Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Flush

As they pay their respects to the House of Windsor, Arab royals may also catch a glimpse of their imperiled future.


With heavy rain expected in London on Friday, the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton could be a meteorological disaster. Rain or shine, it could also be a political catastrophe for the Arab royal families attending as guests. The affair will feature a total of eight Arab royals. By comparison, when the groom's father, Prince Charles, married his long-time "close friend," Camilla, in 2005, there were only four Arab royal guests. When Charles married Diana in 1991, there were just two.

With an estimated 2 billion people watching on television across the world, and another 400 million on the Internet, the royal wedding also promises to be a bold statement of defiance against the Arab Spring -- and clear proof of how much the Arab royals are out of touch.

So far, the anti-autocratic trend sweeping the Middle East has only overturned the leadership of republics -- Egypt and Tunisia. The governments next in line to fall are similarly non-monarchies -- Libya, Syria, and Yemen. Ignoring the fact that this could be a distinction without a difference, apologists for Arab royals have discretely argued that kings and emirs "know" how to rule, and that traditional methods of the open-court "majlis" have made royals aware of public discontent before it boils over. Of course, the fact that they enjoy access to massive revenues from their energy deposits has also ensured that this process remains well-oiled, so to speak.

The rich Arab monarchies are said to be scared stiff about the vulnerabilities of the less oil-rich thrones. Morocco worries them, as does the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Bahrain, too -- which is why Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates sent security forces into the kingdom last month to boost the government of King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa.

Some adjustments in the seating arrangements in Westminster Abbey are already in progress. On April 24, the Gulf Daily News, Bahrain's newspaper of record, announced that Bahraini Crown Prince Salman would be going to London for the event. The same day, it emerged that his trip was cancelled. With "deep regret," he announced his withdrawal due to fears that his presence would "overshadow" the event. There had been threats of (peaceful) protests in London against Bahrain's state of emergency, which was imposed in March after large-scale demonstrations threatened the Bahraini throne.

King Abdullah II of Jordan, although invited, is also not going to be in London, at least according to the published list. Whether this is because he doesn't want to leave his kingdom when Syrian tanks are laying siege to a town along the Syrian-Jordanian border or because he worries about the risk of too overt a display of the notorious regal extravagance of his wife, Queen Rania, is not clear.

The biggest contingent of Arab royals will be from the Arab Gulf states, and Salman's absence will be the only gap. The least populous state will have the most senior and also the largest presence: the giant frame of the emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani. (Sheikh Hamad is also the new owner of a London grocery and general store known as Harrods.) Kuwait will be represented by Interior Minister Sheikh Ahmad Hamoud al-Sabah, and the United Arab Emirates by Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, who will be arriving from Washington following discussions about the Arab Spring with President Barack Obama.

Saudi Arabia will be represented by its ambassador in London, Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz, who will be accompanied by his wife, Princess Fadwa. (Will her face be covered? Probably not. Will there be TV coverage of her face? Probably not.) Prince Mohammed is a slightly surprising choice. Both Prince Turki al-Faisal, then the Saudi ambassador to Britain, and Prince Bandar bin Sultan came to Prince Charles's 2005 wedding; the British heir to the throne is also close to Prince Khalid al-Faisal, the governor of Mecca. Perhaps the House of Saud, still unsure whether it has completely stamped out popular discontent in the kingdom, was leery of sending one of those more high-profile royals.

The most appropriate representative will be from Oman: Sayyid Haitham bin Tariq al-Said, a relative of Sultan Qaboos and the country's minister of heritage and culture. Heritage, after all, is perhaps what this wedding is all about.

In Queen Rania's absence, the glamor in the Arab royal contingent will be provided by the wife of the emir of Qatar, the diamond-studded Sheikha Mozah, and the Moroccan representative, the red-haired Princess Lalla Salma, the wife of King Mohammed VI (who will be absent).Read more.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lim Guan Eng Sees Red Over Hitler's Doppleganger.

Hantu Laut

He must have seen Hitler's doppleganger the night before.

Irresponsible and dangerous.This is how DAP garner supports, by sowing the seed of racial discord.

Malaysians, particularly the Chinese community should be ashamed of this man.Simply use subject he has little understanding of and unconcerned with the dangerous fallout of his incendiary rhetoric.

It is most shocking that he could compare Malaysia the same as Nazi Germany.I don't need to elaborate any further on this man and his rabble king father's hidden motive.
It is indeed race baiting.

To drive a wedge between the Malays and Chinese.

Lim is fishing in troubled waters and may have misread the whole thing.It may have a reverse psychological effect, making the Malays more determined to unite to counter the DAP threat.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When Politicians Talked Stupid

Hantu Laut

Politicians, their skin's moisture varies according to the political climate and their political sentiments changed according to the level of mercury, the hotter it is, the more mercurial they are, juggling political innuendos, similes and looming nemesis of their political rivals, even if pigs could fly and no matter how absurd the prophecies are.

Pantai Manis Assemblyman and former minister in the Sabah State cabinet said there is no doubt Sabah has progressed a lot under the UMNO-led BN government but casual observation show signs that caused unrest in the Middle East can be found in Sabah.He may be disappointed the genie with the magic lamp may not grant his wishes and emotional prediction.

Rahim, other than a dime, a dozen of UMNO leaders in Sabah, has ambition to be chief minister of Sabah.Having fallen out with Chief Minister Musa Aman he was dropped from the state cabinet after the March 2008 General Elections.

Desperation, can be one's own worst political enemy. Anwar Ibrahim had made the same comparison of this beloved country, hoping for the Middle East contagion to reach Malaysia, so Malaysia can get the people's power epidemic to help him topple the government. He must be very disappointed as the genie with the magic lamp did not grant him his wish too.

Even the abominable Raja Petra Kamaruddin was more pragmatic in his opinion telling the world that such uprising would never happen in Malaysia.

Than you have a leader of a political party in Sabah joining Ibrahim Ali playing the race card but in a different spectrum.

The Deputy President of LDP Chin Sui Phin who is constantly at loggerhead with Chief Minister Musa Aman attacked Musa and blamed him for his party woes for not being given enough ministerial position after the resignation of Peter Pang from LDP who was appointed deputy chief minister when Raymond Tan of SUPP had to relinquish his post when SUPP pulled out of the BN.Chin has only one target, Musa Aman and it is rumoured that he is fighting a proxy war for someone else which he vehemently denied.

Chin should have himself to blame and is silly to expect better treatment from a man he has viciously attacked and now using the race card as an excuse to rattle the Najib's administration to take action against Musa quoting Sarawak as an example of lost of Chinese support.Chin's memory may be short of the truth and long on personal vendetta.

What happened in Sarawak is nothing new, the BN had lost majority Chinese support in the March 2008 General Elections under Badawi.The DAP won 28 parliamentary seats which is 13% of the total seats in parliament and took control of two states government, Penang and Perak.

DAP garnered more parliamentary seats than PAS, getting only 23 seats.

In PRU13, DAP, most likely would capture almost all Chinese seats wiping out almost the entire Chinese-based parties in BN. Knowing their days are numbered MCA and LDP are trying hard singing the Chinese song.Maybe, a little too late.

MCA, Gerakan,SUPP and LDP are all in dire straits.The Chinese voters rejection in PRU13 would be unprecedented.

To counter the DAP threat all marginal Chinese seats traditionally given to these BN component parties would be returned to UMNO to maximise its chance of winning the greatest number of Malay seats.The parties can only contest in Chinese dominated constituencies which would see many fatalities.

MCA has gone completely gaga in its attempt to redeem itself with the Chinese community. MCA leaders even dared to call Taib Mahmud, in spite of him getting two-thirds majority, to resign. Literally, borrowing the opposition's call for Taib to go.MCA leaders should look at themselves in the mirrior.Why the Chinese deserted the BN?

Loss of Chinese support in Sarawak was not entirely Taib's fault, it's the West Malaysian contagion primarily brought about by MCA and Gerakan's failure in Peninsula Malaysia.The same epidemic would soon spread to Sabah, if it is not already there.

Without any doubt, loss of overall Chinese support for the BN was mainly due to MCA and Gerakan not Taib.

In desperation of making redemption with the Chinese, MCA attacked Utusan which triggered a backlash from Perkasa, seen as an affiliate of UMNO, although the top leadership denied of such connection.Perkasa protested and demanded that MCA be kicked out of the BN.

In PRU 12, Sabah and Sarawak were spared the racial polarisation.These two states have always enjoyed racial harmony and religious tolerance with the ebb and flow and has the greatest number of intermarriages in the country where race has always been in the backseat.

