Friday, September 28, 2012

Eating your way around KL’s street food scene

By Chris Wotton
STREET food across Southeast Asia is well renowned for its quality, variety and low cost – and Malaysia is no exception to the rule. In the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, tasty street food abounds and eating on the street guarantees experiences – and flavours – you will struggle to get in the best of the more expensive indoor restaurants. There might be no air con, but the sights, sounds and smells and the hustle and bustle of the city’s streets more than compensate.
A variety of cuisines and tastes are catered for at the city’s vast number of makeshift roadside eateries. From satay chicken to deep fried bananas, expect top quality examples of the different dishes that make up Malaysia’s vast food culture. Year round you are spoilt for choice in terms of the food you can be chowing down in the comfort of local Malaysians. By following their lead and eating at stalls which have a crowd of hungry customers, you can be sure not only of better standards of cleanliness (if the locals are eating there, chances are they are not getting sick) but also top notch nosh!
There is an excellent selection of Malaysian street food in Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown area on Jalan Petalling, as well as in the Bukit Bintang area – a favourite for backpackers in particular – and on the streets around the city’s many shopping malls and nearby the infamous Petronas Towers. Drop by around festivals like Ramadan for reams of extra choice – at dusk during the Muslim fasting period, when the day’s period of abstinence comes to an end, the streets are packed with throngs of stalls that are not there normally, each with even more choice of delicious snacks to tuck into.
Freshly grilled satay. Pic: Chris Wotton.
Freshly grilled satay. Pic: Chris Wotton.
Satay is a must eat on the Malaysian street food circuit. This unbeatable favourite, popular around the world and hailing from the Indonesian island of Java but adopted by the Malaysians and made their own, consists of skewers of chicken, pork or beef marinated in a rich curry based paste with coconut milk, then grilled and served with an equally rich peanut sauce on the side for dipping, again with lashings and lashings and coconut milk. The grill is often as simple as a metal tray on the street with a pot of smoking embers beneath – sometimes, though, simplicity is best.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bloody Shameless Sabah Politicians !

Hantu Laut

There are a dime a dozen of this type of Sabah politicians who couldn't care less what people think of their shameless behaviour....... dishonest, lack of integrity, no self-respect and no sense of shame.

Today, I read with great consternation a statement that appeared in the Daily Express made by former Sabah Finance Minister Mohd Noor Mansor saying he regretted joining Harris Salleh, whom he now accused of not having compassion at the time to those who died in the tragic plane crash.

Mansor said "If I had only known then, I would not have joined Berjaya..... the signing of the oil agreement with Petronas  seemed to show no respect to the passing of State leaders in the air-crash.

This man is a pathetic clown and need to see a shrink!

Wasn't he the one who sold the Berjaya building?

Berjaya and Harris ruled the state for almost nine years and he was Finance Minister. What happened then, did he lock up his conscience in the drawer for nine solid years and show no remorse then that he had actually and joyfully participated in such unconscionable act and only found his conscience almost three decades later and blamed Harris for water under the bridge.

Appallingly shameless!

Obviously, shame is not in his vocabulary.

The Cat's Paw

Hantu Laut

The Bar Council chief Lim Chee Wee  again made a fool of himself by saying there is nothing sinister about foreign funding. How would he knows.

As a lawyer it would be better for him to confine himself to matters of law. 

Just like they don't teach you the pitfalls of the business world in business schools, they also don't teach you the academic of espionage, covert operations and regime change in law schools.

I do agree not all foreign funding have bad intention but accepting their formal benefaction leaves you open to be a cat's paw when the benefactor decide to call on your gratitude. 

For starter read the following:

The United States government has been involved in and assisted in the overthrow of foreign governments (more recently termed "regime change") without the overt use of U.S. military force. Often, such operations are tasked to the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA).
Regime change has been attempted through direct involvement of U.S. operatives, the funding and training of insurgency groups within these countries, anti-regime propaganda campaigns, coup d'états, and other activities usually conducted as operations by the CIA. The U.S. has also accomplished regime change by direct military action, such as following the U.S. invasion of Panama in 1989 and the U.S.-led military invasion of Iraq in 2003.

For your entree:

The U.S. has also covertly supported opposition groups in various countries without necessarily attempting to overthrow the government. For example, the CIA funded anti-communist political parties in countries such as Italy and Chile; it also armed Kurdish rebels fighting the Ba'athistgovernment of Iraq in the Second Kurdish-Iraqi War prior to the Algiers Agreement.

