Saturday, February 28, 2009

The 'Lion Of Bukit Gelugor' Is A Ruffian

Hantu Laut

Although, many of us are appalled at the way UMNO youths try to rough up Karpal Singh in Parliament, he is not completely blameless. This combative old coot in a wheelchair is a ruffian.He is a lawyer and should know it was wrong of him, without proof, to accuse UMNO Youth as the culprit who sent him the bullets.Anyone could have sent it including those in
Pakatan waging dirty war to discredit UMNO in the eyes of the people. His aggressiveness, uncompromising position and fondness for flabbergasting and abusive rants has earned him detention under ISA and suspension in Parliament. His aggressiveness and combative personality are the likely cause of his constant huff and puff.

His accusation without the burden of proof would certainly invite nasty responses from those who are short on fuse.

He might be wheelchair bound but he is no weakling.He should now be called the 'Lion of Bukit Gelugor"

Friday, February 27, 2009

What's Wrong With This Government ?

Hantu Laut

The government had no choice but to allow the toll hike because it was stated in the concession agreements said The Minister of Works Mohd Zin Mohammad.Wonder where this guy come from ?

He certainly doesn't have what it takes to be a minister. Completely clueless about the current state of the economy. He is probably another one of those who thinks Malaysia is not in a recession and there is no need to care for the welfare of the people.It is minister like this that makes the people hate the BN government. Sheer arrogance and no skill in dealing with the masses. Surely, we all know those things are in the agreement and we certainly don't need a dim-witted minister to tell us that was the reason.

In every business, no matter how tight the agreement is, there is always room for negotiations and in this particular case it is Mohd Zin responsibility to negotiate with the concessionaires to suspend or postpone the increase until the economic climate has improved.If such negotiation failed to bring the desired result than the government should pay the concessionaires the price increase.After all it's taxpayers' money that they are going to use.It's the government, not the people, that signed those lopsided agreements putting too much money in the concessionaire's pockets.Some are cronies of those in power.

To show how screwed up the system is.... the example of how the CEO of Tenaga Che Khalib Mohamad was chosen as 'CEO Of The Year 2008' when the company he manages posted huge losses of almost RM1 billion in 2008.The people at Business Times ought to have their heads examined.

This is the time when government must react to the people's problem and do it utmost to lessen the financial burden on the people.This is the time when government should take care of the interests of the masses not just the interests of a few towkeys or some manufactured Malay entrepreneurs who were there simply because of the goddamn policy rather than their own capability.

This is not the time to overtax the people with additional expenses which the government could well absorb itself.There is little doubt that the minister concerned lack experience and is probably too lazy to put in an effort to negotiate with the concessionaires.Of course, it is easier to say the government had no choice.

It appears that the Prime Minister either has no knowledge of this critical issue or flip-flop again, otherwise, he wouldn't call for a review. Like most of us he probably found out after reading the newspaper.Would you believe such an important issue that going to affect the livelihood of the people was not brought to the PM's attention?

This government must have the worst cabinet ministers as far back as I can remember.They are void of any talent and incapable of making intelligent decisions.
In everything they do, the BN ministers, knowingly or unknowingly, sabotaged their own government.Already in a precarious position, having lost two by-elections and with three by-elections in the offing they still can't make sensible decision.

A government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. (Abraham Lincoln)

This one might.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Economy:Great Minds Think Alike, Only Fools Differ

Hantu laut

Where are all the economic experts, the second Finance Minister, the governor of Bank Negara and all those in government that try to muddle Malaysians into
believing that there will be no recession in the country. Even the trained economists got sucked into this body of lies.

Such presumptuous and vacuous advisory to the people should not be taken lightly. It has serious repercussions on the economic welfare of the people and could stall the engines of recovery.If all Malaysians believed there are no economic problems and no recession sould there be any reason for them to put in extra effort to tend to the cut and bruises of the economy. All those who had intentionally misled the people should do the right thing......... they should resign from their jobs. Saying it once is fine, people accept you probably have made a mistake, but to keep repeating it over and over again is inconceivably stupid.

That was just a month ago when our government witch doctors and bomohs prescribed a good bill of health for the nation.Of late they have woken up to reality and faced with the magnitude of the problems, decided to swallow their pride and came up with a stimulus package.

When I first saw the amount of the package it was a shocking disbelief, the bunch of dead ducks in the Ministry of Finance is worse than what I have imagined. Not only are they bad in making economic forecasts they can't even evaluate the financial needs and optimal amount of the rescue package.As I have said in my earlier posts the stimuli would need another stimuli.....the RM7 billion is a drop in the ocean.The package is just too small to stimulate the ailing economy.The situation will worsen by the middle of this year.

The Malaysian stimulus package is different from that of the US government. Ours is a general rescue package of the economy while the US rescue package are mostly bail-out packages for ailing corporations and specific industries.The incoming Prime Minister should seriously consider revamping the Ministry of Finance.

In my forecast of the economic outlook for 2009 here I have predicted as early as October 2008 that Malaysia's growth rate would be in the region of 2% and below with high possibility of going into negative territory. The situation has changed, the outlook is bleaker, negative growth is no more a mere possibility, it's a reality. Unless the government increases the stimulus package and apply them in the proper sectors the stimulus might end up as stimulated waste.

Funding the wrong sector may cause more damage than good. The government should limit its exposure in propping up stock market and currency speculation to defend the ringgit.It has to face the fact that its foreign exchange reserve would dwindle in value if the ringgit depreciated against the USD.In the same posting I predicted export would decline by at least 20% during the 1st quarter of this year. The decline will affect all sectors particularly the major contributors like electronic, palm oil and crude oil.

There are two sides to a coin.The depreciation of the ringgit may not be as bad as some people imagined it to be.It is good for export. The depreciation can help compensate the diminution in value of export commodities. It's also a deterrent for huge capital outflow.Malaysians should be contented to keeping their money at home. The weak ringgit would make overseas travel more expensive and domestic tourism as cheaper alternative.

Whilst the government inject more money to boost the GDP and thereby increasing export, it must also not ignore to control import of certain commodities that are considered non-essentials.Imports of this nature should be reduced, suspended or imposed with higher tariff as deterrent. The tariffs and duties on luxuries (something pleasant to have but not necessary) like cigarettes, alcoholic beverages and other luxury items should be increased. The issue of APs for high end luxury cars should be suspended and the overall AP volume to be reduced.Increase road taxes for high end luxury cars. Incentive to be given in the form of tax rebate for manufactured products with high local components/contents. Promote and encourage 'Buy Malaysia First' to reduce incidents of unnecessary imports.

To overcome the unemployment problem the government must create incentives for Malaysians to take over jobs of migrant workers.Malaysians shy away from such jobs because of low wages and zero benefits.There must be re-education, minimum wage and better benefits to attract them to this sector.From my experience as businessman with offices and factories in many locations in the country, locals, especially bumiputras, throughout the country have the notion that blue collar work is menial and degrading and many would prefer to be drivers or office boys even if the dirty job offers 3 times more salary.I remember a case where I offered a bumiputra boy a job as a storekeeper in the company's logging camp with a starting salary of RM950.00 which he refused and wanted an office boy job which only pays RM300.00.His only other benefits of being an office boy is he sits in an air-conditioned office and gets a company's motorcycle.The job of storekeeper was eventually taken by a new school leaver, a Chinese boy. That's why re-education and revamping of wages and employment benefits are imperative to bring about the change of attitude.

Those are just few of what the government can do, there are many more.I have not touch on how the stimulus package should be spent.I'll keep that for another day.

Although, I hate it as much as any of you, all my predictions of the economy have manifested and the government was wrong......there is going to be a recession in the country. In fact it is already here.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Changing Of The Guard:The City Slicker And The Kampong Boy

Hantu Laut

So much and so many have been written about the Perak crisis. Maybe, we should now go back to more pressing problem and one that seems to take the back seat of the government's list of priorities, the ECONOMY !

Before I get there, let's ponder for a while and see what the government has been up to all this while.

At the apex of this list of priorities sits the UMNO elections due in March. The lobbying and jockeying for positions have intensified big time.The amount of cash changing hand is said to be reaching epidemic proportion, so much so, even the MACC had given up trying to nap the runners for the warlords.The MACC has now shifted its interest to the oppositions and is busy looking into the opposition's shenanigans.

Other than the president post there is no safe seat in this battle for supremacy.Unlike MCA where money may not get the respect of the rank and file as much as smut is, those in UMNO have not resorted to the smutty business yet.