So, don't blame us for what you guys in the Peninsula started first. It's a West Malaysian disease blowing our way.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

'Playing dangerous mind game'

Kota Kinabalu: Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) is acting irresponsibly by playing a dangerous mind game with the Chinese community in toying with the race card, said State Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun.

Masidi, who is also Sabah Umno Assistant Secretary, said LDP Deputy President Datuk Chin Su Phin was attempting to create dissent not only between the Chinese and Umno but other communities and Umno.

"You are obviously playing the race card when you say aside from the Chinese, other communities also do not agree with the state leadership who we all know is also the leader of Umno in Sabah. This is unbecoming and is not the culture of BN".

Masidi said it was arrogant and presumptions to say that the Chinese and even other communities do not support the State leadership.

"Chin may tip toe on the identity of the person he is attacking but we know who he is referring to. And I have to emphasise 'he' because it is personal issue for him and certain individuals with personal agenda," he said.

He said due to the personal nature of this vendetta against the State leadership, the Chinese community should not be duped into believing that there is no majority support for the leadership. Masidi said Chin should not insult the intelligence of the Chinese in Sabah by trying to manipulate the community into thinking that a majority of them do not support the State leadership.

Masidi said Chin was also out of line when he said there were other capable people in Umno. "Umno does not meddle in LDP affairs and tell them who is or who is not capable of helming the party's leadership.

Likewise, LDP should leave Umno affairs to Umno, "I am sure the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak knows who should helm the leadership in Sabah. Chin's criticism of the Umno leadership in the State is tantamount to questioning the wisdom of the Prime Minister," he said.

Masidi said there were times when Umno wanted to hit back at LDP, especially the Chin brothers for their relentless attacks against the Chief Minister, but the Chief Minister himself had urged restraint in the interests of BN. "But this too much."

"I will not stand idly and let the Chin brothers and whoever's personal agenda they are serving destroy the harmony and consensus that we have worked so hard to build in the BN family and Sabah."

Masidi said the State leadership strived to take care of the needs and accommodate all communities in Sabah.

"We live in an ethnically diverse society and in the spirit of Barisan Nasional. Whatever decision made must be based on consensus and for the greater good of society, not just for a few individuals," he said.

He said the BN component parties should be strengthening their cooperation consolidating their efforts to gear up for the next election.

"We should not be throwing punches with the single purpose of undermining the leadership.

I am a BN member. I am also an Umno member. I will defend the BN spirit of unity and cooperation.

I will also defend the code of respecting and supporting my leader," he said. Masidi said BN component parties should move forward together, go down the ground and work on developing Sabah and improving the welfare of the people.Daily Express

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sour Grapes and Sore Losers - The Anwar Ibrahim's Story

Hantu Laut

Remember Aesop's 'The Fox and the Grapes'?

Driven by hunger, a fox tried to reach some grapes hanging high on the vine but was unable to reach it, although he leaped with all his strength.As he went away the fox remarked "Oh, you aren't even ripe yet! I don't need any sour grapes"

Pride is a terrible failing. Blame others for your own miserable shortcoming.Cook, fabricate or manufacture anything to divert blame to others.Do it often and people will start doubting your integrity and moral values.

Same old excuse for his own failing.

Electoral frauds!

This time the bus loads of phantom voters seemed to be missing or did they come by boats unnoticed by PKR foot soldiers? Maybe, the West Malaysian PKR soldiers sent over there were only told to watch out for buses but not boats.

Sarawak is known for its many rivers and river transportations.Most rural areas are only accessible by boats.

The BN must be really stupid, don't even know how to cheat properly.Only cheated in PKR areas.How come they did not cheat in
DAP contested constituencies? DAP won 80% of the seats contested.PKR, on the other hand won less than 10% of the seat contested.

Have you ever heard Anwar said "Let us do a post mortem where have we gone wrong, why are the people not giving us the same support as they gave the DAP" or something to that extent?

Has this man ever blamed himself or his party workers or his candidates for any of PKR's bad electoral outings?

Check the records. It was always BN and the Election Commission deeply involved in fraud and outright cheating.

KUCHING: De facto PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim has accused the Election Commission (EC) of fraudulent practices in conducting the recently concluded state election in Sarawak.

“The process was clearly full of fraudulence. Take the case of the Senadin seat where the Barisan Nasional won by 58 votes and the EC refused a recount. This is unheard of in the country,” he said.

“Azmin Ali (PKR deputy president and party election director) is unwell, otherwise he could testify how he had to negotiate every step of the way to get the names of the counting agents.

“The EC wanted to know where the names came from. Before, no such questions were asked,” said Anwar, pointing out that the EC officials made things difficult for the opposition.

He said the timing and voting for postal votes also worked against the opposition.

On the coming parliamentary election, the opposition leader said that PKR and Pakatan Rakyat had learnt a lot from the state election.

“We will not allow the Barisan Nasional (BN) to cheat as it did in the Sarawak election. We will insist on international teams to monitor our election.Read more.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Why We Should Say Yes To 1Malaysia Email.

Hantu Laut

The whole idea is ill-conceived, ill-advised and smell of a rat.

If it was a private sector initiative than the Prime Minister should have stayed clear of making the announcement himself. Whoever mooted the idea to him are looking at their own vested interests and misread public apathy.

The proposed vehicle is a GN3 status company listed on Bursa Malaysia.It virtually created suspicion that this could be yet another bail out of an ailing crony's company.The fiasco played into the hands of the oppositions and a mockery of yet another 1Malaysia catchphrase.

The PM had been ill-advised.Maybe, he should drop some of his advisers particularly those making perilous blunders.

Having a made in Malaysia email carrier is not a bad idea after all if it adheres to the free market.

Most email carriers are advertising-support and the service is provided free to anyone to use.

Unless Tricubes operate under the same competitive environment and provide interactive media and links to resourceful information it will suffer repugnant rejection.

"Hotmail" renamed "Window Live Hotmail" is currently the largest web-based email service and offer unlimited free storage.We are spoilt for choice. Gmail which is catching up fast is now the choice of many.Big storage, intelligent and free.

Surely, one should not object if it is a private sector initiative but what is very
perplexing is why the Prime Minister had to make the announcement.Was it initially supposed to be a government initiative and an about turn was made in view of the protests?

The government should not give favour to Tricubes by compelling government departments to subscribe to Tricubes services.The people would be watching closely.

To whoever behind Tricubes I wish them good luck.Hope they can be Sabeer Batia and Jack Smith, hopefully, not a dead cat.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Guan Eng, Aru You Joking Or What? Race Not A Factor.

Hantu Laut

Race is not a factor says Lim Guan Eng about the Sarawak elections here.

Would you believe him or would you let him pulled that wool over your eyes that race was not a factor! How in hell can DAP garnered 12 seats and PKR only 3 and PAS 0, if the people did not vote on racial line.

This father and son team is truly amazing. Drowning in their own stupefying intelligence.Do they think Malaysians are that stupid?

He said “Those trying to twist the result into a racial issue are acting irresponsibly. The results of the 2011 Sarawak Election have proven that the desire and movement for change is not confined to one community alone but spread across the various communities of Sarawak"


Who is he trying to fool saying
“All Sarawakians declared in a loud voice that they have had enough of Taib and his brand of monopolistic politics"

Without doubts the oppositions have made some inroads but did Taib not get two-thirds majority and most Malays and non-Malay natives voted for his party? Did or not the majority in PBB contested areas increased more than in previous elections? Did PBB candidates lose any of the seats contested?

If what he says is true why than PKR and PAS did not do well in Sarawak?

While BN successfully retained its two-thirds majority its popular vote dipped by eight per cent to 54.5 per cent, indicating that its hold over the hornbill state, long considered its “fixed deposit”, slipped considerably.

That drop of 8 percent was mainly Chinese votes so don't try that statistical trick.

Even Bridget Welsh analysis using the term semi-rural instead of semi-urban is a spoof. She failed to mention significant Chinese presence in these areas that helped to swing the votes to the opposition.

Guan Eng, who you trying to fool, there is serious racial polarisation in the country. You and your father had a hand in it other than those in Perkasa,Utusan and UMNO.

You and your father have chosen subtle brainwashing and indoctrination to rile up the emotions of the Chinese in this country.

Believe me, unless something out of the ordinary happened between now and PRU13, DAP will get almost all Chinese seats.

After that, you can come back and tell me if race is not a factor.

Becoming harder to forgive Mahathir - by a Moron.

Kota Kinabalu: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad stepping down as Prime Minister was enough for many in Sabah to forgive but his latest book and comments made it difficult to do this, according to Sabah DAP Chief, Jimmy Wong.

