Friday, September 30, 2011

Rais:Why Ban Something Good ?

Hantu Laut

I do not agree with Rais Yatim's reasoning for taking off the airing of this video on TV.It is a good public message to bring awareness to Malaysians to discharge their rights to vote and it's free.

The video is also free, the government need not fork out any money for its production and, thankfully, they did not, otherwise, it would have cost a bomb.

Rais, should tell us Malaysians, which segment of our society would be offended by the video and what is the subliminal message?

The unspecified negativities he asserted of the video is lamentable because they are non existence.I can't find any subliminal message other than the presence of some opposition's superstar like Nurul Izzah.To be fair to the maker of the video he has also invited and included in the video BN ministers to sing the same message.

Is the government haunted by its own shadow?

Is it because of Namewee?

Frankly speaking, I do not agree with many of his antics, he is just a publicity maniac using politics as cheap publicity. We should not be bothered by his appearance in the video, we should look at the content and context of the whole video and its ultimate message.

Is it because of Tengku Razaleigh who says Malaysia has many problems?

Isn't it true we have many problems ? Which country don't have problem?

We have political problem, economic problem, corruptions problem, crime problem, widening racial divide problem, religious problem, FDI problem and last but not lease the Anwar Ibrahim's problem.

Instead of finding solutions to the many problems, why not sweep them under the carpet, in the typical fashion of UMNO leaders.

I hate to generalise or stereotype people, but ONE'S SUPPORT CAN WEAR THIN when the objects of your support keep shooting themselves in the foot. Many UMNO leaders are suffering from this malady.Even my hero, former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohammad, disappoints me when he contradicts himself by saying Malaya had never been colonised. There is nothing to be ashamed of being colonised, almost three-quarters of the globe was colonised by European powers.

When he was prime minister he said the Malay sultans sold their souls to the British now he says the sultans invited the British as advisers but the British acted as colonialists.I forgive him because of his age and fading memory but how do you forgive a learned man, a professor named Zainal Kling who sing the same song referring to some obscured document saying the sultans never signed any treaty agreeing to be colonised.

Ask the African countries,India,Indonesia,the West Indies, how many of them have signed documents to allow the European powers to subjugate them? Ask the Sultanate of Malacca did he sign any treaty before the Portuguese armada came with their gun blazing to take Malacca?

In some cases treaties were signed after subjugation either by force or intimidation.In the case of Malaya the British used subtle intimidation on the sultans to accede to their demands.It is called "gunboat diplomacy", a display of superior military power to intimidate.

Malaya was colonised that way and that's why we have "independence day" and our northern neighbour Thailand do not have any because they have never been colonised.Incidentally, Thailand was also never invaded by Japan in World War II.They became allies and signed a secret military alliance with Japan for safe passage to invade Malaya on condition the Japanese helped them to get back the 4 northern states in Malaya formerly under Thai rule.

It appears that some UMNO leaders are still living in past glory.Some of the excuses given are so pubescent, like a growing child's fantasy, ONE WOULD NOT KNOW, whether they are REAL, IMAGINED or just PURE BULLSHIT.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

HUDUD:To Be Or Not To Be ?

Hantu Laut

No laws are perfect including secular laws but there are vast differences between humanistic and God's law.While God's laws are purportedly to be perfect and set in stone, secular laws are always evolving.

The world has progressed under humanistic laws and would continue to do so as long as humans care about their future and preservation of the human race.

Much as I hate to say, religious laws are archaic, retrogressive and not suitable in this modern world.

I was compounded in astonishment and shocking disbelief when I read Anwar Ibrahim's statement supporting hudud law to be implemented in Kelantan, short of him saying, on condition they would make him prime minister should Pakatan win the 13th General Elections.

There is now a general consensus among the general population, except in PKR's camp, that Anwar would not be prime minister even if Pakatan takes the Federal government in the coming elections.PKR is expected to be the worst performer among the 3 partners.The party with the most seats would choose one of theirs to be prime minister with appointment of two deputies, one Malay and one Chinese.Would Anwar settles for a deputy?

The support for hudud is to boost his supports from right-wing Muslims without which he would see his dream of helming the nation vapourising into thin air.

This is a man who portrayed himself as the "Asian Renaissance Man". Like the chameleon he has the versatility of changing colours.His supporters in the West, particularly, the obnoxious and arrogant John Malott , are probably having sleepless nights trying to decipher his most unexpected statement which sounds as unpleasant and displeasing as when he went on his anti-Semitic overdrive trying to disparage the Najib's government of being Jew-lover for engaging APCO, a purportedly Jewish controlled consulting firm, hoping that the anti-Semitic diatribes would bring him a resurgence of right-wing Muslim supports.

What is a "renaissance man"?

In a nutshell, it is the intellectual transformation of an individual.

