Monday, October 31, 2011

Is The West Going Bankrupt ?

Hantu Laut

Be it an individual, a corporation or a nation, the consequence of over spending and over borrowing could be fatal.Many Western nations are now in deep financial trouble due to over spending.

Being highly geared is risky business.Many eurozone nations have debt to GDP ratio of over 100%, some as high as 400%.

Greece, the first victim of financial gluttony is having problems meeting its debt repayments. The financial debacle sent shock waves to members of the eurozone and financial institutions, which may have to give huge write downs and moratorium on repayments to keep the country afloat.The rescue plan announced in May by IMF and the European Union have not had its desired effect.The 110 billion euros rescue package came with expressed conditions of Greece cutting its public spending and boosting tax revenue.Plan to cut spending was met with violent street protests by unemployed youths.

Greece external debt is now at 182 % of GDP.Every man,woman and child in Greece now owed the rest of the world $53,984.per capita. Greece's trouble is not so much the debt to GDP ratio but more due to a stagnated economy, negative growth, living beyond its means (budget deficit) and rising debt level.In 2010 Greece showed a negative growth of - 4.5 %.Rising unemployment had contributed to violent and deadly street protests.

There is much talk that Greece's economic debacle would bring the demise of the euro currency club.Many US investment funds have taken flights pulling their money out of the eurozone to safer havens.S&P has downgraded Greece's debts to junk status.

Greece, is just tip of the iceberg, many European countries are in for much bigger trouble should they not able to service their debts.

Countries in the economic doldrums that may need lifeboats are Portugal,Spain,Ireland and Italy with Ireland faring the worst with current debt of 1382% 0f GDP.

In term of GDP the UK is at No.2 of the most indebted nation in the world, a whopping 413% of GDP and its every citizen owing the rest of the world $146,953 per capita.The country that wears the top hat for indebtedness is Ireland with a whopping per capita debt of $566,756.

With the exception of Japan, all 20 top debtors of the world are the highly industrialised countries in North America and Western Europe.

Surprisingly, the world's biggest debtor in term of value came out looking much healthier than most European countries.The US stood at No.20 for indebtedness and 101% of GDP and per capita debt of $48,258.It has raised its debt ceiling to borrow more money and its continuing deficit and slow growth rate would eventually render it a sick bill of health.If the US goes under the rest of the world goes with it.China and Japan hold $1.7 trillion of US debts.

It is not possible to foresee the next financial crisis, where it will originate from and how severe the impact on the world's economy.With available data, the low growth and highly geared Western economies appear to be likely candidates triggering the next financial crisis, probably bigger than the 2008 financial meltdown with some countries in the West going bankrupt.

The West have been living beyond its means for far too long at the expense of the poorer East.It's about time they trim their waistline.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This Country Does Not Belong To PAS Alone:PAkS -Party Anti-konsert Se-Malaysia

Hantu Laut

Always barking up the wrong tree.Why not spend more productive time going into villages and spread the teaching of morality against the rising crime of incest, rape of minor, rape of own daughters, unwanted pregnancies, baby dumping and the ingravescent social illness of the Mat Rempits that affecting the Malay society and at the same time not forgetting that Malaysia is a multiracial, multicultural and multi-religious society where one should not impose one's religious beliefs on others.

This country does not belong to PAS alone. Read PAkS – Parti Anti-konsert Se-Malaysia.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

From The Gutter Press:5-Star Rating For Consummated Stupidity

Hantu Laut

He has been prime minister for 22 years and credited by many world's leaders for the rapid modernisation and unprecedented economic growth of his country, won five consecutive general elections and dare to speak out against Western imperialist policies, he is not likely to be mad.

I have given the article below a 5 star rating for consummated stupidity.

Sorry mate! Euripides also say "Cleverness is not wisdom"

Has Dr Mahathir gone mad? The truth about the man and nothing but the truth

Written by Ismail Dahlan, Malaysia Chronicle
It was Euripides in ‘Medea’ who made famous the phrase “ Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad”. Certainly it would be a fitting description of Muammar Gaddafi, whose gory end was telecast for all to see, on Al-Jazeera and CNN. It would be no less appropriate a phrase to describe Mahathir Mohammed; who has been mad for quite a while now. Read more.

