Thursday, April 18, 2013

Where Is Ansari Abdullah ?

Hantu Laut

PKR Tuaran division chief Ansari Abdullah who has been a loyal and dedicated party member for many years made a pre-emptive announcement of candidates of his choice earlier this month. His list was later rubbished by PKR deputy president Azmin Ali.

His action shows a clear depth of distrust against PKR central leadership. People who can't be trusted to keep their words. 

Ansari's name have not appeared anywhere on the list of PKR candidates that have gone around the political sphere. 

UPKO's turncoat Wilfred Bamburing is slated to contest the Tuaran parliamentary seat and Tamparuli state seat, leaving Ansari out in the cold. 

Is Ansari being punished for his pre-empative announcement of his own candidate list?

If there is anyone who should contest the Tuaran seat, it should be Ansari. 

Has Anwar ever been honourable with his promises ?

Anwar also promised Ibrahim Menudin to contest in Labuan and Douglas Lind in Tenom, both are ex-UMNO members who ditched the party a few months back to join PKR and are considered newcomers at the angst of long-serving party members. Both have started campaigning in the promised constituencies about two months ago based on assurances given by Anwar. 

Ibrahim had distributed free rice to the kampong folks in Labuan in the hope of getting their supports. He has now been moved to Bongawan to face the hyenas.

Douglas, who was so sure of standing in Tenom, unfortunately, was not selected. Being newcomer the rejection may not be as painful as Ansari.

Sabah PKR is in a real shambles as long-serving and loyal party members are being sidelined for newcomers to contest the elections.

Can we trust a man who never kept his words to lead this country?

Updated: PKR has confirmed that Ibrahim Menudin will also contest the Labuan parliamentary seat.

More to come..


Anonymous said...

Anwar pissed them off. They need to blame themselves for trusting the king of liars.

Purple Haze said...

You should also highlight the BN folks who are pissed off at Najib such as Ibrahim Ali, Rais Yatim and Chua Soi Lek. They are in the same boat as Ansari perhaps even more so.

Imagine that - the Presidents of MCA and Gerakan are, for the first time in history, NOT standing for elections. If I were a memeber of either of those BN-component parties, malu lah. Even the PPP president was not supposed to be contesting but now has been corralled into it.

So, you should post an article "Where is Ibrahim Ali/ Chua Soi Lek / Koh Tsu Koon / etc"

I think you will have much more to write !

You focus on Anwar pissing off someone (and you have every right to do so) but there are more people pissed off in BN than PR, which is something you choose NOT to recognise (or at least you don't want to put it in writing).

Looking at the potential list of candidates, BN does not have a very strong plate (nor does PR, I should add). But with the money being thrown around and gerrymandering of seats, plus a "co-operative" EC, I would expect BN to win again on May 5 because Sabah & Sarawak will give the edge.

Excelsior, HL !!

Anonymous said...

Good, good. BN will win despite more people being pissed off with BN compared to the numbers in PR? Perhaps PR is too soft, confused, panicky and utterly untrustworthy to keep their word/promises? Is this why they will lose?

Or too arrogant and full of scandals?