Thursday, January 31, 2013

Anak Raja Melayu dan Anak Raja Melayu Bygone

Hantu Laut

"Tunku Aziz ialah bekas naib presiden DAP. DAP memandan
tinggi Tunku Aziz.Sejak meniggalkan DAP, Tunku Aziz bertugas
sebagai algojo bagi pihak UMNO.Kerja nya 24 jam menghentam
DAP.DAP tidak pernah mencerca nya semenjak berpisah.Hanya 
ahli DAP yang tak seberapa seperti saya sahaja yang rasa perlu menyanggah tindakan Tunku Aziz."

Excerpt from SakmongkolAK47's "Anak Raja Melayu dan DAP" Read more.

I am not sure what to make out of his broadside attack of Tunku Aziz when he had done worst against his former party UMNO. Almost all of his writings are malodorous blitzkrieg against his former party and Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. Not a single day pass by without him spurting venom against UMNO or Najib. 

Here's one on Najib.

This must be the archetypal  "pot calling the kettle black."

Like most pro-opposition writers they reckon only they have the privilege to deploy their foul and filthy attacks on their political opponents, the other side should not have the privilege to do so, should not be accorded the same freedom of speech and should not retaliate if under attacks.

For the 'anak raja Melayu' born with the silver spoon who wants to join DAP or any other political party for that matter, if your genetic constitution is of the higher order, my advice is do think twice,  you'll be dealing with uncouth leadership bereft of good manners, which the Tunku soon found out to his great dismay, rudely awaken by the "Little Emperor" that rule over the tiny blob called 'Pearl Of The Orient, or as Mahathir once said "Rubbish of the Orient"

I do agree with Sakmongkol there is absolutely nothing wrong for a Malay prince to join DAP or any other political party, but it is of convention and expected of the prince that he ends his princely role with the royal household should he decides to take active role in politics. 

In Malaysia, 'convention'  is a word amiss, certainly not in the political lexicon.

Tunku Zain is "Anak Raja Melayu", Tunku Aziz is "Anak Raja Melayu"  

If necessity is the mother of all invention than experience is the mother of all teachings. Maybe, Tunku Aziz had eaten more salt and knew better.

For SakmongkolAK47,  since he is all huff and puff about UMNO having lost majority Malay support, I hope DAP will reciprocate his good work of soiling his former party by making him a suitable candidate in a Malay majority area.

As they say "as you make your bed, so you must lie in it."

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

No easy choice for Malaysia

By Nile Bowie

KUALA LUMPUR - Animosity between Malaysia's two leading political coalitions - the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) and opposition Pakatan Rakyat - has run high following the opposition-led Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat mass rally held earlier this month in the capital's iconic Merdeka Stadium. 

Many argue that the political climate has never been so polarized ahead of the country's 13th general elections, democratic polls

that have the potential to bring enormous political, economic and social change. 

BN, led by the United Malays Nasional Organization (UMNO), has held power consecutively since Malaysia achieved independence from colonial Britain in 1957. Pakatan Rakyat - a coalition of the People's Justice Party (PKR), Democratic Action Party (DAP) and Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) - looks to build on the historic gains it made at the 2008 polls, where it initially won control of five out of 13 state assemblies. 

Since then, few have acknowledged the emphasis that Prime Minister Najib Razak has put on deconstructing draconian legislation that once allowed for indefinite detention without trial and scoop arrests of government critics. Clearly, there is a vocal and undeterred segment of the population which values civil liberties, freedom of expression, and free assembly to whom he is bidding to appeal. 

The fact that this month's political rally occurred without incident is a sign that his administration is more comfortable with liberalization than previous UMNO-led administrations. While Najib has eased rules regarding the publication of books and newspapers, the next administration would gain enormous public support by relaxing controls on grass roots political expression, including allowances for greater citizen participation in checking and balancing alternative media. 

At the same time, many of the states under Paktan Rakyat's control have experienced administrative mismanagement, including cases of water shortages that have left people without basic utilities. Despite claims that it would reduce water tariffs, the PAS-led administration in Kedah State has instead increased them. 