For your dessert:

Syria became an independent republic in 1946, but the March 1949 Syrian coup d'état, led by Army Chief of Staff Husni al-Za'im, ended the initial period of civilian rule. Za'im met at least six times with CIA operatives in the months prior to the coup to discuss his plan to seize power. Za'im requested American funding or personnel, but it is not known whether this assistance was provided. Once in power, Za'im made several key decisions that benefitted the United States. He approved the Trans-Arabian Pipeline (TAPLINE), an American project designed to transport Saudi Arabian oil to Mediterranean ports. Construction of TAPLINE had been delayed due to Syrian intransigence. Za'im also improved relations with two American allies in the region: Israel and Turkey. He signed an armistice with Israel, formally ending the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and he renounced Syrian claims to Hatay Province, a major source of dispute between Syria and Turkey. Za'im also cracked down on local communists. However, Za'im's regime was short-lived. He was overthrown in August,just four and a half months after seizing power.[11][12][13][14]
Read more.

The Bar Council, Ambiga, Suaram and of the ilk have played into the opposition's hand and are doing the opposition's bidding. 


Real donors or philanthropists only give to charitable causes to help alleviate human sufferings and expecting nothing in return. Anything outside this sphere is highly suspicious.

Some donor may look genuine and sincere and may not demand you to do their bidding immediately and as the Malay saying "air yang tenang jangan sangka tiada buaya" such request may come much later when you are vulnerable and feel indebted and more than ready to show your gratitude.

The U.S government have helped to overthrow many foreign governments they deemed not friendly to them by covertly funding and use of NGOs, individuals and opposition parties as vehicles to destabilise and create political upheaval.If all these clandestine methods failed , they will resort to openly funding armed rebellion, supplying the rebels with arms and money. More often than not they ended up installing worse and more evil regimes. 

Saddam Hussein of Iraq was a monster created by America using him to stage a long war against Iran, America's No.1 enemy. Saddam later turned his back on the Americans.

America's biggest political fiasco is  in  the Middle East where they have brought down reigning regimes, some, through CIA covert operations and destabilisation through people power. The Arab Spring has changed the political landscape of the Middle East that have brought rapid succession the ouster of dictators like Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali in Tunisia, Moammar Gadhafi in Libya, Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen and Hosni Mubarak in Egypt.

Egypt, may be the U.S biggest miscalculation. The springing people power and the helluva democracy America wanted to install have sprung a helluva surprise, the rise to power of the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist party that may not be so friendly to the U.S. 

Washington is now in a quandary on how to deal with the situation. They have supported the Mubarak's regime that have blatantly trampled and abused its citizens and human rights for over two decades with the help of the American government who saw it fits to fund the evil regime as long as they stay friendly to Israel.

The U.S media now claimed it is the American people who freed the Arabs from tyranny and are in bafflement and anger when the recent Muslim rage against a film that insulted Muslims and Prophet Muhammad that killed the U.S Libyan Ambassador and a couple of other American, calling the Muslims ingrates when they should have been more grateful to the U.S. for giving them freedom and democracy.

"Many Americans are asking...indeed, I asked could this happen, how could this happen in a country we helped liberate, in a city we helped save from destruction" Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said.

I can only give her one answer, the U.S double standard foreign policy sucks. The growth of democracy in the Middle East is going to bring plenty more anti-American sentiment that have been suppressed for a long time by dictators supported by the U.S.

Why should the Muslims be grateful to the U.S who had killed hundred of thousands innocent Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan on their so-called war on terror.

Are Malaysians, gullible, too smart for their own good or just plain stupid like the Arabs who wanted democracy and freedom American style and eventually turned their back on the Americans.

People like Ambiga, Bersih, Suaram and the Bar Council have played into the hand of the big bullshit U.S brand of democracy and freedom..... freedom to cause turmoil and upheaval in what used to be one of the most peaceful countries on the globe.

Who is the super rich obscured Melayu businessman who admits he paid for Anwar's ride on the private jet. He is not even on Forbes Malaysia's rich list.

Below is the cost of charter of a Falcon 7X similar to the one he used.

Cost per flying hour = US$8800. 

Assuming total hours covered to ferry him from KL to Sabah, Sarawak and back was 15 hours, the total cost would be US$132,000 x 3.00 = RM396,000.00

That's not a lot of money if you are filthy rich.