If you are holding high public office and happened to be happily married but need to spice up you sex life, just be careful, the next time you have a tryst with your lover make sure you comb the entire room for bugs. You never know who is watching you.You can buy bugs detector, they are not expensive. Don't sting, buy the better ones.Chua Soi Lek could probably give you an advice or two after his dreadful experience of being caught on candid camera.The past has come back to haunt him.Maybe, he should change his middle name.

The only man that need not spend a single cent is Najib, the rest seem to have no choice, spend money or die! Muhyiddin is torn between the devil and the deep blue sea.If money speaks louder than word than Muhyiddin may have a chink in his armour.

Will Abdullah Badawi step down as prime minister ? The doyen of Malaysian politics former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad doesn't think so.This fiercest critic of Abdullah with his never ending admonition of him thinks Abdullah would just relinquish his post of President of UMNO and continue as PM.Is the former premier trying to rattle Najib's bones for him to stage a coup if Abdullah refused to step down? We have to wait and see how it will be staged in a few weeks time.

From the sublime to the ridiculous, even shit hot politician like Anwar Ibrahim wanted him to stay.This is the man who run the gauntlet on Abdullah just a few months back and attempted a vote of no confidence against him. After the failed attempt to throw Abdullah out it looks like Anwar contemplates Abdullah a weaker opponent and less dangerous to the oppositions. His fear of Najib seems greater than the man who sent him to the slammer about a decade ago. Najib's opening salvo has sent fear reverberating in the Pakatan's camp.The loss of Perak may be just the beginning.

Joining in the cry for the 'Save Abdullah' campaign is Nik Aziz of PAS. This religiously staunch and incorruptible Muslims leader is an enigma.His messages are equally enigmatic.The contradictions may have come with age.He seems to share Anwar's fear and dislike for Najib.Remembering old wounds could be another reason he was dead against PAS joining UMNO as coalition partner. Anwar against Najib, I can understand, but why is the Tok Guru worried of Najib becoming prime minister? Is he privy to something we don't know ?

Politicians can't get to where they wanted to go without sycophants, hangers-on and opportunists circling around them. Some are ridiculously out of sync just to curry favour with the bosses, without looking at the merit of their proposals.A government backbencher, one Mohd Aziz(BN-Sri Gading) proposed that Abdullah be made a senior minister after he stepped down as PM. Is Abdullah, who served only one full term as PM more deserving than Mahathir who had more than 22 years of premiership and a track record to go with it? It is not that Abdullah is less worthy but it would look absurd if he accepts the appointment after being forced out of office.

I am glad Abdullah has more sense than the balls carrier who made the proposal. He has affirmed his intention of not getting involve in government after he stepped down. He said he is basically a kampong boy and wish to go back to planting vegetables and fruits and play more golf. Unlike Mahathir, he says he wouldn't do anything to embarrass the government.

I believe Abdullah will keep his word.

You see, just like the government, I got carried away, I forgot about the economy.

I'll save it for another day.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Air Asia Emergency Landing Kuching Airport

Hantu Laut

A very sketchy report of one of Air Asia flights into Kuching Airport yesterday that had the nose wheel locked at 90-degree angle forcing the pilot to land under emergency condition with fire streaming from its nose wheel.The pilot managed to bring the plane to a stop safely.No one was hurt in the incident.

Before you jump to conclusion and start blaming the airline let's get the facts correct first.This is not the first such incident happened to the undercarriage of Airbus air crafts.Records show that Airbus had a number of such incidents before.

A Canadian study issued last year documented 67 incidents of nose-landing-gear failures on Airbus 319, 320 and 321 aircraft worldwide since 1989.None has caused any serious damage or injury to passengers.One recent case was JetBlue Flight 292 from Burbank to JFK International New York that made a forced landing at Los Angeles Airport.

Apparently, the locking of the nose wheel at 90-degree is a design fault.

Most landing gears were made by Messier-Dowty.

The JetBlue story:

Today, shortly after takeoff from the Bob Hope Burbank airport, a JetBlue A-320 was unable to retract its nose gear. The pilot informed ATC and the plane was vectored over to the Long Beach airport where it did a low flyby, so JetBlue maintenance personnel could look at the problem. They were able to confirm that the nose gear had rotated to a position of about 90 degrees out of line to where it should have been. That is why the gear could not be retracted into the wheel well.

The intended destination of the flight was New York Kennedy. Obviously it could never fly that far with the landing gear extended, so the pilot had no choice but to fly in the Los Angeles Area for about 3 hours to burn off the weight of the major portion of fuel on board (there is no ability to dump fuel, on the A-320). He had to do that to reduce the weight of the airplane so that it could be landed at the slowest possible speed.

To reduce the risk of the nose gear structure breaking loose, which would lead to more damage to the aircraft and increase the risk of fire, it would also be necessary to land without putting anymore weight on the nose wheel structure than absolutely necessary, and to delay its actually touching the runway for as long as possible. I presume the pilot located passengers and their carryon bags as far aft as was feasible, so that when the plane touched down, the center of gravity being further aft helped to accomplished that objective.

To keep the nose gear from touching the pavement for as long as possible after the main gear contacts the runway, the pilot on some planes (like Boeing or Douglas airliners) might employ a non-standard technique of trimming the horizontal stabilizer towards the nose up position, during the actual landing flare, until it will go no further. Then, as the nose began to drop, he would hold it off even longer with the elevators, until they too were pulled back to the full nose up position.

That is a very difficult maneuver however, especially since pilots are not given simulator time to practice it. The danger lies in the pilot running out of any pitch control at all, before he has gently lowered the nose gear to the runway. If he does run out of pitch control prematurely, the nose gear may impact with too much downward force, and that would significantly increase the risk of its breaking off and causing additional damage to the plane.

Captain Scott Burke proved to have the required skills; no one could have improved on that performance. He stopped right on the center line of that 12,000 foot runway (25L-----which was not an "auxiliary" runway, as one Sacramento TV News station claimed), with plenty of room to spare. Best of all, the nose gear did not break loose.

I believe this is at least the seventh case of this type of accident (there may be even more than that), where the nose gear rotates to a position of 90 degrees, from where it should be, when the gear is down for takeoff and landing (this kind of problem could never happen on a Boeing airliner-----only the French come up with designs like that).

On Feb. 16, 1999 an America West A-320-231, attempted to land at Columbus, Ohio (CMH), total of 31 on board. Same kinds of ECAM warnings, when the landing gear was lowered. That plane was finally forced to land with the nose gear rotated 90 degrees out of line. Same result as this JetBlue plane, which landed safely at LAX today, except they evacuated down the emergency slides at CMH, because the pilot could see smoke curling up from underneath and he couldn't get the tower to answer his query----if any fire could be seen.

Prior to that AWA emergency landing at CMH, the French had issued a service bulletin on the problem. However, no ADs had yet been issued by either the French DGAC or the American FAA, so compliance was advisable, but not mandatory. America West Airlines did not choose to heed that bulletin, and the emergency landing was the result.

Analysis of the previous cases revealed "...external hydraulic O-ring seals on the steering control module's selector valve were extruded (distorted out of the seal's groove). A small offset was found in the steering control valve."

Airbus further found that the problem would not be detectable by normal visual inspection procedures. It appears that though the problem is rather rare, it does have to do with that particular design of the steering control module. Quoting Airbus: Read more......

Monday, February 23, 2009

Antics and Idiocies Of The Perak Crisis

Hantu Laut

Who is the government in Perak? Both Pakatan and BN claimed they are the legitimate governments.We would only know the outcome when the Perak State Assembly convenes.

Pakatan's propaganda to demonise the Sultan has been very successful.Most Malaysians are now convinced the Sultan is at fault with some making unsavoury remarks against him even though it is his prerogative not to dissolve the assembly.How could the Sultan grant dissolution of the assembly upon the advice of a menteri besar who had lost majority support of members of the assembly. Nizar Jamaluddin should have gone to the Sultan earlier when he still has the majority support.My stand has always been that the Sultan is right and his decision should be respected. I believe he will triumph when the case goes to court.

Pakatan's twists and turns on the issue have angered their supporters and bolstered the support for them although their interpretation of the Constitution might not necessarily be the right one.How else can they explain to their supporters other than demonising the Sultan and the BN government.No matter what you tell the hardcore
Pakatan's supporters their minds are already carved in stone and blinkered.They are intolerant of opposing views and opinions.There exist in their minds a Utopian society under Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan.