He said for the record, Mahathir's policy on Sabah had hurt many people, especially the non-Muslim Natives.

The so-called much publicised book "Projek IC" by MD Mutalib where it was stated that hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants were systematically legalised and entered into the electoral roll was the most outstanding legacy he (Mahathir) left behind for Sabah, he said in a statement, Tuesday.

Wong said Sabah DAP was not surprised with the former Prime Minister's statement saying that DAP is a racist party and that Sarawak has now been infected with the DAP racist virus.

Jimmy added that his latest book "A Doctor In The House" reflected on the inner side of Dr Mahathir.

The Sri Tanjung Assemblyman said he wanted to advise Mahathir that time is not on his side.

"People say we must repent and spend more time to get to know and get closer to our Creator as we grow older into our twilight," he said and believed Dr Mahathir should enjoy his retirement and grow old gracefully.Daily Express

Friday, April 22, 2011

Who Says Hard For BN To Get Two-Thirds?

Hantu Laut

Read all the past predictions by some of our local professors and see which one of their educated guesses had been accurate.Gazing at the crystal ball most probably!

In the March 2008 General Elections two very learned persons predicted that BN will get two-thirds majority, one was Assoc Prof Dr Mohamed Mustaffa Ishak and the other political analyst Assoc Prof Dr Mohammad Agus Yusoff. Both were wrong.

Mustapha Ishak said " the minor political, economic and racial issues raised by the opposition during the campaign in this general election would not be able to deny BN the two-third majority, let alone topple the government"

Another political analyst Assoc Prof Dr Mohammad Agus Yusoff echoed the same. He even predicted Penang to remain with BN and Kelantan a tough fight for both PAS and BN. The rest is history.BN got the biggest thrashing of its life.

Here we come again the same professor predicting BN will not get two-thirds majority in PRU 13.
Read them at your own perils.PRU 12 prediction here.

I bet he be wrong again.

BN is likely to get two-thirds majority with a very Malay dominated government.

A similar scenario of what happened in Sarawak recently would be repeated in PRU 13.Taib has shown that he doesn't need Chinese votes to get two-third majority.

Taib Mahmud has shown his political prowess by clean sweep of all PBB seats.The failure was SUPP who had fallen victim to DAP vicious propaganda.

In spite of the vicious diatribe on his person and allegations of massive corruptions Taib survived the onslaught and had been a major factor in the victory.The PM and DPM have played equally big roles in his victory.

MCA disastrous outing in PRU12 is pale compared to what in store for them in PRU13.MCA, Gerakan and all Chinese based parties in Sabah and Sarawak would be near total decimation and almost all Chinese seats would go to DAP.

The small windfall in Sarawak was no indication of its growing popularity.The win was more the candidate than the party.Tenacious Anwar would continue with his political charade. PKR would be on life support

It is also very possible PAS would have left the coalition by then.
The Malays, except for the educated fools and the dreamers who think Malaysia can be America would have consolidated their positions to counter the Chinese cohesion.

UMNO may have no choice but to repossess all marginal seats given to Chinese based parties in Peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak. The demand for return of these seats back to UMNO would be extremely loud.

Unless Najib can come up with a magic formula,unfortunately, always shot down by DAP, Malaysia is heading for an unprecedented racial polarisation come PRU13.

Also read:

Guan Eng dares Soi Lek to pull MCA out of B

Dr M says ‘1Melayu, 1Bumi’ movement disastrous

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Malaysians now have higher spending power than Singaporeans: Updated UBS study

While Singapore may boast a record 14.7 percent economic growth last year, the domestic purchasing power of ordinary Singaporeans has decreased, that it now lags behind the Malaysians, according to an updated version of the authoritative UBS study – “Prices and Earnings”. (download updated study here)

In the UBS study, domestic purchasing power is measured by dividing the average annual salary by the total price of a selected basket of goods and services, the higher the figure, the higher one’s purchasing power is.

In the 2009 UBS study, Singaporeans have a low purchasing power of only 39.9 which is only slightly more than Malaysians living in Kuala Lumpur (39.5).

However in the updated study published in August 2010, the order is reversed:

The domestic purchasing power of Singaporeans drop to 38.8, falling behind that of Malaysians (39.3).

Domestic purchasing power is now widely accepted by many economists as a more reliable and accurate economic indicator of prosperity on the ground than GDP which only measures the overall economic output of a nation and disregards the living conditions of its citizens.

The new result is not surprising as rampant inflation has eroded the spending power of Singaporeans while their wages have remained stagnant, caused partly by the relentless influx of cheap foreign workers.

If Malaysians working in Kuala Lumpur have a higher domestic purchasing power than Singaporeans, then Malaysians working in Singapore will surely have much higher disposable income when converted back to Ringgit back home which explains the reluctance of many Malaysian PRs to take up Singapore citizenships, thereby enabling them to enjoy the ‘best of both worlds.’

The shocking findings are not reported by the mainstream media nor the PAP leaders who continue to harp on GDP growth as the sole indicator of their performance to justify their multi-million dollar salaries.

Singapore leaders and diplomats better think twice before taking a jibe at our neighbors for being in a ‘mess’ because of ‘incompetent’ leaders because the Malaysians actually have more spending power than Singaporeans who are supposedly led by the ‘best’ government in the entire universe.Temasek Review

Here is the politically motivated article from Malaysian Insider fits for the rubbish bins.They avoided mentioning that Singapore is worse than KL.

You can go to UBS research

Next: Why we should support 1Malaysia free email.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oh my God, a Tiramasu costs RM15!

Hantu Laut

What an idiotic comparisons with complete disregard for economic principles.Ignoring the "basket of consumer goods" that define CPI (Consumer Price Index).

Written by 3 musketeers. A layman's analysis fits for the rubbish bins.

What is the average cost of living of a person of the same criterion in Kuala Lumpur as compare to a person in New York? Without any doubt the guy in New York is better paid than the one in Kuala Lumpur but would the average living cost be the same?

Ask the Kadazan man in New York?

“Oh my God, a Tiramisu is RM15!”

Since when tiramisu has been in the basket of consumer goods? Surely, if you go to a gourmet shop they can charge you through your nose. Blame yourself if you want to show off but are impecunious.

Why not eat goreng pisang which probably more suited to your Asian palate and won't bleed your heart.

A tiramasu by Secret Recipe only costs RM7.50 in Kota Kinabalu.How could KL be more expensive? Calvin Lee, who ever the person is, must have expensive taste but a shallow pocket.

Anyone who earned less than 1,ooo pounds a month in London must have a miserable life and probably live out of a pigeon hole.The waiter who says he can buy all those luxury items he mentioned on a day's salary must have other side income or got his hand in the till.

“GBP100 can feed two apartments of students for a week,” ??

GBP100 would not be enough for my wife and me to have a decent Chinese dinner at a restaurant in London. Those two apartments (I am not sure which mathematical formula used this term) of students must be eating cockroaches for a week.

Let's ponder the statements below:

He gave the example of clothes where he said he can get a good quality shirt for about AUD100 but would need to spend about RM200 to get similar quality in KL.

At current exchange rate AUD100 = RM316 for the shirt means cheaper in KL.

Wong pointed out that even Asian food could be more affordable for those living in Sydney than KL.

“You pay RM15 for a bowl of soup noodles in KL shopping centres but only AUD10 in Sydney shopping centres,” he said.

At current exchange rate AUD10=RM31.60. KL is still cheaper.RM6.50 in Kota Kinabalu

I would not even want to broach the talk why Gucci, Christine Dior, Prada, Chopard, Piaget and all the haute couture for the haute-bourgeoisies and the highbrows are more expensive in KL.If you want to know ask Farah Khan.The business has made her a very rich lady.

Sabahans with money used those branded products some 40 years ago shopping in Singapore and Hong Kong before you KLites even got a sniff of it.They still do and get better deals.That's why you never get those haute couture shops in Sabah.They would close shop because Sabahans won't buy them.

Exactly, that's what they are, for the moneyed and the highbrows, not for people with shallow pockets who should stay away from those names.Try F.O.S. I shop a lot at F.O.S and never felt ashamed of it.

Why blame the government if you decide to live beyond your means.Why should you be buying branded goods if you can't afford it?

Why don't you just stick to shopping at Sungei Wang Plaza and Giant supermarkets where you can stretch your ringgit a long way and live happy ever after.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Is Malaysia's Consociationalism Under Threat ?

Hantu Laut

The results of the Sarawak state elections showed an emerging trend of racial and religious polarisation in the country.