The Falcon 7X is a long range jet that have a range of 5950 nautical mile and cost US$50 million new.

Nice to have very generous rich friends and a huge war chest.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Anwar The Famous Rockstar !

Hantu Laut

There is nothing wrong if your rich friend give you a free ride in his private jet or private yacht if you are not a politician running for the highest office in the country.

"Carry fire in one hand and water in the other" from Plautus of Latin literature that depicts a person who is prepared to act in totally contradictory ways to achieve his purposes.

As always, Anwar contradicts himself again.

From this luxury coach with only 19 seats, a massage chair and toilet for 2 people (?)

To this Falcon 900 private jet. This is one of the few private executive jets with head standing room.Estimated cost new US$40 million.

Anwar Ibrahim talked about transparency, incorruptibility and integrity of the highest order and accused the current leaders in government of corruptions and abuse of powers and, he, the prime minister wannabe accepted a free ride in a Falcon 900 private jet funded by a rich businessman, whom he called friend. 

He admitted he needs not have to pay for it and think that was the right thing to do and had the cheek to say he asked the photographs to be taken to show transparency. What transparency if you refused to divulge the name of the businessman, the benefactor to your political cause.

He is lucky he is in Malaysia where most people do not consider it's morally wrong for politicians to accept freebies. In the U.S,  if he is running for president the press wolves would tear him to pieces if the name of the giver is cloaked in secrecy and the wannabe president asked the press to check the name with Civil Aviation. 

In Western politics that would be suicidal but than we are not Westerners and most Malaysians are cut from the same cloth, they can't separate the wheat from the chuff.

Haven't you heard of nominees and trust companies where one can hide one's identity? To find out Anwar's benefactor would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Well, Mr Anwar Ibrahim, of all people, you should know well enough that nothing is free in this world. As with all very rich businessmen in this world they hope and some may even demand a return on their investment. They look at you as an investment first and a friend second and if they made a bad business decision, they are prepared to write you off as a loss and account it as tax deductible expenditure. 

Politics and business are calculated risks that, sometimes, don't pay off and some businessmen are prepared to take the gamble.

Pakatan Rakyat claimed they are poor, have no money and pleaded to the rakyat to donate money to their political cause. 

Do you, the rakyat, see this as true, judging from how the de facto leader and your probable future prime minister already living the high life of a famous rockstar?

Anwar says paid nothing for private jet trip

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Indonesian Miracle


When most people think of Indonesia today, they think of beaches and temples or of its famously teeming cities, but this country of 240 million and counting is a much more modern, diversified, and dynamic economy than many international investors and companies assume. To make the most of Indonesia's vast potential, they're going to need to change the way they think about the archipelago -- and putting these five myths to bed is a good place to start.

"Indonesia's economy is unstable."
Hardly. Far from being unstable, Indonesia has been growing steadily at an impressive rate of 4 to 6 percent over the past 10 years -- less volatile than the economies of Brazil, Russia, India, and China, or any other developed country for that matter. Indonesian government debt has fallen by 70 percent in just a decade and is now at a level lower than in 85 percent of developed economies. Inflation, which was over 20 percent 10 years ago, now stands at 8 percent, comparable with more mature economies, such as South Africa and Turkey. Indonesia's overall economic management has also shown remarkable improvement. The World Economic Forum ranked Indonesia 25th out of 139 countries for macroeconomic stability in 2012, up sharply from 89th in 2007. For comparison, Brazil ranked 62nd and India ranked 99th.  

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mitt Romney's Loose Cannon And A Vixen

Hantu Laut 

Mitt Romney may have too much money and think he can win the election by insulting poor working class America, literally calling them parasites.

Just as well, he is not getting much help from his tempestuous wife. 

Read the two articles below:

Why Is Mitt Romney Such A Loser?

It’s a serious question. On the basis of fundamentals, the race should be a squeaker. The Yale economist Ray Fair’s prediction model, which ignores the opinion polls and just looks at economic factors, currently puts Obama’s share of the popular vote at 49.5 per cent, implying that Romney would almost certainly get a narrow majority in the electoral college and win the election. Because the margin of error in Fair’s forecasting equation is three per cent, he isn’t really predicting a Romney victory; he’s just saying that the race should be close, really close. As of today, it isn’t. Read more.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

A letter from Romney's wife

Dear Fellow-Republican,

I’m not a happy camper.
Over the past few days, some so-called Republicans have taken it upon themselves to lob some pretty harsh words in the direction of my husband. Now, it’s one thing when Mitt gets criticized by the forty-seven per cent of Americans who are parasites sucking at capitalism’s teat. But when former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan calls his campaign “a rolling calamity,” it’s time for Ann Romney to kick some ass.
Which brings me to you. This is not a fundraising appeal. Lord knows this campaign has all the money it needs, especially since Mitt went to Vegas and promised Sheldon Adelson he’d bomb Tehran on Day One. As Mitt’s wife, I’m asking you to pledge something far more valuable:

Your silence. 