I certainly do not agree the jumping to BN of the two assemblymen that have been charged for corruption. I think it was a wrong move by BN. As much as we all hate it there are no provisions in the law to stop it. In a democratic system freedom of expression and that of association are paramount. It is only wrong from moral point of view.

I have written a number of articles on the Perak crisis and amazingly the majority of comments I get are in strong support of Pakatan and these are staunch supporters who are completely blinkered.It is not too difficult to guess the outcome of a fresh elections if one is held. Judging from my own 'opinion poll' the BN would be decimated if fresh elections were to be held.

SM, is a regular commentator on my blog and was the most civil among the many that came, some with very outlandish and masochist comments. Below is my response to one of SM comments.

Dear SM,

It's not about having turd brain, it's about respecting the Constitution.The Sultan have the prerogative not to dissolve the assembly.Menteri Besar Nizar should have gone to the Sultan earlier while he still enjoys confidence of majority members of the house.

He went to see the Sultan after BN declared they have the majority.The constitution does not provide allowance for MB to ask for dissolution of the assembly after having lost the majority confidence of the house.That's why the Sultan did not accede to his request.

The Sultan acted in good faith but Anwar Ibrahim and DAP the biggest losers in this tragic reversal of fortune have successfully used the Malays through PAS and PKR to demonise the Sultan.

The problem is no matter how plausible my explanation is, Pakatan supporters and people like you will not agree because you are blinded by Pakatan's propaganda.

Believe me, Pakatan will lose the court case and I already knew what the general consensus among Pakatan's leaders, supporters and people like you.All and sundry will accuse the judges as being biased and corrupted.Bought by the evil BN government.

Let's get your facts correct, why did Mahathir remove the rulers' immunity from prosecution? You probably remember the Sultan of Johor incident.Only after this dreadful incident the BN government went to Parliament to amend the Constitution to remove the rulers' immunity from criminal and civil prosecution.The BN never removed the constitutional powers of the monarchies.These powers are still very intact in the state and federal constitutions.Only the Agong's royal assent to bills passed by Parliament was slightly amended that make the bills automatically the law if the Agong refused to give his royal assent.Whether the same was extended in the state constitutions I am not sure.It could have been included just to be in line with the Federal Constitution

I am sure you don't want the sultans or their families going round killing people or owe the banks money and refused to pay back and get away with it.

Before the amendment they are at liberty to do all that and the law can't touch them.

February 23, 2009 12:24 PM

Below is SM's comment:

Well, then let HRH dissolve the Perak State Assembly & let the people of Perak decide.

Oh wait, HRH & his pals the BN do not want that do they?!
Sorry to say this but you sound very much like Hishammuddin & his bunch of turd brain UNMOputras shouting their support for the Royalty (when we know it was UMNO in the first place that "restricted" the Royalty).
Let the people decide. The people are more powerdul than the Sultan!

February 21, 2009 2:50 PM

It's true the people should decide, but the Sultan have decided first and we should respect his decision.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Crooks In Shining Armour

Hantu Laut

Money! The root of all evil ? It is also the root of all misfortunes.From Michael Milken, Ivan Boesky to Bernard Madoff, they all have the same weakness......GREED FOR MONEY and lots of it.

The man who should take the biggest blame for the biggest financial meltdown in history would have to be Alan Greenspan.The progenitor of the preponderance of deregulation.His deregulation of the financial system has brought mountains of credit mismanagement never seen before in the financial world.It will be a long and arduous journey to recover from these messy affairs.More dirt are coming out. More and more bankers and financiers have turned crooked trying to save their crumpling business empire.Some are just latent crooks that manifested over time.

The latest addition to the 'rogues gallery' is a Texan financial cowboy with the title of 'Sir', knighted by the island nation of Antigua and Barbuda, a dot so small on the world map you could hardly find it. With tons of money he probably paid for the knighthood.He practically bought half of Antigua and most of its politicians.This larger than life figure had donated substantially to sports and politicians including campaign funds for McCain and Obama.

Meet Sir Allen Stanford, big spender,financier, billionaire, con artist and fraudster. Here is his story.

Here are his sins:

Here are his victims:

The irony is everyone of them are philanthropists.So the next time you see a rich man donating to charity he may be donating other people's money.

Are there anymore safe investments left in this world?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

New York Post's Racist Cartoon:Obama The Chimp Got Shot

Hantu Laut

Look at the cartoon above.Read what one of the white cops says.Isn't the author of the stimulus package the President? Isn't chimpanzee mostly black in colour? Isn't the President's name Barack Obama and is black? Don't you think it's racism?

The Editor-in-Chief at the post had the cheek to say "the cartoon is a clear parody of a current news event, to wit the shooting of a violent chimpanzee in Connecticut. It broadly mocks Washington's efforts to revive the economy..."

"This most certainly was not its intent; to those who were offended by the image, we apologize," the paper said in an editorial on its website headlined "That Cartoon", which quickly became the site's most-viewed story.

That's a lot of crap, Mr Editor White Trash! You have made known your intention, you bloody racist!

Read the story here.

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Nation Of Inept Lawyers

Hantu Laut

'Law' is a system of rules. Most of us know that.There are many types of law.Let us not get into details. The sheer enormity of the number of laws in existence would put many simpleton like you and me in a state of quandary.That's why we need lawyers to interpret the law or rather the rule of law.That's why you need the services of a lawyer when you are in trouble with the law.They are the experts with the know-how to defend and protect your interests in criminal or civil cases brought against you.

Different lawyers interpret the law differently.That's why you have good lawyers and bad lawyers.Than you have what the Malays called the 'lawyer buruk', people like me who are not trained in law but self-trained in making my own interpretations for the kicks of it.Than at the bottom of the pile you have the trained and seemingly learned 'lawyer buruk' who went to law school and came back none the better and none the wiser. This group would fall into the 'half-past-six' category.

Many of you would have probably heard of Lord Acton, the British historian and politician and one of his famous quotes "Power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely".

The corruptions of power were not only confined to the highest office but exists almost every where in this country, including little flies in many government departments, who become little napoleons with that little power that they may have.Than you have those with unlimited power like the Speaker of the Perak Legislative Assembly who sacked the menteri besar appointed by the Sultan.

Can the speaker use his arbitrary power to suspend those assemblymen for such long period.Is his vast arbitrary power the result of a badly written rules or was it tailored for the British system which we inherited in essence but not in spirit.

The Perak political crisis has attracted multitude of the learned, the half-baked and the buruks, making different interpretations of the law. It has raised more questions than answers.It has created more confusion than revelation of the mechanics of the law.

It is just amazing how diverse and contradictory the legal fraternity can get with their
interpretations. Below are some of the comments made by people you would expect to know the subject well. These are professionals. Read them and see whether you came out better informed or more fucked in the head.

1.The Perak Crisis:
Two options for Barisan Nasional, say lawyers

Suspension of MB, Exco can't be legally challenged: Bar Council

3.Perak speaker erred,

4.The Perak Crisis: Action is treason, says Zahid

5.Bar: Go back to the people

6.Perak Speaker has suspension powers, says legal expert

As Lee Kuan Yew, himself a lawyer, said in one of his New Year's messages many years ago when he was still prime minister that the very bright and intelligent ones go for medicine, engineering and architecture while the not so bright would probably go for law.

Was he trying to be modest or was there truth in his message?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Speaker More Powerful Than Sultan ?

Hantu Laut

Lack of experience and ignorance of rules and procedures is making life more and more difficult for Pakatan. Whether it is ignorance, arrogance or defiance, it has thrown the state of Perak into serious constitutional crisis.

Perak's Speaker of the Assembly V.Sivakumar abusing the rules and procedures of the assembly to keep Pakatan in power is shocking and unprecedented. His attempt through malfeasance to overthrow a government constitutionally appointed by the Sultan is making mockery of the Sultan's constitutional powers.

The job of a speaker is to ensure members of the house abide by the standing orders and sits as chairman of the 'committe of privileges'. It is not his job to take sides. He must be seen to be fair, impartial and without bias. He is speaker of the house representing all the members, not just Pakatan.If he can't carry on his duties fairly and without malice than he should tender his resignation.