Those who went to school during the colonial days would have studied European history and learned about the "European Renaissance", the intellectual transformation of European societies that started in Italy and spread to other parts of Europe between the 14th and 17th century and with it the rise of humanism and secularism.Christendom was still a violent religion then carrying out inquisition of heretics, using torture and death, and anti-Jewish pogroms.During this period the Catholic Church was at the peak of its influence, exerting its power to create a religiously uniform community.Although, most rulers were secular the church virtually controlled state's politics.The period also saw the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the renaissance and Protestant movement, the breakaways from Catholicism.

The West have learned that religion in whatever form have not been and will never be compatible partner in the running of a nation, that church and state are like oil and water, they are not miscible, one would have to subjugate the other and the church has, for hundreds of years, ruled most European states.

The Western nations have grown wiser and separated the two. There are no more theological influence in Western democracies.There may be religious humanists in government but they do not bring elements of religion into the administration.

What is Anwar trying to do? Is he leading the nation in the right direction? He is trying to turn the clock back? More shocking is his affirmation that hudud would be fair and would not be applicable to non Muslims.How exactly is he going to implement two different sets of law for a nation that is multiracial, multi religious and have existed under secular laws for yonks.

We are not Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan or Pakistan where the populations are homogenenously Muslims.One law for all.In most cases they are not even Islamic law but law of the jungle, tribal law under the guise of Islamic law.Honour killings of wayward daughters for saving of one's family honour and rapes of women as form of revenge are rampant in these God's forsaken countries.The ignorant person would think those are Islamic practices when they are not.

In a hudud system, say in Malaysia, what would happen if a Muslim girl fornicated with a non-Muslim man? Would the justice system stone her to death and let the man go free or get away with only a small fine?

Since Anwar has affirmed that non-Muslims would not be affected, he and Nik Aziz, the two strong proponents of hudud should give their views on this issue.

Take Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia as examples. These are predominantly Muslim countries that have become despicable "failed states" and the most dangerous places on earth to be in at the moment.

Just a few weeks ago a Malaysian journalist was shot death in Somalia.The country has a stooge central government that is hardly functioning.The country is run by criminals, warlords and high seas pirates, who, probably, have collected more money out of hijacking and kidnapping than the government collecting revenues for administration of the states. These criminals and warlords have their own mini governments dispensing their own form of sharia .The country had become a beggar's state surviving on foreign aids.

I can understand if an ignorant non-Muslim writer here blindly trying to justify PAS brand of hudud, because he knew no better, but coming from people like Anwar "The Renaissance Man" is undoubtedly for his own political expediency and a political trap he set for Najib, which, unfortunately, was taken hook, line and sinker by Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin before Najib could respond.

For whatever reasons, Muhyiddin was quick to the draw when it was Najib that Anwar asked to make a stand on the issue, is a mystery. Najib has responded that there would not be hudud law in Malaysia, certainly not under his leadership.East Malaysians showed a sign of relief when Najib said there would never be hudud in Malaysia.Sabah and Sarawak have very significant Christian population.

Can you trust governments in underdeveloped and developing countries that say democracy and human rights exist in their countries but behave otherwise, blatantly running autocratic or totalitarian regimes with total disregard for human rights.

The Arab nations are the worst offenders when it comes to protection of basic human rights.The countries are run by maniacal despots and tyrants who have no considerations whatsoever for human rights and human dignity.The only interest they have are to fill up the family coffers as much as possible by robbing the state treasuries.Some used Islam to control the people. Making comment against the government could end you up in prison and in worse case scenario, imprisonment and torture, and if you are unlucky, death.

For decades the Arab people prayed and looked forward to wake up in the morning for deliverance from the evil regimes and the dawn of a new era of true democracy and freedom, they never came, every succeeding government produced even bigger monster, until the day the straw that broke the camel's back arrived and the people snapped that led to conflagration of uprisings sweeping the Arab nations that is now popularly known as the "Arab Spring". The region was known as the land of jahiliyyh in pre-Islamic era, unfortunately, it still is.

I will not elaborate further on the Arab Spring as it is still ongoing in Libya and Yemen and is common knowledge everywhere but would like to highlight the hypocritical nature of Arab nations.

When the UN laid down its Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) for its members, some of the OIC (Organisation Of Islamic Countries) members accepted and signed the declaration but some rejected the UDHR saying it has not taken into account the cultural and religious context of non-Western nations and a serious divergence from Islamic Sharia. They can only accept a declaration that used Sharia as its sole source.

On 5 August 1990, 45 OIC members met in Cairo and presented, as an alternative to UDHR, a guidance to human rights named the "Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam"(CDHRI) based on the shariah which was accepted and adopted by all the 45 countries including those that have signed the UDHR. You can read the full text of the declaration here and form your own opinion whether any of the Arab countries complied with what they have jointly declared.

Though, I don't support them politically I have high regards for people like Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh who have stayed unwavering in their beliefs and stood by their principles on issues close to their hearts.They don't have the versatility of a chameleon that can blend with the colours of its surrounding to protect itself for predators.

