Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Anwar: Blow by Blow

By Gopal Raj Kumar

  1. Anwar Ibrahim did nothing to reform the system when he was an insider. And mind you, he was sitting at its apex and even acting as prime minister between May and July 1997.He did nothing towards a repeal of the ISA, OSA, Emergency Ordinance or Sedition Act. Nor did he roll back the restrictions imposed by the Societies Act and the UUCA.
  2. In the 16 years that Anwar was rising up the Umno ranks until he was a heartbeat away from the very pinnacle, he made no changes for the better from the inside. On the contrary, it was he who poisoned Umno’s well through expanding and entrenching the culture of patronage and money politics.
  3. He is no democrat. In 1995, the Umno general assembly decided that the top two posts should not and would not be contested in its 1996 party election.
The assembly instructed that only Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar could be nominated for president and deputy president respectively. Anwar was deep in the bowels of the BN system that has been dubbed a “guided democracy”.
Neither is Pakatan democratic. In the DAP, the first families of Lim and Karpal rule like as if the party is their personal fiefdom.
Guan Eng’s younger sister Hooi Ying is Penang DAP secretary. Three of Karpal’s children – Jagdeep, Gobind and Ramkarpal – are YBs. Ramkarpal was gifted an inheritance of his father’s Bukit Gelugor Parliament seat.
As for the PKR first family, Daddy is Anugerah Tuhan aka ketum parti, Mommy is president and Oldest Girl is vice president. There’s even talk of Younger Girl being given the chance to contest Permatang Pauh, previously rotated between her parents.
What democracy are Pakatan people talking about?!
  1. Anwar was so Machiavellian in the ruthless way he toppled Ghafar Baba. Anwar was confirmed twice as Umno deputy president – in the 1993 and 1996 general assemblies.
He planted cells everywhere, appointing his coterie to vital and pivotal positions in the superstructure of the state. He was like a giant octopus with tentacles spread over the Umno machinery and the entire government bureaucracy. In short, he was a control freak.
Side note:
Man-in-a-hurry Anwar only served as Dr M’s deputy in Umno for five years (1993-1998) before trying to oust his boss. Unlike the treacherous Anwar, Tun Razak was a loyal deputy to Tunku Abdul Rahman. Tun Razak was Umno deputy president for 20 years (1951-1971) until Tunku resigned his party presidency in June 1971.
  1. True, Anwar was infamously given a black eye by the IGP but he was certainly not “beaten to within an inch of his life” as his declared by his lawyer. Reminder:A member of the Bar is not an aspiring novelist (or is he?). Hence he should always endeavour to be more factually precise in his expression and refrain from engaging in hyberbole.
Anwar, on the other hand, is an acknowledged drama queen. If you’ll recall, he had also alleged that he was being poisoned with arsenic. Oh, and the stage props – that ubiquitous neck brace and the wheelchair


Anonymous said...

Actually these supporters knew his sodomy pursuits but for political mileage they had to support him to bring UMNO down.

Mat Sabu, Karpal, LKY, even Azizah herself, not to mention his own son are fully aware.

Bu his powerful foreign allies gave him that "untouchable" arrogance. He failed to realise that the sodomy thrills was a hands-tied trap for when he becomes the PM.

So we should all be grateful to Saiful who has tremendous courage and faith to withstand all the stress and "poison" thrown at him.

Infact his own father was bought over by Anwar.

David defeated the mighty Goliath. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Anonymous said...

Anwar Ibrahim is now in jail, sleeping on a thin mattress on a concrete floor, occupying a space smaller than many people's clothes cupboards.

Basic human decency would suggest to stop continuing to attack him.

Are you a human being or just a Hantu ?

Anonymous said...

Please credit Helen Ang for this ya.

Anonymous said...

Aku nak attack cina cina pendatang dapigs yg off late semakin kurang ajar........ Jadi lah Malaysian chinese yg bersopan dan patriotic to tanah air.....

Anonymous said...

anon@February 17, 2015 at 3:03 PM

a sodomite is cursed, no human decency for him

hey he enjoyed attacking handsome young men, let him have a taste of being a victim

a traitor should not be molly coddled, okay, hantu darat

Anonymous said...

Anwar should take the chance to repent.

He's already old and lived a stressful life, satisfying his base desires have taken a toll on his body, even his back has become painful according to him.

I also hope he would use his prison time not only to read the bible every other day, but also to read the quran, the vedas, the tripitaka, the four books, the tao te ching, the guru granth sahib, the dianetics, the gospel of flying spaghetti monster, the principia discordia and many others.

Anonymous said...

Anwar in jail means his foreign sponsors have invested in the wrong guy. Failed investment.

He could have run off but he will become useless outside of Malaysia.

Sodomy thrills was preplanned as a blcakmail threat in case he becomes the PM. Pathetic.

Allah bless Malaysia. This peliwat tua is a national traitor and he deserves the max 20 years for 3rd offence.