The concerted effort of tenacious political forces on both sides of the political divide. Racial and religious acrimonious rows have been played out openly.This ethno-religious conflicts will have lethal consequence if allowed to continue.

Since after the 1969 red ink history of this nation the people have enjoyed racial and religious harmony without any interference to the beliefs and practices of each other religions.Although, Islam is the official religion freedom of worship of other religions is enshrined in the Constitution. There were mutual respects for each other religion then.

The Pak Lah's regime or Pak Lah himself should be taken to task for allowing religious bigots and political opportunists to trod on religious sensitivities and willed their ignorance on other religions.

It was the beginning of using religions as political opportunism for both sides of the playing fields.It is now water under the bridge and the damage is done.Mending the torn is now the hardened task of current Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

Of late we have seen trivial religious issues blown out of proportion for the sole purpose of angering the electorate of certain faith to vote against the government.In spite of the oppositions hard-nosed attempt to rile up the Christians in Sarawak they did not take the bait and bring the issue to boil as can be seen from the results of the recent state elections.

In spite of the the spiteful propaganda by the oppositions majority of Sarawkians have kept their heads squarely on their shoulders. The political skirmish has taken on a different face, if not more, just as dangerous, ethnocentrism and ethnic division of the races.

It is apparent that the Chinese have decided to move on as one unified body to chart their own political destiny under one political umbrella.The impetus to consolidate under one umbrella and create a political force to be reckoned with has been shimmering since the 12th General Elections and re-enforced at the recent Sarawak elections. The chosen vehicle has steadfastly held its ground and gaining more ground as the nation moves toward its 13th General Elections which could be called anytime now.

Malaysia's more than half a century consociationalism is under threat and the exponents would enforce their beliefs that allegiance to one race instead of the wider society is the recipe to political power.These are the very same people who thrashed Najib's 1 Malaysia and ridicule his attempt to unite Malaysians.The thought of Najib succeeding bothers them.The Sarawakians have given their blessings to Najib.

DAP is growing from strength to strength while PKR supposedly the leader of the pack is still in latent state.Its performance at the Sarawak elections, if anything, is an embarrassment and yet the party leaders seemed to rejoice over its pathetic windfall.It won less than 10% of the total seats contested.Another coalition partner PAS was completely decimated.Both are Malay based parties. The Malay support is dwindling day by day particularly for PKR.PAS may be relegated back to Kelantan.

The KDM leaders in Sabah would have by now learn from the Sarawak experience and knew which side of the field there should be come the general elections.Multi-racialism will be dead and gone from this country by the time the 13th GE is over.

Possible scenario, the 13th General Elections may see DAP sweeping almost all Chinese seats and massive Malay supports shifting to supporting Najib's leadership under UMNO to counter the Chinese new political force.The Chinese may end up with no representation in the government as the Malays votes with Sabah and Sarawak in the bags would be enough for the new BN to form the government, or.....

....the Chinese community wise up and divide its votes between DAP and BN and allow significant opposition in Parliment and yet be represented and play a role in governing the nation.

While the Chinese have consolidated their position the Malays are still thinking they are living in the land of Utopia.

The Indians, an important minority, would by then have returned to the BN' fold

The 13th General Elections could be the most exciting or the most depressing depending on which side of the field you are from.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tipu !

Hantu Laut

My darts on the results of the Sarawak state elections was closed to the bull's-eye.My earlier prediction of Taib winning his seat and the BN retaining its two-thirds majority was not far-fetched either.

I expect SNAP to pick up 1 or 2 seats. Obviously, the party have lost all credibility with the electorate.Almost all its candidates have lost their deposits.

I gave DAP 8 to 10 seats but they did better than that, capturing 12 seats comfortably.The large crowds at its rally did translate into votes and is the only party among the coalition partners that have made significant inroads into Sarawak politics.

PAS, who do not know between East and West, got their heads in the mincer..... zero as predicted.

Worst of the lot was PKR.Greedy and zealously over estimated its own strength. Even with Anwar confidently saying that Pakatan led by PKR can pull it off and take over the state government, as in his usual body of lies, could only garner 3 seats and that's with the help of DAP. His party performance was shamefully dismal, winning only 3 seats out of 49 or so seats contested.

Taib has proven the doomsayers wrong.He may be the most corrupted chief minister but he has managed to wag the dog on the corruption issue and got himself re-elected with resounding majority.

Obviously, Anwar and Pakatan's dirty war against Taib failed miserably.

Now, the accusations of 'tipu' would commence shortly by Anwar and his gang with claims of vote rigging, votes buying and litany of other election misdemeanors by BN.But let us ask how could DAP have won so many seats if there were cheatings by the ruling coalition?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

How Sarawakians Going To Vote Today

Hantu Laut

Can the BN retain its two-thirds majority or lose the government? It's a million dollar question with a simple answer.

Major swing to the opposition is expected in Chinese dominated areas.

Last night at a function a Chinese friend asked why are the Sarawakian Chinese against Taib
Mahmud which he says he could not understand because Taib has favoured the Chinese all along giving them huge tracts of timberland and state projects and yet they wanted him out.I am afraid only the Chinese in Sarawak can answer his question.

The beneficiaries of Taib's largess could just be a small circle of Chinese towkeys, the larger Chinese population do not see the benefits going to the whole community. There certainly are economic spin-offs that filtered down to other Chinese- owned businesses but the Chinese chose to ignore it.

Taib's spoiled image are confined mainly in urban areas or wherever there are good Internet connectivity.The massive campaign against Taib were mostly Internet based.His image in rural areas have not been seriously shattered. In the rural areas the main source of news are still from government controlled TV networks.

There are about 15 Chinese dominated seats up for grab.As there is no certainty that Pakatan can capture the state to form the government the Chinese are not likely to hand over all 15 seats to DAP, there will be some areas left for the BN.

The likely scenario is that DAP may be able to pick up 8 to 10 seats.PKR and PAS, on the other hand, may have serious problem convincing Sarawakians to let them have a big say in state politics.

Sarawakians are still suspicious of giving full mandate to Peninsula based political parties.If they allow Pakatan to win and take over the state government they would be making the same mistake as Sabah.The state administration would practically be controlled from Kuala Lumpur and the chief minister would become a puppet on a string.

PKR may get some seats but not significant enough to put a dent in the BN's fortress.SNAP may take a few, but still not significant to combine with Pakatan to form a viable coalition.PAS will get nothing at all in view of its Islamic stanch.

Taib Mahmud has it all worked out that Sarawakians will only allow some oppositions but will not sell out the state wholesale to any Peninsula based party, be it Pakatan or UMNO.

Friday, April 15, 2011

In The Land Of The Blind The One-Eyed Man Is King

Hantu Laut

I can't believe this kind of spinning can come from a purportedly intelligence man like Haris Ibrahim

He said the two-part interview aired during prime time on Wednesday and yesterday was heavily edited and distorted in favour of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, to give him a “squeaky clean” image to the people in rural Sarawak, who have only access to mainstream media, ahead of the state vote.

Did Ibrahim read what Raja Petra wrote in his blog and what he said on TV, where were the great divide, the variance between the two, or he just watch the TV and spun a story that the tape was hyped by the UMNO controlled network.

If you want to spin a yarn just make sure you first learn to do it properly.

Give Najib A Chance

Hantu Laut

“No religious community should be subjected or forced to conform to the religious rules of another religion. Religious freedom is the very essence of justice and fair play, and forms the very foundation of any great democratic nation,” said the MCCBCHST (Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism)

A message to the government amply given at the right time.

Najib, maybe, our only hope for religious freedom in this country.Going by his past actions he has the will to follow through what he promised.I believe the people should give him a stronger mandate to enable him to deal with the extremists within his fold.There are elements in his own party that pushes their own religious philosophies without any consideration for other religions.They either needed to be tamed or booted out.

If Malaysians think Pakatan Rakyat would be a better alternative for religious freedom than the are very wrong.There are two elements in that coalition of convenience that I don't trust, Anwar Ibrahim and PAS.

Anwar has the versatility of a chameleon that can change colours to suit his surrounding.PAS, has openly declared that they would want an Islamic state and hudud law implemented if they get Putrajaya.When it come to the crunch of keeping the premiership Anwar would side with PAS.The secular DAP would be left high and dry if PAS and PKR have clear majority to keep the government.

I hope the people of Sarawak would vote wisely and not vote with their feet.

Beware of "wolves in sheep clothing" and do not throw the "baby out with the bathwater"because of one man

Give Najib a chance to prove himself.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pakatan's Saturday Night Fever

Hantu Laut

The beast rares its ugly head at every elections........phantom votes, tempered electoral rolls, votes buying, cheating, intimidation and last but not least an Election Commission subservient to the ruling party......accusations hurled at the government by Pakatan Rakyat at every elections.

