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Will Semangat 46 Ghosts Return To Haunt Pakatan Rakyat


Remember, Tengku Razaleigh and Semangat 46?

Semangat 46 was formed by Tengku Razaleigh and Team B of UMNO, a breakaway faction to challenge the then Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad and UMNO.

Razaleigh had the support of two former prime ministers, Tungku Abdul Rahman and Hussein Onn, both had fallen out with Mahathir and threw their weights behind Razaleigh.

The birth of Semangat 46 was the result of a battle for the presidency of UMNO between Razaleigh and Mahathir.

Mahathir won by wafer thin majority but as he says "a win is a win, even if by one vote." and went on to become Malaysia's longest serving prime minister.

On 3 June 1989 Semangat 46 was officially registered as a political party to challenge UMNO.

In the 1990 General Elections an overconfident Razaleigh formed two coalitions with other opposition parties to take on BN. Gagasan Rakyat coalition was formed with DAP (Democratic Action Party) and PRM (Party Rakyat Malaysia) and Ankatan Perpaduan Ummah coalition was with PAS, BERJASA, HAMIM and newly formed Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress.

There were much talk that UMNO will face the toughest challenge ever and may lose the elections to Semangat 46 and its allies.Despite these alliances, Semangat 46 did poorly, winning only 8 out of 180 parliamentary seats.However, the alliance with PAS was more fruitful, but only in the state of Kelantan, winning all 39 state seats. PAS took 24 seats and Semangat 46 won 15 state seats.

Strained relationship between Mahathir and Sabah Chief Minister Joseph Pairin of PBS led to the party sudden withdrawal from BN at the eleventh hour. PBS ditched BN after nomination of seats have been made and joined Semangat 46 as an ally to fight the BN. Unforgivable treachery that led to the downfall of the PBS government in the next general elections brought about by departure of its top leaders, a coup engineered by UMNO led by its deputy President Anwar Ibrahim.

In the 1995 General Elections after having changed the party name to Parti Melayu Semangat 46 to challenge UMNO on Malay communal issue, Razaleigh again tried his luck by taking Semangat 46 to the polls, However, his relationship with DAP have by then soured and squabbles with PAS over power sharing in Kelantan compromised the party credibility and was the beginning of its end. Semangat 46 and all other political parties that contested the elections were almost decimated with Semangat 46 the worse performer, winning only 6 parliamentary seats. The other parties performed slightly better than Semangat 46 (DAP 9, PAS 7 and PBS 8)

However, they failed to punch a big hole in the BN fortress and Mahathir stayed the winner.

Over the next few years Semangat 46 lost its support and many of its members left the party to rejoin UMNO. In October 1996, the coffin was finally nailed. Razaleigh announced he would disband the party. He and most party members rejoined UMNO.

Was 28 March 2008 a twist of fate and stroke of good luck for the opposition Pakatan Rakyat that gave them the most unexpected windfall and a near shocking defeat of the BN?

Much of the erosion of supports for BN was due to former Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi failure to implement reforms that he promised the people before the 2004 General Elections. This new broom did not live up to the people's expectation.

After having given him a rousing victory in the 2004 General Elections, Badawi failed to spark the people's imagination and was the final straw that broke the camel's back. A wrong man for the job, a grave mistake made by Mahathir, who appointed him as his successor for selfish reason, to complete all his unfinished projects, particularly, the crooked bridge to Singapore and continue with his legacy.

Abdullah proved otherwise, he shelved most of the projects, which angered Mahathir to no end. Mahathir, being the man he is, started a vicious "remove Abdullah" campaign. Mahathir vicious and inundated attacks on Abdullah, infighting and sabotage in UMNO contributed to the poor performance in 2008.

Can Najib turn the table and give the opposition Pakatan Rakyat a run for their money?

Have the Chinese completely deserted BN, or are they keeping their cards close to their hearts and would spring a surprise come election day?

On the surface, it seemed obvious that the Chinese have completely abandoned the BN and trust the DAP and PKR would be able to control and stop PAS from pursuing its Islamic agenda. These are die hard chauvinistic DAP supporters and are concentrated mainly in urban and semi-urban areas and consider themselves Chinese first. This group will vote PR without hesitation.

There are about 30% smart Chinese voters who are fence sitters and pay no allegiance to anyone other then themselves. They would decide, without undue influence from any party, which side they'll cast their votes. They are voters suspicious of PAS tie up with DAP and PKR and suspect PAS of using the platform as their stepping stone to further their ambition to turn Malaysia into an Islamic state.  PAS recent encroachment into their lives by imposing Islamic values on non-Muslims have angered this group. Some have openly displayed their outrage and said if PAS can do it in the states presently under their control what makes you think they won't do it when they take the Federal government. These are the Malaysian first Chinese. Good chance this group likely to vote BN.