The Speaker V.Sivakumar is now the most powerful man in Perak, more powerful than the Sultan of Perak.He can appoint and sack Menteri Besar and government. His impertinence is a slap in the Sultan's face.As Speaker of the assembly he must be seen to be fair, impartial, show no bias and must ensure the proceedings of the house are in accordance with rules and procedures of the assembly and that of the State and Federal Constitution.

This show of disrespect for the Sultan is a threat to the constitutional monarch and making mockery of the State and Federal Constitutions. Amazingly, some legal minds think the Speaker has the right to suspend those assemblymen to keep an illegal government in power.You can read the great minds here. Making general assumptions without quoting the relevant autority. This learned law professor may have forgotten that the whole Pakatan government had fallen when the Sultan deemed that Menteri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin had lost the confidence of the majority members of the assembly and
refused to dissolve the assembly.A new government and new menteri besar had been installed that the Sultan in his judgement deemed to command the majority support of the members of the house.

What the Speaker should have done is to ask for the assembly to be convened and to be attended by all assemblymen. Pakatan can, if they so wish, try to pass a vote of no confidence at the new menteri besar. A simple majority would suffice.

Under such situation few things can happen. The BN ignore the suspension and continue governing the state (not optimal choice), the Sultan dissolves the assembly and call for fresh elections (possible but unlikely), BN take the case to court or as last resort the Federal government can request the Agong, if he is satisfied such emergency exists, to impose emergency rule in Perak.

Or if the BN is confident of majority support of the members they should call for the assembly to be convened and remove Sivakumar as speaker.

Perak's No Government Blues

Hantu Laut

The Speaker of the Perak Legislative Assembly V Sivakumar has suspended the newly sworn in excos including new Menteri Besar Ramly Zahary for 12 months. Is he going according to procedures or acting with malice?

The Speaker has created a crisis situation, a stalemate.Perak has no government.Sivakumar could be made to answer on what disciplinary ground the 6 excos were suspended.The 6 was appointed following the appointment of a new menteri besar and a new government by the Sultan.By procedure Sivakumar should continue to act as Speaker of the house in a new government and should act impartially and with out malice.It should be business as usual and he should act as Speaker for the house and not as speaker for Pakatan. It was clear his action was to dwindle the number of BN assemblymen and to give Pakatan a majority sitting in the house for the next 12 months.

Is it going to happen, will Pakatan be back in the government? Was the speaker acting beyond his powers and his action construed
as illegal.

If the impasse continue than Perak is moving toward emergency rule.The Federal government can go to the Agong and ask him to declare emergency in Perak under Article 150 of the Federal constitution.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Battle For Tiga Bukits

Hantu Laut

Was it mere coincidence or God has sent divine message to both BN and Pakatan that they have three monumental tasks ahead of them, to climb three bukit (hills) to prove which of them worthy of the people's trust. First, it was Bukit Gantang than came Bukit Selambau and the next one very likely Bukit Lanjan if Elizabeth Wong went ahead with her resignation.

Elizabeth has shown exemplary conduct rarely seen in Malaysian politics, taking responsibility for something she had no control of and scarifies her political career for the party and nation. The supercilious voices have called for her resignation and blamed her for choosing the wrong mate as a lover.These pseudo-moralists can't tell the difference between a person with low morals and those made victims by the immorality of others.Little things please little minds. Such vacuous remarks only show bias and immaturity.

What Elizabeth did by offering her resignation without being pressured to do so will boost the support for Pakatan in the by-elections.She has not been an encumbrance to her party.Although, she is new in politics, the overwhelming calls for her to stay was a reflection of her good stead and good standing with her peers and the people.

The fight in Perak and Kedah could be close but the bukit in Selangor would be a tough one for BN to climb.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No Nudity:No Reason To Quit

Hantu Laut

Unless there are other photos, those who have seen the rather poor quality photos would agree there is no reason for Elizabeth Wong to quit her posts.

Wonder what's the big hoo-ha made by the media of photographs that showed no nudity at all and taken by a mentally deranged low-life idiot. She was fully clad in sarong and blouse and probably was sleeping while the photo was taken. The photos are of extremely bad quality, even those who knows her well would not recognise her.

Unless she knew of other more damaging photos taken of her that the maniac may not have released to the public yet, Elizabeth Wong should reconsider her decision to resign. If your are a victim nobody will blame you.

The police should get to the bottom of this form of blackmail.

A foreign smut website has published the photos.

Saving Elizabeth
Hantu Laut

There are men and there are sickos.Whoever betrayed a woman's trust by releasing nude pictures of her taken voluntarily or not is a sicko. A man, in the right frame of mind, no matter how angry he is, won't do such a thing.The agony, the anger and the sense of hopelessness of the victim is hard to imagine.No word of comfort can lessen the pain of betrayal, only time can heal the wound.

Our sympathy should go out to Elizabeth Wong if she is truly innocent and was a victim of betrayal.As I have said in my earlier post we should not jump to conclusion and condemn her without first knowing the truth.Calling for her resignation at this juncture is not right and Khir Toyo should be the last man to ask her to step down.Those who were under suspicion of wrongdoings and those who didn't have clean slate should shut up. Don't try to show your sanctimoniousness when you don't have any in the first place.

However, if more photographs of her surfaced showing it as her lifestyle than it would be untenable for her to keep her public office and would be a defining moment of her life.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Pakatan's Can Of Worms

Hantu Laut

From bigamist to nudity.The opening of Pakatan's can of worms.

Poor Elizabeth Wong had been had.Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

They say don't stand for public office if you have too many skeletons in the closet. We should not jump to conclusion and must give her the benefit of the doubt.Let's not judge her hastily but give her a chance to explain how nude photos of her can come to public domain.Who's the culprit? Are there more ?

When we are in love,besotted and infatuated we lost our sense and sensibilities.We put all our trusts in those we trust.In a moment like this we realise only in God can we trust.

Will there be more ?

Land Grabs And Land Pirates

Hantu laut

Land grab was unheard of in Sabah before.The pirates were mostly at sea, plundering coastal villages and any sea crafts that they fancy would bring them valuable loots.

Most pirates were from the southern Philippines mainly from the Sulu Archipelago.As a group they are called Suluk but most prefered to be called by the name of their tribes. Be they Bajaus,Illanuns,Tausogs or Ubians their forefathers have indulged in piracy of some sort in the past.Even as recent as the eighties pirate attacks on small coastal villages were not uncommon.

In most islands of the southern Philippines, law and order, doesn't really exist.This is an exclusive zone where the central government has little influence.A murder would be settled with another murder.Justice is at the end of the barrel of a gun or the thin edge of a machete. Manila has no control or the will to enforce the law in many of the islands in the south.Many years of neglect and failure to bring development by the majority Christian government to the mainly Muslim south had excited lawlessness and armed struggle for secession.Those who escaped from the restive and volatile province mostly ended up in Sabah.

A nasty incident at Kunak recently where disputes over ownership of land ended in confrontation with illegal immigrants purportedly employed by a cooperative society who claimed ownership of the land that ended in murders and serious injuries on unarmed smallholders.The smallholders had obtained a court injunction to allow them to enter the land.The land pirates showed no respect for the Court Order and proceeded to attack the smallholders.The confrontation turned to murderous rage when two persons were murdered and scores seriously injured. These are the products of the kind of lawlessness coming from the southern Philippines. They came here as illegals and behaved as if Sabah is part of the southern Philippines, where they can act with impunity. They came across the porous sea border freely, as and when they like, occasionally encouraged and supported by politicians from the area.

Land matters have always been a dicey business in Sabah and a source of quick money.When government opened up new areas and wished to give away thousand of acres to the landless with 15 acres allotted to each applicant, there would be hundreds of applicants.More often than not the land would have been sold to big plantation companies even before the titles were issued to the applicants.The applicants would give 'Power of Attorney' to an agent to sell the land and in many instances they either get cheated or didn't get the amount they were promised.Most land given out to the kampong people ended up this way because they have no intention to till the land in the first place.

In some areas where land were to be given to big companies for cultivation, the kampong people would protest and in some cases put up blockages and make spurious claims of customary rights. In almost all of these type of cases some greedy politicians would be behind it, instigating the people to cause disturbance to try stop the government from alienating the land to big companies because they have special interest in the land themselves.

In the Kunak case, the Chairperson of the Tingkayu Cooperative Land Development Society Limited Hajjah Alima Usman said the cooperative had never hired any illegal immigrants to work for them and also wanted the police to investigate the people who claimed to be smallholders of the land.She also claimed there were two court injunctions issued by the same judge, one on 1 Feb 2008 and subsequently 18 March 2008 that ruled the small holders as trespassers.