I can't understand how Malaysians got suckered into believing that these accusations were all true.Pakatan feeds on lies and delusions.They eat lies for breakfast, lunch and dinner and than they shit lies all over the country.

If they were true how in hell the opposition managed to wrestled 5 states and denied the BN of two-thirds majority in the 12th General Elections.

Read this.

Will Pakatan get the 'Saturday Night Fever' this Saturday.

With the exception of DAP who may capture significant number of seats, the rest of the gang may need to be hospitalised.

Sarawakians are no hillbillies as Pakatan made them out to be.There won't be any tsunami either.Sarawakians can think for themselves. The East Malaysians know when is the right time to change the government.

Raja Petra Dropped The Bomb!

Hantu Laut

Most unexpected.Raja Petra has finally come out with the truth and the people behind his statutory declaration.A bombshell, a real shocker....the people behind the conspiracy to stop Najib from becoming prime minister. Anwar involvement can be expected but Tengku Razaleigh??

I know John Pang was a close aide to Tengku Razaleigh because he has corresponded with me when I wrote an article on Tengku Razaleigh when he was vying to stand as president of UMNO but did not get enough nominations.If I am not mistaken Razaleigh only managed one nomination from his own division of Kubang Pasu.

The world of politics is intriguing and full of surprises and as they say in politics you don't have permanent enemies and friends.A foe today can be your friend tomorrow.

Read Raja Petra's explosive expos'e here and here

Here, what I wrote about heresay statutory declaration.

This and the yet to be disclosed video tape could be the ultimate scupper....... the sinking of Anwar Ibrahim and the Pakatan's ark.

Just watch what Anwar and Pakatan's reaction would be like, their typical antics of denial and accusation would be spontaneous.................the headline would read "Raja Petra Bought By Najib" or "Raja Petra A Blatant Liar" or something to that extant......and the whole Pakatan's world would explode in spontaneous combustion in condemnation of the man they used to love.

Also read:

Anwar Ibrahim’s Double Game: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Chosen Man Stumps Among the Christians

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Najib Can Deal With Taib After The Elections

Hantu Laut

Taib Mahmud is suffering from delusion of grandeur.Sarawakians should not fear that Taib would still be running the state after the elections.

There is a recipe for this 75-year old recalcitrant and I believe Prime Minister Najib should not hesitate to give it to him. I hope he would do so for the sake of the people of Sarawak.

Taib refusal to step down had caused much anguish and uncertainty to the people of Sarawak.He must have heard the widespread voices of dissent against his continuing leadership but he chose to ignore it.

Whether the call for his exit is as widespread as the oppositions made it out to be is hard to tell.Putting that aside, even if BN win comfortably he still should go.

Without any doubt he and his family had treated Sarawak as their personal fiefdom and taken indiscretion to the bounties of the state with impunity.He has shown total disregard to the Prime Minister by ignoring the appeal for him to step down.He was given a way out but refused because of his arrogance and probable family pressure to stay on so as to protect the business empire that is so vast it begets the question on the integrity of its acquisition.

This is the man who also "bit the hand that fed him" and fought against his uncle and benefactor Abdul Rahman Yakub who raised him since he was a boy.

He sailed through and survived the "Ming Court Affair" but he may not survive this one if BN failed to secure the two-thirds majority and if he lost significant number of votes in his own constituency.

The Prime Minister, who would not say it now, can deal with Taib after the elections.He may have no choice but to step down or face the music, or both.

Can BN keep Sarawak? - Next

Geobbels And The NCR Land Grab Bullshit

Hantu Laut

As they say lies repeated many times can become the truths.

More so with the simpletons and those with less power of reasoning.

The oppositions are toiling hard to capture the hearts and minds of the simple kampong folks with charge of corruptions in the establishment, which is fine because those are facts that we can't denied, but they have also embarked on a more dangerous journey, fanning the religious flame in mainly Christians Sarawak that the Federal government is anti Christians and extolling rising Christians antipathy on the Malay Bible controversy.

The oppositions is in desperate mode and is resorting to Goebbels type propaganda.

One of Geobbles propaganda principles is that
"a propaganda theme must be repeated often, but not beyond some point of diminishing effectiveness and propaganda to the home front must create an optimum anxiety level and it must reinforce anxiety concerning the consequences of defeat"

The oppositions had warned the people in Sarawak that should they be defeated Sarawakians would lose more NCR lands and would live worse than pigs if they continue to support the BN as this article written by one Stephanie Sta Maria portrayed the hovels of the Iban's people are worse than pig sties.This is journalism at its worse.Unrefined and dangerous. It is a disturbing hate propaganda with dangerous racial and religious overtones.

Geobbels helped Hitler into power by exploiting mob emotions that eventually led to the Holocaust. The same dirty tactic employed by Pakatan in Sarawak raising the level of anxiety among the local population already inflamed by the constant barrage of propaganda of the controversial NCR land grab bullshit and the Malay Bible issue.

Though, I don't agree with the government on the Bible issue, the opposition politicising the issue is dangerous.The issue should be left to the church and relevant government authority to work out without allowing politicians to add fuel to the fire. I am for the ISA. I would rather throw 10 troublemakers in jail than allow the whole nation to go up in flame.

I am not a fan of the Western brand of democracy.They have no business to tell us how to run our country.The political landscape, people, culture are different from theirs.Democracy is not cut and dried, it can be modified to suit the imperatives.

The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly - it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over" another Geobbels propaganda technique.

Obviously, Sarawakians lack the power of judgement so much so they have to depend on a bored housewife and a self-proclaimed protagonist of Free Sarawak living 7000 miles across the globe to tell them they have lost everything in their own country, a nutter who prefers to see the natives in loincloths and living on tree-tops and view them as tourism products of the 21st Century.

What is her stake in Sarawak that makes her so concern about things she has absolutely no clue about other than listening to a few disgruntled natives.Did she visit Sarawak frequently to get first hand knowledge of the actual situation, or is she another Bruno Manser wannabe with a remote control in her hand?

That's exactly what that venomous serpent called Clare Brown wanted of the Dayaks, Ibans and the Penans of Sarawak to be, kept in the jungle as tourist attractions, claim all of Sarawak as NCR lands so no development can come to Sarawak to displace them from the jungle and people like Clare Brown and her ilk could come to Sarawak and view the Ibans, Dayaks and Penans as exotica of the forests.

The whole of Sarawak should be NCR lands if Clare Brown had her ways.There should not be any logging and timber processing industries, there should not be any lands given out for oil palm, agricultural and other industrial purposes, there should not be any land given to other Sarawakians other than the hunter-gatherers tribes and there should not be any economic development on the land whatsoever.The people of Sarawak can live and hunt on their ancestral lands and survive on the kindness of the jungle.

The same with the Indians of the deep Amazonian jungles, the Papuans and the Bushman of the Kalahari, the Westerners much preferred these tribes to continue living in the stone age so they can come and see them and go home and tell their friends of the existence of such lost tribes and ancient cultures and more and more of them would come to see these strange creatures of the jungles and deserts.

Unfortunately, some Malaysian, including some very educated ones, think these are the people who care for them and are taken in by the wilful propaganda of mostly vested interests.

Why did I say the majority of NCR land claims are bullshit.

In Sabah, I know there have been many dubious claims of NCR lands. I am speaking from my experience as an ex logger, a businessman and a concerned citizen. The NCR lands controversy were created by greedy politicians.

During Berjaya's rule in Sabah former Chief Minister Harris Salleh had a kind of land reform for the landless.He gave 15 acres each on a communal application of several thousand villagers at one time.At that time I was doing logging in the Sugut/Paitan area and I saw an approval for 2000 acres approved for 15 acres each individual and given to the kampong people in the vicinity where I operated.Many such land approval were given out under the Berjaya government to help the rural folks own lands.Many have been sold for quick gain.

Harris, during his time also set up many projects for the benefits of the rural folks.There were Safoda, Kojasa, Ko-Nelayan and many other agencies to provide employment and economic help to the rural people.All these agencies eventually fell to the ground when the government changed hands.

When people are lazy there is nothing much you can do.Just travel around the state and see how much of kampong land lay wasted, uncultivated and overtaken by weeds and these are the very same people who complained they have no land.When they applied for land even before the titles are issued they have already sold the L.A and collected a small deposit from the purchaser, who are mostly Chinese with native certificates.

