Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rafizi, Malaysiakini,John Malott,Here's The EIU Report That Scares You, BN Is Strongly Positioned To Win

Hantu Laut 

What's the huge different between "likely to win", "will win" and "strongly positioned to win"

Unless, you are Rafizi Ramli, Malaysiakini and John Malott, who are pickers of trivialities, you won't want to be seen stupid splitting hairs. These guys not only have small minds, they are also pathetic liars, lousy propagandists and ego maniacal. 

Lies, lies, lies.  No where it is more apparent than in the quirky grouping called Pakatan Rakyat. Political oddballs cooking the devil's brew to cheat Malaysians.

PKR strategy chief Rafizi Ramli told FMT that the "EIU Report" that Barisan Nasional will win the 13th general elections is a complete spin by Bernama. 

It wasn't a spin, it was just a sex-up. The EIU did suggest BN the likely winner, strongly positioned to win.  Below is the EIU report, short and sweet.

You want to read the full report, you have to pay.


Malaysia: risk assessment
sector risk
structure risk
Sovereign risk
Stable: The fiscal position is likely to remain weak in 2013-14 as the government struggles to implement fully its programme of subsidy rationalisation. But at the equivalent of an estimated 52.9% of GDP in 2012, public debt is manageable.
Currency risk
Stable: Malaysia's score is on the cusp of the A and BBB rating bands. Foreign-exchange reserves remain at healthy levels, but in the past year they have not grown as fast as in 2011, owing to weak export receipts.
Banking sector risk
Stable: Malaysia's banking risk rating has strengthened from BBB to A. The improvement reflects the relatively strong net foreign assets position of the country's commercial banks—a situation that is likely to persist in 2013-14.

Political risk
The ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition is expected to complete its term, which ends in April. The BN is likely to win the subsequent election, but it will struggle to secure enough parliamentary seats to give it the two-thirds majority that would allow it to amend the constitution unchallenged.
Economic structure risk
Exports of goods and services will continue to account for a large proportion of GDP, highlighting Malaysia’s dependence on external trade.

Bernama did not spin the report. The spinner is Malaysiakini linking the story to a general report on Asian countries and not specific "country report" which is only accessible upon payment to EIU.

Below is the short report that cost me US$26.

Malaysia Economic and Political Outlook

Country Report Malaysia February 2013

Outlook for 2013-17

Election watch

February 4th 2013
The next parliamentary election must be held by mid-2013. Mr Najib is likely to make the performance of the economy a central plank of the BN's campaign and will emphasise the fact that, despite the gloomy global economic situation, the government's policies have helped to bolster domestic growth. The BN will also craft its campaign to appeal to voters in states where it lost control of the local assemblies to the PR at the last elections in 2008. Meanwhile, the opposition alliance is likely to focus its election campaign on the need to uphold the political and economic rights and interests of all Malaysians. The election will see the cash-strapped PR  pitted against the BN's well-oiled political machine. The BN is strongly positioned to win, although its likely margin of victory remains unclear. Mr Najib has worked hard to present himself as being committed to economic and social reform. However, this stance has yet to resonate with Malaysia's ethnic minorities, which make up around one-third of the electorate and whose members mostly voted for the PR in the 2008 election.

Link http://store.eiu.com/Article.aspx?articleid=590144243

The whole lot of you are a bloody shame! Spinners of the worst kinds.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Malaysian Polls Reflect US-China Competition

Nile Bowie

Asia Times

KUALA LUMPUR - In a bid to garner public support and win back several economically dynamic states lost to the opposition in 2008, Malaysia's ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition has introduced a series of populist measures to appeal to voters. But while the upcoming election will be decided mostly on domestic issues, the polls will also reflect rising US-China competition for influence in the country. 

Following the 2008 global economic crisis, Prime Minister Najib Razak looked to Beijing to revive Malaysia's export-oriented economy, emphasizing increased Chinese investment in Malaysian industry. The premier has also moved to expand Sino-Malaysian exchange in areas such as finance, infrastructure development, science and technology, and education. 

China is now Malaysia's largest trading partner, with trade reaching US$90 billion in 2011. Malaysia is China's largest trading partner in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). During a visit to China's Guangxi autonomous region last year, Najib officiated the launch of the China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park (QIP), a joint development by a Malaysian consortium of companies. 
At the event, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao paid tribute to Najib's late father, Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, who established diplomatic ties with China in 1974 during his tenure as Malaysia's second prime minister. Malaysia was the first non-communist country in Southeast Asia to establish official ties with the People's Republic of China. Under Najib, 2014 has been designated as "Malaysia-China Friendship Year", while China has loaned two pandas to Malaysia for 10 years to mark the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations. Read more.