By signing the pledge form below, you become an official member of Ann Romney’s Circle of Silence, an élite tier of the Romney for President Campaign. As a member of the C.O.S., you will receive priority ticketing to the Inauguration, as well as a collectible “Loose Lips Sink Mitt” ball gag. All you have to do is shut the freak up until Election Day.
That’s right, for the next forty-six days, I’m asking you to bite your tongue every time Mitt says or does something idiotic. If you think that sounds difficult, welcome to my world.
And Peggy Noonan, if you’re reading this: you want a piece of Ann Romney? Then get in the ring, girlfriend, and I’ll mess you up good.
Vote for Mitt,
She is sure one hell of a vixen! Good luck Mitt! 

How not to lose friends, if you have a wife like Mrs Romney

Read more.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My reason for joining PKR — Ibrahim Menudin

Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build bridges even when there are no rivers... Nikita Khrushchev

SEPT 20 — The eve of Malaysia Day marked a major turning point in my life. After a career spent largely out of the political limelight, I decided to enter mainstream politics and join Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).
For some time now, I have felt a deep and growing sense of dissatisfaction with the way our country is run. We have achieved so much with what we have been given, and yet, 49 years after Malaysia was formed, and with eight years left until Wawasan 2020, many of us are still struggling with the basic necessities of life. Eighty per cent of our households still live on less than RM3,000 per month, and 40 per cent of our households live on RM1,500 per month. As the cost of living continues to increase, most of us will still struggle to make ends meet.
I joined PKR because I believe it is time for change. It is time that we took back the future, the future that is continually being promised to all of us, but is only being realised by so few.
In the shorter term, we have to tackle the economic mismanagement that is currently plaguing our country. The current administration's “solution” to spend our way out of our problems is not a solution; it is part of the problem. Our national debt stands at 53 per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), more than Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, and at least one-third of our federal budget is funded by Petronas. We need to restructure the way our budget is funded and the way our budget is spent, and we need to re-think the way our government-linked companies (GLCs) operate.
In the longer term, we need to address our national standard of education. Our students are becoming less competitive because we have come to depend on a system of rote memorisation and indoctrination rather than on a system of building intellect and promoting lateral thinking. Thirty per cent of our students do not even complete SPM. Many private schools have been founded to address some concerns that our children are not getting the level of education they need. Our priority should be to raise the quality of education of all our national schools, so that if we want to send our children to private schools, it is because we want to, not because we feel we have to. Our overarching philosophy should be not just to educate our students, but to liberalise the minds of all Malaysians, young and old.
I am also entering PKR to help the people of Labuan. As a native of Labuan, I long to see a great and prosperous future for my homeland. I have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed immense opportunity. My goal now is to make these opportunities, and so many more, available to everyone, by allowing Labuan to realise its true potential. We need to lower the skyrocketing living costs that are burdening the average Labuanite, and properly position and promote Labuan as an international hub for oil and gas, education, and financial services.Read more.

Bigots Vs Bigots

Hantu Laut

In every religion there are bigots who violate other religion out of ignorance, sheer stupidity and for some, throwing insults, merely, for orgasmic whirl of thrills. 

People like obscured Florida Pastor Terry Jones and film maker Sam Becile who made the film "Innocence of Muslims" to insult Muslims and Prophet Muhammad are more dangerous that Al Qaeda terrorists as they can stir up mass violence with lethal consequence among the world's Muslim population. 

Jones, from a small never heard of nondenominational Christian church is an attention seeker who may be suffering from serious bouts of attention deficit syndrome. His ways of seeking fame is by burning the Korans. Just as well, bigoted Muslims around the world gave him the attention he wanted...... a celebrity of sorts.