New Videos:The Qaddafis' Last Minute

Hantu Laut

Mob justice.Deplorable,disgusting and sickening.They are no different from the tyrant they killed.


Warning: some of the video included in this post is extremely graphic.

Friday, October 21, 2011

End Of Tyranny, Beginning Of Chaos

Hantu Laut

From the longest reigning tyrant to the most hunted man who dreamed he could still hold on to power by instillation of fear, torture and murder of his people. Libya's reign of terror ended with the death of Muammar Gaddafi, killed in his birthplace of Sirte.

This is the man who first exported terrorism to the world before Osama.He financed the Muslim rebels of Southern Philippines, the IRA of Northern Ireland, the Lockerbie Pan Am bombing and multitudes of other act of terror against his own people.

The Western powers that backed the uprisings in Libya and other Arab countries will have a long wait before true democracy can be restored in the Arab world.

Democracy, ain't in their book.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Guan Eng Must Protect His Family Good Name.

Hantu Laut

Guan Eng said today he was furious with the “barbaric lies” made about his teenage son by “pro-Umno ferocious beasts” and singled out Khairy Jamaluddin and other party leaders for perpetuating the allegations through snide comments on blogs and social media sites......Malaysian Insider.

The boy's grandfather Lim Kit Siang called it "gutter politics of the lowest I have seen in over 40 years of politics"

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said it showed that UMNO leaders know no limits when it comes to clinging to power attacking not just leaders but their families.

Pakatan's leader and their families are like prophets, infallible to a fault, they have not and would not sin.

The question is why was the boy moved to another school if there were no truth to the story purportedly fabricated by UMNO.There are only three reasons I can think of why a student moved to another school. First, would be logistic, moving to a school nearer to where he stays, or he has shown to be unfit student and his presence has become untenable for the school and fellow students and, lastly, he is too bright for the school and need to move to a better school.

I am against slander whichever side it comes from, more so, if the person is a juvenile but if you are a public figure than you should expect that your whole family would be under scrutiny.

I am surprised that Pakatan leaders think they and members of their families have immunity against public scrutiny and odium.Are such opprobrium reserved only for BN leaders and the public should close their eyes and refrained from the disapprobation of Pakatan's leaders?

Who is Anwar to even dare comment on the case when his philandering ways are available all over the Internet and yet the holies of holies inexhaustibly still defended him and accused UMNO leaders of fabricating his entire sexual escapades.

It appears that Pakatan leaders consider illicit sex among politicians and public figures not morally wrong as long as they come from Pakatan.It is only wrong if it concerned BN leaders.

Watch the video below and see who are the gutter politicians?

Calling a press conference based on SD of a person of questionable character.

Who doctored this?

Now you know why he wants hudud in this country!

Don't do unto others what you don't want others do unto you.

Lim Guan Eng should take legal action against the perpetrators of his family good name.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sue Taib If You Dare

Hantu Laut

If you can't walk properly, don't try to run, you may stumble, fall and break your neck.Read this sixes and sevens story.

I do not know Taib personally, you can sue him all the way to hell as far as I am concerned, if you have a case.

As West Malaysian would you have a case if Sabah and Sarawak Immigration refused you entry unless you fall into the categories of people under Section 65 of the Immigration Act 1959/63.

Read the relevant section below.

General powers of State authority

65. (1) In exercising his powers under Parts I to VI as a special law for an East Malaysian State the Director shall comply with any directions given to him by the State authority, being directions—

(a) requiring him not to issue a Permit or Pass, or a specified description of Permit or Pass, to any specified person or class or persons, or to do so only for a specified period or on specified terms and conditions;

(b) restricting the making of endorsements on a Permit, Pass or Certificate; or

(c) requiring him to cancel any Permit, Pass or Certificate issued to a specified person, or to deem a specified person to be an undesirable immigrant, or to declare that a specified person’s presence in the East Malaysian State is unlawful, or to order a specified person’s removal from the State.

(2) WheretheDirectortakesanyactioninobedienceorpurported obedience to any directions given under subsection (1), and there is an appeal to the Minister against that action, the Minister shall not allow the appeal without the concurrence of the State authority.