Where are those so called NCR lands that Harris gave to them natives? Do they still belong to the kampong people? Unfortunately,
no! They are now oil palm plantations owned by West Malaysian companies.Can you blame Harris for this or blame the lazy natives?

These are native titles that bore no premium, which means the government did not collect any revenue. The land is in perpetuity, other than the very minimal annual payment of land cess, there is no other payment collected by the government. Lost of revenue to the state is enormous.

These type of lands are not meant for wide scale agricultural development by individual or companies, they are meant for individual native ownership only.

The government only give away land to corporations on lease basis and on payment of land premium.Leases are normally for 99 years.In Sabah, the government has stopped giving away 999 lease, which is considered freehold land.

Native Titles(NT) which is considered freehold is now much preferred by small plantation companies which can legally lease it for maximum of 30 years.They don't have to pay premium which can run to million of ringgits if the land were given directly to them depending on the size of the area. The other loophole is to sell NT lands to non-natives using native proxies.

Most disputes and protest are not really the villagers themselves, it is usually the "yang berhormat" from the area who wanted the land for himself so he could sell it for quick gain.He uses the kampong people to rattle the state government.

This happened all over Sabah and worst under PBS when huge tracts of land were given to politicians and their cronies which eventually end up as oil palm plantations mostly owned by West Malaysian companies.Today the same politicians who have had their hands in this web of deceit are pretending to champion the NCR lands disputes.

I can't speak for Sarawak, but my guess, it's probably in the same sorry state.

In a recent case in Sabah, sadly, the High Court awarded customary rights to a group of NCR claimants who, strangely enough, came to court fully dressed in their traditional garbs probably to impress the judge that they are natives and hunter-gatherers.

If you are Sabahans you know very well no natives of Sabah use their native costumes as an every day attire.They rarely do and only use it on special occasions during celebration of Harvest Festivals,tamu besar, tourism attractions or if there were religious rituals.

On the East Coast of Sabah those claiming customary rights seemed more at home in Sulawesi rather than the jungles of Borneo.

I am not saying that the judge decision is wrong but it certainly will have a bearing on future land matters.The precedence may open a can of worms and make it difficult for the state government to develop the state when land came under dispute.Any land given out for development could be challenged as NCR lands and would stifle economic development in the state.

It must also be a fact that,
if the state so decide, NCR lands are not alienable to individual native even if he has live on the land for many generations.He can continue to live and till the land without registered title of ownership which is what customary right is all about.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ladies Beware! You Can Get Hooked To Pornography

Why more and more women are using pornography

It was an ordinary weekday morning when Caroline first noticed how much pornography was taking over her life. With 15 minutes to go before she was due to leave for a job interview, she opened up her laptop to print off an extra copy of her CV and there, onscreen, was a grab she'd saved from

"I remember the feeling of being sucked in, really wanting that two-minute fix, that numbness I got when I used porn," says Caroline. "I was stressed out, and I risked being late for my interview, but I pressed play anyway and fast-forwarded it to the bit I wanted. It took two minutes." But the relief was to be short-lived. "Afterwards I just hated myself for giving in and getting off on images that treated women like pieces of meat. But I kept going back."

Although there is much debate about whether "porn addiction" even exists, Caroline, a 21-year-old English graduate, has just finished seeing a sex addiction therapist to help get her porn habit under control. Having started watching porn out of curiosity when it became available over the internet in her mid-teens, she and her mates used it as a graphic form of sex education. She saw nothing wrong with it, particularly as she was raised in a generation of girls for whom it was seen as hip and liberated to enjoy watching sex.

Then, as she entered a depressed job market after university, it became a form of escape, a default she turned to whenever she felt anxious or bored. "I'd be stuck at home in front of my laptop on my own all day. I'd wake up with all these ideas for the day – and end up surfing for porn, trying to distract myself, eating and then going back for more porn. No one would ever have known. But I didn't get much done. It was like a constant battle between my sexual urges and my self-control. I'd think to myself: 'It's not doing any harm.' But then I started to loathe myself for giving in and wasting so much time on it."

Caroline is not alone. While it's accepted that women are watching – and enjoying – porn more and more, it's less recognised that some are also finding it hard to stop. At Quit Porn Addiction, the UK's main porn counselling service, almost one in three clients are women struggling with their own porn use, says founder and counsellor Jason Dean. Two years ago, there were none.While more than six out of 10 women say they view web porn, one study in 2006 by the Internet Filter Review found that 17% of women describe themselves as "addicted".

Read more

Have always fascinated me.Leonard Cohen is a poetic singer, his incantations so alluring and powerful.

Monday, April 11, 2011

PKR In A Fix, SNAP On The Rise.

Hantu Laut

First, it was the President of PKR Wan Azizah calling for Dominique Ng, who felt betrayed by Anwar and her, to withdraw from contesting the elections as an independent.Then, came PKR Sarawak chief Baru Bian demanding Dominique to withdraw from the polls.Than, Anwar came with his superfluous and self-aggrandisement analysis that SNAP has no support whatsoever but are just a nuisance and spoiler saying the fight is between PKR and BN.He said he has visited many parts of Sarawak including the interiors and the Dayak votes were leaning either toward Pakatan Rakyat or the BN, and not SNAP.

Than why the choruses for SNAP to withdraw if they are a non entity in Sarawak politics and were no threat to Pakatan Rakyat?

It is typical of Anwar who couldn't give two hoots about royalty of party members because he himself had proven incapable of giving loyalty. It's the sycophants and ball carriers that get the better treatment.

Nine unhappy PKR members are standing as independents.Almost a quarter of the 41 independents are PKR turncoats.

Soo Lina, one of the independents said "I am tired of the party politicking.I have decided that my political master is the rakyat and I will not be loyal to party leaders.These people have their own agenda, it is not good for low level members and the rakyat"

The truth of the matter is PKR is not making any headway in Sarawak.That's why they are so worried about SNAP.

The Dayaks see Pakatan as aliens with sugar coated tongues coming with promises of gifts if Sarawak is given to them to govern.All three came with three different objectives.PKR, has only one objective, to make Anwar Ibrahim the prime minister of Malaysia, PAS to pass hudud law and turn Malaysia into a truly Islamic state and DAP torn between the devil and the deep blue sea, wanted a secular state and the NEP withdrawn.

Didn't that sound more like political misfits. Sarawakians should ask them what do they have in common?

They have accused Taib of stealing the state resources which we shall not doubt. It's about time Taib bow out and hand over the helm to younger leader preferably someone who had the people's confidence.

Can they guarantee that they would not steal the state resources if and when they form the government?

Don't be so sure that these angels of high morals are what they claimed to be.

Also read:
SNAP's Response To Baru Bian And Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar Loses His Cool, Insulted A Female Reporter

KUCHING, April 10 — Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim blew up at a reporter here when queried today about the sex video said to feature him and refused to reveal the whereabouts of the Omega watch seen in the recording.

The opposition leader became defensive the moment the video was mentioned during a press conference here this afternoon.

He had earlier appeared in good spirits when fielding questions on the Sarawak state election, chronicling to reporters his experience with the local folk here during his visits to a number of constituencies.

The reporter, a broadcast journalist from Kuala Lumpur, then cut in to ask the former deputy prime minister why he was yet to produce the Omega watch, which could prove his innocence in the fiasco.

“What has this got to do with the Omega watch? What has been established here?” he said angrily to the female reporter.

When she did not respond to his query but continued to question Anwar on his watch, the Permatang Pauh MP appeared to lose his cool and cut in again, saying, “Answer my question. What has been established?”

He then challenged the reporter, asking her if she had ever been brave enough to ask Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak about the latter’s purported involvement in the murder of Mongolian model Altantuya Shaaribuu.

“Have you ever been brave enough to ask? Meaning, the media has to be honest and should not be hypocrites.

“It shows consistence here that they have become the tools of those who are cruel and spread slander,” he said.

In between his tirade, the reporter pressed on with her question, triggering the enraged-looking Anwar to shoot back, “I know your question is just to help Utusan Malaysia print tomorrow that Anwar failed to answer [the question]. If you truly want to find out the truth ... have you finished your question? No? Ok, ask.”

At this point, another journalist attempted to cut in with a question on the polls but Anwar waved him aside and told the media that he wanted the female broadcast journalist to finish her query.

“Let her finish. I want to show you how Umno operates,” he said.

The reporter then insisted that she was merely doing her job as a member of the media.

She then repeated her question and asked the opposition why the Omega watch, which Anwar’s wife Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail had recently claimed was in her possession, was yet to be surrendered to the police.

This fired up Anwar further and he thundered, “When did the police ask for it?”.