The Pope's Biggest Gay Sex Scandals


Foreign Policy

If a report on Thursday, Feb. 21, in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica is to be believed, Pope Benedict XVI's recent decision to resign just got a whole lot more interesting. The paper claims that around the time that Pope Benedict decided to step down, the pontiff learned of a faction of gay prelates in the Vatican who may have been exposed to blackmail by a group of male prostitutes in Rome. The revelations allegedly appeared in a 300-page report by three cardinals that the pope commissioned to investigate the release of internal documents by his butler, the so-called"Vatileaks" scandal. (A Vatican spokesman has refused to confirm or deny La Repubblica's claims, and the internal Vatican report is reportedly stowed away in a papal safe for Pope Benedict's successor to peruse.)

Seen in the context of Pope Benedict's career in the Catholic Church, it is difficult to understand why revelations of yet another sex scandal would push him to resign. For over a decade, he has served as the church's point person for responding to allegations of abuse. From 1985 until his election to the papacy in 2005, Benedict served as the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, a powerful Vatican body charged with policing church doctrine. In 2001, Pope John Paul II transferred responsibility for dealing with the sex scandals enveloping the institution to then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger's office. In that role, Ratzinger received tens of thousands of complaints alleging sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests. Those documents often went into lurid detail, and Ratzinger is said to have been deeply affected by the experience.Read more.

American Idiocy

Last night was the Motion Picture Academy-sponsored dinner in Beverly Hills honoring the directors and producers of this year's five nominated films for Best Documentary. The dinner was an occasional tradition my wife and I started six years ago when we took our fellow nominees (we were nominated for Sicko) out for a meal to get to know each other. The Academy liked the idea, so this year it is holding dinners during Oscar Week for each of the separate branches' Oscar nominees.

Thus, last night, as an elected Governor of the Documentary Branch, I and my fellow Governors – Michael Apted and Rob Epstein – were co-hosting the nominee dinner for the documentary filmmakers. But one of the nominated directors was not there – Emad Burnat, the co-director of the Oscar-nominated 5 Broken Cameras. This exceptional, award-winning movie about how Emad's village in the West Bank used non-violence to oppose the Israeli's government's decision to build a wall straight through their farms and village – only to see (and capture on camera) Israeli soldiers shooting unarmed Palestinian civilians – had become the first Palestinian documentary ever to be nominated by the Academy.

While we awaited Emad's arrival from the airport – he and his family had already spent nearly six hours at an Israeli checkpoint as he was attempting to drive to Amman to catch their plane – I received an urgent text from Emad, written to me from a holding pen at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Here is what it said, in somewhat broken English:
Read more.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Extremis Malis Extrema Remedia, Will Pakatan Lose Badly?

Hantu Laut

"Extremis malis extrema remedia"

That's Latin for "desperate times call for desperate measures"

Is Pakatan Rakyat going to lose the elections badly and they knew it ?

They are preparing for a "war of attrition" to wear down the people with lies and half-truths of BN plan to cheat in the 13th General Elections. It is the amber that will flame the "Malaysian Spring" advocated by Anwar to bring down the elected government, if he gets his way. 

Many Malaysians do not believe this but all indications point to a high probability of chaos and violence if Pakatan loses the elections. The series of attacks on BN leaders and PM Najib Tun Razak shows their lack of confidence.

The Lahad Datu standoff is telling of their desperation for the people's attention. Instead of closing rank with the government in a matter of national security they chose to resort to all kind of subterfuges, making wild and unsubstantiated allegations and completely disregard their dangerous gameplay.

To kick start the propaganda he recruited Ambiga to form BERSIH under the pretext of demanding free and fair elections. BERSIH has successfully poisoned the minds of many Malaysians with its false and deceitful propaganda, accused massive cheating at the polls by BN in the past and that the BN will again cheat in the 13th GE. 

Now, a Facebook called "I Love New PM", which I suppose must be referring to Anwar has came up with the most stupid propaganda one can imagine, that the BN have issued 2,000,000 I/Cs to foreigners in Selangor and you can laugh your guts out the irony and incongruity of the whole thing, I/Cs with expiry dates.