In Selangor, reserve levels of treated water neared zero because of prolonged spells of hot and dry weather. Nonetheless, budget restructuring and tight conditions introduced under the watch of the Selangor government have halted the construction of needed water treatment plants, despite the current plants running at near maximum operating and distribution capacity. Read more.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What The Difference Between Patrick Teoh And Ibrahim Ali ?

Hantu Laut

Many of you who know me may find it strange that I indulge in writing about religious matter when I am not in any way religious. That's beside the point.The point is, this country may be heading for possible sectarian violence if we don't put a stop to the Allah issue.

As I have always say religion is the mother of all troubles.

Do you see any difference between Patrick Theo and Ibrahim Ali? If one is to see things in the right perspective, Patrick Theo had uttered worst things against Islam than Ibrahim Ali had against Christianity.

Ibrahim Ali's rhetoric was political grandstanding while Patrick Teoh's was pure and unadulterated insult on Islam, derived out of arrogance and chauvinism.

Well, Patrick Theo the motherfucker (a word he is fond of using), here what he said "Encouraged to sing motivational songs. What kind of fucking motivation they want? Give up individuality and be sheep? Pray 5 times a day? Cover up all women? What???"

"And while they are at it, please tell me what the fuck extreme singing and dancing is?"

"Quran thumping motherfuckers!!!"

"Pray 5 times a day" and "Quran Thumping motherfuckers"

That, to many Muslims is an insult.

Did you hear big cry out from opposition's leaders asking the police to arrest him or the AG to charge him?

More surprising was the born loser Muslim politician called Zaid Ibrahim who came to his rescue saying he did not insult Islam but his way of articulating his concerns about how Islam is being administered in Malaysia but this was not tantamount to insulting Islam. This joker need to go back to law school.

An insult need not necessary be criminal but still an insult.People have killed each other over racial and religious slur.

Burning the Bible or Quran in the U.S. and many Western countries is not a criminal offence, but saying the "Holocaust" never happened is a criminal offence in some European countries.

What about Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali and the pretenders in PAS who talk so much about protecting and preserving the sanctity of Islam. Where are they when non-Muslims disparage and humiliate their religion. 

Some Malay politicians put political expediency before their faith. There are just too many crooks from both sides of the political divide. They are only concern about status and money.

Now, let me tell you why the Chinese are more successful in whatever they are doing, be it business, education, philanthropy, culture or politics, because when it comes to the crunch the Chinese close ranks toward their common goal.

They have mastered the art of making money for many thousand years, today they want a bigger share of the political cake, to horn their skills in politics to get better representation in Parliament, which absolutely is nothing wrong in our democratic system.

The 13th GE will see the Chinese come together as one under the DAP umbrella, probably, taking the biggest chunk of MP seats leaving the Malays fragmented between PKR, PAS and UMNO.

What goes around comes around, the Malays have had their good time of "divide and rule" for half a century of this country's independence. Now, because of greed, it's their turn to be divided.

Anwar much prefer to let DAP be the leading party rather than PAS, as DAP would make him the prime minister. The straggler among the three coalition partners would be PKR.

It is in Anwar's interest to make sure PAS do not win big, which can wreck his chance of becoming prime minister.

It may not be too far-fetched to think of the unthinkable, that PAS may leave PAKATAN because of the Allah issue.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ibrahim Ali Political Grandstanding

Hantu Laut

Malaysia will soon be split right down the middle between Muslims and non-Muslims if this man is allowed to have his way and, likewise, irresponsible politicians who continue raising sensitive issues, every now and then, to bolster their waning popularity. 

Lim Guan Eng resurrection of the Allah issue from the Pandora's Box over the New Year was much of a muchness.

Malaysians are smart enough not to heed calls from these political eunuchs.

Ibrahim Ali is not insane or suffering from some kind of malady, he intellect is very intact, his call for Muslims to burn the Christian Al-Kitab (Bible) was pure political grandstanding. 

He is not Terry Jones who is ignorant, thick in the head and a religious deviant. 

Ibrahim Ali knows exactly what he was doing and that his grandstanding was to attract attention of his waning popularity among level-headed Muslims, who think he is a wacko, the only assumption one can make of his strange behaviour.