Though, small in numbers they can raise the highest decimal of noise to make their presence felt to whoever want to court them. These are the Indians.These are people who felt discriminated, marginalised, sidelined and abandoned by their leaders and the government. They sided with Pakatan Rakyat in 2008 to show their displeasure. They have now come to term that Pakatan Rakyat was all talk and no action and is no better than BN when it comes to looking after their interests. Most have become disillusioned with PR unfulfilled promises made in 2008 GE. Majority likely to vote BN.

The Malays, if united they alone can decide who should be the government. Unfortunately, that is not the case, they are split three ways with UMNO taking the bulk of supports and the rest divided between PKR and PAS.

The educated urban Malays, who think themselves as the intelligentsia and "I can do without the NEP" attitude are disillusioned with UMNO leaders and detest abuses of power and corruptions among Malay politicians in the party. They are also Anwar's diehard supporters, who believe he is the right man who should lead the country and won't believe any allegations of his wrong doings, or any of the videos of his illicit sexual acts, no matter how much alike the man in the video is to Anwar. These unshakable awe-stricken Anwar's supporters think Anwar is a victim of frame-ups and conspiracies by UMNO. These group is small in numbers but come, rain or shine, will vote PR.

The bigger block of Malay votes will come from the rural and semi-rural areas and with the threat of Chinese political power gaining strength majority of Malays in this group are expected to vote for UMNO, including PAS followers who are angered by PAS leaders subordinating the party to DAP and looked at these leaders as ineffectual, cowardly and interested only in power grab. There is  50/50 chance Kelantan may fall to BN.

Penang will stay with DAP,  Selangor and Perak can go either way. All other states in Peninsula Malaysia are likely to stay with BN.

Sabah and Sarawak will again be the jewels in the crown, losing some Chinese seats to DAP and nominal seats to PKR, which will not put a dent in the BN armour even if situation in Peninsula Malaysia may not be so favourable to the BN.

The rural/semi-rural areas are where the real battle will be fought and whoever win this will take Putrajaya. The greatest number of seats come from this sector, which is the basis of our electoral system.

Our electoral system is based on the Westminster system of Britain and on the basis of "first past the post, a "winner takes all" system that can make a party with more seats but fewer votes the winner.

There is a strong Malay political awakening in Peninsula Malaysia. 

The rural Malays biggest fear is that DAP may become the biggest winner in Pakatan Rakyat if their votes are split three ways and the country could end up with a weak Malay administration should Pakatan win the 13th GE.

The infighting and jockeying for seats in Pakatan Rakyat will kill their chance of taking over the Federal government.

Anwar has screwed himself big time for running the party autocratically, choosing candidates himself and without consensus of opinion.

The result of the elections could be one big surprise and one not many people would have expected.

Lim Kit Siang: "Legit, Not Legality" Moronic Twist Of The English Language

Hantu Laut

Lim Kit Siang, don't try to fool the people with your "it's about legit, not legality" nonsense.

If it is legal, it's legit.

They are synonymous !

Najib is still a full functioning legitimate prime minister and whatever he does from now until dissolution of parliament is legitimate and legal under the law. 

You threatening to cancel contracts signed by him should Pakatan comes to power shows how irresponsible your government will be. 

You vangefulness shows you couldn't care less for the nation to be sued and taxpayers money used to pay compensation for your impetuous action.

Parliament will only dissolved itself on 29 April 2013, unless dissolved sooner by the PM and you know it,  but typical of all Pakatan leaders, you thinks all Malaysians are stupid to fall for your hoax.

There is more than one way to skin a cat. Your ploy sucks.

Read here twisting the English language.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sabah crisis sends wider ripples

MANILA - Amid intensifying territorial disputes with China and new uncertainty over the US's military commitment to the region, the Philippines strategic headaches have been further complicated by the unfolding crisis in Sabah, Malaysia. 

Malaysian armed forces are now engaged in a full-scale mopping up operation against followers of the Philippines-based Sulu Sultanate, which launched a rag-tag occupation of a remote area of the Malaysian state to assert Sultan Jamalul Kiram's historical claims to the territory. After a long stand-off, Malaysian forces assaulted and killed several members of Kiram's non-state Royal Security Forces (RSF). 

The violence now threatens to spiral with an estimated 800,000 Filipinos among Sabah's 3.2 million population and signs of 
insurgent-style attacks outside of the initial occupation area. The crisis has ignited popular calls for a re-assertion of Philippine historical claims to Sabah, an oil-rich, ethnically diverse state on the island of Borneo that historically has had an uneasy relationship with the Malaysian federal government in Kuala Lumpur.Read more.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Walang Pilipinos: Hong Kong and Blatant Racism

Asia Sentinel

Appellate court denies permanent residency to domestic workers
The judges of Hong Kong's Court of Final Appeal have surrendered to their own self interest in refusing the rights of foreign domestic workers to apply for permanent residence. 

The five judges ruled unanimously Monday against Philippines appellants Evangeline Banao Vallejos and Daniel Domingo, who argued that foreign domestic workers should have the same right to permanent Hong Kong residency as white-collar expatriates after working in the territory for seven years.