I believe the police should also investigate Hajjah Alima Usman and see whether as head of the cooperative she in a party to the deadly attack on the small holders.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Menteri Besar Kurang Ajar

Hantu Laut

There is no other word befitting former Menteri Besar of Perak Nizar Jamaluddin......kurang ajar! This man is so in love with power he is willing to severely

embarrass the Sultan and behaved like a spoilt child.Most people with the right sense of mind would have accepted it and wait for the outcome of the court case.

He said he is not against the Sultan but what he did by attending the Sultan's silver jubilee celebration uninvited was intentionally done to cause embarrassment to the Sultan in front of his other guests. Nizar has thrown down the gauntlet at the Sultan.Maybe, it's time for the Sultan to respond

Since he has brought the case to court, isn't it proper to wait for the case to be heard and let the court decide.There may be 100,000 Perakians who say the Sultan is wrong because they listen to the skewed version from the people they supported. Do you think the kampong people know the working of the Constitution? Their sentiments would be based according to what the leaders in PAS and Pakatan explained to them.It is now without any doubt that Nizar had been encouraged by the leaders in PAS, DAP and PKR to ensure maximum damage to the Sultan's reputation. All the confessions that they were not against the Sultan were just lies and subterfuge.

Other Malay rulers should take caution, any of them could be next to face severe censure from Pakatan leaders and supporters if they are not happy with the ruler's decision even though there are provisions in the Constitution giving them the power to act accordingly.

Pakatan seems to have many highly qualified constitutional lawyers who think the Sultan was wrong in his decision, tantamount to accusing the Sultan of taking sides and favouring the BN to govern his state. Anwar Ibrahim who claimed to be the leader of the oppositions said they are not against the Sultan but appears to have no control over Nizar's tantalising and rude behaviour against the Sultan. Either that or he is hand in glove with the irascible former menteri besar to continuously hound the Sultan.Otherwise, there was no reason for Nizar to turn up at the palace uninvited.

Below is part of an article that appeared in Malaysian Insider that clearly shows the writer painting half a picture and not sure where he stands:

"But Malaysia is not an absolute monarchy but a constitutional monarchy. If it were an absolute monarchy, then Sultan Azlan Shah or any Malay Ruler would have complete power over all aspects of life in the state. In an absolute monarchy there is no constitution or legal restriction on the monarch's power.

But in a constitutional monarchy like Malaysia, the power of the Sultan is restrained by a parliament, by law, or by custom. In short, his decisions can be questioned and challenged. More so after 1993 when the constitution was amended by the Mahathir administration to remove the immunity Malay Rulers enjoyed from legal action".

You can read the full article here.

True, Malaysia is not an absolute monarchy.

Wrong, there are rules in the Constitution that gives rulers certain powers that shouldn't be challenged.

The Eight Schedule (Article 71)of Federal Constitution:Provisions To Be Inserted In State Constitutions.

(2) The ruler may act in his discretion in the performance of the following functions (in addition to those in the performance of which he may act in his discretion under the Federal Constitution) that is to say:

(a) the appointment of a Menteri Besar;

(b) the withholding of consent to a request for the dissolution of the Legislative Assembly;

(c) the making of a request for a meeting of the Conference of Ruler concerned solely with the privileges,position,honours and dignities of Their Royal Highnesses or religious acts, observances or ceremonies;

(d) any function as Head of the religion of Islam or relating to the customs of the Malays;

(e) the appointment of an heir or heirs, consort,Regent or Council of Regency;

(f) the appointment of persons to Malay customary ranks,titles,honours and dignities and the designation of the functions appertaining thereto;

(g) the regulation of royal courts and palaces.

The Sultan of Perak was an ex Lord President and well-versed in the rules of law.Would he stakes his name to do anything unconstitutional and to take sides?

All the Pakatan leaders knew these are the laws but they didn't give a damn because they were angry that they have lost the government and blamed the Sultan instead of themselves.They instigated their supporters to demonstrate to try force the Sultan to change his mind.Protest and demonstration is Anwar's brand of politics. Only he can spearhead such monumental demonstrations.

After the March 2008 Elections when the Sultan of Trengganu refused to swear in the menteri besar chosen by Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, it was true Badawi was unhappy, but he stood down and eventually let the Sultan appoint the menteri besar of his choice.There was no huge demonstration and continuous show of defiance by Badawi and there was no threat of legal action against the Sultan.

When Mahathir amended the Federal Constitution to remove the immunity of the rulers it was confined mainly to civil and criminal cases and royal assent to Bills passed by Parliament.He did not curtail the constitutional powers of the rulers to deal with matters of state embodied within their respective state constitution.

All rulers can only be tried in a Special Court as set out in Article 182 of the Federal Constitution and cannot be tried personally without the consent of the Attorney General as set out in Article 183.

Why do you think Pakatan dropped the case personally against the Sultan? They found out that they can't sue the Sultan without the AG's consent.If it was that easy they would surely want to take the Sultan to the cleaners.Now, they have changed their tune and denied they are against the Sultan.How do you reconcile the two contradictory statements. We are not against you but we will disobey and show our defiance against you.

To Nizar and those in Pakatan ..... be civilised, stand down and wait for the court case.

For Perak Legislative Assembly Speaker V.Sivakumar, don't shame yourself, the government who put you there is gone, just go gracefully.

This the most stupendously stupid case I have come across.They have taken the case to court and yet still insisted they are the legitimate government and refused to let go and the Speaker talked cock about removing the new Menteri Besar.

How do you deal with this kind of people ? They want the best of both worlds.Have their cake and eat it.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Corrupted To The Core

Hantu Laut

Corruption, unchecked, is a virulent and debilitating social disease.It has been known to make rich nation poor, caused political upheaval, infighting and civil wars.Each corrupt regime will be succeeded by even more corrupt regime, which eventually led to breakdown of good governance, destroyed the economic engines and brought miseries to its people.

Argentina, Philippines and Zimbabwe are prime examples of countries that used to be prosperous and had become poorer through many decades of being raped by corrupted regimes.

The Philippines got its independence from America in 1946 and was the most progressive country in the region in the 1950s and 60s.It was way ahead of other countries in South East Asia including Malaysia.It prospered under Diosdado Macapagal who was also known by his nickname "The Incorruptible".

Macapagal lost the presidency to Ferdinand Marcos in an elections in 1965.It was the beginning of the decline of the Philippines.Marcos became very powerful and ran a totalitarian regime and the most repressive in the region.His administration was marred with massive corruption, nepotism, despotism and human right violations.He stole billions of state funds and deposited them into overseas accounts.He was eventually overthrown by people power revolution.The Philippines had not recovered ever since.
Corruptions seem to be growing, growing and growing with the blessings and involvement of many in government.

As they say "a leopard never change its spot" and in the case of the Philippines the spot seems to be growing bigger.Even loan taken from the World Bank for development project had not been spared from corruptions.The World Bank has it own department to monitor how governments spend loan given to them.They made a shocking discovery that $45 million out of the $150 million loan taken had gone into various forms of corruption.

Read the report below:


The irony of the whole issue is that now the Philippine government has turned the wheel around and accused the World Bank of fabricating the whole thing and threatened to arrest the Resident Director of the World Bank if he refused to attend a Senate hearing.

Read the report below:


The saying "like father like son" may not hold true in the Philippines or, maybe, it doesn't apply to daughters.

The current President of the Philippine Gloria Macapagal is the daughter of Diosdado Macapagal also known as "The Incorruptible".

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gaza:The Killing Zone

Hantu Laut

Might is right, no matter how wrong and cruel it is. The weak get trampled,killed and massacred by the guns and bombs of the rich and powerful.

Today I dedicate this page to the people of Gaza who had suffered the genocidal attacks by Israel military.While one can be sent to prison for refuting the holocaust, the Western powers chose to close their eyes and ears to the holocaust on the Palestinian people.

Below is an eye-witness account of some of the atrocities perpetrated by the Israel regime on defenceless Palestinian women, children and men without any care for civilian lives.

A British peace campaigner watched as an Israeli air strike killed two young girls, one aged four, the other 12, as they cleared away rubbish near their home in the Gaza village of Beit Hanoun.

"I saw two girls, ages 4 and 12 hit by a bomb from an F16,'' said Ewa Jasiewicz, an activist originally from Kingston, Surrey. "They were outside clearing some rubbish around their homes.

