Friday, December 18, 2009

'Fixed Deposit' My Foot! Sabah In Dire Straits

Hantu Laut

Prime Minister Najib calling Sabah 'fixed deposit' for the BN may end soon if he doesn't do something to those saboteurs in SESB.This bunch of incompetent officers sent over here by Tenaga spent more times going to conferences than doing their job insuring uninterrupted power supply to the state.Some of these men trying very hard to destroy his 1 Malaysia concept.A government that doesn't live up to its promise is likely to face the gallows.

The frequent power disruptions and load shedding that affected the east coast for many years have now hit the west coast and the state capital in a big way.The frequent power disruptions are effecting businesses and creating chaos in the state capital as most major traffic lights ceased to function causing massive traffic jams and mayhem on the roads and streets of Kota Kinabalu.

The constant power disruptions have plagued Sabah for many years and the Federal government since taking over the Sabah Electricity Board had made the situation worse.The negligence to resolve this and other problems affecting the daily lives of Sabahans will have serious repercussions at the next general elections.Sabahans, are basically fed up with the arrogant attitude of these West Malaysian officers and Sabah leaders who had failed to look after the basic needs of the people.

While it is always bright and sunny in West Malaysia clouds of uncertainty hang over Sabah.Frequent power disruptions, inadequate water supply, poor health care, poor road system and the poorest state in Malaysia.

This state had become worse than some third world countries.If shame is the word befitting Sabah leaders than they should be ashamed of themselves for their couldn't care less attitude and inaction.Yesterday, two kampongs in Weston reported to be without water supply for over a month affecting 300 households with over 5000 residents.Reason given by the water department was that their water treatment plant had broken down.The story here.

This is the most outrageous excuse ever.Water is the most essential commodity to sustain lives and Sabah has plentiful.The head of the department should be sacked or moved to a cooler environment where he can spend time sitting on his ass,sucking his thumb and do fuck all.

What do Sabahans want from their members of parliament? They are supposed to look after Sabah's interests at the federal level and act as lobbyists and not as monkeys in Parliament. Here's one Sabah MP who feels he is not handsome enough to deserve the attention of an actress but going ahead anyway to marry her.She loves him for his uncouth and uncultured Mr Bocor image and maybe his fat wallet.Here, the well-known politician(for his controversial menstrual 'bocor') and the popular actress (?, never heard of her before) had dinner with her family to get to know each other better while 5,000 Sabahans here who voted for him and the BN had no water supply for over one month.

Last month I spent three weeks in Phnom Penh and not a single day had been without power.This visibly poor country, if you still want to call it poor to self-console yourself that Malaysia is a better place, are showing remarkable improvement and progress since the fall of the Khmer Rogue.At least most of its streetlights are functioning and important historical monuments are lit at night compared to Kota Kinabalu where many parts of the city are in darkness and major roads unlit.Broken streetlights never get repaired for years.The mayor seems to be busier planting trees,shrubs, flowers and putting up monstrous looking billboards all over the city but ignored the fundamental needs of the city dwellers.The needs to live in a functional city and get the amenities that they have paid for.

While the rest of the world are trying their best to reduce greenhouse effect the Federal government insisted on a coal-fired power plant putting the guns to Sabahan heads that if they don't accept coal than they might as well wither on the vine.

With so much natural gas lying so near offshore common sense tells you that a gas-fired power station makes more sense than that cheap and dirty coal. A project of dubious background.Maybe, the MACC should look into the purchases of Tenaga just to ensure probity and compliance.

If they can run undersea power cable over 700 km for the Bakun project to bring more electrical power to West Malaysia would you believe running 50 km undersea gas pipeline is too expensive and not feasible? The Bakun project would be more expensive to run because it will suffer between 20 to 30 percent power transmission loss over the long distance delivery.

Logic, tells you that the people in Tenaga consider Sabah unworthy of attention, giving Sabahans crappy old machines, pollutants emitting monsters and lots of bullshit stories.These morons forgot that Sabahans are more environmentally conscious than their counterparts in West Malaysia.That's why there were strong objections to the proposal.That's why there were no coal-fired greenhouse gases monsters here.