Would any right thinking Malaysians believe in such ludicrous poppycock? The I/C shown was for temporary residence in Malaysia, but I am pretty sure there are Malaysians stupid enough to believe the story. 

The Facebook was set up either by DAP members or supporters .The Facebook page came with annotation "1,000,000 Chinese dont want MCA to represent the Chinese"

A dead giveaway that it is the handiwork of DAP. 

Here, PKR's biggest braggart and pseudo-intellect Mr Rafizi Ramli desperately trying to debunk the Economist Intelligence Unit prediction of BN winning the 13th GE. The man is all hat and no cattle. Consider himself the brightest rising star in PKR, and a possible threat to Anwar's blue-eyed boy, Azmin Ali.

The real intellects would rather believe the EIU report than pro-Pakatan grovellers the likes of Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider, Free Malaysia Today and the mother of all whoring yellow journalism and bias-motivator of the worst kind, the Malaysian Chronicle, mostly for the reading pleasures of the plebs and the proles, gutter journalism at its worst. 

If stupid as stupid can be this man should take the coveted title for being the dumbest man ever to be used by the oppositions. Once they finished with him they will dump him by the roadside. Here, he is suing Najib for calling him not a credible person. Can you sue me if I call you stupid or your are ugly? You can try if you have a lawyer like R.Sivarasa. For someone used to scrapping bottom of the barrel every case is a possibility.

Deepak and his not so confident looking lawyer.

DAP leaders have misrepresented PAS to the Chinese community as a moderate Islamic party. They have traded in the threat to Chinese culture with their own selfish ambition to gain political power. 

From the few attempts by PAS to impose Islamic values on the Chinese in Kelantan and Kedah, one can safely assume PAS will not abandon its ambition to implement hudud once they get to Putrajaya and I will repeat here once again, what I have written before, the Muslim MPs from UMNO will give their supports to PAS to implement hudud through the backdoor, to punish the Chinese for abandoning them in their hours of need. 

UMNO leaders and many Malays for that matter still think they have been more than benevolent to the Chinese, sharing political power, allowing them to do business freely with the least interference and allowing vernacular schools which they think was a big sacrifice and at the expense of the Malay language, which is also the national language and many tales of young Malaysian Chinese not being able to speak the national language fluently.

There is no need to change the Constitution to enforce mild form of hudud. Mild for the Muslims but not necessary mild for Chinese and other non-Muslims. 

To start with they can  enforce Islamic values through local authorities such as city and municipal councils, which they invariably controlled. 

They can close down entertainment places such as discos, nightclub, bars and ban the sales of alcoholic drinks in designed areas or even the whole country. There is nothing in the Constitution that can stop them from doing so. If anyone can quote me the relevant article in the Constitution regarding this I'll be happy to hear from them. 

I am also looking forward to the eventuality of the day of pork free Malaysia.

Am I trying to scare you? 

No, that's the reality in Malaysia. No one want other religious beliefs or other's ethnic culture to be imposed on them. 

Just as the Malays feel Islam and the name Allah are sacred to them and will fight tooth and nail to preserve its exclusiveness, likewise, the Chinese do not want anything Islamic impose on them.

DAP overlooked the fact that 40% of Chinese are fence-sitters and wait for the wind before they set sail.

At this juncture they all looked ardent supporters of DAP, but should they have the slightest doubt of PAS political agenda, they all may scurry away like rats abandoning a sinking ship.

Can DAP control PAS trumpeters comes elections day?

PAS will not make any headway in Sabah and Sarawak.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Much Ado Over Nothing..Piddling The Politics

Hantu Laut

If you want to run the political mileage just make sure you choose the right contrivance.

This guy must be the biggest joker in town, getting upset over trivial things, SMS sent to him by BN, making it sounds like he received a death threat.

Hundred of thousands of people received SMS every day, messages they don't need. Most people would usually ignore or delete them, or complain to the service provider, who can't do much to help you if the SMS is from a third party.

This DAP man must be starving for publicity for him to make such big fuss over nothing.

Read here his piddling around .

Thursday, February 21, 2013

No Thanks To Najib Mooed Anwar

Hantu Laut

When they clashed with police, it is Najib's doing, when the police allowed them to assemble as they wish, no thanks to Najib.

This swagger called Anwar Ibrahim find it hard to say thank you to anyone and in this case the person who actually has the last say, the Prime Minister. 

This is Anwar brand of politics, mired in self-glorification and self-aggrandising. A bitter man with one goal in mind, to be prime minister no matter what it takes and to punish those who did  wrongs to him.

