Thursday, August 22, 2013

DAP Wayang Kulit

Hantu Laut

Indeed, what Tunku Aziz says here is not far from the truth, exaggerated and excessively dramatic, the DAP theatrics.

What grave injustice and abuse of power  against you when you cheated some of your members of their rights to vote?

You continue to cheat the people by proselytising lies into truth and truth into lies.

Accused the government of cheating in the recent polls, when you have not been entirely honest yourself.

Can you be trusted to be part of the big government?

DAP will continue to play the wayang kulit to hoodwink the people that they are being victimised by ROS and the government. 

I agree calling on PM Najib Tun Razak to guarantee that the party won't be de-registered is mischievous.

Sadly, too many Malaysians believe in this wayang kulit.

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