Monday, September 9, 2013

A Rogue Chief Minister And Rogue Loan Defaulters

Hantu Laut

Away on holiday somewhere in the Himalayas. 

Haven't posted anything the past two weeks, bit tired writing about Malaysian politics, which is fast sliding down the gutter.

Badasses from both sides of the political divide giving the country a bad name.

When you have chief minister of a state going overseas running down his own country, you know what kind of fuck head you have heading a government and one who thinks his state is a separate entity and another sovereign power.

Now, I would like to ask Lim Guan Eng where his allegiance lies, here or in Timbaktu?

No matter how much you are against the government, as an elected member you can only denigrate or ridicule the government within the country or in parliament, but doing it overseas in an international forum is outright treachery and should not be condoned by any patriotic Malaysian. 

To be fair to him, the government must get a transcript of his speech to determine whether the complaint is true or not and whether the nature of the speech is treasonous. The transcript should also be published in the media for the people to judge.

From a chief minister who thinks he is an emperor of an island nation to a government losing sense in good governance, using soft approach to loan defaulters depriving others of the opportunity to further their studies

I read this with great concern concerning PTPPN loan defaulters. What kind of signal is the government sending to the Malays and Bumiputras. 

Hutang, tak payah bayar balik kah?

A mind-boggling sum of RM2.3 billion in unpaid loans by 400,000 defaulters of the PTPPN study loans of mainly Malay/Bumiputra students. 

Now, you know why the other races rejected the BN government. This is the kind of nonsense they do that riled up the other races. 

A proposal to denounce and blacklist the name of defaulters was opposed by UMNO Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin and accepted by the Cabinet.Blacklisting may not be the answer. PTPPN must use legal action to collect the debts from adamant borrowers.

We, businessmen, would be severely punished if we failed to repay our debts, not only our own loans, but personal guarantee we gave to financial institution for third party's debt, which can be your friend, relative, or your own company where you may be one of the directors.Failure to repay would end up in bankruptcy.

Debt is a debt and must be repaid. If the borrower is not able to repay on time than the loan should be rescheduled to ease the borrower's burden.

Politicians should not set bad example by defending these rogue borrowers, who, obviously, have no intention of repaying the loans from the very beginning.

Legal action should be taken against the loan defaulters. 


Anonymous said...

KJ is a millionaire many times over. Since he's championing these loan defaulters, then he should buy over the loan from PTPTN and do the rescheduling for the defaulters. They'll love him and give him all the votes that he needed to keep him in politics and eventually be PM. It won't be money politics if done legally.

The Eugenist said...

I believe this is what you called a "populist move"..

Anonymous said...

As a muslim you must fulfil your 'amanah'. To those muslim who have taken a loan it is their amanah to pay it back. Muslim who destroy the trust given to them are categorised as a munafiq. Only munafiq will give support to the other munafiq. KJ can you see this? What is your agenda? Money used to give them loan is not from your uncle pocket.

Anonymous said...

Tuan Syed,
Fully agree with you. This type of behaviours is precisely the reason UMNO keeps pulling Melayu backwards. They are not educating the public good Islamic behaviours. Khairy is showing a bad leadership behaviour, the kind that the Government has been doing too. They are not educating the public about accountability.

Just like thetraffic summonses where people are trained to wait and not pay up so the Police will give discounts in December. Just like the Singapore cars with multiple summonses but still roaming Malaysia streets.

UMNO definitely must not lead the Government in the future if they are bent on just doing things that are popular, but not things that are right.


Anonymous said...

How much do these graduate earn? Let do a survey.

borhan said...

Dah berhutang tu bayarlah tak payahlah nak belit pusing sana sini.PTPTN buatlah kerja lebih sikit buat tuntutan macam bank tuntut hutang dari pemiutangnya. dapatkan perintah mahkamah potong gaji...susah ke nak buat macam tu

Shadow Banker said...

Dr Mahathir also attackec the govt of pak lah in an interview with BBC.

Rabbit said...

Shadow Banker,

Dr Mahathir was not a minister of anything when he attack Pak Lah. Not even an MP.

Rabbit said...

Shadow banker,

Dr Mahathir is not a minister or an MP. Finf another argument to defend your Tokong.