It is best to ignore this man and don't give him the light of day.

Click on message board.

Have you seen him?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

PAS Dogged Implementation Of Islamic Values Waning Pakatan's Non-Muslim Support

Hantu Laut

The Christians in Sabah and Sarawak will be keeping their option open and will be watching closely PAS political direction after the dissolution of Parliament. Further erosion may come during the campaign period if PAS grim persistence continued.

Below is a truthful analysis, surprisingly, coming from the opposition Pakatan Rakyat.

Non-Muslim support for Pakatan waning

KOTA BARU: Non-Muslims support for Pakatan Rakyat has dipped in the past five months due to the actions and policies of PAS and DAP, said the PAS Supporters Congress.

Its outspoken chairman, Hu Phang Chaw, said the support dwindled following a series of events, which has left a bitter after-taste among the non-Muslim community.
“We cannot outrightly proclaim it as we have yet to conduct a proper study, but one must be brave to admit that support has eroded due our inability to manage issues well.”
He cited the local authorities in Kelantan banning women from cutting the hair of male patrons and the move to slap non-Muslims with charges similar to khalwat as examples.
He also pointed out to the insensitivity of the Kedah government for enforcing restrictions and conditions on cultural shows during the Chinese New Year celebrations.
Another example he gave was DAP’s secretary-general Lim Guan Eng’s Christmas Day message reviving the useage of the word “Allah” among Christians.Read more.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Sabah RCI:Boon For Crooks, Liars and Honest Injuns

Hantu Laut 

Reported in the Daily Express 17 January 2013

NRD Deputy Director Nik Norashikin Nik Mansur said 66,682 people in Sabah received Malaysian citizenship between 1964 to October 2012.

She added that 38,000 were from Malaysia, 13,000 from China, 7,000 from Indonesia, while the rest were from the Philippines, Hong Kong and other countries. Those from Malaysia were born in Malaysia.

Those from China was a bit of a surprise. My British friend who had stayed in this country for almost three decades applied for permanent residence a number of times but to no avail.He passed away some five years ago and became permanent resident in Sabah, as dead as a doornail.

If what the opposition say about the government unlawful exercise to increase Muslim population is true, it seems absurd that the government also give to non-Muslim nationals from other countries. 

Many countries give citizenship to immigrants who meet the requirement and abide by the law of the land. Knowing how to speak the local language is a must before citizenship is accorded to the person concerned. Many of the immigrants who had stayed here a few decades can speak better Malay than many local Chinese and Indians that have been here a few generations. Even those from China who have been here just a few years speak better Bahasa than some Malaysian Chinese.

Malaysia also hosted the highest number of Chinese nationals compared to other nationals in its "Malaysia My Second Home" program and surprisingly some have pick up the language faster than some local Chinese. 

I was amazed by a Chinese girl from China who was selling some Chinese goods at Wisma Merdeka a while back. She spoke fluent Bahasa Melayu, addressing her customers as abang, pakchik, kakak and so forth. I suppose one have to make an effort when it comes to survival.

As Mahathir said there is nothing wrong in giving immigrants citizenship as long as they meet the requirement. The U.S and many European countries give out citizenship every year to qualified immigrants.

It was also reported that some 128,000 dubious ICs was issued over a period, but after government investigation a total of 91,656 were found to be fake and had been cancelled. Actions had been taken against some NRD officers including invoking the ISA on them for selling ICs to illegal immigrants. 

Obviously, these rouge officers, either were making use of government apparatus to do illicit business or taking instructions from their superiors to do the malfeasance to diddle Sabahans of their democratic rights.

Some good are coming out of the RCI and PM Najib should be lauded for his effort to find out the truth.

The RCI is getting exciting each day and a boon for crooks, liars, opportunists and honest-to-goodness witnesses sharing the limelight of the unconscionable blame game.

I hope those involved in falsifying and issuing of ICs and tempering with the electoral rolls would be severely punished, irrespective of their positions, be they ministers, NRD officers or EC officers. 

The skewed and lopsided pro-opposition news portal and blogs as usual only reported the negatives outcome and censored anything positive of the government.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Act Of Treason Against Sabahans, Where Was Anwar Ibrahim In 1994?

