Tuesday, August 20, 2013

BN On Death Throes ?

Hantu Laut

Haven't posted anything this past week, things haven't changed and getting sick of defending the indefensible.

I once was an ardent supporter of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's 1Malaysia, him trying to unite the different races in the country and trusting him as the man who could bring viable changes to a system that is insidiously killing the country, politically and economically.

It looks like we are becoming more rudderless than before. Like his predecessor he has fallen victim to UMNO greedy warlords and think that everything will be hunky-dory to continue the status quo. I scratch your back, you scratch my back in typical UMNO style.

Adding to his woes is a home minister who has a penchant for saying the quirkiest things and doing things "thick as two planks". Seriously, besides his two planks act this "Yang Berhormat" also needs to seek anger management therapy. Him getting physical against a man who claimed he was physically abused by him was recorded in a law suit against him. Angry man do not make wise decision and unwise decisions aplenty, the latest being stripping a poor Singaporean businessman off his permanent resident status. Though, I agree the government has the prerogative to cancel his PR, a bit of leniency and compassion over heedless and unintentional mistake sould suffice with a slap on the wrist. 

To err is human, to forgive divine. 

I am not even sure if there was a breach of divine law here, or just the angst of a small fraction of Muslims.

Mecca, before the dawn of Islam was full of idols particularly the Kaaba, used as a place of worship for the deities of Arabia's pagan tribes. When Islam took over Mecca they demolished the idols but not the buildings. The Kaaba now stands as the holiest shrine of Islam.

From the quirkiest to the smuggest, a minister of tourism who broke all conventions and claimed he was right to appoint his son as his special officer in his ministry and the conviction of righteousness came in the form of salary paid from his own pocket.A bumptious and opinionated ass who forgets the ministry is  not his personal fiefdom, but property of the people. It's fine if it was his "SDN BHD" He can do what he likes! Nobody cares!

If the quirkiest and the smuggest not enough to piss you off, try the scummiest of excuses, using religion in furtherance of racial domination. When the empire strikes back protecting the sanctity of Islam, more often than not, it's for racial consumption rather than religion.

PAS, whom I thought was the real fundamentalist looked more and more coy and innocuous. PAS leaders must be watching the show from the sidelines with their tongues hanging out in disbelief.

Bak kut teh, dogs, surau and improvised temple add more fun to a growing list of DOs and DON'Ts against Islam, an official religion but not constituted law of the country.

Any Muslim slighted over the slightest slight can lodge a police report and you are in a deep shit. The police will react faster than the bullets they used to shoot down criminals, because it is easier to find you and harder to find criminals.

The reason crimes on the rise, the police can't find the criminals, they outsmarted the police.

The EO (Emergency Ordinance) and ISA (Internal Security Act) had been blamed for the rise in violent crimes. The Home Minister claimed there were over 2000 hardcore criminals released when the EO was repealed and over 200,000 criminal foot soldiers are now working for these crime chiefs. 

New York City is a huge city compared to KL and had no EO or ISA, how come Mayor Rudy Giuliani succeeded in bringing down organised crimes in the city? Triad infested Hong Kong had no EO or ISA, how come they can clean up the city of big crimes making it one of the safest cities in the world today. Singapore, another gangster infested city before is now almost crime free and another one of the safest city in the world. 

How come our Home Minister is more interest in protecting the police than looking at the problems with an open mind and finding real solutions?

As they say "if there is a will, there is a way"

Someone asked me the other day "with is wrong with Islam today"? 

It is not Islam the problem. Muslims are root of the problems. Muslims are the trouble with what happened to Islam today. Muslims have become easily humiliated, use religion as a tool to retaliate and have become arrogant and self-destructive.

The current government is heading the same way, its arrogance will lead to.......self-destruction!

They do everything to agonise, antagonise and caused people's antipathy toward them.

The have lost the popular vote, completely lost the Chinese supports and lost the urban Malay votes.They have only one more thing to lose....the next general elections, as sure as the sunrise, if Najib keep dragging his foot on his transformation policy.

As proven in the past two general elections without Sabah and Sarawak the rural Malay vote bank in West Malaysia is insufficient to keep them in power. I expect the KDM in Sabah and Dayaks in Sarawak to abandon the BN in the 14th GE. They may also lose significant number of UMNO seats in Sabah.

As I have said before and still bear the same opinion, BN will lose in the 14th General Elections, unless some sort of miracle happened.

It better be soon!


SM said...


Now you see where I'm coming from! As I said many times, I once was the staunchest supporter of UMNO & TD Mahatir. Supporting him to the point of my colleagues calling me SM i.e. Son of Mahatir!
Then one day I woke up & realized that UMNO (notice as usual I do not say BN as MCA, MIC, PPP, Gerakan & all the other minions are a bunch of lap dogs not worth taking into consideration).
When I discounted Najib, you said that I was not giving him a chance & I thought ok, I will stop doing it & give him a chance but as you see, nothing changed.
He places worthless Toads in positions of Power & so when they screw up, he can only keep quiet. If Pak Lah was called the Sleeping PM, Najib can be called the Silent PM. All manner of ills are plaguing us & he keeps silent.
Like Nero was reputed to have been playing Fiddle while Rome burned, Najib is playing UMNO Politics (i.e. please keep me as the UMNO President) while Malaysia burns!

eddy said...

1. SM..I agree Najib is playing UMNO politics while MY burns.

UMNO warlords must be reined in...I suspect many hold Najib by the balls he got too many baggages. Unfortunately he really needs them to get reelected as UMNO President and PM of MY.

2. HL..it was not necessary for Najib to repeal the ISA,EO etc. Those Laws kept our country safe since Merdeka. Even squeaky clean Singapore keeps the ISA, and the US have Guantanomo Bay.

Anyway Selamat Hari Raya 2013.

Anonymous said...

Yang Kelakar tu...

Najib appoint Shahrizat sebagai Special Assistant Bertaraf Menteri..Tapi? Shhhhhh tak nak announce...Takut Rakyat marah...Heh Heh Chicken Man.


Anonymous said...

When a 'queen control' becomes PM...

Shadow Banker said...

you must support Tun and BN. learn to be thankful and stop grumbling

Anonymous said...

najib is the hen-pecked ah jib gor