We are only about 60 % Muslims and huge minority of non-Muslims, which, incidentally, is the bigger economic engine of this country.The big businesses may even move their capitals outside the country, foreign investors and foreign tourists may also give us a miss in the event Malaysia, which I hope not, join the league of Islamic nations that went down the chute because of politicians greed for power.It is also against the Federal constitution to implement any other law other than the existing ones allowed under the constitution, unless Pakatan Rakyat can get two-thirds majority in Parliament to change the constitution which is most unlikely.

Did Karpal Singh not say "over my dead body" if PAS tried to implement hudud in this country?

One thing I know for sure Anwar had done a great favour to BN........after his great revelation Pakatan will never get Sabah and Sarawak.

The hudud issue will sit on the back burner for a while but it will keep coming back till PAS get the clout to implement it...........which will forever be a pipe dream.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Pahang MB Is He Guilty Of Contempt Of Court ?

Hantu Laut

Are politicians and civil servants above the law? Why should they be allowed to show disrespect to our courts while ordinary Malaysians who dared to show contempt would have to face the music ?

Contempt of court usually carries imprisonment, and the same sentence, without any exception, should apply to ministers, chief ministers, menteri besar and the prime minister if they show disrespect to the court.

Read the story here , which shows without any doubt the arrogance of the Menteri Besar of Pahang, refusing to pay the plaintiff for judgement against the state government affirmed by the highest court in the country.

The Federal Court has affirmed the judgement made by the lower court.Even if the blunder was made by his predecessor the state would still have to pay the plaintiff.

The law forbids the foreclosure of state assets even if judgement has been granted against the state government.A judgement against any state government or for that matter the Federal government could just be a useless piece of paper if you don't know how to enforce it.

The Pahang Menter Besar is using this protective law to ignore the court order, or the state government has no money to pay up, which is most unlikely, as the state can always seek help of the Federal government.

I sympathise with the plaintiff, he must be at his wits end on what to do next, so much so, he is barking up the wrong tree, asking the Prime Minister to intervene. Najib can only mediate, he can't enforce the court order, only the court can do so.

The plaintiff should go back to the court and cite the Menteri Besar for contempt and if he still refused to pay, the court, I'll be surprised, if he is not thrown in prison.

You can't get the state assets but you can get the Menteri Besar.

That was my two pennies worth of advice.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hudud: Najib Should Not Fall Into The Trap

Hantu Laut

Wow! Anwar Ibrahim must be at the end of his tether. Supporting hudud law in Kelantan. Story here.

DAP leaders must be pissing in their pants now that PAS is getting support from PKR to implement hudud, first in Kelantan and than nationwide when they take Putrajaya.

It's a strong message to DAP which has become arrogant lately as more and more people predict that they would get most of the Chinese seats in the 13th GE (General Elections)and would become very dominant partner in the coalition.

PAS have indicated in the past their desire to pass hudud for the whole nation, it certainly would not stop at Kelantan if they get bigger mandate than DAP and PKR, which they might if UMNO lose majority Malay supports.It is looking more and more unlikely now that Anwar is rocking the DAP secular boat.

Anwar has challenged Najib to state his stand on the matter.

Obviously, it is a trap and Najib should stay focus and not fall into the trap..

Najib should tell Anwar to fly kite and stand by the Federal constitution.The status quo stay as long as BN is running the country.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why Are Pakatan Leaders Not Asking For Royal Commission On The Anwar's Video Sex Tape

Hantu Laut

Read here, the double standards of Pakatan leaders, putting political expediency ahead of moral standard of the man who is likely to be the future prime minister of this country.

Indeed! Don't you think Pakatan Rakayat's leaders would be screaming their heads off if it was Najib implicated in the sex video? Would they not be asking for a Royal Commission (RC)? Would they not be asking for his resignation? Would they not be asking for his head on the chopping block?

They have asked and pushed for RC on the Lingam's tape and the death of Teo Beng Hock.The government obliged and what did they do, they ridiculed the findings of the RC.

The latest video released by Papagomo shows a spitting image of Anwar and his friend Eskay entering and leaving the building where the video was taken.

Why not do one on Anwar to clear his name since he aspires to be the prime minister?

Alternatively, Anwar can haul the 3 Datuks to court to clear his name.

Building Castles In The Air ?

Hantu Laut

As a Sabahan it shocked me that there is a goldmine sitting right in front of my doorstep.

Most Sabahans wouldn't know of this goldmine called Pulau Montukod.

Brace yourself for the price tag, a whopping RM35 million for 17.2 acres.

The only fault you can kind find with the island is its English, it says in the heart of Borneo, which means it is somewhere in the central part of Borneo or thereabout.That would be somewhere in Kalimantan.

Actually, it is just a few kilometers off Kota Kinabalu.

Here's one in the Bahamas 24.69 acres for a mere US$2.3 million.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Invitation To Rape

Hantu Laut

Kelantan Menteri Besar Nik Aziz and the Governor of Jakarata Fauzi Bowo has something in common, they are either misogynists or as the ladies fondly called them MCP.

