear of CIVIL UNREST. 

Read here how a group of people contemplating to overthrow the government by force.

Waiting for five years is too long they say, they want immediate turmoil to remove the government. 

Leader of the pact is the disenchanted and disheveled Haris Ibrahim, who had earlier announced his "willing to die" squad to uphold the voting system in the country. Sounds like he has scores of suicide bombers ready for "jihad"

I wrote this piece "Is Malaysia Heading For Trouble" a day before polling day, not a figment of my imagination as the idealists would want to believe and have accused me of spreading fear to scare friends, foes, all and sundry, but it is reality that could turn into nightmare.

Well, enemies, I have none, unless some who knows me consider me as one. Friends I have plenty, but close friends I keep in a small circle and close to my heart. 

A dear friend of mine was pretty annoyed when I posted  on her timeline on Facebook of what I see as impending trouble if Anwar doesn't stop his calls for big rally to protest against the government  and that there would be blood on the streets if he is not stopped now. Of good heart herself, she truly believe Malaysians are incapable of violence. Well, Haris Ibrahim had proven her wrong. 

Haris Ibrahim praises to the skies demonstrations and civil unrest as the only way to bring down the government. 

My balls rattling so nervously listening to what he had said " We will take to the streets to take over Putrajaya. If we rally want to overthrow them, there is no other way.Democracy doesn't work"

Yes, democracy doesn't work for people who refused to accept it.

Why would Anwar want to continue holding big rallies when he knew fully well it'll be an effort in futility. He knew fully well he can't change the government by holding peaceful rallies all over the country. 

As I have said before, huge rallies can't remain peaceful forever, it only take a single spark to ignite the whole minefield of discontent. 

Haris Ibrahim extolled going to the streets as the only way to remove the government. His ABU movement has elements of right wing fascism and ready to wreak havoc in the country. 

This delusional man, if left to his own devices, will light the tinder box. 

Boom! Malaysia goes up in flame.

Now you know why Raja Petra (RPK) parted company with him.

I am not going to tell the police what to do, they knew better what to do when someone had gone overboard.


SM said...


Unfortunately I fully agree with you! I was really surprised when I reda what he said! Despite the EC being the biggest Fraudsters in the Country, anarchy is not the way to go.

I'm really not sure what Haris Ibrahim is all about! And where did he say DSAI was involved or gave his blessings? Peaceful Rallies are peaceful. Rallies to overthrow Governments are a different thing altogether!

As usual you blame DSAI at the least fart sound? If & when DSAI comes out & says we rally to overthrow the Government, then you blame him!

Anonymous said...

HL. I feel so sad for our nation, for our future, for our children's future. I can tolerate differences of opinion. I can tolerate a bit of childishness in our politicians and hell, I can even tolerate some mistakes made by our trusted leaders but to take to the streets and create a riot in pursuit of power, that's too much, far far too much. I just wish the ISA was still around. And all this while us ordinary man in the street are doing fine. Most of us are not rich by any standards but we have enough and what we don't have we don't need. Malaysia is a fine country and should stay that way. This time I want the PM, Home Minister and relevant authorities to take REAL and stern action against these law-breakers...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Agreed. NO street protest to change government. Use the courts. Use whatever legal means. But no violence.


Thuraisingam said...

Haris Thuraisingham ma sama jenis dengan Anwar Ibrahim..tamil

Hj M Zin said...

Our ulama's should really speak up as one on this.

The Jihad here is hudud war on Hirabah, for spreading disorder.
( حِرابة‎ in Surah al-Maaidah, 5: 33)

Haji M Zin, Alor Gajah

Anonymous said...

When you talk you prove it. Don't just say fraud here and there... What kind of corrupt civilisation you species came from. This species can support anything as long it goes along with their desire to fill their greedy tummies as full as possible.

Why this idiot call himself doing Jihad? We can jihad in support of our economy by not supporting the bloody greedy pest's business which has florish due to the support by the biggest consumer in M'sia and yet they don't know how to live gracefully with grateful attitute. We must buy their products and services last if possible forbid ourselves from supporting their business. Many of these pest bacome millionaire here we don't say anything bad about them but if Al Bukhari, Daim and few others who are successful they say all are cronies...it is about time we should realise that by supporting their business it is same as killing ourselves... so wake up and think ... wake our family, relative and friends of this logic reason to retaliate their tsunami. We are good in enjoying zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... in the past please wake up now and act as one. Proof yourself that you are not the idiots who want to jihad on the street... but do our part in our Jihad Economy. If you don't agree to participate then I think you should call yourself a traitor because of your willingness to associate yourself with kafir who have proven that they can unite just to destroy your dominance and existance. I don't think this is too complex to understand, please give this a space in your brain.

Anonymous said...

Sudah lah. NATO type. When it comes to the crunch he won't be anywhere to be seen. The mahasewels will be doing all the dirty work. Bloody fringe lunatics.

Anonymous said...

The opposition verdict: You are guilty as long as the god Anwar said so. Fraud your bloody head hoh.

Anonymous said...

Dear new IGP and the AG - open your law books. Get this guy. Arrest and prosecute him to the fullest!

Anonymous said...

Haris sorang ni dijanjikan jawatan AG oleh DASI kut ?

SM said...


Haris did come back later saying he's not advocating violence> I guess he better choose his words wisely next time!
He has to remember he's not in UMNO & cannot say anything wrong! If you are in UMNO you can ask people to burn Bibles, Kill, murder the Chinese, etc, etc & nothing will be done to you!

Anonymous said...

Haris has crossed the line..terlajak perahu,boleh patah balik..terlajak hasut...mampos kamu pengkhianat !!