(3) An order under section 55 shall not have effect as a special law for an East Malaysian State, except so far as its provisions are by the same or a subsequent order applied to those purposes with the concurrence of the State Authority.

Restriction on citizen’s right of entry into an East Malaysian State

66. (1) Subject to subsection (2) and to sections 67 and 68, a citizen shall not be entitled to enter an East Malaysian State without having obtained a Permit or Pass in that behalf unless—

(a) he belongs to the East Malaysian State;

(b) he is a member of the Federal Government, or of the Executive Council or Legislative Assembly of the East Malaysian State (or of any Council having similar functions in the State);

(c) he is a judge of the Federal Court or of the High Court in Sabah and Sarawak, or is a person designated or nominated to act as such, or he is a member of any Commission or Council established by the Federal Constitution or by the Constitution of the East Malaysian State; orImmigration 59

(d) he is a member of any of the public services of the Federation, or of the public service of the East Malaysian State, or of a joint public service serving the East Malaysian State, or is seconded to any such service.

(2) Where a citizen is entitled to enter the East Malaysian State under subsection (1), the citizen’s children under the age of eighteen years and (if he is a man) his wife, if entering the East Malaysian State with, or to be with, the citizen, shall not be required by subsection (1) to obtain a Permit or Pass in that behalf.

(3) Where a citizen is not entitled to enter an East Malaysian State under this section, Parts I to VI, in their operation as a special law for the East Malaysian State shall apply to him as if he were not a citizen:

Provided that a citizen arriving in Malaysia in the East Malaysian State or in the other of the East Malaysian States, and proceeding to a part of Malaysia which he is entitled to enter, shall be entitled to such Pass as is reasonably required to enable him to do so.

(4) The burden of proof that a person is entitled to enter the East Malaysian State under this section shall lie on him.

I rest my case.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Obama's Fast And Furious Plot.

Hantu Laut

Obviously, I was not alone in casting suspicion on the American allegations of Iranian government plot to assassinate Saudi US Ambassador and planned terrorist attacks on US soil.

How in hell can you trust someone from a drug cartel? Obviously, the FBI and CIA did and with complicity of the White House.

Read on:

The fast and furious plot to occupy Iran

No one ever lost money betting on the dull predictability of the US government. Just as Occupy Wall Street is firing imaginations all across the spectrum - piercing the noxious revolving door between government and casino capitalism - Washington brought us all down to earth, sensationally advertising an Iranian cum Mexican cartel terror plot straight out of The Fast and the Furious movie franchise. The potential victim: Adel al-Jubeir, the ambassador in the US of that lovely counter-revolutionary Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

FBI Director Robert Mueller insisted the Iran-masterminded terror plot “reads like the pages of a Hollywood script”. It does. And quite a sloppy script at that. Fast and Furious duo Paul Walker/Vin Diesel wouldn’t be caught dead near it.

The good guys in this Washington production are the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). In the words of Attorney General Eric Holder, they uncovered “a deadly plot directed by factions of the Iranian government to assassinate a foreign Ambassador on US soil with explosives”.

Holder added that the bombing of the Saudi embassy in Washington was also part of the plan. Subsequent spinning amplified that to planned bombings of the Israeli embassy in Washington, as well as the Saudi and Israeli embassies in Buenos Aires.

The Justice Department has peddled quite a murky story - Operation Red Coalition (no, you can’t make that stuff up) - centered on one Manssor Arbabsiar, a 56-year-old holding both Iranian and US passports and an Iran-based co-conspirator, Gholam Shakuri, an alleged member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps's (IRGC) Quds Force.

Arbabsiar allegedly had a series of encounters in Mexico with a DEA mole posing as a Mexican drug cartel heavy weight. The Iranian-American seems to have been convinced that the mole was a member of the hardcore Zetas Mexican cartel, and reportedly bragged he was being “directed by high-ranking members of the Iranian government”, including a cousin who was “a member of the Iranian army but did not wear a uniform”.

On top of it, he told the DEA mole that his Iranian government buddies could come up with “tons of opium” for the Mexican cartel (an Afghan connection, perhaps). Then they discussed a “number of violent missions" complete with Arbabsiar bragging about bombing a packed Washington restaurant used by the Saudi ambassador.