Mr Bowo reckoned women invite rapes by their scant and revealing dresses.He blames the miniskirts for the number of rapes in the city.

Unlike Nik Aziz, Bowo apologised for his distasteful statement saying he was grossly misquoted.Bowo's story here, Nik Aziz's here.

Remember the Sabah UMNO politician who advised women "If you cannot fight rape, better lay down and enjoy it" It's here.

Rapes occurred all over the world to the scantily dressed to the ones dressed from head to toe and to grandmothers by rapists as young as their grandsons.

What were these men thinking when they make such outrageous statements?

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Infallible Anwar Ibrahim

Hantu Laut

When everyone think the undesirable side effects of the sex video has worn off, alas, new CCTV video evidence has emerged that revealed Anwar and Eskay's arrival and departure from the building at about the same time the sex video was taken of Anwar's sexual tryst.

Why is Eskay trying to fix Anwar whom he claimed his very good friend? I must say, it's one million dollar question, or larger still, maybe, a twenty million ringgit question.Why Eskay betrayed Anwar is still a mystery.

Would you sellout your very good friend for money? Obviously, some people would do anything for money.You good Christians would know who Judas is? His full name is Judas Iscariot, one of the 12 disciples of Jesus, who betrayed him for 30 pieces of silver.

Is Eskay a Judas or a 'man of conscience' as he claimed to be when he exposed the sex video?

Anwar may have weaknesses that his friends knew they can take advantage of if they do not get what they want from him.

In Western society politicians and those holding high public office better stay clear of weaknesses of character because if you are caught with your pants down you are dead meat, your opponents and society in general would make sure they send you to the dustbin of history. Many political angels in the West have fallen on the wayside for their sexual indiscretions, but in Malaysia it is a small matter. If one is to go by the Western moral standard a leader must possess, oppositions leaders and Anwar's supporters have made Anwar an exception to the rule. He is just infallible, incapable of committing sins or even if he did it's nobody's business.

As usual there would be a quick denial from PKR. Here, the sycophantic PKR vice president N.Surendran who usually wasted no time blaming UMNO for all of Anwar's woes has become an expert in photo analysis.

Instead of saying the man in the video is a spitting image of Anwar, which is obvious even to the naked eyes, he blamed UMNO for planning and faking the video.He also questioned the shirt that Eskay used, saying it is not the same shirt as in the sex video.

Obviously, he knew very little about photography and make a quack analysis of the video.He probably have not heard of 'backlighting' where the object in front of the camera with a light source behind him would be in silhouette and would appear dark and colourless. The video was exactly that, Eskay was in silhouette and Anwar facing the light source. Eskay could also have brought a spare shirt to change after his own act. The sex video revealed a door to an adjoining room which Eskay eventually escaped to leaving Anwar on his own.

Here, Anwar says PKR will not indulge in smut politics and will not waste time countering this kind of dirty politics. They will counter-terrorise the BN with socio-economic issues. Well and good. Anyway, Malaysia is not alone in the global economic downturn, many Western nations are in worse positions, some on the verge of bankruptcy. Just think of Greece,Ireland,Spain,Portugal and even the U.S, which recently have to increase its debt ceiling because it ran out of cash.

Malaysians are spoilt lot, they want every thing cheap or free, and if they don't get it, they blame the government and more often than not instigated by badass politicians.It's also very true the government must look after the welfare of the people but giving subsidies on almost every consumables imaged would eventually break the finances of the nation.

I do believe there was something very wrong with the government finances and economic policy that began to rot under the previous administration and is getting worse. If Najib do not find a formula to arrest the slide he would be sitting duck soon. His decision to scrap the ISA and other draconian laws has been well received by majority of the people.He may need new 'necessary evil' laws to take care of terrorism and national security which the oppositions have declared they would oppose.

I am in Cambodia at the moment, a poor country, very much poorer than Malaysia.Amazingly, the price of regular petrol is US$1.13 and premium petrol at US$1.36 per litre, much much higher than in Malaysia but the Cambodians took it in their strides knowing with the high world prices of oil there is nothing much their government can do.Those who can't afford would not buy a car, they buy small motorbikes which consumed much less petrol or take the tuk-tuk which is dirt cheap, a bit uncomfortable, but it gets you there. Cars are dirt cheap too and what are considered posh cars in Malaysia are ordinary and common cars here.Range Rovers,Hummers,Porsche Cayenne,Lexus are common cars on the dirty and sometimes muddy streets of PhnomPenh.

In Malaysia a guy who earned less than RM1,000 would dare buy a car, a Kancil at least. No deposit and low instalment payments were the main attractions but they forgot they have to fuel, maintain and repair the car.Unfortunately, that's the typical Malaysian psyche and more rampant among the bumiputras.

If you can't get it blame the government.

