Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Hantu Laut

Iraqi Christians are raped, murdered and driven from their homes – and the West is silent.......the Telegraph.

May I ask this lamed historian has he done any proper research who created the monster ISIS? ... and in the past, the making of Saddam Hussein, the Mujaheedins, Osama and Al-qaeda and the Contras of Nicaragua?

Who are the devils that created these monsters?

ISIS was created by the US, Israel and Britain to destabilise Syria and the whole of the Middle East region using Islam as the bogeyman to sway world's opinion against Islam and Muslims. The Zionist agenda include the extermination of small pockets of Christians to strengthen the doctrine that Islam is an evil religion. Many top brass in ISIS were trained by CIA and Mossad coaxing the use of unspeakable violence against its enemies to instil fear in the population. Killing Christians would give added value to the monstrosity of Islam.

Like everything else the Western powers had created in the past, the monsters they created went out of control and came back to bite them in the asses.

ISiS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was recruited by the CIA after the American released him from Camp Bucca during the Iraqi War and was later trained by the CIA and Mossad to fit their long term plan for the Middle East region.

One should ask why not have the US and its Western allies executed military intervention in Iraq to stop the ISIS advancement?

Even more perplexing, the Iraqi soldiers numbering almost 1.0 million strong trained by the US military have bolted,or were asked not to resist the ISIS advancement in Iraq.


What happened in Iraq is not Muslims killing Christians, it's Christians sponsored atrocities against Christians, who had become dispensable commodity in furtherance of Israel and Western powers imperialistic agenda for the region.

That's why the West is silent.

Islam is not evil, every level-headed Muslim knows that and it's plain to see there are many stupid Muslims around the world, who are easily cheated and tempted by money and power at the expense of their own religion.

To me they are not Muslims, they are heretics, or murtad.


Anonymous said...

Evil article by evil supporter of ISIS.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha and al qaida is also Christian and Hamas actually Zionist.

Anonymous said...

Accept it this is your kind. Don't be embarrassed by the evil and barbaric behavior of your kind lol. How can you deny this when Christians here also got persecuted by your kind? Lol

Anonymous said...

What an Idolt!

Gram Kong said...

I don't debate with infantiles!

Anonymous said...

I think you really need to watch this video:

Then you tell me whether Islam is like a murderous cult or not.