Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ali Baba And The 40 Thieves: It Should Be Court-Martial Or Military Tribunal

Hantu Laut

First, it was reported only one engine was stolen.Now, two engines have gone missing and sold.

The things that didn't make any sense to us ordinary Malaysians is, on one hand, the Armed Forces chief Gen Azizan Ariffin said that those responsible for stealing the engines should be charged with treason which was earlier advocated by me in my posting here, but on the other hand the 40 thieves including a brigadier-general were only sacked and let off scot-free.Shouldn't they be remanded until full investigation is completed or face a court-martial or military tribunal.Those involved should be considered adversarial, enemies of the state and should be tried under a military court not a civil court.

Taking these thieves to civil court would delay justice for many years and make Malaysians more suspicious of the outcome.

Putting it to military court would expedite the hearing of the case and eliminate the appeal stages.Being of different jurisdiction decisions made by a military court cannot be appealed to the Federal Court.

This is crime of the highest order, crime against the state and the government shouldn't drag its feet or try to cover up any wrongdoings.The harshest punishment is the only remedy.It should be catch first and talk later and guilty until proven innocent.Ask the Tax Department, they use this rule to the letter all the times.Pay first, talk later.

Malaysians are now questioning the vulnerability and effectiveness of our security system.If two jet engines disappeared without being detected what about our other more sensitive state secrets.

I am still waiting for the big fish from PKFX.There seems to be no sign of them.


donplaypuks® said...

MI today reported that it is actually RM100 million and not RM 50 million as perthe Defence Minister's press statement!!

So, what is the truth?

Are we being subjected to spindoctoring by APCO to create a smokescreen?

Note also that 1 of the stolen jet engines was shipped off to Iran in contravention of UN sanctions and USA procurement terms and conditions.

This is a Govt of Thieves for sure!!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Has anyone notice how convenient this would be for the opposition? For sure it's a good diversion. But there's something that's more than meet the eye here.

And while we at it (this theft and treason), have we forgotten about the seditious and treasonous acts of one Anwar Ibrahim? Why hasn't anyone raise this? As I said, how convenient!

SM said...


Let's see who will be caught. From history, we can almost confirm 100% that a few small fish will be caught (& released becauzse there's no evidence) & all will be forgotten!

Then again we have people like Anonymous (6:31PM) who despite the clear & unequivocal evidence of wrong doing by "others" (poking them in their face), will unashamedly blame the opposition!

Like JAKIM, these people are the ones who will derail Najib's 1-Malaysia by their narrow-minded, glaringly stupid & bigoted views.

eddy said...

1. Bro, the fighter jet engines were taken out of a military installation. It is a criminal case. The perpetrators should be charged with treason and waging war against the Agung, the main accused should be hung by their neck until the die those accessory and abetting should be jailed for life.

Let this be a lesson that pilfering of military arms and hardware which threatens the security of this nation is a capital crime with mandatory capital punishment.

2. dpp, shipped to iran? Do you have evidence that THE GOVERNMENT is involved? Just because some crooked air force officers and airman decided to rob the Government, how could that qualify the Government to be involved? Seems you have privy info that can get Malaysia fried internationally better make a report to The PDRM quickly dpp. Big words you are using eh...Government of Thieves?

SM said...

Bro Eddy,

Just as HL stated that he's still waiting for the Big Fish to be caught in the PKFZ Scandal, we will have to wait for this Scandal to come to a completion. The RMAF reported this theft in Aug 2008! What has the PDRM, the AG, the MACC, the Government being doing about it?!
Another massive cover-up again it seems!
A Govt of Thieves? Can you blame people for coming to this conclusion? How many scandals muct we go through before we admit the truth?! Royal Commission? Let's not insult His Highness once again (remember we are still waiting for the AG & the Govt to take action on the RC on the Police improvement & the RC on the Lingam Tapes)!
Or do we still keep blaming the Opposition for Malaysia's woes?!

Anonymous said...


"clear & unequivocal evidence of wrong doing".

Now that's jumping the gun. The case is still under investigation and you're already making judgment.

"unashamedly blame the opposition!"

Isn't that the game of the opposition (especially Anwar) themselves - incessantly and unashamedly blaming the government?

"Like JAKIM, these people are the ones who will derail Najib's 1-Malaysia by their narrow-minded, glaringly stupid & bigoted views."

Wow, that's one hell of a statement. How would raising the seditious and treasonous acts of one Anwar Ibrahim derail 1Malaysia, when it's precisely those acts that are threatening Najib's good work and our country's stability? By raising this issue, which must be kept alive and not be buried by the F-5E engine theft case, I'm doing 1Malaysia a favour. To save 1Malaysia and our beloved country, we must keep ourselves reminded of Anwar's treachery.

JAKIM derailing 1Malaysia?? Can you explain that? Isn't that a narrow-minded, bigoted view? What exactly are the opposition doing now? Supporting 1Malaysia?

Nowhere in my comment have I said that those responsible for the F-5E engine theft should not be brought to justice. I said "more than meet the eye". Surely you know what that means.

Your statement shows that you yourself are narrow-minded and bigoted.

SM said...


It's alreday confirmed that Millions of RM worth of RMAF equipment has been stolen. The RMAF made a Police Report in Aug 2008! They are still investigationg?! Hahahaha! Right! More like the there was another massive cover-up that went wrong like the PKFZ!
As for Anwar...he's constantly in & out of court trying to clear his still want to go after him & the opposition? Don't worry...the PDRM, MACC & AG Chambers are constantly on his case & the Opposition. Why you think our Crime Index is constantly on the rise...why do you think there are chlidren still missing...why do you think that child rapists & murderers are still free to prey on our women & children?! These so called cops have their priorities wrong!
Read your original commens again.
As for me being a bigot & narrow minded...well... I am all for the "real" 1-Malaysia...i.e. EQUALITY for ALL Races in Malaysia...if that's bigotary then I'm a for you tell really want equality for ALL the races in Malaysia? If so then you should not be supporting UMNO!