Hantu Laut

It's now becoming a fashion of sort to blame the dead.As we all know "dead men tell no tales." A dead man also cannot wake up from his grave, kick you in the ass and defend himself. So it's a win-win situation.

Former Sabah NRD director Ramli Kamaruddin said former Deputy Home Minister Megat Junid told him, here, to issue receipt to allow illegal immigrants to vote in the 1994 state elections. Megat Junid died on 24 January 2008.

Former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Monammad had been implicated with the issuance of Malaysian I/C to illegal immigrants dubbed "Project M". Mahathir must be really stupid to allow his name to be used for illegal activity.

The question is was Mahathir complicit in this illegal activity or was it people below him who took upon themselves to do the malfeasance?

Anwar Ibrahim, the great pretender and man of conscience was then the deputy prime minister and minister of finance, why did he not stop this act of treason against Sabahans? 

Was he also complicit to the illegal activity in the 1994 Sabah state elections?

We know what he did in 1994!

He was the man on the ground not Mahathir. He was very much involved in the programme to destabilise the then PBS government and was the mastermind of the crossing over of PBS assemblymen to BN at that time.

As they say "what goes around come around", the same frogs have now joined him to do exactly the same exercise and this time to destabilise the BN government.

The unfortunate thing is Malaysians still think this man is worthy of trust. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Chickens Had Come Home To Roost NIAMAH!

Hantu Laut

Patrick Teoh in hot water over Facebook post. Read here.

The chickens had come home to roost. This is the arrogant guy who used to insult his listeners over Radio 4 over what he surmised as their poor English, as though he is a top Queen's scholar and speaks perfect Queen's English, when the fact is, he is nothing more than just a good voice. His literacy is limited to profanities, imprecations and insults.

I have stopped reading his blog couple of years now as I feel the man is suffering from delusion of grandeur, a racist and narcissist of the highest order. His writings is a reflection of his grandiose self-conceit. 

Well, Mr Teo as you should know "give a fool enough rope and he will hang himself." Your 'day of reckoning' has arrived. NIAMAH!

Les Miserables

Hantu Laut

Taking hiatus from politics, let's talk theaters and movies, or just one movie that everyone is raving about.

Les Miserables or "Les Miz" in short. 

I saw the stage rendition of Victor Hugo's epic novel at the Palace Theatre, London in 1985 after moving from its short stint at the Barbican Centre, where it was first launched. 

I have not seen the movie yet and I shall not indulge in the stage musical as the movie adaptation I presume would be similar to the stage performance and it would be ridiculous to make a comparison since I have not seen the movie.

Below are footages from the original London musical.

During my last visit to London in winter 2010, I noticed Les Miserables had moved to the Queen's Theatre.

Photo taken in Dec 2010

Stage musical is not for everyone, it can be monotonously boring if you are not into it. Other musicals I have seen in the eighties in London were ..... Miss Saigon, Phantom of the Opera, Cats and in December 2010 Tchaikovsky's Operatic Musical "Swan Lake", which found me sleeping at the end of the show, age catching up, I suppose.

Below is Alice Poon's take on the movie. I agree with her that a movie is easier to digest than stage performance, particularly, if you are seated far from the stage.

That's why they have binoculars in theatres.

Les Miserables

Written by Alice Poon

For many people, the stage musical Les Miserables is one haunting piece of artistic sight and sound performance. For me, Victor Hugo’s passionate weaving of words into a heart-rending, 1,500-page novel about social injustices is what made an indelible mark on my heart and memory.