Of course he thinks the whole police force are made up of morons. He thinks he can apply reverse psychology on them, after running them down like mange dogs to generate public hatred against the police force. Of course, there will be some supporters, particularly, those who think they deserved promotion but were not promoted.

Read here Anwar Ibrahim's ambition of capturing Sabah and Sarawak. 

Where he gets his information about the growing support of the indigenous people for PKR in Sabah and Sarawak, I don't know. I have just returned from some kampongs in the Tuaran and Kota Belud district. All I saw was PBS and BN flags.

I say he should not swagger too much as he may miss the flight of steps in the kampong house, fall and break his neck again.

Of course lying is his usual habit just like the baits he used to fish for votes that could bankrupt this country. Those who can't count will believe him.

As the old adage "pride goes before a fall" and  "you must not count your chickens before they are hatched."

Inikali lah! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Najib: Please Send Lim Guan Eng and Tian Chua To Lahad Datu To Protect Us Sabahans.

Hantu Laut 

They talk too much and do too little. 

They shoot their mouth off before they shoot their brains. Everything, A to Z, is about politics.  

They practically think they are already in Putrajaya.

They make comment like "why kick out one unarmed Aussie lawmaker and not take immediate action to shoot and kill 100 Filipinos armed intruders." extemporaneously, without bothering to find out the crux of the matter. 

They all know the weaselling and lying Aussie came here to help his buddy Anwar Ibrahim to give this country a bad name and can do more harm than the 100 armed men which incident should be handled with great care.

These assholes think they are being clever. They think the security force should just shoot and kill the armed intruders without first giving them a chance to withdraw peacefully and to return to their homeland.

These assholes from the oppositions do not care about the safety of us Sabahans, all they care is politics and how to grab political power, whatever the means. 

They do not care that there are 500,000 or, maybe more, of these people already in the state that can undermine the security of the state and endanger the lives of Sabahans. They simply shoot their mouths from the comfort of their West Malaysian caves to gain political mileage without caring for the inimical danger Sabahans would be subjected to if the standoff was badly handled

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng whose head has grown bigger than the gusty hot air ballon demanded that Home Minister Hishammuddin Onn should resign if he can't resolve the stand off in double quick time. This guy lives in Penang and farts through his mouth. Though, I don't think much of  our Home Minister, this incident is much more delicate and should be handled with extreme care. He alone can't act as commander-in-chief.

Here, another loud mouth good for nothing master forger and a chauvinist pig accusing the government of staging the whole incident to divert attention. Lest he forgets the Philippines government had already informed the Malaysian government that the group of armed men went to Sabah at the invitation of an opposition leader.

The only opposition leader who has met former MILF chief Nur Misuari and has been his friend since his UMNO days is Anwar Ibrahim, not that I believe he has a hand in this unfortunate incident.

The blame should fall squarely on the shoulders of  our Prime Minister, the oppositions and a number of BN leaders like Bernard Dompok who were overly vocal and instrumental in getting the government to conduct the RCI, which do not weather well with the Suluk people, thinking they would be forced out of Sabah after conclusion of the RCI.

A message for Najib from the pretender to the throne, the Sultanate of Sulu.

Past leaders have refused to conduct RCI because of the very same reason, that the safety of Sabahans must come first before the political expediency of a few selfish politicians like Dompok, who is expected to lose his seat if he contests in Penampang.

Najib should take full responsibility if anything untoward happen to Sabahans arising out of the anger of these migrant people who felt their tenancy here are being threatened.

There are other ways to handle the illegal immigrants problem in Sabah without disturbing the hornet's nest and jeopardising the security and safety of the people and the state.

Najib has become a "YES" man to the oppositions, succumbed to their every demand, from abolishing the ISA to RCI  on illegals in Sabah and much more, which is now backfiring right in his face. 

He gave away too much to the oppositions and what did they give him in return? Instead of thanking him, they taunt, provoke and ridicule him and make fun of every step he took with little respect for courtesy and protocol. His wife has become the punchline and punching bag of the oppositions. As affable as he is he has become the butt of every joke by the oppositions.

May I suggest to our dear Prime Minister, since the two opposition leaders are so smart, so macho, why not send Lim Guan Eng and Tian Chua to Lahad Datu to face the 100 armed men and see how skillfull they are in dealing with such situation.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sabah: Anomaly Of History

Hantu Laut

The stand-off in a village near Lahad Datu with 100 Suluks from the Philippines who claimed to be the subjects of the Sultan of Sulu may end up with a show down with our  police and military forces. About 20 of the 100  intruders were alleged to be armed with automatic weapons and have refused to return to their homeland claiming that this is their land and their home.