In a case which set natural justice and the simple, direct language of Hong Kong's Basic Law or mini-constitution, against political pressures, the judges could well also be accused of rank racism.

The government was threatening to take the case to Beijing's National People's Congress for an interpretation of the Basic Law should the judges rule against the government's insistence that the foreign domestic workers had no right even to apply for permanent residence, let alone to be granted it. So the bench, in unison, and in order to prevent the government undermining its authority, opted instead to undermine basic principle of justice.

They resorted to the typical lawyer trick of pretending that plain words did not actually mean what they said but something entirely different and supposedly in the minds of those who drafted the Basic Law two decades ago.

The law very simply states that anyone who has been ordinarily resident in Hong Kong for more than seven years has the right to apply for permanent residence. Whether they get it or not then depends on the degree of commitment to Hong Kong they can show. These tests have been very lenient and almost anyone with the seven year qualification could receive it. Indeed that remains the case with the assorted foreign bankers, chefs, forex traders and Pilates instructors etc who receive that right and thus can only be expelled for some heinous offense.

However, the word-twisting judges have deemed that somehow foreign domestic workers cannot be deemed "ordinarily resident" in Hong Kong, however long they live there, despite the fact that they are in regular employment and are only entitled to have holidays outside the territory for two weeks every two years. Anyone else can be outside Hong Kong for two months a year and still qualify.

The difference between the two categories of workers, domestic and all others, is not actually one of income or ability. It is primarily one of race. Thus the judges, all Chinese or Caucasians, deem all the domestic workers to be of a lower species of humanity. All of them are brown skinned people from other parts of Asia, mainly from Indonesia and Philippines plus a few from Sri Lanka, Thailand and India. Mainland Chinese are not allowed to become such workers because it would condemn them to this lower status and so would be unthinkable to the authorities.Read more.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Masallah: An Indian Savoury Dish

Hantu Laut

This is Malaysia, not India, not Britain, not Australia, not any Western countries that tolerate homoeroticism among elected members.

They have they culture and we have ours. Why should we be like them or ape what they perceived as acceptable norm and righteous behaviour.

Many states in the U.S.A still have laws that make sodomy a criminal offence. Maybe, the Americans are more puritanical than Malaysian Indians. Not that I am homophobic but what politically correct in the West may not be politically correct here.

Interestingly, several Indian NGOs have voiced their supports for Anwar Ibrahim saying they don't care whether he is homosexual or not and what he does behind closed doors is his own business.

"We don't care if he is gay or otherwise" said one of them.

If Anwar is gay so what! At least he is gay, not a murderer like few other politicians" said another one.

"Basically, Indians are very sensitive to gutter politics" lamented another one.

Do these few Indians speak for all Indians in Malaysia or they are just another N.Surendran, the sycophantic lawyer, doing his masters's bidding? 

God forbids! 

It's as clear as day that everyone want to have their say to make known their obscured existence and now is the opportune moment to ply their wares.Out of the wood work they came with bouquets for Anwar.

Forgive my divergent with my Indian brothers who want to show political correctness and sow the seed of hatred against the current government and conveniently forget dharma, the principle of cosmic order that upholds, supports and maintains the regulatory order of the universe, the core belief of Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism. Henceforth, if you are ordinary citizen of this country, your private life is yours and nobody's business, but if your are a public figure, or one that running for the highest office, your have lost your private life, it becomes the people's business and what you do behind closed doors or in public is everybody's business.

It is idiotic to think Malaysians have generally come of age and would tolerate homosexual or bisexual to be prime minister of this country.

Monday, March 25, 2013

DAP Johnny-Come-Lately Arrogant F--kers

Hantu Laut

If he can be so arrogant before he captures Federal power what would you imagine he can do when he has real Federal power?

Lim Guan Eng has grown too big for his boots. A little success has screwed up his brain. Arrogant to the core.

Arrogance is a cover up for insecurities that leads people to sickness of mind and unpredictable behaviour.Arrogant people perceived themselves as more valuable and superior than others. They are always on tenterhooks. Story here.

No government in the world offer free airtime on TV for politicians or political parties. You want it you have to pay and TV airtime does not come cheap. 

They complained about it, they asked for it, they ridiculed the government for lack of freedom of speech and when offered they declined with reproachable rudeness.

Born in the barn type behaviour. You don't want you can decline graciously.

I hope the Chinese community change their minds towards this bunch of arrogant johnny-come-lately politicians whose real concern is not the welfare of the people but their insatiable greed for power. 

Manila Pooed On Itself Of A Pooh-Pooh Claim

Hantu Laut

Spain evacuated Sulu in May,1899 and on 26th August 1899 General Bates of the United States army concluded a treaty with Sultan Jamalul Kiram and the sovereignty of Sulu passed from Spain to the United States of America.

The status of Sulu had entirely changed by 1915 and the Sultan had by then been shorn of all temporal power and retained only the empty title of Sultan and certain religious jurisdiction exercisable only by the consent of the parties, a situation which is described by a letter to the Sultan dated 30th July 1920, from the Director of the Bureau of Non-Christian Tribes of the Department of the Interior, Manila.