The U.S, the bastion of freedom of expression, as Secretary of State Hilary Clinton had said, will not stop anyone from expressing themselves no matter how distasteful they are. The carnage that stemmed out of this freedom of expression that enraged Muslims into violent reaction that killed the U.S Ambassador to Libya and a couple of other American. 

The U.S stance advocating protection of free speech even if it can cause mass violent hysteria on a global scale is beyond the pale. Its refusal to prosecute the tormentors giving free speech as the excuse is most deplorable and has given rise to more madness and copycats casting more insults at Muslims worldwide.

European official are worried that Europe may be the next battleground over the anti-Islam video. German officials mulled a ban of a planned screening of the film in Berlin and in French a weekly magazine published cartoons of Prophet Muhammad, some showing him naked. Muslim community leaders appealed for calm, but can they control the religious fervour of million of Muslims.

Can they control the madness of 6 million Muslims in French, 4 million in Germany, 20 million in Russia and million more in other part of Europe?

It is deplorable hypocrisy using freedom of expression as an excuse not to take action to stop desecration of other religions. 

You can't call an African American a "nigger" or the Whites  as "white thrashes" but it is fine to thrash and insult other people's religion and called it freedom of expression.Racism is outlawed in the West but insulting religions is perfectly alright.

As there are as many bigots in Christianity, there are just as many in Islam.

Hypocrisy is homage that vice pays to virtue.

It is about time the hypocritical West draw a line between freedom of expression and freedom to insult, may it be race, colour or creed.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Circumcision as a Weapon Against HIV

Concern is growing among health care professionals over the increasing trend against male circumcision, a practice that they say could avert more than 20 percent of new HIV infections by 2020, saving an estimated US$16.6 billion in future medical costs.

On May 7, 2012, a regional court in the western city of Cologne in Germany found that the circumcision of under-age boys for religious reasons was an unlawful act that caused bodily harm. Although the decision has no binding force on other courts, the decision has sparked uncertainty not only among health professionals but in Jewish and Muslim communities because male circumcision is a widely accepted religious rite.

Although the World Health Organization has estimated that some 665 million males aged 15 and older are circumcised, 70 percent of them Muslim, the numbers have been declining in many first-world states including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia, although voluntary medical circumcision has been rising in South Africa, the epicenter of the HIV problem.

The practice of circumcision is undeniably painful since it involves moving the flap on skin on the head of the penis, perhaps the most sensitive part of the mail body. Arguments against the practice have been growing since the 1970s because of a belief that it causes psychological trauma that could affect the child later in life, and that the flap of skin is an important conductor of pleasure for uncircumcised men.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is supporting the wider use of circumcision its propagation and the World Health Organization is being urged to do the same, with critics arguing that any such campaign carries with it the real danger that societies in Africa, where the AIDS prevention efforts are mostly focused, will result in the large scale circumcising of infants who have no choice in the matter.

It should be noted that female circumcision has nothing to do with health. It is nothing more than the practice of female genital mutilation and is a gross insult to womanhood. It stems from male fears of women’s sexuality and usually involves cutting out the clitoris, which is enormously painful though milder versions which only involve trimming the labia may have no more effect on ability to be aroused than the male counterpart.

More than 40 observational studies among heterosexual men, however, show that circumcised men have about a 60 percent reduced risk of HIV compared to uncircumcised men. Three randomized controlled trials were conducted in Sub-Saharan Africa that showed circumcised men were at 60 percent less risk of HIV than uncircumcised men.

Thus the health benefits appear undeniable. “All these three trials were stopped by independent Data Safety Monitoring Boards as the effect was so strong and it was thought unethical to not offer circumcision to men in the control arm," had said Dr Helen Weiss, Reader in Epidemiology and International Health, The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) in an exclusive interview to Citizen News Service (CNS) at AIDS Vaccine 2011. Read more.

Bas Mewah Anwar, Canggi, Cantik Dan Ikonik ?

Hantu Laut

Pertama kali di Malaysia, budaya politik "KULTUS" yang terbaru.

Canggi, cantik dan mewah.

Belum berkuasa sudah pandai bergaya........bila berkuasa ?

Bapak Besar UMNO yang dituduh rasuah besar pun belum ada bas yang mewah seperti bas Bapak Anwar .

Bila nak beli pesawat jet dan helikopter  dengan gambar "IKONIK" untuk menjelajah di Sabah dan Sarawak, di mana jalan raya dibena kerajaan BN kurang baik dan kurang selesa bagi Bapak Anwar.