Malaysian police force guarding the vicinity where the gunmen holding off.

The messy affair was the result of historical screw-up by Britain and of her failure to abrogate or let the "Lease Agreement" lapse with the Sultan of Sulu before Sabah become part of Malaysia and a referendum held at that time that Sabahans do not want to be part of the Philippines. 

Similarly, Malaysia should have refused to recognise the agreement as there is no more Sultanate of Sulu in existence. 

In 2003 the International Court of Justice affirmed, indisputably, the Sultan of Sulu relinquished the sovereign rights over all his possessions in favour of Spain, based on "Bases of Peace and Capitulation" signed by Sultan of Sulu and Spain in Jolo on 22 July 1878, but ironically, Malaysia is still paying "cession money" to the heir pretenders of the non-existence Sultanate.

The pretender to the throne and his retinue of advisers.

In 1885, Great Britain,Germany and Spain signed the "Madrid Protocol" whereby Spain relinquished all claim to North Borneo which had belong to the Sulu Sultanate in the past.

The  government of the Philippines do not recognise the Sultanate, but refused to drop the claim on Sabah. 

How British leaders at that time could not have foreseen the repercussion and incredulity of such covenant in perpetuity was a complete abomination knowing they are dealing with unlearned society traditionally believing in the law of the jungle. 

The culprit to the big mess we are in now was an agreement signed not by the British government but by two businessmen of a British commercial syndicate, Alfred Dent, a British and Baron von Overback, an Austrian, which stipulated that North Borneo was either ceded or leased (depending which interpretation is used) to the British syndicate in return for payment of 5000 Malayan Dollar per year.

The agreement was signed on 22 January 1878, about 6 month earlier than the one the Sultan signed with the Spaniards.

On 22 April 1903 Sultan Jamalul Kiram signed another document known as "Confirmation of cession of certain islands" where he granted or ceded additional islands from Banggi to Sibuku Bay to the British North Borneo Company for a sum of 5300 Malayan Dollars a year payable every year.

This agreement and the one signed by Alfred Dent and Baron von Overback formed the basis of the cession of Sabah to the British North Borneo Company and later to the British Crown as colony of the British Empire.

It has now become obvious that the heirs of the late Sultan have no desire to respect the agreement and have reneged on it when they sent 100 of their men to try take back the place bearing arms with  intent to intimidate, coerce and pressure the Malaysian government to accede to their unreasonable demand.

The Malaysian government should put the Philippines government on high alert that we consider the intrusion by a foreign force on our sovereign territory as a declaration of war, unless the Philippines government consider them as terrorists and we will act accordingly to neutralise or eliminate them.

This is what they are, lawless.

Time for negotiation is over, it's time for action.

Can Genghis Khan, the Romans, the Ottomans and many others more reclaimed their lost empires?

It may not be too far-fetched express here that this ugly situation came about because of the RCI.

Sample of the agreement and the two versions are shown below:

The British version:

... hereby grant and cede of our own free and sovereign will to Gustavus Baron de Overbeck of Hong Kong and Alfred Dent Esquire of London...and assigns for ever and in perpetuity all the rights and powers belonging to us over all the territories and lands being tritutary to us on the mainland of the island of Borneo commencing from the Pandassan River
on the north-west coast and extending along the whole east coast as far as the Sibuco River in the south and comprising amongst other the States of Paitan, Sugut, Bangaya, Labuk, Sandakan, Kina Batangan, Mumiang, and all the other territories and states to the southward thereof bordering on Darvel Bay and as far as the Sibuco river with all the islands within three marine leagues of the coast.

The Sulu version:

...do hereby lease of our own freewill and satisfaction to...all the territories and lands being tributary to [us] together with their heirs, associates, successors and assigns forever and until the end of time, all rights and powers which we possess over all territories and lads tributary to us on the mainland of the Island of Borneo, commencing from the Pandassan River on the west coast to Maludu Bay, and extending along the whole east coast as far as Sibuco River on the south,..., and all the other territories and states to the southward thereof bordering on Darvel Bay and as far as the Sibuco River, ..., [9 nautical miles] of the coast.

Mysterious Death in Singapore......Suicide or Murder?