The opposition leader was in good spirits at the start of the press conference. — Pic by Choo Choy May
He repeated the same question at least four times before saying that the police had never requested for the watch.

The female reporter attempted again to cut in but wagging his finger at her, Anwar said, “You, please. You asked a question, I answer.”

The Datuk T trio behind the recent exposure of the 21-minute sex video, allegedly featuring Anwar and a foreign prostitute, had claimed that the Pakatan Rakyat de facto leader had left his watch behind in the hotel room during the time of the recording.

They said that the watch later came into their possession and surrendered it to the police recently, along with the video to aid investigations.

Anwar also said that there was no need for him to surrender his watch to the police since they had not made such a request as yet.

The central issue in the controversy, he pointed out, was the authenticity of the video.

The argument was cut short when a local Sarawak reporter came to Anwar’s defence and told the room full of reporters to confine their questions to the state elections.

At his request, applause was sounded all around.

“Yes, thank you very much. This is what the people of Sarawak want. This is a classic message.

“But some people are just interested in pornography, some people like sex and pornography. You can enjoy it but do not drag me into it.

“If you are interested in blue films, you go and participate or watch,” said Anwar. Read more

(Obviously, his statement was directed at the lady reporter to watch or participate in pornography)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Prostitution In Itself Is Not Criminal,Wonder Who Is the Loyar Buruk?

Hantu Laut

I have been dealing with lawyers since the day I first entered the business world and till to day I still engage their services whenever I need legal opinion.

Malaysia has its fair share of half-past-six lawyers.Those that go to law school and study the law books by heart to pass their examinations and than when they go into practice all of what they studied evanescent into thin air.That's why you have lawyers doing shady deals and some absconded with client's money.The pariahs of the flock.So, not all lawyers are smart.Some, are just too smart for their own good.

Anyone with average intelligence can be a lawyer, unlike other academics like nuclear physics, rocket science or even engineering and medicine which require above average students to surpass the level of difficulty of the subject.

The number of lawyers coming to the market every year is staggering.Malaysia is short of many other professions but will never be short of lawyers.They are a dime a dozen.

What I find most amusing is the splitting of hairs by the Bar Council President Lim Chee Wee who says “Prostitution in itself is not a criminal offence,” but acknowledged there were certain provisions in the law to prosecute those who offer sex in exchange for money.He was against the idea of Nazri calling for RCI (royal commission of inquiry) on the Anwar's purported sex tape.

Before the Bar Council President goes any further I would suggest he polish his English first before he try to bluff the people that he is a better lawyer than most lawyers in this country.

What is the definition of a prostitute according to the English language.......... a person, typically a woman, who engages in sexual activity for payment.

Our learned person may be confused between a prostitute and a whore.They are world apart.A whore is not a prostitute.

Whoring oneself is not criminal.A whore is a promiscuous woman and being promiscuous is not a criminal act but prostitution in Malaysia according to the law is criminal as it involved exchange of money for sexual favours. Would you be called a prostitute if you don't practise the profession?

If a prostitute decides to give you a free fuck than it may not be criminal but if you are caught in the act and she is a known prostitute you may have a hard time to prove that you got it for free.Both of you can be charged.So, prostitution in itself is criminal, at least in this country.

In UK, prostitution is legal but there certain rules to be observed.... no soliciting in public place, no kerb crawling, no brothel and no pimping.So, how do man find a prostitute? If you have been to London and ever used any of the public telephone booths you would have noticed all those name cards stuck on the walls and of course some do advertise in newspaper and magazines. Most European countries have legalised prostitution.

Surprisingly, prostitution is illegal in the world's biggest fleshpot.In Thailand prostitution is illegal but tolerated and partly regulated.It is practised openly.Thailand has an estimated 2 million sex workers and is the most popular sex tourism destination.

That's the trouble when a lawyer started mixing the law with politics and smells strongly of a political agenda.Read what he says here.

Anyway, who gives the fuck about the letter of the law.We want to know whether it is Anwar in the tape, plain and simple, RCI can clear his name.Why is he so worried even asking for an RCI on the Altantuya case and scores of other irrelevant to be done first.

I agree, Nazri calling for RCI is premature.Putting the cart before the horse. We should allow the police to complete its investigation first before calling for RCI which much depend on the general perception of the public. If the public is happy with the result of the police investigation than
RCI is unnecessary.

Wonder who is the loyar buruk here.

A little entertainment from Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Sarawak Watch: Salleh The Giant Killer ?

Hantu Laut

A Dayak and his Manok Sabong.Guess how he is going to vote?

I know Salleh Jafaruddin briefly when he was Deputy Federal Minister of Education in the early eighties and had the privilege of being invited, several times, to his house in Kuala Lumpur, a huge luxury mansion atop Kenny Hills where the wealthy resided those days.Now, Kuala Lumpur has more posh addresses.

An affable man with charming personality he was Sarawak's rising star then and led an opulent and sybaritic lifestyle. With Sarawak's political reward system money was no object as long as one toe the line.However, Salleh's political fortune was destined to take a wrong turn.

In 1983, the Governor Abdul Rahman Yakub's open animosity with his nephew, Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud led him to attack Taib in a speech he delivered at the opening ceremony of Bintulu port over claims of Taib sidelining the interests of bumiputras.

The bitter dispute with Taib over allocation of timber rights eventually led Rahman to form a new party called Permas to challenge Taib at the polls.Much in a hurry as the polls was still a distance away Rahman organised a slapdash power takeover.

In March 1987, out of the blue that surprised many, 27 of the 48 state assemblymen directed their support to Rahman and called on Taib to resign as chief minister. Overly ambitious and underestimating the might of Taib was the flamboyant Salleh Jafaruddin who joined the hare-brained coup orchestrated by Rahman to topple Taib.The gathering was at Ming Court, Kuala Lumpur in March 1987 and was known as "The Ming Court Affair"

Abdul Rahman and some Malay leaders in PBB were unhappy with Taib neglecting the interests of bumiputras or rather neglecting his demands for more forest concessions for himself and his cronies....he claimed the Bidayuhs, Iban, Melanaus and Malays were sidelined in favour of the Chinese. Huge tracts of land, forest concessions and projects were given to SUPP and the Chinese.SUPP was the darling of Taib's regime then and I guess still is.

SUPP political fortunes may change on April 16 2011 that may see the political demise of many of its representatives.DAP stands to profit from SUPP's decline and may take significant urban seats.Taib's courtship with those Chinese towkays made wealthy by him have not endeared him to the Chinese community.Unlike the bumiputras, majority of Chinese are not dependent on political handouts.

The coup failed and Taib prevailed. Salleh and all those involved were chastised by Taib who quickly closed the taps on them, drying out Salleh and the other conspirators of finances.The debacle broke Salleh's pocket that sent him off to political wilderness.

In retaliation, Taib also cancelled 30 timber licences held by his defectors and Rahman's clients, one of which was an area sold by Rahman to Sabah businessman Majid Khan who paid for the concession and was left in the lurch with the vanquish of the once powerful Rahman.As they say the rest is history.

Can Salleh dethrone Taib? Would he be the giant killer?

There is talk of PKR wanting to pull out their candidate to allow for a straight fight between Taib and Salleh, a tussle between two cousins.

Taib has a huge war chest and the government machinery at his disposal which in Malaysian politics gave him the edge over his opponent.

Salleh's impecuniousness and past reputation would make it an uphill battle for him to unseat Taib.

Malaysia is no Tunisia or Egypt, there would not be any people's power.More often than not, it is money power that would buy you a place into the august house.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Hantu Laut

Sorry ladies! Ibrahim Ali never munched his words. Just stand by your man the next time he came home with an overcharged libido.

Forget about the cooking, the washing or looking after the kids attend to his needs first......the sex machine !

"In Islam, wives are supposed to stop everything to fulfill their husband's demands."

Gee! How come my grandfather missed telling me this one when he taught me religion when I was young.

MP: M'sian men have affairs as wives 'neglect' duty

Malaysian men have extramarital sex because of 'wives who neglect their responsibilities' to their husbands, a Malaysian lawmaker told Parliament on Thursday, reports AFP.

"Husbands driving home after work see things that are sexually arousing and go to their wives to ease their urges," said independent lawmaker Ibrahim Ali, as quoted by online portal Malaysiakini.

"But when they come home to their wives, they will say, 'wait, I'm cooking,' or 'wait, I'm getting ready to visit relatives'," Ali said.

"In Islam, wives are supposed to stop everything to fulfill their husband's demands."

Ali heads Perkasa, a right-wing Malay nationalist group seeking to protect ethnic Malay dominance in politics.