After the death of Sultan Jamalul Kiram in 1936 the Philippine Government, the successors in sovereignty of the United States of America, decided not to recognise the continued existence of the Sultanate, according to a letter to the Governor of North Borneo dated 28th July 1936 from His Britannic Majesty's Consul General at Manila.

Those are extracts from a Judgement of Civil Suit 169/39 brought by Dayang Dayang Haji Piandao Kiram and 8 others against the Government of North Borneo.

Below, Article III of the Madrid Protocol affirming the exclusion and cession of North Borneo (Sabah) to the British Crown, administered by the British North Borneo Company.

"The Spanish Government renounces, as far as regards the British Government, all claims of sovereignty over the territories of the continent of Borneo, which belong, or which have belonged in the past to the Sultan of Sulu (Jolo), and which comprise the neighbouring islands of Balambangan, Banguey, and Malawali, as well as all those comprised within a zone of three maritime leagues from the coast, and which form part of the territories administered by the Company styled the “British North Borneo Company.” 

Read full text of the Madrid Protocol here.

There are more than sufficient documentary evidences in existence to prove Sabah no longer belong to the Philippines by their own assertion. 

Manila pooed on itself by flogging a dead horse.

Read "Revival of Sabah claim under review", a  nation run by eunuchs and sissies, their balls shrank when facing a Moro-nic threat.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Malaysia's Goebbels,

Hantu Laut

Man identified as ‘Papa Gomo’ disputes claim. Read more.

Not so smart Rafizi. If you have been clever enough you would have deemed it was a case of two men bearing the same name. That's why there were two different I/C numbers and two different addresses. If you have just used a little common sense you wouldn't have put yourself in such embarrassing position.

Not the first time you been caught with an over-excited brain. 

Remember your trip to Hong Kong where you claimed  the ICAC is going to reopen the Musa Aman's corruption case. Whatever happened to the case? 

Did the ICAC reopen the case?

Till today there was no confirmation from the ICAC of them showing interest to reopen the case.

Lately, you went on a wild goose chase to Manila on the case of the swindler distantly related to the Amans where you tried to relate the fraud to the Aman brothers.

All came to naught! 

A dismal and wasteful journey wasting your party's time and money. 

As Joseph Goebbels said " If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth", or "if you throw enough shit, some will stick"

Next time, don't get too overly excited, you have good credentials, don't spoil it for Anwar Ibrahim.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Made By Anwar, UMNO, Or CGI ?

Hantu Laut

Hahaha! another sex video of Anwar and all fingers point to UMNO as the culprit.

Some people in UMNO may be incredibly stupid to try do it over and over again. They must be recalcitrant morons, brain dead, no new ideas how to fix Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar's blinded die hard supporters won't believe it is Anwar even though the person in the video is a spitting image of him, it is not him. 

That's how good Anwar is in the art of histrionics. He has captured the people's imagination of him the good man.

After Sodomy I, Sodomy II and the China doll episodes, wouldn't he be wiser and would have swept the room for bugs and tiny cameras before indulging in his favourite pastime, if it was truly the case. These UMNO morons must be as nutty as a fruitcake to think Malaysians will buy this type of story against Anwar.

Anwar is smart, cunning and fastidious and this kind of carelessness is not likely to happen to him, he can't be stupid time and again.

So, where that leads us to?

I can only come to one conclusion, logical illogical, it may be, a made by Anwar ' supporters videos not too far-fetched.

Why would they makes such videos to implicate him?

It is not to implicate himself but to inculpate Najib and UMNO, which they have succeeded extremely well so far, at least, among young people.

As I have said in my earlier posting Anwar has built an impenetrable shield around him and no shit, no matter how sticky and dirty it is, can penetrate the shield that gave him protection against public contempt and odium. This clever man has immunised himself so thoroughly, so well, no amount of shit can smear him.

Sodomy II was also, probably, staged with the active participation of Saiful to implicate Najib and destroy his reputation. Why would Saiful run to Najib first and not the police if he was truly sodomised against his will by Anwar ? Was he sent there with a specific mission?

It is one natural instinct, out of unrestrained anger, to seek justice and the appropriate place that comes to mind would be the police. Saiful did not know Najib that well yet he sought him out. Why?

The controversial video showing his illicit sexual tryst with a China doll is also highly suspicious as there are flaws in the video. 

If it was truly an entrapment and a hidden camera was used to capture his act, why was there no recording of full frontal image of him on the video, if the camera was truly hidden and he was unaware of its location. The video only showed side profiles of him, every time, he passed the camera, intentionally designed to obscure the true identity of the actor and create skepticism among the public. 

His good friend Datuk Eskay Abdullah who played a pivotal role in exposing the video and one who seemingly turned against him may not be what it seemed. Out of the three Datuks, only one may be completely innocent or guilty, the one that have an axe to grind with him,  easily duped and roped in to lay credence to the belief that the plot was engineered by UMNO.