The younger girl, believed to be Haya Hamdan, died instantly and Miss Jasiewicz said Gaza's severe shortage of medical facilities hampered efforts to save the second girl, her sister Lama. "The people of Gaza have nothing left from the ongoing siege: there is not even an ambulance to take a child to the hospital.''

It was later confirmed the older girl died in hospital. "There is no excuse in dropping bombs on Gaza, as civilian deaths are unavoidable.

Palestinian leaders condemned the attack as a demonstration that Israel's Operation Cast Lead was endangering civilians. "The reality for the children of Gaza will not change until there is international pressure on Israel to end the bombings and the ongoing siege.'' said Mustafa Barghouthi, secretary general of the Palestinian National Initiative.

"It is also now time to put an end to the Israeli campaign of disinformation and lies concerning their targeting and massacring of innocent civilians."

Israel has barred international media, including The Daily Telegraph, from reaching Gaza to verify incidents such as the Beit Hanoun attack on the girls but those caught in the attacks spoke of their desperation by telephone. Osama Damo, 30, a Palestinian employee of Save The Children UK, described his terror when Israeli jets struck a ministerial compound near his home. "We moved all the family away from the windows and into the corridor for safey but I counted 17 or 19 rocket explosions at the compound," he said

"It is only 400 metres away and if I had been by the windows I would have been hit by broken glass.''

After the attack Mr Damo said he watched as dawn broke and various families fled the area. "They were carrying children and whatever possessions they could manage,'' he said. "I don't think the houses near the compound were hit directly but they had their windows blown out by the explosions and I saw at least one balcony blown away by flying shrapnel.

"It is too dangerous for us to go down on the streets so we are surviving on a gallon of bottled water and tinned food.

Jenny Linnell, another British peace activist, was 200 metres away from an attack in Rafah on the Eygyptian border, which has been subjected to fierce bombing from the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) over the last four days.

Ms Linnell, 33, has been in Gaza since September when she travelled on a ship that brought tonnes of medical supplies to the besieged area.

"They targeted a pharmacy at the end of the street in which I am staying, in the middle of a residential area close to the city centre," she said. "I have never witnessed anything like it in my life. Civilian buildings were destroyed. We were shown bedrooms where children were hit by flying glass."

She warned that the attacks were compounding the humanitarian crisis in the strip. "There is no where for people to go. People are having to flee their homes with nowhere to go, trying to find temporary places to stay," she said.

"It is a humanitarian crisis, it is desperate. There is a feeling of isolation and desperation.

The video below is a firsthand account of the cruelty and atrocities of the Israel regime against the Palestinian people even before the recent attack and invasion of Gaza.

We know why history has not been kind to the Jewish people.

The Keris(UMNO) Is Not A Write-Off Yet

Hantu Laut

With two by-elections looming UMNO may have to start counting the days to the next general elections. The Perak crisis could further aggravate its already shattered image.UMNO can forget the Chinese and Indian voters altogether.It is not even worth the afford to spend too much time and money to campaign in Chinese and Indian areas because it's a foregone conclusion that the Chinese and Indians do not want UMNO or the BN.Only the Malays can save them from going into oblivion.UMNO should field Malay candidates for both the Bukit Selembau state constituency in Kedah and the Bukit Gantang parliamentary seat.It will be a tough fight but at least you have a fighting chance.

Strange as it may sound, PAS the smallest outfit in the Perak coalition government was the biggest trouble maker in the current constitutional crisis in the State. Almost all of the demonstrators against the Sultan's decision not to dissolve the state assembly were members and supporters of PAS.Undoubtedly, PAS had become the cry-baby for Pakatan, making the Menteri Besar the cause celebre to rouse Malay sentiments to go against UMNO and the Sultan.The Menteri Besar is working under the auspices of DAP and PKR.He has served his masters well. He was there because the state constitution forbids non-Malay from becoming menteri besar, in another word he is an 'accidental' menteri besar, not someone who is there because majority want him there. Basically, if not for the prohibition in the constitition, Perak would be another Penang and would have a Chinese menteri besar and Chinese majority government.

The political pundits that predicted the demise of UMNO may have jumped the gun.UMNO is not a write off yet in Perak.DAP and PKR were there mainly because of the Chinese and Indians.PAS was riding the wave blown by the wind of change.PAS and PKR can hardly say they represent the Malays. They only have total of 13 seats together and PKR, pathetically, only have 3 Malay seats, the rest 3 Chinese and 1 Indian.

Pakatan only have total of 9 Malay seats in Perak against UMNO 27. To say dissolution of the assembly might make history of UMNO in Perak and make Pakatan much stronger may not hold water. UMNO still have strong Malay supports in the state.Now, it is a matter of reinforcing this support in the areas where the majority were marginal.

The uninitiated, the dreamers and the misled are sold by the idea of 'Bangsa Malaysia' that we often see prominently displayed in many blogs that support Anwar and Pakatan.It's true we all should work toward that single entity but is there any semblance of truth that under Pakatan this can be achieved or it's just the opposite, race relations have actually deteriorated since after the 8 March 2008 Elections.

The 12th General Elections was the most racially polarised elections ever held in this country. Never before have the people voted so much on racial line.The make up of the state assemblies in Pakatan control states are reflections of the voting trends in the last elections.

The 'Bangsa Malaysia' promoted by Anwar and Pakatan is a propaganda and could well be just a pipe dream.They have not made any sincere effort to work on it other than providing lip service.They have done more to hurt race relations.Those who are besotted with Anwar and Pakatan may not realise this and those who know would refuse to admit it but it's a fact race relations has deteriorated to a worrying level and the BN government poor handling of many issues have added more salt to the wound.

If Anwar and his Pakatan partners are serious about 'Bangsa Malaysia' than they should form one multi-racial party.Maybe, DAP and PAS should be dissolved and all come under one umbrella of PKR. Otherwise, it is no different from BN, a grouping of race-based political parties.

It would still be tough fight for UMNO in the forthcoming by-elections but the constitutional crisis could be their blessing in disguise.

Losing the 2 by-polls could spell disaster for UMNO in the next general elections.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Bigamist

Hantu Laut

Bigamy is unlawful if you are not a Muslim.In fact Muslims are allowed by religion to have maximum of four wives at the same time, if you can afford it or can survive the hell and fury of a polygamous marriage.

There are pre-conditions for Muslim men taking more than one wife.First you mush have the means to support them.More important, you must be fair to all and can provide same equity in material comfort, love and sex.That's what Prophet Mohammad and the Koran prescribed a Muslim man must observe and practise if he chose polygamy.Sound very simple, but this is where it becomes very messy, 99.9% of Muslims men do not adhere to those conditions and knowing human nature is such it is almost humanly impossible for most men to comply.

By right, most Muslims man should not be allowed to take more than one wife.In fact, there were many cases where the men can hardly afford to bring up one family and yet the imam solemnised the second marriage.Polygamy is more popular among Muslims in Peninsula than those in Sabah and Sarawak.

The PKR assemblyman for Bukit Selambau V.Arumugam is a bigamist according to his wife who lodged a report against him.Not only he had broken the law, he had also embarrassed the Kedah government and the palace by flaunting his younger second wife at official functions. Arumugam should have converted to Islam if he wanted to keep two wives at the same time.He would have overcome the problem. Arumugam won the Bukit Selambu state seat as an independent backed by PKR when its candidate was disqualified during nomination.

Anwar Ibrahim and other PKR leaders claim that Arumugam resigned because of undue pressure exerted on him by the BN to defect to their side and threatened to expose his problematic status if he refused.

Why did PKR and Pakatan leaders keep him and hide the fact from the public....or was it they don't know the background of their man and never bother to check in the first place to ensure he has a clean bill of health, which is what required of anyone before he can become a public figure ?

The Menteri Besar of Kedah Azizan Abdul Razak reportedly said there was a misunderstanding, actually Arumugam married the other woman about nine years ago.So, PKR and Pakatan knew about his status and in spite of that took him in as a matter of convenience, to fill the numbers.He has been a bigamist for nine years, is there a question of morality here?

The pressure from BN may be true, but than if your assemblyman has a clean bill he wouldn't be in such a mess. Blaming the BN may not be all that appropriate.You make the condition conducive for them to politicise it.That's what politics are all about, Pakatan should know it, they do it all the times to BN leaders, expose the ills of your enemies. Pakatan should look in their own backyard first before assigning blame to others.