For the naive, easily deceived, dupable and as doggerel as the synonyms get, the easily exploitable Malaysians, who believe that their country is the worst and most corrupt in the world, read what our neighbouring squeaky clean government did on the death of a young American engineer ......stopped outside interference in the investigation of a supposedly suicidal death of the young man.

This brings back the death of Teoh Beng Hock, suicide or murder?

There will always be conspiracy theories out there!

Mysterious Death in Singapore

Did a young American engineer commit suicide, or was he murdered?

A remarkable story in the Financial Times about the mysterious 2012 death of a young American engineer in Singapore has raised serious questions about whether he was murdered to keep him from blowing the whistle on the theft of militarily sensitive technology by a Singapore government-owned research institution and Huawei Technologies, the Chinese tech giant.

The story, nearly 5,500 words in length, was written by former New York Times correspondent Raymond Bonner and Christine Spolar, the FT's investigations editor. Read more.

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Weaselling Aussie, A Dead Ringer Of Xenophobia

Hantu Laut

Even his name is a dead ringer of xenophobia. A person you would love to hate because he waddles in places he has no business at all. A nosey parker of sort fooled by the obsecration of the crafty and treacherous Anwar Ibrahim that his country electoral process is the dirtiest in the world. 

A power seeking bounder that will do anything, including running down his own country in order to usurp political powers without, due care and consideration, for the security and safety of the people and nation. 

He has organised street protests through proxies to destabilise an elected government. He promised an "Arab Spring" type uprising if his Pakatan Rakyat loses the general elections, which is very likely, if one is to judge by the desperate warp and woof of Pakatan leaders, running out of substance, recycling old garbage to run the last mile to the finishing line.

Walk in a dunce from Down Under who thinks he can help save this country and deliver it to his buddy Anwar Ibrahim. 

A stupid Aussie lawmaker who took Anwar's bait hook, line and sinker without ever contemplating how in hell Anwar and his 'coalition of willing' could have taken away 5 state governments and 82 MP seats from the ruling Barisan Nasional and subsequently won 8 out of 11 by-elections, if the electoral rolls are as dirty as he claimed them to be. 

If, anything, the BN must have cheated themselves to try lose a general elections. There were badly battered in the March 2008 General Elections.

I have written about this man once, but will not put more pen to paper on this weaselling Aussie, who wants to weasel his way into Anwar's arm at the expense of this nation.

No, we wouldn't let him has his ways, as a sovereign nation we have the right to throw him out. 

Good riddance, matey, you asked for it!

Here he is..... fed up with his own Foreign Minister Bob Carr for lack of support of his stupid mission.

On fact finding mission?  Liar! 

He came here to lend partisan support to his buddy.

Here,  is what one of his country men has to say of him. Read more  at Rocky's Bru.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Najib Beware ! Do Not Talk Politics Today

Hantu Laut

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak will be attending the Dong Zong Chinese New Year open house today. 

Dong Zong is a Chinese education pressure group that have been at loggerhead with the government with regard to Chinese education in the country.

Anwar Ibrahim will also be attending the same function and will share the same stage as Najib. 

I hope both men will show civility of the highest order and refrain from giving any political talk that can give mischief-makers the opportunity to hijack the occasion to serve their political agenda. The organiser has the responsibility to ensure  no untoward incident will occur during the visit of both men.

Dong Zong's invitation to Najib is a move in the right direction, which may lead them to better rapport with the government on vernacular  education in the country. Malaysia is one of the very few countries in the world that allow mother tongue education to its minority groups.

Let's hope Dong Zong's invitation to Najib is with good intention. They must ensure that Anwar Ibrahim will not take the opportunity to take centre stage and politicise the auspicious occasion to accentuate his political image. 

Knowing Anwar chameleonic skill and with huge presence of his allies in the crowd, he can turn the table to steal the limelight from Najib.

Najib must not forget he will be in hostile territory and should refrain from talking politics.

It's best to talk about education and how best the government can improve the standard of education in the country and keep the speech short. 

Beware of agent provocateur in the crowd!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Never Say Die Najib Stood Well In The Face Of Adversity

Hantu Laut

Not so smart to utter such word in opposition stronghold. 

Najib should have put his ears to the ground, used his own judgement before extrapolating his war cry. He would surely know he is in hostile territory. 

Probably, done on purpose. The man is not all that stupid, he may have a reason to do what many won't do.

Najib was unfazed. I must say he stood well in the face of adversity, carry on asking the crowd three times, in spite of the negative response. 