Just because West Malaysians accepted coal-fired stations doesn't mean Sabahans must do the same and close their eyes to the dangerous long-term side effects to the environment and their health.We have already killed our natural heritage by cutting huge chunk of our forests for oil palm plantations.The harmful effects are now being felt by our rivers and seas.

Unless, Prime Minister Najib takes personal interests in the perennial power disruptions and other problems facing Sabahans his 'fixed deposit' might just evanescent into the abysmal abyss.


SM said...


First-off you seem to be spewing your wrath on the West Malaysians...i.e. West Malaysians this & West Malaysians that! Please note that the shit (pardon my French!) that the BN (i.e. UMNO) has been doling out to Sabah & Sarawak has been accepted by the Sabahans & Sarawakians for years. Don't blame the West Malaysians for wanting a better life & a better environmemt for themselves. Don't blame them for not taking crap from the BN. If the East Malaysians are so sub-serviant to the crap that the BN has been giving them for years, then servers them right!
So much for 1-Malaysia right...just read your article shows how much Malaysians are divided...not only Racially but also Geographically!
Go on keep voting for the BN...see where that takes you!

YB Dato' Abdul Rahman Dahlan said...


I have been a follower of your blog for quite some time now. I appreciate your critical thinking. I even put up a link of your blog in mine so my readers can read some of your thought provoking postings.

In a way you were right when you said that Tenaga had delayed taking action for years and because of that putting all of us in a bind - to choose either coal or coral?

As for the Sabah MPs, so many of us have spoken about TNB's dismal performance in Sabah. The Hansard is full of them. I myself have spoken numerous times about the issue. I am afraid even the "Monkey MPs" have done so ;-)

Solution? I think we have it in a form of a pledge (Heck! It was actually a promise!) by none other than the PM himself to pour billions of ringgit into Sabah's utiity needs. Come 2012, he said, clean water supply for 90 per cent and electricity coverage for 95 per cent of Sabah and Sarawak would be provided.

So there you have it. Whether this is going to be another unfulfilled promise, is yet to be seen. But my gut feeling says, not this time and not this Prime Minister. He knows fully well that failure to do so would be utterly catastrophic!



Hantu Laut said...


Never realised you are that sensitive.
How would you want me to address Malaysians who come from the west part of this nation?I don't think using such name is derogatory.

What happened in Sabah is not so much the fault of BN as a whole but more the incompetence of individuals and in this case the people in Tenaga and the Ministry of Energy.

I would continue to support the BN because I don't have confident in Pakatan being able to do a better job.Najib is trying his very best to repair the damage done under Pak Lah's regime.

Where I see they do wrong I wouldn't hesitate to open my mouth and say it, as in this case.

Have a nice day mate.

Hantu Laut said...
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Hantu Laut said...

YB Dato,

Many thanks for your support.I don't mean to denigrate all the Sabah MPs but I do feel there must be concerted effort by our MPs to tell the Federal government that not taking the problem seriously would be at their own perils.

It is ridiculous that in a country like Malaysia we still have this kind of problem.I personally experience frequent power disruptions and power surges that damage some of my sensitive electrical appliances.The breakdown can come at any time of the day or night without warning.

My family live more than 10 years in Singapore in the 80s and my wife told me not a single day she can remember of a power failure.Here, it happened a few times a day.

Sandakan, have this problem for almost 10 years and what kind of government is it that can't find a solution for something as simple as providing the basic needs of its citizens.

To give you an example of the incompetence of our civil service is their couldn't care less attitude in doing their jobs.

As we both come from the same area I guess you know where I live.Facing my house is the Tuaran Road and a roundabout which was once lit with streetlights for the safety of motorists at night.These streetlights have been out for almost a year now and complaints to the Tuaran District Council have fell on deaf ears.Nothing has been done to rectify the problems.The unlit roundabout posed a danger to motorists particular those who are not familiar with the road.There already been a number of accidents there.