On my 2011 trip to Paris, I paid a visit to the novelist’s historic residence at No. 6, Place des Vosges (in the Le Marais district), where a great portion of the epic novel was given birth. I stood bewildered for a moment in that somber little room inside the mansion, wondering how the lifeless space, in which he would remain for hours on end hunched over the writing bureau churning out page after page, could squeeze such unparalleled creativity out of his head.
When I came out of the cinema with tear-filled eyes, I thought I had an idea as to why there are so many fans of the original stage play. Music simply has that special power to add another emotional dimension to an already tear-jerking tale. Though I’m familiar with the story, I had never had the pleasure of seeing the stage show. But probably exactly due to that reason, I was very pleasantly awed by Tom Hooper’s film adaptation of the ever-popular stage musical. Not being burdened by a preconception and certain expectations that those original musical fans may carry, I was able to enjoy this film musical as it presented itself, on its own merits, without feeling compelled to compare it with the stage version.
Having said that, I can still think of one particular weakness of a live show as compared with a movie, and that is that spectators are at such a great distance from the stage actors (unless you’re in the front rows) that they are naturally unable to see the latter’s subtle facial expressions. This stage inadequacy is conveniently turned into a plus in a movie adaptation with close-up shots, thus avoiding the acting being lost on the audience. Read more.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kudos To Iskandar And FMT...Malaysia's Greatest Hero

Hantu Laut

My hat off to Iskandar Dzulkarnain. It would have been the best and most befitting eulogy if it was Mahathir's funeral, but it wasn't. It's a tribute from one man who saw the unfair and senseless character assassination of Malaysia's greatest prime minister, fuelled by the vindictiveness of one man motivated by a desire to get even.

As they say "in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king". In Malaysia, the blind follow the blind,  as one can see from the multifarious attacks on Mahathir by various quarters, wrongly influenced by the man who had an axe to grind with him.

In life and in death, Mahathir will be remembered as the man who took Malaysia out of the backwater into a developing and progressive nation. 

I couldn't agree more with the article that the man had made tremendous contributions to the nation and the people, uplifting the standard of living of the Malays and Bumiputras and at the same time not forgetting the economic contributions of the Chinese and Indians, that have made this multiracial country modality of peace and prosperity. Malaysia's middle class and industrialisation grew immensely under his leadership.

Kudos to Iskandar Dzulkarnain for his very enlightening article. As my browser link is broken I have to uplift the whole article or you can read it at Free Malaysia Today.