I mentioned in my previous post that the people were so disillusioned with the BN even a dog could have won in the swing areas of the March 2008 general elections.

Bukit Selambau was one such area, Arumugam was an unknown, yet he could garner over 5000 majority.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Of Frogs,Toads, Scumbags and HYPOCRITES

Hantu Laut

Most would be highly repulsive and against it.Those who voted them felt betrayed and cheated.Some politicians glorify it.The law have nothing against it.

Like the monkeys in the forest it is not unlawful to swing from one tree to another. Only the law of morality speaks bad of it but than morality is a much abused word.

Welcome to the world of frogs, toads, scumbags and HYPOCRITES.

Defection was a 'highly glorified' word soon after the March 2008 Elections. Anwar Ibrahim was intensely promoting and glorifying defections to attract the scumbags from BN to cross over to Pakatan.There were some tense moments for BN when the situation became uncomfortably volatile and the risk of losing power was closing in. The panicky BN have to send some 30 of its MPs overseas to escape the evil clutches of
Anwar Ibrahim. The purported study tour overseas was a smokescreen to hide the BN's true fear of Anwar's bluff of a coup on 16 September 2008. Amazingly, other than Karpal Singh, none of the Pakatan leaders and supporters protested and demonstrated against Anwar's evil attempt to wrest power from a democratically elected government. As many have suspected it was Anwar's biggest bluff. It shows that those who knows him doesn't trust him.No scumbags from BN took up the offer.

If the plot to topple the BN had been successful I bet my bottom dollar there would be explosion of celebrations and rejoicing of Anwar's master stroke, demolishing the evil regime.The hypocritical world of Pakatan would have chuckled at morality and chucked it into the dustbin of history and the pro-Anwar writers, journalists, bloggers and supporters would have a field day singing in praise of him.The accolades would have been nothing less than thunderous.The BN's eulogy and the satanic verses would have been read together with hellish rendering.

From the recent episode in Perak one can only conclude that scumbags politicians are everywhere and Pakatan were not short of it either.At least in BN they don't pretend to be good and spotless, they have accepted whatever accusations of wrongdoings that had been thrown at them. In Pakatan the scumbags are still well camouflaged in their lairs but are slowly coming out of the woodwork.The 2 PKR and 1 DAP assemblymen were just the tip of the iceberg. There would be more.

The biggest scumbag and one that should be given a trophy would be none other than the Wizard of Bota, Nasaruddin Hashim who should go down in the Guinness Book of World Records as the shortest hop made by a political frog.

In Kedah the assemblyman for Bukit Selambau V. Arumugam has tendered his resignation from the Exco and vanished.However, he has not resigned his assemblyman seat. It doesn't take much imagination to guess where he is going to resurface. This man not only exudes immorality but extreme stupidity with his aberrant behaviour.He married a young woman, almost 20 years younger than him, without divorcing his first wife and flaunted her at official functions.No one in Pakatan, including those of high moral standard, complained or reported him until it was exposed publicly by others with vested interest.In latest development Anwar said he has seen the letter of resignation.Could it be another undated pre-signed letter of resignation or the real one? We have to wait and see.

Morally spotless politician is not, a dime a dozen, most are tainted somehow or other. What happened in America and the West with the recent financial meltdown showed the West are not that squeaky clean either, as many of us would have thought.They have done worse damage to the global finance and economy.

Do not get me wrong I am not espousing corruptions and immoral behaviour, I am just trying to get the key fits in the correct lock and the real perspective of the hypocrisy of the whole issue.

The BN are full of them and they make no secret of it, they are corrupt, arrogance, thieves, robbers and say what you like, they may not be the best the country ever had, but they have also brought progress to the nation that many refused to give credit for .They could have done better if there were less corruptions and abuses of power.

I have no objection for politicians crossing the floor on principle or disagreement on policies but it becomes morally wrong and demeaning when it's for money and position.Unfortunately, in this country those who did it's did it for the wrong reason.

Most of us wanted a change of government, but must we do it with so much hatred and labour under so much self-delusion?

"We have two kinds of morality side by side: one which we preach but do not practice and another which we practice but seldom preach". ~Bertrand Russell

Read Anwar glorifying and justifying crossover.

Anwar: Pakatan Rakyat can take over Fed Govt by Sept 16

Justifying 16 Sept

Syabas Dato’ Nasa!

Below a completely different reaction from Anwar:

?We must go back to the people and get a fresh mandate,? opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said earlier.

?The BN are trying to form the state government by hook or by crook ? more by crook,? he told AFP.

The man beaten at his own game.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Divine Intervention

Hantu Laut

Divine intervention couldn't have come at the most appropriate time for Pakatan to prove they still have the people's support. As Thomas a Kempis wrote in his book "The Imitation of Christ" that "Man proposes, God disposes.", which means human beings can make any plans they want, but it's God that decides their success or failure.

The passing of PAS MP for Bukit Gantang Roslan Shaharum means a by-election will be held for the constituency.

Another highly possible by-election is the state seat of Bukit Selambau in Kedah.The incumbent V.Arumugam has stated his intention to resign citing threat and pressure on him and his family.There were allegations of adultery against him.

Can Najib climbs two hills and come down a mountain?

Changing Tune:The Pied Piper Of Perak

Hantu Laut

A regular commentator SM asked me why I have deep hatred for Anwar Ibrahim. I told him I have no hatred for Anwar, it is just that I hate hypocrisy, inconsistency and double standard and Anwar epitomises all of these. His covetousness for power and the end justifies the mean to get there is going to be his next fall from grace. He extols civil disobedience and defiance of the law. The Perak constitutional crisis is one such case.He has successfully made the Sultan the punching bag of the people.The Sultan had been fair in his judgement, he personally met the 31 assemblymen at the palace and all of them expressed no confidence against the MB and the government. How could the MB be granted dissolution of the assembly when he has lost confidence of the majority of the members of the house.
Whatever it may be Pakatan leaders and supporters would still insist they were right and the Sultan was wrong.

The Sultan has discretionary power to grant or not to grand dissolution, to say otherwise and accused the Sultan of taking sides is making mockery of the State and Federal constitutions and the monarch.A completely ignorant and bias interpretation of the constitution from someone who has absolutely no clue about its working is here. She is confused between 'confidence of the majority members of the assembly' and 'confidence of the majority members of political party'. I hope she is not a lawyer advising PKR.

Karpal Singh was right when he asked Anwar to step down as leader of the oppositions. Pakatan supporters are too blinded to see where this man is taking them, it just like when you are besotted with someone you can't see the flaws and faults in them until it wears out than you realise it's too late, the damage done.

As hypocritical and inconsistence as they can be they are now changing the tune and say they are not against the Sultan, will not sue him and will bring the message to the people and at the same time the Menteri Besar Nazir Jamaluddin will travel the length and breadth of Perak to convince the people he is still the legitimate menteri besar.

If you have your brain in the right place what does that tell you.As George Bush have said "If you are not with me, you are against me".He is not against the Sultan but refused to respect and comply with the Sultan's decision.If you are not against the Sultan than you should respect his decision and stop going around misleading the people.

This is what Anwar and Pakatan all about, they change their story when they feel the rising tide moving against them.They claimed Najib had robbed the rights of the people by masterminding a "coup d'etat" and MB Nazir in true Anwar's style said
"We will take back the right stolen by Najib Altantuya" to a 8000 gullible Malays, mostly PAS supporters. The coup was made possible by Anwar's men.

Didn't know Najib has changed his surname to Altantuya.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Anwar Ibrahim's Grand Plan In The Mist

Hantu Laut

We all agree party hopping is demeaning and morally unacceptable to many, especially those who voted for the candidate on a party's platform of their choice.The people's repulsion against such behaviour is understandable.The unfortunate part is, there is no law against it and is against the Federal constitution to suppress it.Everyone should have the freedom of association.

What those in Pakatan failed to see is their own indulgence in political masochism. Rather than accepting the rule of law and do a self-examination of where they went wrong, they wilfully incited confrontation with the Sultan and instigated and encouraged the people to go on the street to show their anger against the Sultan. This is Anwar's brand of politics, protest and demonstration is his trademark.

"People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stone". Most of our politicians have short and selected memory and unashamedly dished out advices and make comments for which they have lost the right to do so, which they conveniently forget.