Malaysia must get out of the middle income trap and the only way is to increase productivity, wages and standard of living, certainly not by giving subsidies.Direct subsidies should only be given to the old and infirm.

Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) may not be wrong when he says Anwar probably knew about the trap but "walked into", and he did indeed commit the acts for which he is currently indicted.

Anwar has threatened to sue LKY but there seemed to be no progress on the case.

Taking LKY on would be like living between a rock and a hard place, may just open another can of worms.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Am Afraid Of Anwar Ibrahim!

Hantu Laut

Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes....Peter Drucker ....and I agree with him.

Hypocrisy,equivocating,pretension to infallibility and lies are not attributes we want of a person to be our leader.

"I am not afraid of Anwar Ibrahim" Najib said at the closing of Selangor BN convention.I am afraid the Prime Minister is wrong, Anwar is cleverer,cunning and more ruthless than he would like to think.

I am very very afraid of Anwar Ibrahim.I am afraid of the nation's future.I am afraid that Malaysians may be making the biggest mistake if they chose Anwar to lead this country.I don't mind if Nik Aziz,Mat Sabu or even Tungku Aziz of DAP to be PM as long as it is not Anwar.

This is not about playing politics or hate, it's my true feeling, that Anwar is not suitable material for premiership.I have said the same when he was in UMNO when he delivered his speeches in his bombastic language to impress the lesser beings.He soon realised not many men in the street understand his lofty speeches and grandstanding.

No man can live by his folly, the evilness of men will not pass the test of time.Redemption, sometimes, may come with a deadly blow and it will.The notion that the camera never lies is a fallacy.Anwar's day of reckoning will come when the people woke up to find wools over their eyes of his theatrical acts.

How can you trust a man who protested and called for free and fair elections for the nation but his own party elections are so heavily tainted with trickery,corruptions and underhand tactics.

Past lies, include promise of taking over the Federal government on 16 Sept 2008 in a political coup that had the whole nation riveted in anticipation, now as famous as the infamous 9/11, accused the government of a plot to assassinate him that led him to take refuge in the Turkish Embassy, second attempt by the government, complicit with Perkasa, to murder him by sabotaging the brakes on his car, third attempt by the government of trying to murder him during the 9 Sept BERSIH protest march for free and fair elections and of course as we all know the world famous sodomy trail plotted by Najib and Rosmah.

If that's not enough trouble for him, there were also death threats on her daughter Nurul Izzah and threat to kidnap his grandaughter.

Whatever it is, if the Malaysian government was really involved in trying to murder him, I am sorry to say they are completely inept and a bloody disgrace......pathetic amateur.

The protagonist claimed he is innocent and the victim of government's conspiracy.

I have no wish for Anwar to go to prison for the sodomy charge and I think he should not, his political demise should be left to the people.

Malaysians are so blinkered by the specious rhetoric and pretentious infallibility of the man, so much so, they can't see the trickery and deception behind the mind-bending charades.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Here What They Say About Najib

Hantu Laut

Najib's eve of Malaysia Day speech announcing scrapping of the ISA and some other draconian laws has attracted a motley mix of scepticism from the oppositions.

Here what they say:

Anwar Ibrahim:

Anwar cautious of PM’s reforms, questions new security laws

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has remained cautious of the Najib administration’s latest move in repealing the Internal Security Act 1960 (ISA), and has questioned the proposed new security laws as replacements.

Tony Pua:

Pakatan claims credit for ISA repeal, law reforms

Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders have taken credit for Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s decision to repeal the Internal Security Act 1960 (ISA) as well as several law reforms, saying the prime minister’s move was a direct rip-off from their Buku Jingga plans.

Some unknown idiot:

Anti-ISA NGO demands reparations.

Compensation must be paid to Internal Security Act (ISA) detainees for the “torture” they and their families suffered during their detention, Gerakan Mansuh ISA (GMI) said.

Wall Street Journal:

Anwar Trial Looms Over Malaysian Politics

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak is carving out a new role for himself as a liberal reformer after pledging to scrap the country's harsh Internal Security Act, but he still has one big problem in selling his case to the rest of the world—the continuing sodomy trial of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Lim Guan Heng:

GEORGE TOWN, Sept 16 — Lim Guan Eng today expressed disappointment that the government plans to replace the Internal Security Act (ISA) with two new security laws, and argued that the reforms announced by Datuk Seri Najib Razak last night fell short of being meaningful.

Saying he welcomed the prime minister’s move to repeal the ISA

The Gutter Press:

Najib's Sept 16 fiasco: Glamour announcement but no real change

To mark Malaysia Day, Prime Minister Najib Razak sprung a shock raft of reforms that upon closer scrutiny led nowhere. Civil society and legal experts were left dumbfounded at his audacity and inability to learn from hard knocks of the past that the Rakyat or populace was no longer so easily fooled by the superficial and the cosmetic.

The Nation's Best Birthday Gift.

Hantu Laut

Doing the unexpected.

