Friday, March 28, 2008

A Typoon Is Brewing In The "Land Below The Wind"

Hantu Laut

At the rate Sabahan ministers are leaving Abdullah's cabinet very soon there wouldn't be any of them left to represent the state at Federal level. Rumours abound that some more ministers would be leaving soon as most are disappointed with Abdullah's treatment of those from Sabah and Sarawak by giving them minor ministry and deputy ministers ignoring the facts that without them there wouldn't be any Abdullah's government.

When the full result was made known the next day after polling, most Sabahans were exuberant and were in high expectation that they would get better deals this time.Unfortunately, that was not the case, it got worse. Even Shafie Apdal who were in better ministry before was shifted to less important ministry, Ministry of Unity,Arts and Culture.Coffee shop talk says he may be next in line to leave.

While Hanifa Aman, a two-term deputy minister expecting something better was offered a deputy in a less appealing ministry which he rejected outright.Ghapur Salleh left probably for the same reason.

Newcomer Liew Vui Keong of LDP Sabah who won on wafer thin majority was given a deputy in a better ministry, Ministry of International Trade and Industry. This is the same man who slammed him on the Mazu controversy in Sabah.

A strong rumour is going around that a new party is being formed by some unhappy parliamentarians to shift the balance of power.

The possibility is very high as Sabahans felt they are being ignored and belittle by the Prime Minister. He can appoint non elected members to be full ministers and ignored those who have worked hard to bring victory to the party.

What criteria Abdullah used to appoint his ministers is a mystery but it certainly looked like more on ad hoc basis.

It also now appeared that UMNO days may be numbered in Sabah. There is very strong sentiments among Sabahans now wanting to tukaron bangkad (changing shirts).

Watch out Pak Lah ! A typhoon is brewing in the "Land Below The Wind".

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