The Tuaran Road is the main artery to other towns in Sabah and the busiest road in the whole state.Yet, the Council is blind to the need to repair the streetlights.

With the power woes, Najib better makes sure this time it's really happening or he would have a big problem on his hand.This is ammo for the oppositions to convince Sabahans they need to change.

Very much appreciate you taking time to come to my blog.

SM said...


Sorry for sounding sensitive. However, you did "insinuate" that the West Malaysians were somewhat "at fault" in what has happened & what is happening to Sabah. Maybe I read it wrongly?
Yes, I understand that you are a BN supporter. Like you I was once a staunch BN (especially when TDM was PM) supporter BUT the coruption & racist agenda that spewed forth from the BN has just taken its toll on my support (& the few million who abandoned it). The PR? I don't know how good they will be BUT I (& I feel the few other million Malaysians too) am willing to give them a try (well at least for one or two terms anyway). Those who forget history will be doomed to repeat it (can't remember who said that)!

vinnan said...

Stupid fuc;['] Sabahans want to keep voting for a bunch of BN bastards. Who can stop them? Do not try to put Sabah's electricity woes on the backs of individuals. Most Sabahans are too fuc;'[] stupid to see it is UMNO which is sodomizing Malaysians. We West Malaysians as you call us KNOW it is UMNO which have been robbing the people. Next time you UMNO fuc;['] want to absolve yourselves of blame for the something a state Sabah is in, try something more sophisticated.

SM said...


Cool it bro...I know you are cheezed off (to put it mildly!) with the BN but using foul language & bursting your brain cells won't help anyone...

W Churchill (my all time hero) once said...

There are 3 types of men -
1/ He who knows not & knows not that he knows not...he is a fool, shun him
2/ He who knows & knows not that he knows...he is asleep, wake him
3/ He who knows & knows that he knows...he is wise, follow him

The Sabahans & Sarawakians are in category's time we wake them up (I feel people like HL are already waking up BUT they still want to follow the BN in the hope that the BN will change [or rather their hatred for Anwar is so great they can't see past their hatred]). The BN has shown that it will never change & so we have to wake up enough East Malaysians so that some other party can try to govern our beloved nation.

Hantu Laut said...

The original phrase was "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it" by George Santayana.Thereafter, it has taken many forms.

Santayana was a Spanish poet and novelist raised and educated in the US.

SM said...



eddy said...

Wow bro you are on fire. It seems from what you described with all these interruptions and power shedding, Sabah is facing some sort of power imbalance where Supply could not cope with demand. I suppose the answer is more power plant needs to be built or take transfer of electricity from outside such as what you aptly suggested, from the Bakun hydroelectric project through undersea cable or even huge overhead transmission lines.

Anyway Bro, I can understand your opposition to a coal fired electric generation plant but in West Malaysia there are a couple of modern coal fired plants notably in Manjung Perak and Tanjung Bin Johor. I had the opportunity of actually visiting the Manjung Plant which was an eye opener, like you I thought this plant is all about pollution, not at all bro in fact the 2100MW of electricity was designed for very minimal pollutant emissions. Google "Manjung Power Plant" Bro, there are plenty of literature about it including the pollution thinghy.

It would even be better if you and like minded Sabahans organise a visit with IEM Sabah or the SESB to Manjung or Tanjung Bin power plants to see for yourselves what entails between the delivery and firing of the coal to produce steam to run the generators for production if electricity.

Further Najib is in the listening mode ie all ears for Sabah and Sarawak, maybe get the MPs and Cabinet Ministers yes people like Dato Abdul Rahman to talk to Dr Koh and Idris Jala to increase YB Peter Chin, Energy Minister's KPI to include:

1. To ensure that by end of 2010, there shall be NO interruption of Electric and Water supply to major cities and town in Sabah.

2. To ensure by end 2012 there will be electricity and water supply to 90% of Sabah major population areas with less than 5% overall interruption.


worth a try bro, Najib will listen and do something within budget constraints, that I am sure.

Anonymous said...

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