Kata bas PKR, yang ditampal gambar Anwar, idola orang Melayu baru.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Family of Anti-Islam Filmmaker Joins Him in Hiding

Family members of the California man who wrote and produced the controversial anti-Islam film "Innocence of Muslims" fled their home early Monday morning to join the filmmaker in hiding.
Nakoula Basseley Nakoula has not returned to his Cerritos, California home since being interviewed late Friday night by federal probation officers about his role in the creation of the film, excerpts of which have ignited violent anti-American protests across the Muslim world.
Shortly before 4 a.m. Monday, officers from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department escorted members of Nakoula's family, who had their faces covered, out of the house and into police vehicles so they could rejoin Nakoula at an undisclosed location.
"They decided they would be safer where they could move about and live a normal life," said Steve Whitmore, a spokesman for the Sheriff's Department. "All we did was pick them up and reunite them with Mr. Nakoula."Read more.

How Bad Is It for Romney? You Decide

The New yorker

This being the Jewish New Year, a time for reflection, I’m going to heed the calls of some of our more conservative readers and refrain from passing another negative judgment on my old pal Mitt Romney. Instead, I’ll merely pass along ten headlines from the weekend. Once you’ve read and digested them, there’s a little multiple-choice test.
1. POLL FINDS OBAMA IS ERASING ROMNEY’S EDGE ON ECONOMY (New York Times, 9/14). From the beginning, the best thing Romney has had going for him is a widespread perception that he would do a better job than President Obama in handling the economy and creating jobs. As recently as July, a CBS News/New York Times poll showed him with an eight-percentage-point lead on this key issue, which has now been erased. According to the latest CBS/Times survey, fifty per cent of respondents said that Obama would do a better job handling the economy, and just forty-four per cent said Romney. Among “likely voters,” Obama’s lead was smaller—one point rather than six—but still.
2. ROMNEY AT RISK OF LOSING EDGE ON DEFICIT (Washington Post, 9/16). In most polls, the budget is just about the only other issue where Romney has held an advantage. In an April ABC News/Washington Post poll, for example, he held a whopping lead of seventeen percentage points—fifty-four to thirty-seven—on the question of who would handle the deficit better. But in the most recent ABC/Post poll, that lead has narrowed to just three points. Other polls show a similar trend.

Read more

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sarawak Report:The Bitching And Ranting Of A Sore Loser

Hantu Laut

Why don't you screw your own government for not listening to your demand, or better still screw the royal couple for bringing shame to your country.

William and Kate have also visited Soloman Islands which had suffered serious environmental damage and degradation of its forests due to unsustainable and illegal logging activities and corruptions, but you are completely silent on the Solomon but keep barking like a mad dog at Sabah and Sarawak Chief Ministers with your skewed and twisted political agenda.

Are you really concerned about the environment or you have prostituted yourself to the Malaysian oppositions. The answer is obvious.

You have put pen to paper but did not pen your name to the story.

Ain't, life a bitch ! When you have to hide behind the face of anonymity, pretending and deceiving people into believing that you are an accredited news portal, ostensibly you are not,  you are merely a blog with one political agenda.....placarding Sabah and Sarawak Chief Ministers with lies, half-truths and untruths for the sake of the oppositions.

Read the endless bitching of an English woman who has made Malaysian politics her regular meals.

Sabah Trip Goes Tits Up!

A story about topless sunbathing has dominated international coverage of the William and Kate Sabah trip.
It means the destruction of the jungle of Borneo, caused by corruption in Malaysia’s highest political circles, has been ignored in favour of a lot of fuss about a ‘Peeping Tom’ photographer.
One person who will be relieved is Chief Minister Musa Aman.  Sabah may not have got the international attention it might have, but then nor did his corrupt practices.
William and Kate were whisked to a canopy walk in Danum Valley, where they also photographed captive orang utans, and then whisked away again.
Thanks to the destruction of most of Sabah’s natural heritage that is all most tourists get to do in Sabah anyway.

The UK’s Guardiannewspaper had reflected on the situation in Sabah earlier in the week, drawing attention to the concerns that the Royal visit would do less to help save what is left of Borneo than bolster the corrupt regime of the greedy man who has been driving the deforestation.

The top international NGO Global Witness likewise has condemned the visit and asked Prince William to consider the real causes of deforestation, which is the corruption of ministers.Read more.

Sarawak Report, your trusted source of lies, untruths and falsifications.