Now, a second video has appeared showing him in compromising position with another man. 

The stills again showed only side profiles of him but one can still make it out, unless you are Anwar's blinkered supporters, it unmistakenly looked like Anwar Ibrahim, but certainly not Anwar.

Someone in UMNO must be really good, smarter than Spielberg, to be able to produce such fantastic humanoid CGI of Anwar Ibrahim.

What better ways to kill Najib and UMNO than this. 

Many young Malaysians are bought that Anwar is the good man and Najib is the devil that they must get rid off.

I rest my hypothetical case.

If it is truly people in UMNO doing it than they must be truly stupid.

More story here.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Death Of A Thespian

Written by John Berthelsen   
Private detective who tied prime minister to relationship with murdered woman has heart attack

Perumal Balasubramaniam, a former private detective who rocked Malaysia with allegations that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak had had a sexual relationship with Altantuya Shaariibuu, a Mongolian beauty who was murdered in 2006 by two of Najib's bodyguards, died today of a heart attack.

Americk Siddhu, Balasubramaniam's lawyer, said the 53-year-old detective met with doctors this morning to determine whether he needed a coronary bypass operation, then returned to his home, where he suffered chest pains. He died in an ambulance on the way to a hospital, Siddhu said.

With national elections apparently just around the corner before June, Balasubramaniam has played a major role for the opposition, detailing his involvement in the case. Bala, as he was known, was a former policeman who was hired in 2006 by Abdul Razak Baginda, one of Najib's best friends and a defense analyst from the Malaysian Strategic Research Centre think-tank, to attempt to keep Altantuya away from Razak Baginda because he had jilted her. 

In a sworn statement issued in 2008, Bala alleged that the Mongolian beauty had first had an affair with Najib, who passed her on to Razak Baginda because Najib, then defense minister, didn't want to have a mistress around when he became prime minister. Najib succeeded Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in office in 2009.

Before she was killed, according to Bala's statement, she told him she, Razak Baginda and Najib had been together at a dinner in Paris during a transaction to buy French submarines for which Najib and Razak Baginda allegedly later were paid US$150 million in bribes. The statement contained excruciating and sensational details of the dead woman's sexual practices. Read more.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Erna Mahyuni Aru You Not Of Malay Stock?

Hantu Laut

Although I don't agree with her inexactitude of the Malay stock ( The Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia came under the "Alam Melayu" grouping and under the main Austronesian group covering the Malay Archipelago and extending as far as the Melanesian/Polynesian region) 

Though, it is not in common usage over the region it covers, it is not imprecise to refer to people from the region as Malays.

In Sabah, custom, culture and religion may be varied among the different indigenous people, but it is not wrong for Bajaus, Dusuns, Kadazans, Filipinos and other indigenous races there to identify themselves as Malays under the "Rumpun Melayu" ethnic origin. 

In ethnology the ethnonym "Melayu" refers to this distinct ethnic group.

I have alway enjoy Erna's writing and have on many occasions posted her articles on the social media.

This Sabah lass is not only a good writer, but also a truly devoted Sabahan, as one can see from her consummate writings on issues concerning Sabah.

MARCH 6 — To paint the Sabah situation as “virtuous Sabah natives” against “invading foreign terrorists” is far too simplistic.
The reality is as complex as Sabah’s political landscape, enmeshed in history and complicated by the notion of statehood.
Farish Noor explains the complicated history of the various people of North Borneo and the Philippines in his column where he says:
“In the midst of the chest-thumping, saber-rattling jingoism and hyper-nationalism we see rising in both Philippines and Malaysia today, we ought to take a step back and look at ourselves honestly in the face.”
Historically the people of Sabah are a complex mix. With the formation of countries and borders, people who are connected by history and blood are now separated by that thing we call “citizenship.”
Sabah artist Yee I-Lan sums up that divide in one of the pictures from her “Sulu stories” series.
Of the subjects in the photo, Yee says: “One carries Malaysian identity, the other Filipino. They come from the same sea and place and knowledge.”
But while we must acknowledge history, we have to address present realities.
Whatever the Sulu descendants claim, their kingdom is long gone. Their attempt to supposedly reclaim their birthright is now seen as an act of violence.
You cannot resurrect ghosts with blood and threats.
But to people like Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia is first and foremost the land of the Malays. Sabah and Sarawak do not fit in with his tidy narrative of the country being led by Malay Muslims.
Dr Mahathir for all his statesmanship could never wrap his head around the fact that in Sabah, Muslims were not always Malay. Nor that the Malay narrative could include non-Muslims.
All you need to do is look over at Bali in Indonesia with its predominantly Hindu and unmistakeably “Malay” population. But then, this is a country where many Malays live in ignorance of, or patently deny that, their ancestors ever being Hindu.Read more.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Flip-Flop Security: As Sabahan I Have Right To Be Angry

Hantu Laut

As a Sabahan I have the right to get angry and question whether these people are fit to be heads of our security forces.