The attributes of a true statesman, unlike the de facto opposition leader who took exception and lost his temper when asked by a reporter question he did not like. 

Surely, as expected, the oppositions will play up his foundered calls. Below is a pejorative video produced by the oppositions, embellished, to embarrass him.

Below is balance and fair reporting by Singapore Mediacorp:

Without any doubt, employing their usual dirty tactic, those who shouted "NO" were planted by the oppositions.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Doom And Gloom For Who ?

Hantu Laut

None are prepared to share the cake because they are just too greedy. A dog in the manger attitude, if I can't have it, you can't have. As they say "history repeating itself." The oppositions in Sabah falters.

They can't cooperate because every one of them have over estimated their political prowess and influence in the state.

Anwar selling the anti-corruption slogan as his platform for change  will not work as the people knew he and his retinue of frogs and grasshoppers are exemplification of the same, as sleazy as the ones they accused of corruptions and wrongdoings.

Their political campaigns are long on sleaze and short on substance. Most are confined to mud slinging and personal attacks and promises that even an idiot could tell they are not able to fulfill.

The biggest wrench in the works is PKR, arrogant, contemptuous and overweening ambition to be in Putrajaya yesterday, mistake they would soon learn to regret.

Anwar's every step in Sabah is the wrong one. He angered the Kadazans by accepting the 'HOGUAN SIOU' title from an over zealous bunch of sycophants. He also has a contemptuous habit of sidelining old faithful for newcomers.

Where are the faithful?

Whatever happened to Christina Liew, Ansari Abdullah, Thamrin and the rest of the old gang?  They seemed to have vanished from the limelight.  The newcomers have taken centre stage and would be made candidates in the 13th GE, to great dismay of many old members.

For those who sees the rug being pulled from under their feet have shown open hostility toward the newcomers and have become a point of contention that may trigger off more members, unhappy with the new arrangement, to leave the party, or sabotage the candidate come election day.

The only Pakatan coalition partner that is likely to win some seats in Sabah and Sarawak would be DAP. It may clinch 3-4 parliamentary seats in predominantly Chinese areas in Sabah, but not enough to upset the applecart to dislodge BN out of Putrajaya. 

The same story prevails in Sarawak where the party is expected to grab a number of seats in Chinese majority areas and PKR taking the crumbs, again not enough to sink BN.

BN winning the elections is subject to its performance in Peninsula Malaysia. If it can deliver the same number of seats as in the 12th GE, they can keep Putrajaya, anything less, they are finito!

Sabah and Sarawak will again be the kingmakers, but the danger of BN losing the government should not be ruled out, which may come from West Malaysia where split of the Malay votes could spell disaster for BN. 

The 13th GE will be the most divisive elections ever, one that would split the country right in the middle between Chinese and Malays. 

The Indians , though small in numbers, make the most noise are on the fringes. The side they cast their votes will be the winner.

It would be unmitigated disaster for the nation if both sides continue to pursue supports based on racial and religious affiliation. 

DAP, without any doubt, have mustered unequivocal Chinese supports, which will translate into big gains in the coming elections. DAP may get as many as 50 parliamentary seats if the current Chinese sentiment against the government remains unchanged. 

The Malays are divided but I believe will close ranks if threatened of losing political power.

After over half a century of Malay hegemonic control over politics and the nation's affairs, the Chinese finally saw the dawn of a new era brought about by the Anwar's factor, saw the grist to the mill of disunited Malays, an opportunity they would not want to miss to play greater role and have greater say in administering the nation. 

Some people say it is no more about Anwar.Ask DAP leaders if they believe in this theory?

Anwar is the glue that bond them together. Without Anwar they would have been history long ago. 

The only people who know this are DAP leaders, the very reason they dare not offend him and insist, whatever the results might be, Anwar will be prime minister. DAP leaders looked down on PAS leaders and consider them yokels.

Severe split of the Malay votes could put an end to Malay supremacy and reduces Malay leadership to lesser role if Pakatan win the 13th GE, which is not improbable if PAS collects less parliamentary seats than DAP and PKR.

However, rumours has it that there is a strong undercurrent  brewing within the Malay community in West Malaysia, particularly, PAS supporters becoming very disillusioned with PAS leaders courtship of DAP.

DAP constant reminder of the Allah issue had become unpalatable to many PAS members and supporters and their unhappiness further aggravated by DAP demanding PAS to reverse the Syura Council decision to disallow Christians from using "Allah" in their Malay language Bible. 