The greatest Malaysian hero

Iskandar Dzulkarnain
 | January 15, 2013

It is of great concern that frivolous allegations against Dr Mahathir Mohamad have come to a head. Our beloved former prime minister is an unwilling victim of slander and unfair reporting all done in the name of freedom of the press.
Accusations against him have grown to such an uncomfortable level that concrete steps must be taken to stop the mockery of a great Malaysian hero. Malaysians must accord him the respect worthy of a statesman.
Lately, the opposition has stepped up its wild allegations against him that border on the insane. It is slandering a dear, wonderful and harmless old man, who has given his best years to the country just for the sake of winning a general election.
Yes, 22 years of his youthful life spent sacrificing for the nation and retiring with hardly a penny more than when he first became prime minister.
We should remember him as the longest-serving prime minister and chief architect of the Multimedia Super Corridor and the Look East Policy, among other things. Here is a man who selflessly and against all odds, managed to unite the country and its people and is solely responsible for enriching the nation and its citizens.
Outrageous slander
An article on Finance Twitter claimed that Mahathir may be the second richest head of state in the world with a net worth of about US$44 billion. That works out to be around RM133 billion.
Other news media rumoured that his daughter in Kobe, Japan, is looking out for all the ill-gotten assets that Mahathir purportedly owns. Any sane person would roll on the floor with laughter at reading such fictitious allegations.
And that he has a financial empire with properties stretched across the globe and obscene amounts of money in Singapore and Israeli-related banks. There are even attempts to link him to the capital flight of RM871billion from the country. Doesn’t that sound a little insane and that Elvis is alive? Why are they trying so hard to smear his good name?
They even said that he holds a little black book on those in the Umno supreme council and that he has them eating out of his hands. They say that he harbours the dream that his son Mukhriz may one day be prime minister. But tell me which father wouldn’t harbour that sort of dream?
They also said that his meddling in the government had caused ex-premier Abullah Ahmad Badawi to constantly stay awake while poor premier Najib had to be constantly on his toes.
They accused him of being the puppet master pulling the strings behind Umno, whipping up a storm for Najib to tame. They also alleged that he was behind the appointment of Mukhriz to the ministry, while the poor Umno Youth chief was left out in the cold.
They accused his hardworking sons of being billionaires without an iota of proof, that he condones cronyism, and that his sons vastly benefited from his position as prime minister. Can a father not advise his son on how to succeed in business?
Also, accusing him of pulling the strings in the Umno administration is so unwarranted. Don’t the people realise that he once resigned from Umno in utter disappointment due to the corruption enveloping Umno? Of course, he wants the best for Umno Baru which is his brainchild.
He has also been unfairly accused of stirring up Malay sentiments against the other races which is so absurd.
And lately, they are alleging that the dear old man may have had a hand in the latest scandals involving Deepak Jaikishan’s damagingexposé against Najib and his wife Rosmah Mansor. Boy, these idea-less accusers really do have a vivid imagination, probably from too much viewing of reruns of the “Men in Black” (MIB).
The reality
These same accusers failed to mention that Mahathir was responsible for upgrading the economic status of the Malays, that he engineered an affirmative action to allow worthy Malays to attain fabulous wealth and become towering Malays.
Anyone who rubbed shoulders or crossed paths with him became wealthy beyond their dreams, and while he created wealth for the Malays he himself retired with modest savings, and surviving on a stingy pension, sales commission from his book – “A Doctor in the House” – and from giving lectures, speeches and invitational talks.
His successful children contribute a little towards his needs like filial children, so that he may enjoy some of the finer things in life.
Put it simply, if there is any truth in any of these accusations, action would have been taken against him. But until today there are no police reports made against him.
They said that he was responsible for the rot that is Malaysia today. Blaming him for everything under the sun: the divide-and-rule policies, cronyism, capitalism, racial segregation, corruption, racism, and even the educational rot in this country.
They called him a racist and taunt him as a Mamak even though the Malays have accepted him as a true blue-blooded Malay.
They said that he had a hand in Sabah’s Project M but we are still way short of the 70 million population target of Vision 2020. So does it come as a surprise that there were affirmative policies to woo more foreigners to become citizens?
Some even called on the people to boycott his only little retirement investment in the Loaf restaurant. If everyone were to heed such senseless suggestions, how is he going to survive in this cold and cruel world?
Time and time again, Mahathir has lamented that he is surviving on his dwindling savings and can hardly afford a new set of wheels. Well past his prime, he still plods on wearily to make extra income from invitational talks and speeches, so that he can afford some Christmas gifts and Raya ang pows for the grandchildren.
The only reason we are beginning to hear more of his penetrating views is because he remains a sane voice in this confusing, corrupted and divided nation.
Unlike Najib who is dishing out another RM500 to the 2.3 million unfortunately this February, Mahathir hardly has any funds for philanthropy.
Trying to link him with Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa which he innocently consented to be a patron of the NGO is really debasing.
His words of wisdom and advice
Today, the ex-premier continues to give advice to all who will listen, that Malaysia is not ready for change, race-based parties are still badly needed and that absolute democracy may lead to absolute anarchy.
Umno and BN cannot be replaced unnecessarily. Malay supremacy must prevail and Malays must not be slaves in their own land. Malaysians must not gamble their future away.
Pakatan Rakyat is too corrupted, too greedy for power and too green to rule a nation as diverse as Malaysia.
So sensible and wise are his words but no one bothers to listen and treat it as the incoherent ranting of an old man.
When he was in power, everyone feared him. When he resigned from politics everyone criticised and crucified him, calling him all kinds of names from Mahafiraun to some too obscene to mention.
But when face to face, these same people would smile and kiss his hand.
Everyone cringed when he invited PAS to unite with Umno for the sake of Malay unity. But he received no praises when he disallowed Kelantan and Terengganu to implement the hudud.
No one takes him seriously when he warned that Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim is a dangerous felon and he would ruin the country in five years what he took 22 long years to build.
How can anyone allow Anwar to become prime minister when we have so many god-fearing leaders like Najib and Muhyiddin Yassin?
Everyone knows that Najib wields the power, while Mahathir is a one-man show, so all these allegations were designed to drive a wedge between the dear old man and the powerful prime minister in the hope that Najib would remove Mahathir from all governmental positions and unleash the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) to investigate the allegations against him.
But seriously, the underrated Najib compared to other political leaders in BN happens to be the cleanest leader among the thorns, and would be the logical choice to spearhead the next BN victory in the election, while Mahathir has solemnly pledged his support for him and Umno.
So, we should seriously refrain from slandering a great gentleman like him and allow him to live his remaining days in peace and harmony, and like Lim Keng Yaik he will be honoured as a great statesman, and forever go into the annals of history as Malaysia’s greatest hero.
And no, despite all the fairy tales, he is definitely not in panic mode or scheming like an evil dictator trying to take over the country.
This dear old man is retired and harmless, and whether BN retains the government or not, is of no concern to him. All he wants is for Malaysians to heed his advice and embrace the BN dream.
Tour consultant, sports pilot and naturalist Iskandar Dzulkarnain has been writing a few years now. He is a FMT columnist.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Allah Issue:PAS Dropped A Bombshell.... Finally!