Holder characterised the whole thing as a $1.5m “murder-for-hire” plan. Arbabsiar was arrested only a few days ago, on September 29, at JFK airport in New York. He allegedly confessed, according to the Justice Department. Shakuri for his part is still at large.

Holder was adamant: “The United States is committed to hold Iran accountable for its actions.” Yet he stopped short of stating the plot was approved by the highest levels of the Iranian government. So what next? War? Hold your horses; Washington should first think about asking the Chinese if they’re willing to foot the bill (the answer will be no.) Read more.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Iran: Another Of America's Big Bullshit !

Hantu Laut

Another America's big bullshit excuse to bomb or invade another country and again at the behest of the same "no balls" regime Saudi Arabia, who can't fight its own war. Story here.

What benefits would Iran get by assassinating the Saudi's Ambassador to the U.S? It's absolutely ridiculous allegation.

Remember Iraq and Saddam Hussein's WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction), the big lie that the US and Britain used as the excuse to invade Iraq.

The U.S also need to find a diversion from its own domestic problems.It is again entering a recession and possibly another financial debacle.

The "Occupy Wall Street" protests have spread to over 70 US cities. The White House need to fabricate something quickly to scare the American people and divert attention from its mounting domestic problems.

The Western's media will have a field day deceiving the American people into believing the threat from Iran and justification for war.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Dangerous Minds


A new study finds that an alarming number of young people are too trusting of what they read online. But is there anything we can do about it?

Fears about the corruption of young, innocent minds always accompany new technology. Socrates used to worry that the written word would promote forgetfulness. When the first printed books rolled off Johannes Gutenberg's press, many thought they would overwhelm young minds with too much information.Read more

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tribute:Steve Jobs An Icon And Genius Of The Digital World

Hantu Laut


The icon and genius of the computing world.The man who brought immeasurable changes and affordability to the digital and computing world.He only finished high school, dropped out of college after only one seamester and entered the business world at very young age.

Apple's first commercial.

This is the man who wanted to be a Buddhist monk and ended up being the world's most innovative and respected man in the digital and mass computing world.Came from a lower middle class family of his adoptive parents, Paul and Clara Jobs.Little is known of his biological parents, Joanne Simpson and Abdulfattah Jandali, a political sciences professor from Syria.

His road to success has not been plain sailing.He founded Apple together with co-founder Steve Wozniak.His ingenuity took off with the launching of Apple II and later the Mackintosh.Kicked out of Apple when John Scully took over as CEO.

After being kicked out of Apple, determination and business acumen made him to start NEXT Computers and started Pixer together with Walt Disney that made him very rich.He returned to Apple when Apple bought over NEXT computer.The rest,as they say, is history.

His gadgets now have a cult following, particularly, the iPhone and iPad.

Apple has replaced its web page with full spread of Steve Job's photo.Apple unspoken tribute and obituary of Steve Job here.

Peace be upon him.

If you would like to share your thoughts, memories, and condolences,

please email

Apple's Steve Job Has Died

The man who brought to the world one of the most successful technoloical products has died. He left behind his legacy of the Apple II,Mackintosh,iMac,iPod,iPhone and iPad.His passion,energy and innovation for technology to improve our lives is immeasurable.

Deeply saddened by the passing of one of the greatest minds of this century.

May his soul rest in peace........Hantu Laut


Apple CEO Steve Jobs has died. Apple's homepage at currently shows a solitary photo of Jobs (see above) and simply says, "Steve Jobs 1955-2011."

Apple's board of directors has issued the following statement:

"We are deeply saddened to announce that Steve Jobs passed away today.

Steve's brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve.

His greatest love was for his wife, Laurene, and his family. Our hearts go out to them and to all who were touched by his extraordinary gifts."

Jobs has been instrumental in many of Apple's hit products, stretching back to 1976 with the Apple I and all the way to the modern-day iPhone and iPad. He revealed to Apple employees in 2004 that he'd been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and underwent at least one liver transplant in 2009.

Apple has reportedly released a statement saying that Jobs has died of pancreatic cancer.