One of the frogs that brought down the PBS government in 1994 Yong TecK Lee has something to say here. In today's Daily Express headline another frog, Deputy Transport Minister Lajim Okin said it is OK to be a frog and it is normal for elected representatives to jump ship as there could be goodness coming out of it.He said Sabah benefited when he deserted PBS for the BN and leaders who jump do not do it for personal gain , they do it for the interest of the people. Certainly can't agree with this doggone piece of crap.Every frog does it out of greed and personal gain.

Perak ludicrous MB Nizar Jamaluddin should take a leaf out of Joseph Pairin's book.When Anwar raided the PBS for its assemblymen in 1994 he managed to steal 3 assemblymen to crossover to BN and brought down the PBS government and Pairin.A new chief minister from UMNO was appointed and Pairin being a true gentleman and one that respect the rule of law willingly stepped down as chief minister, without challenging the Yang Dipertuan Negeri's decision.

The Perak case is no different from what happened in Sabah in 1994. The only difference, the Perak MB is thick-headed, a belligerent, a recalcitrant and have no respect for the rule of law and have shown great disrespect to the Sultan.He sun-addled brain is incapable of making sense of the whole issue.

If this belligerent menteri besar and all the educated fools in Pakatan think they have a strong case than the right arena to fight it out is in the court of law, not in the streets using goons, schnooks and idiots who can only understand the law of the jungle.The confrontation, belligerence and lack of savoir faire by the Menteri Besar, Anwar and other Pakatan leaders were intended to scurrilously damage the Sultan's reputation.

Joining in the fray and with his own interpretation of the law is none other than the outcast top dog of the biggest law firm in the country, Zaid Ibrahim.This sententious lawyer thinks the Sultan was wrong and should not have asked the MB to resign.If you have majority of the members expressed no confidence in the MB and his government does it matter whether it is held in the assembly or the palace and I wonder which specific section of the State constitution says show of hands in the Assembly should be the only procedure.I also wonder what would Zaid's comment be if he was still in UMNO?

The absurdity of the some of the argument put forth by some legal minds and some 'lawyer buruk' that the BN has no majority because both sides have 28 seats each shows the ignorance and lack of understanding of the working of the law.The confidence of the majority should come from members of the assembly not members of political party.It can be an aggregate of BN,Pakatan and Independent assemblymen.Those Pakatan assemblymen who wanted to support BN don't even need to change party, they can do so while still in Pakatan, if they wish.Of course they would be sacked by the party if they made the stand to support BN.

The three rebels could have easily conspired with the BN secretly and let BN call for a motion of confidence to remove the MB and supported it while assembly is in session.The end game would be the same, Pakatan will be out of office.

Anwar and his gang may regret the day they embarrassed the Sultan and created an explosively tense situation that could endanger the safety of the Sultan and his family.The calling will come when the Malays turned against him in the very near future.This culture of protests and demonstrations is taking the country down the road to Africa.Now, in Africa, they don't demonstrate anymore, they just go on a killing spree.

The Malays will eventually see his action as protecting the DAP majority government and his own self interest and used a Malay menteri besar to rouse the Malay sentiments.This sentiments will be short-lived when the Malays see the true light of Anwar Ibrahim's grand plan, to be prime minister, by hook or by crook, doesn't bother him which road he takes to Putrajaya, as long as he gets there.

As leader of the opposition Anwar Ibrahim should be made responsible if there were to be breakdown of law and order.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Zombies Of Pakatan

Hantu Laut

If you are stupid most people will accept it because there is nothing much you can do to change it. If you are ignorant and pretend you are clever, when you are not, than you become a real pain, a menace and a potential danger to society.As they say 'A little knowledge is dangerous'

Little boys shouldn't play with fire, half-past-six lawyers shouldn't open their mouths and corrupt politicians shouldn't talk about morality.Malaysian politics have spiralled down to the gutter.The pot calling the kettle black.Politicians teaching the people the act of defiance against law and order. Shameless misconstruction of democracy and perverted interpretation of the constitution to suit one's illegitimate purpose to stay in power.

Power is sweet, once you have it, very difficult to give up.There is nothing more satisfying than the trappings of power and wealth. Even the smartest can become brazenly dumb when they are about to lose power.Some will fight to the last drop of their blood.

If the dumb-headed Menteri Besar of Perak and the Pakatan gang have had their brain in the right place they wouldn't be in such predicament. The fault is not the Sultan or the BN, it is they themselves.Arrogance and over-confidence had caused them to lose the government.

What the MB should have done is, while he still have the majority confidence of the members of the house and the moment there are indication of defections to the other side to go straight to the Sultan and ask for dissolution of the assembly.He could have pre-empted the transfer of power to the BN by asking for dissolution before he loses majority confidence of the house.Anwar Ibrahim the veteran politician and a former deputy prime minister should know that undated signed letter of resignation is illegal and he was part of the game when this was decided in
Sabah. Why blame the Sultan when you have incompetent and half-past-six legal advisers and a dumb-headed MB.

"Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat akhirnya jatuh ka tanah juga" would be the most apt description of this bunch of smarty-pants.They always blame others for their problems.Not only have they shown political immaturity, they have also shown gross unfairness in the administration of the state which was the reason for the defection of their elected members.No assemblyman would leave their party if the leaders practised fair play.

It goes to show there is no cohesion in the Pakatan coalition.The majority partner, DAP have to play second fiddle to the smallest minority PAS.DAP can't have the MB post because the state constitution says only Malay can be MB and they don't have Malay assemblyman that can be MB.Basically, it is still a very Chinese dominated party and with chauvinistic Chinese leaders in control.

PAS, diagonally opposed in almost everything in DAP and PKR but getting a free ride on this very secular and very haram vehicle.

PKR, the engine that pulls the two wagons is completely topsy-turvy, this is where many of the slime-ball, crooks and beggars took temporary shelter.

If you think their politicians are clean,smart and competence to rule this nation let see what kind of supporters they have, where they come from and how they behave.

In my posting "The Sultan Is Right, Idiots " and using the catchword 'idiots' literally draw the wrath of the supporters of Pakatan. Below are some of the comments I get on my blog and in Malaysia Today which were kind enough to carry my article.

Anonymous said...





February 5, 2009 10:27 PM

The one below took exception to the word 'idiots' as if I personally called him that.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you asked people to use clear and decent language but you did otherwise for your moderation !

Those who called others idiots are themselves the one ! Siapa makan cili dia akan rasa pedas.

Please note that people voted candidates based along party lines and hence they have to toe the party line.

February 5, 2009 7:49 PM

The one below had gone completely bonkers and smutty.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are the idiot, idiot...go suck on najis's cock.

February 5, 2009 9:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hantu, may you rot in hell!!! you belong to syaitan!!!

February 5, 2009 9:34 PM

If you think that is bad enough, try the one below, from a pro Pakatan blogger.

Have a good look a the picture below, ladies and gentlemen. This …. is the face of a prostitute.

<span class=

She may not be the prettiest lass in town…..heck…who am I kidding…she gives all the other good looking people from Perak a bad name…She just looks ugly. But don’t let her …not so beautiful looks deceive you. She is…the Number 1 prostitute in Perak.

She…my friends…is the lady who I had voted for in the recent 2008 General Elections.

She goes by the name - Hee Yit Foong.

But, for the people of Jelapang, she’s currently fondly referred to as … the Prostitute of Jelapang.

No one knows what’s the exact amount she received, but the Prostitute of Jelapang (PoJ for short) up there is rumoured to have received millions for her body…for her soul….making far…the highest paid prostitute in Perak…Malaysia…South East Asia…and probably the world. One more thing Malaysians can be proud off. The highest paid prostitute in the World.

Malaysia Boleh!!!!!!

From Malaysia Today's commentators:

written by Hakim Joe, February 06, 2009 00:59:39
Hantu Laut, are you fcuking the invalid from DAP?
written by Man In Black, February 05, 2009 19:56:26
HantuLaut, you are a piece of shit!!! Are you living in a dreamland....The Perakians voted for Pakatan if you have a memory moron....Get this guy out of side...

The one below is a friendly advice from a philosopher who felt slighted:

tony -stand-up philosopher said...

Hello friend, your inference to us as idiots seems to indicate that you are the only intelligent one around. The biggest mistake one can make is to infer others less superior or intelligent then you. Your pride will truly be your fall. Be wise in your walk for you never know where the landmines are.

February 5, 2009 9:38 PM

I rest my case.

There must be many zombies in this country who wanted government run by jackals.

Do as you would be done by. Idiots!