Hantu Laut

Is this the kind of government you want?

Cannot make up their minds. Vacillating back and forth!.....on issue of immense national importance,  
confusing both Muslims and Christians with their now you can, now you cannot fatwa...... not based on religious tenancy but on political expediency.

Nik Aziz is the biggest chicken and should be stripped of his ulamak status for misleading Christians and Muslims in the country and giving in to demand of political expediency......just because PAS found out, of late, that the Malays may dump them in the 13th GE because of the Allah controversy.

PAS is getting greater support from non-Muslims, particularly Chinese DAP supporters than Malay Muslims because of their stand that Christians can use the word Allah in the Bible. With the new development things may change.

Here, he said "voters who make the wrong choice in the general election will have to answer for their decision in the hereafter"

"Rest assured, every part of the body, including the hand that voted, will be witness on Judgement Day," the Kelantan Mentri Besar said in his New Year message.

"Don't make the wrong choice" he warned.

I have not been wrong about the dithering leadership of this bunch of strange bedfellows, some on the verge of nervous breakdown, because they can't make any sense. 

What Nik Aziz says is certainly not in the Koran, nor does it apply to non-Muslims, which have different afterlife, or non at all.

Last month, the slightly deranged Lim Guan Eng "wag the dog" in his New Year message asking the government to allow Christians to use "Allah" in the Bible, an issue that have quietened down, which he saw fit to resurrect from the Pandora'a Box for political expediency. 

If you want to steal the government get your act together first, not by organising mass rally,  but by being consistent with your policies. Read here.

Let's wait and see what DAP has to say about this latest bombshell.

PAS ulamaks say Christians can use it orally but not in written form in the Bible....what a bloody joke! Was not the controversy about using it in the Bible?

I have attended Church many time for friends funeral service and all I can hear is the repetitive use of the word "Lord" in church, never was "Allah" used in its English service. 

In spoken language most Malay speaking Christians use "Tuhan kita"

Why is PAS making an about turn on the issue and give the Christians a half-empty cup, which is not what they wanted?

I am waiting for the Council of Churchs to make a statement on this new ruling coming from its ally.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pakatan's Biggest Fiasco: The 1 Million That Never Was

Hantu Laut

The 1 million that never was. The final tally less than 100,000 turned up. 

Read the idiotic prediction here.

Pakatan Rakyat jokers put the crowd at 500,000, which one can clearly see the need to drop one "ZERO" from the photo below, which was taken at the height of the gathering. The stadium can't accommodate more the 60,000 people. This is the kind of leaders you have in Pakatan, pathetic liars.

Free T-Shirts, free drinks and free makan.It's a festival of sort.Typical Malaysian mentality, bring your children, your amah, your dog if there are freebies.

They should have allowed the insufferable Ambiga Sreenevasan to organise the event. She has better skill to persuade the cows to come to pasture. The turnout in all BERSIH outings were much better, which clearly show there are genuine support for BERSIH, rather than the political parties in Pakatan.

As I have anticipated, the whole thing was a cover up for Anwar's soon to be released drama in court and final rehearsal for Tahrir Square type revolution, which judging from today's fiasco will not happen. 

Malaysians are getting tired of participating in street demonstrations that they now see as web of deceit and lies by the oppositions and one man insatiable greed for power, who cares not how he gets it, by hook or by crook.