DAP have angered the bucolic Malays with its disrespectful meddling in religious issues to gain political mileage with the Chinese and non-Muslims at the expense of Islam and the Malays, which the Malays consider an attack on their faith.

The interminable personal attacks by non-Malay leaders against Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and other Malay leaders in government had the reverse effect and angered many Malays. The Deepak debacle is working in Najib's favour. The more he talks the  more damaging it is to Pakatan and political gain for Najib.

PAS youths have fired the first salvo. They have threatened not to vote non-Muslim candidates from Pakatan. 

More surprises will come after dissolution of Parliament and call for elections.

Monday, February 11, 2013

A Mamak Hoguan Siou ?

Hantu Laut

This will probably rile up the Kadazan to vote against PKR. In their over zealousness to condescend they have broken the tribal convention, only the Kadazan peoples can appoint their HOGUAN SIOU. 

This square peg can't fit in the round hole.

First and foremost he is not a Kadazan and not a drop of the DNA in his blood, nor the praxis, and not a Sabahan. He can't even qualify on the "one drop rule" because he ain't got any.

The late Tun Fuad Stephens before converting to Islam was accepted by the Kadazan community as their Hoguan Siou based on the "one drop rule", his father was half Kadazan and half British and mother half Japanese and half British and was born and bred in Sabah.

How, a Malay of Mamak descent could possibly be a Hoguan Siou?

Saturday, February 9, 2013




As Indiana Jones might say: Why did it have to be the Year of the Snake?
When the Chinese-speaking world ushers in its new year on Sunday, its 12-year zodiac will turn from the dragon to one of the world's most despised animals. As undeserved as the snake's reputation might be, its last two years did not go so well: 2001 was the year of the Sept. 11 attacks and 1989 was when Chinese forces crushed pro-democracy protests around Beijing's Tiananmen Square.
Some wonder if this one also could hold bad tidings. "In Chinese mythology, snakes were often associated with monsters, or with incarnations of monsters, so some political turbulence can be expected," said Taiwanese astrologer Tsai Shang-chi.
Chinese New Year remains the most important festival in the region, a weeklong round of family reunions, temple visits and gastronomic excess. It is Mardi Gras, Christmas and the Fourth of July rolled into one, marked by the clacking of mahjong tiles and explosions of firecrackers. With businesses and markets hermetically closed, it brings a rare calm to the otherwise frenetic pace of what is arguably the world's most dynamic economic region.
In China, some couples have apparently been trying to schedule their pregnancies to avoid having children born during the snake year, in contrast to the coveted Year of the Dragon.
In Beijing, a manager with the government office that arranges appointments with obstetricians said there was a noticeable drop in appointment requests compared to those received as the Year of the Dragon approached, though she offered no firm statistics. She spoke on condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to speak to the press.
For souvenir makers, snakes have been a tough sell.
"Last year, our business was a lot better, because everybody loves the dragon, whatever his or her animal sign," said Lin Peixiang, who owns the Beixiang Souvenir Factory in the city of Wenzhou. "This year, business is a lot worse, because only those born in the year of the snake love the animal. The snake sign is a symbol of fear. People get scared when they see or hear the snake."
But if many fear the snake, some astrologers and masters of feng shui, the Chinese art of arranging objects and choosing dates to improve luck, also see good signs for 2013.
Hong Kong feng shui master Raymond Lo is trying to put a positive spin on the year. He points out that according to astrological tables, this year's variety is the relatively mild "morning dew" type of common water snake, less venomous than recent predecessors.
"It's more moderate, humble and patient," Lo said of the 2013 snake. He added that he is bullish on the year's prospects for the world as a whole, and sees good opportunities for economic growth.
Still, Lo said, people should probably take precautions against the snake's traditionally destructive power, perhaps by wearing monkey pendants around their necks. That goes double for anyone born in a year of the snake, he said, like incoming Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Xi's 1953 birth coincided with the final convulsions of the Korean War.
"The monkey is the only animal that really knows how to handle the snake," Lo said.
Tsai is also largely upbeat on the new Chinese year. He believes much-needed liquidity will be injected into struggling world economies, and that babies born over the next 12 months will be both self-motivated and agile.
On the downside, he warned, there could also be massive flooding and tsunamis.
The New Year's season is implacably festive, and people have been out in force in cities across the region in recent days, stocking up on provisions and traditional new year symbols.READ MORE,