The flip-flopping is unbelievable and becoming a huge embarrassment to the country and posed greatest danger to Sabahans.

Can we trust them to look after our safety? 

Are they fit to run the show after seeing how uncoordinated and confounded they are. 

If they can't coordinate their intelligence ground work, how are they going to coordinate fighting the enemies on the ground when they don't know where they are. 

Two days ago, the Sabah Commissioner of Police said here that Agbimmudin Kiram, the leader of the band of terrorists is still in Sabah.

Yesterday, the Chief of Armed Forces and the IGP made a joint statement here that Agbimmudin has fled Sabah, leaving his men behind.

Today, again the Sabah police chief stressed his so-called evidence here that the leader of the band of Suluk bandits is still in Sabah.

I think he is dead!, or just consider him dead. What difference does it make whether he fled, dead, or alive. He has no more communication with the Chief Extortionist, The Royal Highness Sultan of Sulu, so, very likely, he is dead.

Shouldn't we Sabahans be angry with this kind of ineptitude?

Read here what former OCPD of Lahad Datu said of the attitude of his superiors in KL when it comes to Sabah security, an unforgivable malfeasance act by irresponsible heads.

Najib Tell Your Security People Shape Up Or Ship Out.

Hantu Laut

Was he there in the first place?

If he was than how in hell he managed to disappear into the black hole when security was already thightened and the area cordoned off and the police told us Sabahans not to worry that everything is under control.

This is bad news for Sabahans.

If he can escape so easily it can only mean our security people do not know what they are doing, which also mean they can come and go as they wish. They can send for re-enforcement and come in undetected.

As I have mentioned in my earlier post he may not be in there, he may be directing his man from a hotel room somewhere in the Philippines or from a village in Sibutu, Simunul or Bongao, all very near to Lahad Datu.

It's definitely a black eye for our security forces and for the Chief of Armed Forces and the Chief of Police who told reporters at a joint press conference at the Le Meridien Hotel, Kota Kinabalu of the screw-up.

Najib, tell your security people to shape up, or ship out! Their intelligence gathering sucks.

The joke is Azzimudie Kiram is 72 years old, but have the prowess and mobility of a young man.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Rais, Your Cabbies Are Crooks And Scumbags

Hantu Laut

I just returned from Taiwan a week ago and was amazed how fast the country had developed since my last visit there some 30 years ago.

What really impressed me is the cleanliness, functionality and efficiency of the towns and cities, the efficient public transport system and the helpfulness of the Taiwanese people. The country is now as clean and as efficient as Japan was. Everything is spic and span, no touts, no hustlers, no prostitutes and transvestites hanging around street corners and taxis are everywhere. 

In the seventies Taiwan was behind Malaysia and Taipei was one of the fleshpot capitals of the world.Today, the GDP per capita is $38,500.00 and the role has reversed, Kuala Lumpur is becoming the fleshpot of Asia joining the likes of Bangkok and Manila.

If you are a visitor to KL try take an early morning jog along Jalan Bukit Bintang, you be surprised at the array of services available even at  6.30 in the morning. You'll be propositioned by pimps, transvestites, prostitutes and purveyors of massage services of all kind. Not that there is anything wrong with that but its shows we are caught in an economic glum and middle income trap.

The one week I was in Taiwan no taxi driver have tried to cheat or take me for a joy ride to pump up the meter as in my own capital city, Kuala Lumpur.

For all said and done, would I go back to Taiwan? No. it's a country with very little history, except for its National Museum, there were nothing much to see and money and modern technology  has scarred its landscape with miles and miles of elevated highways.

Malaysia is still a beautiful country and among all the states, Sabah is the prettiest of them all.

Here, our Minister of Information, Communication and Culture Rais Yatim is talking through his ass saying our cabbies are our nation's social envoys.He said it was necessary to educate some of out taxi drivers and owners to enable them to have good opinion of things.

Well! Mr Yatim I have many bad things to tell you about your cabbies and certainly have no good opinion of these scumbags.

The trouble with our minister, they talked a lot and do very little to make changes. As far as I am concerned the whole taxi fraternity in this country should be overhauled and revamped and every taxi driver must go to a special school to educate them on the correct social etiquette. They must also have firm knowledge of the geography of the city they work in. At the end of the course they should sit for a written and oral examination to test their aptitude. Only those who passed should be issued with a permit to drive a taxi.

The KL taxi drivers are one of the worst in the world, no lack of deplorable disposition, crooked, crude,  and rude,  giving this country a bad name. 

Just a few days ago an American tourist was robbed and raped by a taxi driver . There have been a number of lady passengers raped by KL taxi drivers and till today the government have not done anything to clamp down on this kind of menace to the public by taxi drivers some of whom are drug addicts and sex fiends.

Here, another nut-case, Chairman of SPAD Syed Hamid Albar urged the public to ensure the taxis they boarded exhibited the driver's name card on the dashboard.