This lady Ambiga is still in her woozy state regurgitating the same old story.

What better excuse can you have to prepare yourself now for the loss, blaming BN cheating at the polls for the defeat, just like the proverbial carpenter who blamed his tools for his shoddy work.

She conjures an image of fatality for Pakatan that they will lose GE13th because of unfair and unclean elections.

" Yet I have unhappy news ― by all account GE 13 will be far from clean and fair. I will not go into the details, many of you know them. The recent fiasco with the overseas voters is yet another example. The suggested process is not clean, not transparent and the conditions that have been imposed on overseas voters are not, in my view, constitutional.
So why am I so sure the election will not be clean and fair? Well, one of the easiest demands to fulfil is to give free and fair access to the media to all parties. It takes just a phone call. Yet we see no move towards that and the mainstream media continues with its skewed and often dishonest reports. It shows a complete lack of political will to even the playing field between the parties." Read more.

In March 2008 General Elections, Pakatan played dirty, using strong arm tactic, stopping outstation BN supporters from casting their votes in certain areas, branding them as phantom voters and taking the law into their own hand......that's cheating! 

GE13th will be the cleanest election ever, because they will not be allowed to bully and stop any voter to exercise the right to vote, not ever again and BN will win with comfortable majority.

Few of my friends in Sabah have joined PKR and are now going round to see some Chinese towkays asking for donations to bankroll their candidacy. 

It's corruptions all over again if they win the elections. The Chinese towkays, surely, want his money back and multifold.

It's a vicious circle!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pakatan's 1 Million Shame

Hantu Laut

Here I am in Kota Kinabalu monitaring the 1 million Pakatan's "Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat" and from various reports coming out of KL things not looking too good for Pakatan.

Having past the dateline of 2 p.m. they have not even achieved 5% of the estimated 1 million turnout.

People are tired of Anwar Ibrahim's antics, of being used to serve his selfish political agenda. 

I can already visualise the excuse he will give for the poor turnout.

From Malaysia Insider:

Attendees make their way to seats in Stadium Merdeka ahead of the “Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat” rally in Kuala Lumpur January 12, 2013.—Picture by Boo Su-Lyn
KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 12 ― Thousands are already gathering inside the Stadium Merdeka in the capital city for the “Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat” to protest a raft of issues backed by Pakatan Rakyat (PR).
The predominantly Malay protestors, clad in a rainbow of colours but mostly green and yellow, hoisted PAS flags and banners calling for the country's riches to be returned to the people.
Outside the stadium where Independence was declared nearly 56 years ago, food and drinks stalls were doing a roaring trade.
No police or riot police trucks were observed in the area although the Dang Wangi district police station is across the stadium.Read more.

From Free Malaysia Today:
KUALA LUMPUR: Thousands of people have started to stream into the nation’s federal capital to participate in the Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat rally at Stadium Merdeka this afternoon.
By noon, eye-witnesses claim that more than 50,000 people have gathered at various spots, all heading towards Stadium Merdeka.
Supporters started gathering as early 4am this morning in anticipation of a police shutdown of the city.
However, there were no police roadblocks anywhere, and in fact the police are helping the people, mostly from out-of-state, giving them directions to where they are supposed to gather.
The rally-goers would meet at eight locations in the city before marching to Stadium Merdeka for the rally which starts at 2pm.
The meeting points are the Universiti Malaya mosque, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC), Jalan Sultan, Central Market, Kampung Baru, Masjib Negara and Dataran Merdeka.
While Dataran Merdeka is off limits due to some road repaving works by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall, the police have given all clear for other meeting points.

A survey by FMT revealed that the city centre is still experiencing smooth traffic flow except for some roads.
Police Facebook reported that Jalan Loke Yew leading to Jalan Kinabalu was choked with traffic.
The police’s initial estimation was that only about 1,000 people have gathered at Masjid Negara, while eyewitnesses claimed that the number could be as high as 20,000.
It must be noted that Masjid Negara is the meeting point for PAS supporters from the northern states.
The mosque was also filled to the brim for the morning prayers today – all made up of the rally goers (pix below).Read more.
All news picked from pro-opposition portals.
More to come.