Thursday, December 10, 2009

PKFZ Please Get The Sharks Too

Hantu Laut

It's good news that the government has started a crackdown on PKFZ but those arrested today are only ikan bilis. The tip of the iceberg.

Let's hope it's the beginning of a major crackdown.The government must get the sharks, the ones that benefited the most from the debacle.

This is the biggest financial scandal so far and no stone should be left unturned to nap the biggest thief of them all.

Read full story here.


eddy said...

Its good to see things are moving in the right direction. Yes Bro, the bigger shark needs to be snagged in the net also.

Tangkap-tangkap jugalah Bro, but the PKFZ must also have people moving in and investing in its build up area. It was build with a good purpose so I hope PKA and the Government will start to market it worldwide. I think it is still a viable project eventhough it was hijacked by a group of greedy individuals in its inception.

SM said...

HL / Eddy,

Nice sentiments BUt I will believe it when I see it! What they will do (as we have seen many times in the past) is catch the small fry, the big guns will get away scott free.
Then the small fry will be taken to court where they will either get "tiny" sentences or they will get released due to "technicalities" (hey, maybe Lingam is at this very moment writing a verdict to pass to one of the Judges who will try these small fry?!).
Yes, I may be wrong (& I hope I am) but I'm just commenting based on history & we know history repeats itself especially in our beloved Nation.