These kind of leaders travelled all over the world but keep their eyes shut. 

In most civilised countries the driver's photo, permit number and other details is prominently displayed behind the backrest of the front seat that allows passenger a close and clear view of the tag.

In Malaysia where donkeys are given the job, a small tag is placed on the dashboard which surely makes it hard for the passenger to make out. Most passengers sit at the back.

To Rais Yatim I must say I have had many bad experiences with KL taxi drivers and most if not all are crooks and scumbags much to be loathed.

Kuala Lumpur is becoming crime capital of the world and run by a mayor and a police chief who take no pride in making their city a clean and safe place for visitors. 

Rais and Hamid Albar, don't just talked, do something concrete to change your fucked up cabbies into humans.

Read below what shame they bring to this country.

Tourist, cabbie in bloody brawl over high fare

Thursday, March 14, 2013

There Is No Fool Like An Old Fool !

Hantu Laut

Why now!

Musa Hitam, a BN appointee as Chairman of Sime Darby, the largest Malaysian conglomerate, given as token of respect for his political contributions to the country says Pakatan Rakyat will not bankrupt this country

Maybe not, but those who don't know the value of loyalty, can never appreciate the cost of betrayal.

Obviously, Musa either forgets 'which side his bread is buttered,' or he is buying insurance, just in case Pakatan first passed the post and took the chequered flag. 

Another probable "cari makan" story. 

I too believe PR will not want to bankrupt the country, but that is not the real issue. The controversy is Pakatan's manifesto and bespoke budget, which Musa deemed propitious and was quick to give his support.

It is a policy that will have tremendous effect on the multitude who have no power to reverse a bad policy once passed by Parliament.

Yes, Pakatan populist policy is going to bankrupt the country because what they have proposed is unrealistic, unsustainable and is a foolhardy attempt to fish for votes. 

He can fool the spuriously intelligent urban dwellers who, rain or shine, good or bad, will blindly support and follow them to the centre of the earth, but he can't fool the real intelligentsia with uncanny eyes for details.

As in the adage "there is no fool like an old fool" he should have restrained himself.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Suluks Exodus:Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish

Hantu Laut

God news for Sabahans. 

It's been long time coming and something good has come out of the armed incursion. 

Let's hope they leave in droves and never to come back again to this beloved land of ours. 

A culture of violence and barbarity that knows no gratitude nor compassion. We have a duty to respond with equal severity what they have inflicted on us. We shall leave no stone unturned to find them, flush them out and eliminate them.

Read here, bad Suluks fleeing the state.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

The bad rubbish!

A good question to ask is, if they can negotiate our waters to leave, can they also do the same thing to come in under stealthy cover?

Here, an ex deputy general's fart so stinky you can smell it a mile away. Had he been a better leader such incompetence won't happen, he was part of the problem.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Man Who Would Never Be Prime Minister

Hantu Laut

Anwar Ibrahim is a good man, infallible, honest, sincere, can never be faulted and as pure as the driven snow. 

True, or false?

Sodomy I, Sodomy II, illicit affair with his best friend's wife and illicit sex with China doll were all contrived by Mahathir, Najib and other scumbags in UMNO. 

Video showing him having sex with a Chinese prostitute was not him, though, the person was a spitting image of him, it was his double provided by Najib and his gang, paid and asked to perform the act to spuriously implicate him. 

This sinless man wanted so much to be our prime minister.

I hope he succeed not!

As we Muslims say "Inshallah" if God's willing, it will happen, if not, no matter how hard you try, it won't happen.

As they say "patience is a virtue" which means the ability to wait for something without getting angry or upset, immensely valuable quality in a person, more so if you are a politician running for the highest office.

I can quote two world leaders who have such virtue and have been prisoners of conscience and victims of vile political rivalry and power play that had them incarcerated as political prisoners for much longer time.

Nelson Mandela and Aung San Suu Kyi are two such leaders.

Nelson Mandela served 27 years in prison for his anti-colonial and anti-apartheid stance. He was released in 1990 and became a fully elected President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. Mandela served time doing hard labour in prison but held no grudges and there was no witch hunt during his presidency. Mandela held himself in high esteem and highly respected throughout the world and deeply respected in his own country. He received not less than 250 awards including the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.

God help those who help themselves who are sincere and conduct themselves in modesty.

Aung San Suu Kyi, one of the world's most prominent political prisoners spent 15 years under house arrest and was only recently released on 13 November 2010. She has also received many international awards for non-violence including the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991. Suu Kyi was cheated by the ruling junta of her victory in 1990 when her party won 81% of the seats in Parliament. She was already under house arrest then.

God help those who help themselves who are sincere and conduct themselves in modesty.

Some people have equated him to these leaders. 

Where does Anwar Ibrahim stand among these towering political heroes of our time? First, there is no comparison, they are poles apart.To compare him with the two I think is the biggest insult to these noble and world upstanding leaders.