Najib's best gift to the people and the end of a sordid legacy.The oppositions were stunned, numb and lost for words.
They got what they have been asking for, yet there were deafening silence on the opposition's front.

Completely caught by surprise they have yet to find their voices of
uncomfortable gratitude.

Malaysians can now rest comfortably knowing they would not be deprived of the justice system.

Read what the Malaysian Insider's CEO/Editor deduces here.
"It's the economy, YOU IDIOT !" he says, drowning in his own muddled intelligence. Some people are just too smart for their own good.

Najib's detractors are now busy digging into their lexicons to find the right words to ridicule him.

Happy hunting, you badasses !

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Who Has The Noodle Brain? Ibrahim Ali Or Chua Jui Meng?

Hantu Laut

I am not a great fan of Ibrahim Ali, nor am I impressed with people like Chua Jui Meng.

PKR vice president Chua Jui Meng ticked off Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali for his criticism of the threat by Lion Group chairman William Cheng to move his manufacturing base to Indonesia if the government do not give his company tariff protection against cheaper imports from foreign and other Asean countries.Read it here from the gutter press.

Asean country like Thailand imposed anti-dumping (AD) duty on certain hot rolled coil (HRC), hot rolled pickled and oiled coils and hot rolled plate (HRP) from China and Malaysia.The anti-dumping duty for China is 30.91%, while that from Malaysia is as high as 42.5 %. Products from Malaysian flat steel producer Megasteel Sdn Bhd (Megasteel) is subject to a lower AD duty of 23.57 percent.This pissed-off Mr.William Cheng.Obviously, the Thai government have considered him dumping his products in Thailand. AFTA agreement preclude imposition of tariff for imports from other ASEAN countries.

Many countries including the U.S. have, from time to time, took action to protect local industries by imposing anti-dumping duty on imports considered selling vastly below the normal market price.Indonesia has also done the same for imports of HRC from China,India,Taiwan and Russia declared as HRP to avoid paying import duties.

Uncompetitiveness, is no justification for government to agree to give tariff protection to a single manufacturer if it is going to have ripple effect on downstream activities and other end-users. The building industry survival much depend on the optimal prices of it building materials.It is the government duty to protect the whole industry not just one man just because he knows how to throws threats to get what he wants at the expense of the country losing its integrity and reputation with its other Asean members and be accused of reneging on the AFTA agreement.

Giving tariff protection and slapping on anti-dumping duty on unfair competition are too different things. The anti-dumping duty imposed by Thailand and Indonesia cover few countries, not just Malaysia.The Indonesian government is also contemplating imposing anti-dumping duty against aluminium plates imported from Malaysia and China.

The Malaysian government must have looked at the matter and deemed it as no threat to local manufactures.The benefits outweighs the negative threat from one man who wants the easy way out.

Obviously, Chua Jui Meng came to the defence of William Cheng out of politics, ethnic and personal reasons rather than the nation's interest.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

Pessimism on the World Financial Situation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Philip Bowring
Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide?

The present global financial situation is a reminder of the story of the German who in 1939 wanted to get as far away as possible from likely war in the west -- and went to Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands, which would later become the scene of some of World War II’s bitterest fighting.

Supposedly much of Asia is now relatively safe with few real estate bubbles (China and Hong Kong excepted), fairly low public debt and more foreign exchange reserves than they know what to do with. The likes of Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia are not full of excitement but they look healthy enough. And China continues to forge ahead despite inflation at 6 percent or so and rising doubts about the health of its financial institutions.

All in all it looks healthy compared with Europe with its wobbly euro and nearly-collapsing peripheral states with their outsize debts, or the US where the external deficit remains chronic, politics a dangerous standoff and unemployment at unacceptable levels.

However, take a closer look and Asia may not be so great after all. China’s latest export data shows year-on-year growth of 25 percent. But how much of this is due to currency factors? China expresses its trade accounts in dollars, not a slowly appreciating yuan. Yet most of its exports to Europe are in euros and some to other destinations in recently strong currencies such as the yen and Australian dollar. Allow for that and the numbers are less healthy – and that is before both the latest economic slowdowns in Europe and the US, and before the impact of rapidly rising wage costs on some industries where lower cost suppliers are now available.

Not that China is in much danger of seeing its trade surplus vanish, even if exports to the west stagnate or even fall. If current global gloom prevails, the next result must surely be a further decline in commodity prices, which have been so long boosted by a mix of Chinese demand, slow growth in supply and speculation financed by cheap money. All those have started to come to an end – though the process could be drawn out.

That should benefit Chinese consumption and bring down inflation but is just the news that the commodity exporters of Southeast Asia, Australia and the Gulf do not want. They are not going to be rushing to boost local demand if export prices turn sour. They have found it hard enough to grow fast even when external conditions have been very positive because domestic issues – politics in Malaysia and Thailand, skills shortages almost everywhere, stand in the way.