His strident comments came as he asked about plans by the government's religious development department to educate wives on their responsibilities.

Wives failing in their duties pushed men to go to "private places to satisfy their urges", he said.

Source: The Straits Times/ANN



THE MISOGYNIST (Man who hates women) ?




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Sarawakians:"Don't Throw The Baby Out With The Bath Water"

Hantu Laut

The battle for Sarawak starts today.At the close of nomination on 6th April there were 213 candidates vying for 71 state constituencies. The ruling party, as tradition would dictate, fielded candidates in all 71 state seats.

The West Malaysian oppositions coalition Pakatan Rakyat are contesting in 68 seats led by overly ambitious PKR with 48 seats, DAP 15 and PAS 5.The pact with SNAP broke down and the party going its own way.

Local opposition SNAP seemed more practical than PKR contesting in only 27 seats and is expected to do better than PKR. DAP is expected to capture some Chinese seats and PAS would be completely out in the cold.Many seats involved three-cornered or more tussle with independence candidates joining in the fray.

Sarawakians should learn from the Sabah mistakes..... "don't throw the baby out with the bathwater" and live to regret it for the rest of their lives.At the moment the state are still master of its own destiny and still preserved certain autonomy while Sabah has given up most of them through every succeeding governments weaken by the politics of federalism.

Sarawak is still ruled under a state coalition which is now under threat of breaking up the same way as Sabah had gone over two decades ago when the state fell to the anti-federal opposition PBS and the back-stabbing of the BN that led to the entry of UMNO into Sabah.With the loss of autonomy prescribed under the Malaysian Agreement which has 20 points for Sabah and 18 points for Sarawak the state has lost its bargaining power and is reduced to almost the same status as other states in Peninsula Malaysia which should not have been the case as Sabah and Sarawak are equal partners with the Federation of Malaya in the creation of the new nation. Sabah and Sarawak should be autonomous regions of the Federation.

Below is the 20-point Malaysian Agreement for Sabah.

Point 1: Religion
While there was no objection to Islam being the national religion of Malaysia, there should be no State religion in North Borneo, and the provisions relating to Islam in the present Constitution of Malaya should not apply in North Borneo.

Point 2: Language
(a) Malay should be the national language of the Federation.
(b) English should continue to be used for a period of ten years after Malaysia Day.
(c) English should be the official language of North Borneo for all purposes, State or Federal without limitation of time.

Point 3: Constitution
Whilst accepting that the present Constitution of the Federation of Malaya should form the basis of the Constitution of Malaysia, the Constitution of Malaysia should be a completely new document drafted and agreed in the light of free association of States and should not be a series of amendments to a constitution drafted and agreed by different States in totally different circumstances. A new Constitution for North Borneo was, of course, essential.

Point 4: Head of the Federation
The Head of State in North Borneo should not be eligible for election as Head of the Federation.

Point 5: Name of the Federation
“Malaysia” but not “Melayu Raya”

Point 6: Immigration
Control over immigration into any part of Malaysia from outside should rest with the Federation Government but entry into North Borneo should also require approval of the State Government. The Federal Government should not be able to veto the entry of persons into North Borneo for State Government purposes except on strictly security grounds. North Borneo should have unfettered control over the movement of reasons, other than those in Federal Government employ, from other parts of Malaysia into North Borneo.

Point 7: Right of Secession
There should be no right to secede from the Federation.

Point 8: Borneanisation
Borneanisation of the public services should proceed as quickly as possible.

Point 9: British Officers
Every effort should be made to encourage British Officers to remain in the public services until their places can be taken by suitably qualified people from North Borneo.

Point 10: Citizenship
The recommendations in paragraph 148 (K) of the Report of the Cobbold commission should govern the citizenship rights of persons in the Federation of North Borneo subject to the following amendments.

(a) Subparagraph (1) should not contain the provision as to fie years residence.

(b) In order to tie up with our law, subparagraph (1a) should read ‘seven out of ten years’ instead of ‘eight out of twelve years’.

(c) Subparagraph (III) should not contain any restriction tied to the citizenship of parents – a person born in North Borneo after Malaysia must be a Federal citizen.

Point 11: Tariff and Finance
North Borneo should have control of its own finance, development funds and tariffs.

Point 12: Special Position of Indigenous Races
In principle, the indigenous races of North Borneo should enjoy special rights analogous to those enjoyed by Malays in Malaya, but the present Malaya formula is this regard is not necessarily applicable in North Borneo.

Point 13: State Government
(a) The Chief Minister should be elected by unofficial members of Legislative Council.
(b) There should be a proper Ministerial system in North Borneo.

Point 14: Transitional Period
This should be seven years and during such period legislative powers must be left with the State of North Borneo by the Constitution and not merely delegated to the State Government by the Federal Government.

Point 15: Education
The existing educational system of North Borneo should be maintained and for this reason it should be under State control.

Point 16: Constitutional Safeguards
No amendment, modification or withdrawal of any special safeguards granted to North Borneo should be made by the Central Government without the positive concurrence of the Government of the State of North Borneo. The power of amending the Constitution of the State of North Borneo should belong exclusively to the people of the State.

Point 17: Representation in the Federal Parliament
This should take account not only of the population of North Borneo but also of its size and potentialities and in any case should not be less than that of Singapore.

Point 18: Name of Head of State
Yang Dipertua Negara

Point 19: Name of State

Point 20: Land, Forests, Local Government, etc
The provisions in the Constitution of the Federation in respect of the power of the National Land Council should not apply in North Borneo. Likewise, the National Council for the Local Government should not apply in North Borneo.

Most of the above have been eroded.

The leaders in Sabah danced to the tune of Kuala Lumpur or rather Putrajaya as UMNO is the linchpin of the state coalition while the other partners are small fragmented local communal parties which, more often than not, are fighting among themselves for ministerial positions.Even mosquito party with 2 state seats think they deserved the deputy chief minister position and ridiculed the chief minister's decision.

Sabah would need another strong man to return to the days of yore.

The leaders in Sabah are so disunited because of greed they are unable to stand together to make demands to the central government for return of state rights and for better benefits for the people of Sabah.Every leader is fighting only for his own self-preservation.

Do I blame the Federal government?

No, I don't, it's the fault of Sabahans who chose irresponsible and selfish leaders who are prepared to trade-in states interests to keep themselves in power.

The rot started soon after the fall of muscleman Mustapha Harun and completed its circle with the entry of UMNO to Sabah which, ironically, was brought in by Mustapha after the fall of Berjaya and played out by PBS to form a coalition in the 1985 state elections. He was sworn in as chief minister....helped by losers in Berjaya who refused to give up power.
Sabah had 2 chief ministers for a short while.He later dissolved USNO to make way for UMNO and all for the same reason.... greed.

Mustapha, thought with UMNO in Sabah he could make a come back.Sorry for him, it was UMNO who got rid of him in the first place for his excesses and delusion of grandeur of wanting to take Sabah out of Malaysia. The Federal government created Berjaya to topple him. As they say the rest is history.We now have to live with what we have created for ourselves

The biggest dissatisfaction and unhappiness expressed by Sarawakians are the massive corruptions by Chief Minister Taib Mahmud, his family and cronies.Billion of ringgits have been siphoned off the state to enrich the power elites.If an audit were to be done I am sure Sarawak had lost billion of ringgits in state revenues due to under invoicing of export prices and underpayment of timber royalties.This, if the MACC wants to know, if they know how to do forensic audit, would be ten times bigger than what the Custom Department had lost over the years due to corruptions.

The biggest timber operator in the world used to be American, now the biggest is a Sarawakian company, operating in almost every known rain forests of the world.The start-up was Sarawak forests given by Taib.

Sarawak, may not be alone in this shameful enterprise, the story is repeated in every state but Sarawak being far richer in its timber resources has bigger pickings which have made overstayer Taib, members of family and cronies very very rich, attributable partly to our democratic system that allows leaders unlimited stay in power.The American two-term system would have been better fitted in countries where leaders tend to put their hands in the cookie jar.

The answer to the Sarawak dilemma is to oust Taib but keep the status quo and at the same time give SNAP, the only viable local opposition a strong showing.

PKR,DAP and PAS would not be able to fulfill the grievances of Sarawakians. Other than DAP, the other two would not be making much inroad in Sarawak politics.PKR contesting 48 seats is an ill-concept and goes to show how greedy this Anwar's outfit is, bite off more than they could chew.

After all what I have said I still think Taib will be returned to power and may even retain its two-third majority.

Sarawakians should learn from the Sabah experience.Don't give up your rights, just give up Taib and his cronies.