Anwar would have been prime minister if he had waited his time, but patience is not his virtue and he thinks he is better than everyone else. His scholarly credentials and pseudo renaissance tag has gone to his head and fuddled his better judgement. He believes that street protests, demonstrations, civil disobedience and political skulduggery will take him to his objective. 

Though, his coalition has done well in 12th GE, captured 5 states and denied the BN of two-thirds majority, he does not believe in the democratic process, accused the BN government of massive cheating and espoused the growth of anti-establishment organisations such as Bersih, Suaram and other NGOs to march, protest, sit-in and occupy..... as roads of attrition to weaken and topple the government.

Anwar, is a very clever man and has successfully built an armoured shield around him that no bullet can penetrate. Many see him as victim of political repression and throw their supports behind him out of a very misconceived notion.....sympathy!

Anwar is no hapless, helpless and defenceless person, he is not the saintly and unassuming Mandela or Suu Kyi, he is an arrogant and solipsistic combatant, who only cares for himself. His supporters are his collaterals, which can be discarded when they have exhausted their usage, the same way he acquired and lost his close friends over the years, who left him with bitter aftertaste. He is also a man who can't keep his promises and would lie if the situation warrants it.

In time of national crisis he would capitalise on the crisis to reproach the government instead of putting aside the differences and help toward finding solutions to safeguard the security of the nation and our national interest.

When he was implicated in the Sabah armed intrusion by Filipinos terrorists he denied he has met Nur Misuari of the MNLF recently. 

Today, Nur Misuari confirmed he met Anwar several months ago in Jakarta. Why didn't Anwar reveal this earlier before Misuari says it? 

Can Pakatan win the 13th GE? 

Looking at what  happening in Sabah right now and the opposition muck racking the government, it is looking dimmer than before. 

Except for his diehard supporters and the "cari makan" kataks, many Sabahans are not happy and suspect his hand in the foreign armed insurrection. 

Even if Pakatan wins and PKR gets the least seats among the three coalition partners, PAS will be the spanner in the works for Anwar.

Now, that Misuari has confirmed their meeting, the rumour mill will be grinding even harder.

Below is a video in which Anwar denigrates the government over the handling of the Lahad Datu armed incursion and responses from ordinary Malaysians.

  • Musang brtopeng ayam al jubori......
  • gambirian
    this pakatan's fuhrer is full of bullshit..
  • Beri Drachma
  • norsiah etiqa
    DSAI you have split can we trust YOU, how can we listened to what you say and how can we put our country in your cant even apeace your own wife how can you provide peace to the nation? action talk only...the Sabahan is beginning to dislike you and your 'buddy' Tian will see the PRU results soon...
  • Amiman Man
  • ramboor37
    mluat btol tgk mke anwar nie..mcm sial...
  • geng pailang
    wei bangang..ko keluar penjara teros malaysia jd huru langsi lu mati!!!!!!!!
  • onemat785
    singkirkan anuar,saya orang sabah,anuar tada tau apa2 pasal sabah,bukan senang selesaikan masalah ini,orang sulu tau suluk ramai di sabah,mereka semuanya rakyat malaysia juga yang pentingkan keamanan,kita perlu berhati hati,tu lah sabah sebuah negeri yang begitu banyak suku kaum peribumi.
  • princesstoge
    Kenapa Anwar buruk sini buruk sana..nampak sangat nakkan Malaysia..kenapa kau nak sangat Malaysia eh? Kau lagi kejam klu isu Sabah nie dapat kat kau.. nak bertindak melulu.. Hey,sejak kau keluar nie huru-hara jadinya Malaysia.. Aku sokong UMNO dan PAS not PKR..semoga negara aku bebas dari pemerintahan Anwar
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    • azra nizal
      kenapa anuar ke filiphina???dia sapa??dia wakil malaysia ka???
    • damhazitis
      semoga satu hari nanti Allah akan singkap siapa benar siapa salah .. x payah lah kita sebangsa seagama berpecah belah .. minta dgn Tuhan supaya ditunjuk mana yg betul mana yg salah .. tu je kita patut buat .. moga siapa yg buat huru hara ni Allah turunkan bala pada dia .. Amin
    • kasim baba
      bang non ingat org suka2 ke kaitkan dia dgn semua benda... pokok xkn bergoyang klu xde org tiup
    • laloqor
      kenapa nuar namakn mereka sbg pejuang???
    • kasim baba
      klu pandai baca kes dia, mesti akan dapat tau sbnrnya dia melakukan liwat... ai... bnyk je kes yg membunuh terlepas... padahal mmg betul pembunuh membunuh...
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      tuduhan x berasas tu bro... mcm pelik je statement...
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    • kasim baba
      kerajaan filipina sbnr skrg x menyokong kiram, even dia x mengiktiraf penceroboh tu semua.. mesti x bca bnyk sumber ni.. kerajaan filipina kata, najib bagus...
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    • mis zorro
      percayalah,allah itu ada dan maha berkuasa,,setiap perbuatan akan dibalas.. insyaallah.allahuakbar,,
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