Meanwhile China’s problems are internal, not external, wedded as the government is reducing inflation while trying to achieve a growth rate which is unsustainable given zero manpower growth and past overinvestment in unproductive assets. The existence of a growing number of first-class Chinese companies, mostly from the private or semi-private sectors, cannot hide a macro picture in some ways reminiscent of Thailand in 1996. The big difference of course is that China is a creditor, not debtor. That precludes crisis but not a combination of inflation and sharp slowdown. It will shy away from strong efforts against inflation because the higher interest rates need would expose the over-borrowed situation of so many state enterprises, and put upward pressure on the Yuan to the distress of influential exporters. Read more

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

London's Streets Of Rage

The Daily Beast

Britain’s estates are full of frustrated youth. A look inside their broken world.

On a recent night in Stockwell, an up-and-coming swath of South London, a police van prowled the streets. The neighborhood, five kilometers from Parliament and a short walk from Battersea Park, sees its Tube stop fill with young bankers at rush hour and its pubs bustle at night. But two weeks earlier its darker side had taken hold. Hooded youths took over the streets, smashing and looting at will, as the area became a picture of the chaos that swept through London during last month’s riots.

The van slowed to a stop near a scraggly patch of lawn, where a cluster of young men huddled beneath the blocks of the sprawling housing projects, or “estates,” that sit smack in the center of Stockwell. The spotlight on the van’s roof tracked toward the group, bathing them in blinding white. In unison, they turned away, and waited. The spotlight went out, and the van disappeared into the night.

“Rage,” said one of the young men, an 18-year-old with cornrows and a cold gaze. He pulled papers from his pocket to roll a spliff. “It’s everywhere. Just everything in general for the youth. How man lives. Rage is peak.”

Tensions had been running high in the Stockwell estates, and in poor areas throughout the city, since the four nights of rioting ended on Aug. 10. Some buildings in places like Peckham, another hard-hit area in South London, were still boarded up. The police reinforcements sent from across the United Kingdom remained, and the streets were full of cops, whom the kids call “feds,” though England has no FBI. Police were kicking down doors in search of pilfered riot loot, and the hated stop-and-searches were in full effect. The annual Afro-Caribbean street carnival, meanwhile, which the previous year had ended in a shower of bottles and Molotov cocktails, was set to kick off in a few days. There were whispers about more trouble to come, and authorities made plans to pump the festival with record numbers of police.Read more.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hisham! What Crime Has Mat Sabu Committed?

Hantu Laut

Hishammuddin Onn, keeper of the Grand Duchy said it is up to the AG (Attorney General) to charge or not to charge Mat Sabu here and also signifies that the ISA would not be used, not yet anyway, against Mat Sabu here. Which means he is keeping his option open in the event the AG couldn't find appropriate section of the law to charge poor Mat Sabu for expressing his unworldly opinion.

Hishammuddin said there were other laws available that could be applied towards Mat Sabu’s alleged remarks, but did not specifically identify the offence the opposition leader may have committed.

I wonder which law Mat Sabu has broken for the Minister to even dare broach the idea of charging him? Are we really running out of the right to free speech? It is his opinion and as ridiculous as it may sound I do not think he has broken any law.

Malaysia do not have any anti-denial law like those passed in Germany and a number of European countries making it a criminal offence to deny that the "Holocaust" ever happened. Many historians are critical and against the law which they claimed suppressed the universal right to free speech.Most holocaust deniers perceived the 'Holocaust' as a Jewish conspiracy to advance Jewish interest at the expense of other people.

Is Mat Sabu a denier, a historical revisionist or a shit-stirrer? I am not sure which section of the law is applicable for dealing with buffoonery? I would say something laughable rather than an offence.

You can criticise, condemn, ridicule or poke fun at Mat Sabu but to charge him with an offence for saying the attackers of Bukit Kepong were the real heroes (which I disagree in my earlier posting) is totally absurd.

I'll be surprised if the AG would have the conscience to charge him.I'll be even more sorry for UMNO if the Home Minister decide to use the ISA on him.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11: The Day The Towers Fell

New 9/11 Tapes Released Days Before Tenth Anniversary Of Attacks

Only days before the United States marks the tenth anniversary of the horrifying 9/11 attacks, we’re hearing, for the first time, the full audio recordings of communications between military and civilian air traffic controllers on that fateful day.

The multimedia document, published by the Rutgers Law Review, provides a rare look at how government agencies responded -- blow-by-blow -- to the hijacking of the four planes as the drama was actually unfolding, according to ABC News, which played the tapes on Good Morning America on Thursday.

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"We have a problem here. We have hijacked aircraft headed towards New York and we need you guys to, we need someone to scramble some F-16s or something up here to help us out," a worker at Boston Center's Traffic Management Unit said at 8:37 a.m., according to the tapes.Read more.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remembering 9/11: 100 Muslims For Every American

The war criminal George W. Bush embraces firefighter Bob Beckwith while standing in front of the collapsed World Trade …

Hantu Laut

I was out in town when my daughter called me on my cellphone and told me a plane had crashed into one of the towers of the World Trade Centre (WTC) in New York.

She was watching CNN live broadcast of the incident which many people initially thought was an accident.

I told her that it was not possible as the WTC was nowhere near any commercial flight path, it could be a private plane.She responded in the negative saying it was an American Airline plane.She said she would call me back when she gets clearer picture.

About 20 minutes later she called me back and said another plane has struck the other tower.It suddenly dawn on me this could be no accident.Two commercial planes can't possibly strayed off their flight path and crashed into the same building.

My daughter who studied in the US and lived there for almost ten years had finally come home for good.

When I got home I was in utter disbelief looking at the chaos and horrifying scenes on TV. The inferno, people jumping out of the burning buildings, fire trucks and firemen rushing all over the place, people running away from the scene of the disaster and the eventual collapse of the two towers that reminded me of the movie "Towering Inferno".Both towers came down in less than two hours.

Remembering 9/11, the 10th anniversary of the terrorists attack on U.S soil, planned and executed with military precision.Two commercial jets hit the WTC towers, one hit the Pentagon and another one crashed when passengers tried to retake the plane from the hijackers.

Did the U.S government have prior knowledge of the impending attack and chose to ignore it, or were they complicit in the heinous attack or as they claimed were they really caught off guard?

For the second time, the U.S. was fooled into complacency that no foreign forces can or would dare attack America on American soil, Pearl Harbour was a distant memory.

Do you have any doubts who were really responsible for the attack and collapse of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre (WTC). After looking at the video of the collapse which looked more like controlled demolition I can understand the rise of conspiracy theories amongst the hard-nosed skeptics ? Three high rise buildings that came down in the same manner within less than two hours of the inferno are foods for skepticism .Can such coincidence be so naturally orchestrated? As far-fetched as it sounds, there have been many conspiracy theories going round implicating the US government involvement in the attacks on the WTC in New York on Sept 11 2001.

More and more conspiracy theories are coming out of the woodwork.Former Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohammad has revitalised his belief here of the conspiracy .......the likelihood of US government's complicity in the 911 terrorists attack.

Both cities, New York and Washington are on high alert to prepare themselves in the event of an attack by Al-Qaeda, the same terrorists organisation accused of bringing down the WTC Towers.

Will the terrorists outsmart the US government by diverting attention and it neglecting security at other US cities.

Los Angeles,Chicago,Boston,San Francisco and many more could be the unguarded goal posts and targets for terrorists attacks.

Below are collection of videos and stories of the 911 tragedy.

9/11, Ten Years Later

9/11 Remembered

911 Truth Movement

America would continue to overwhelm the world with its military might, bombing so-called terrorist targets indiscriminately inflicting collateral damage.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, there have been 100 Muslims killed by the US. and her Western allies for every American that died in 9/11.

Who remembers them?

The power of the Western media is as powerful as its military might.Remembering 9/11 are being splashed around the globe in every major newspapers, TV networks and the Internet.

The Muslim world is limp and still.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Sime Darby's E&O bid poses policy dilemma

Hantu Laut

Sime Darby is short of 3% triggering the takeover threshold.A general offer would cost Sime additional funds of over MR2.0 billion assuming full acceptance by all shareholders.

Can the minority shareholders push for a general offer? As it is Sime do not have to make the general offer.The Malaysian Takeover Code is available here.

The ball is now at the feet of the SC Chairman. The Securities Commission is now under the watchful eyes of many vested interests.

Look like Sime has not learned from past mistakes.

Written by M.A. Wind
Friday, 09 September 2011

The plot tickens and all the attention is on the SC. With the Chairman of the SC being married to the Chairman of E&O, who bought shares of E&O just before the takeover by Sime Darby, making things even more intriguing. It is time for SC's next move, and everybody is watching.

From The Straits Times, by Leslie Lopez, September 9, 2011:

Sime Darby, Malaysia’s financially bruised plantation-based conglomerate is presenting the country’s securities watchdog agency with an awkward policy dilemma with its acquisition of a 30 per cent interest in public listed property concern Eastern & Oriental (E&O) for RM 766 million.
Central to the widening public debate is whether the state-controlled group should be compelled to make a mandatory general offer for the remainder of E&O shares, a deal which could cost an additional RM 2.6 billion.
E&O is a property concern with lucrative rights to carry out large reclamation works in the northern island of Penang.
Critics of the deal argue that Sime Darby’s purchase of the block from three groups, including Singapore’s GK Goh Holdings, was structured in a way to circumvent the country’s takeover code.
But proponents of the transaction insist that Sime Darby was merely opting for a more cautious approach to its investment in E&O, and that a general offer could being the offing in the coming months.
In any case, the deal is presenting the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) with a prickly regulatory problem over whether it should force Sime4 Darby to make an immediate general offer in the interest of protecting the rights of minority shareholders.Read more.