(PHOTOS: Steve Jobs: An Extraordinary Career)

Read more:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Adakah Wanita Bertudung Ciri-Ciri Wanita Yang Baik ?

Hantu Laut

I don't usually post this kind of story on my blog.This is just to kill the myth (just like the MythBusters you see on TV) that women wearing tudungs (headscarves) are not holier than thou. They also have human desires and weaknesses.

The head covering is no guarantee of good moral and sanctity. Many are forced to use the headscarves from childhood and as they passed adolescents peers pressure and the environment dictate their way of life.

Many Muslim women in this country were under the misconception that wearing the tudung is enough to cover one's modesty.That's why it is common to see Muslim girls wearing tudungs and dressed in the most alluring attires like body hugging blouses and jeans. Islam asked women to dress modestly not loudly.

I am not a proponent of Islamic dressings but it is in every cultures that women respect their modesty by dressing appropriately when in public.

How a woman dressed is her business as long as it is not obscene.Always dress for the occasion.If you go to the beach for a swim it certainly is not appropriate to use your tudung and baju kurung to swim, you be dragged down by the heavy clothing, particularly, if you are not a good swimmer.

Read the story here.Apparently, happened in a PKR assemblyman's office. For those who can't read Bahasa you can watch the video.

I think the person who put the hidden video is more sick and immoral than the couple in the video.

The next time you check into a hotel with your wife or girl friend check for bugs and hidden cameras, you could become victim of those perverts looking for cheap thrills.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bumiputras Cheating Bumiputras

Hantu Laut

This is not the first nor will it be the last.Bumiputras cheating bumiputras.A family of crooks.Read story here.

This kind of ponzi schemes has been going on for sometime.There were number of cases in the past that have been brought to court yet gullible bumiputras still couldn't resist the temptation of these get rich quick money making schemes promising returns of anything between 5 to 50% a month.

Would anyone with the right sense believe there is such a business that can give such mind-boggling returns?

Such schemes also exist in the West, not forgetting the sleek Bernard Madoff who ripped off billions from his investors.In Malaysia most of the victims, for some unknown reasons, were low income bumiputras.

Obviously, it's either greed or ignorance.

Most of these illegal deposits taking companies were run by bumiputras and most of the clients were bumiputras.

The one in Sabah, caught and charged by Bank Negara, a few years back was a husband and wife team.The wife used purdah (veil) when she attended court. She wants to show she is pious and incapable of cheating.Beware of the pious crook in sheep clothing!

Read here and here and here.

Why are bumiputras so gullible?

For some strange reasons the crooks are prepared to take the risk knowing what they are doing is illegal.Maybe, the punishment of 3 to 5 years in prison is not enough deterrent compared to the millions they reaped from their illegal activities.

Do you know who are the most gullible people on earth? Read here the study by Harvard.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Hudud For Dummies

Hantu Laut

Blessings can come in any form of surprises.A year ago I have written off MCA, Gerakan and MIC, that they have become irrelevant and would be trashed by DAP at the polls and I still hold that view until Lady Luck came knocking on the door.Recent development has changed the political climate.

Just two days ago DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang posted an article written by one Thomas Lee exacerbating the end of MCA and Gerakan.Likewise, for the past one year I have written a number of articles predicting the same of MCA and Gerakan. Indeed, just three weeks ago that would have still been the case if not for hudud.

Here, another writer, also courtesy of Kit Siang's blog who got all riled up with the Star's report on hudud and said he made a colossal mistake of reading the MCA-owned ragsheet ?? ( not in dictionary yet, probably Manglish)

Sometimes, things can happen when you least expected it.Call it karma or blessing in disguise if you wish, but whatever it is MCA fortunes may be on the rise again after Anwar's big blunder of supporting hudud law and PAS determination to implement hudud not only in Kelantan but for the whole nation if they get Putrajaya.

Nik Aziz and Hadi Awang have, in no uncertain terms, declared they are determined to pursue their religious pass hudud to make Malaysia a truly Islamic nation.

Surprisingly, some non-Muslims writers show support for hudud either out of ignorance, political pursuance or pathetic lies.Ask a Chinese in private and would hear a completely different story. The version exuded by Pakatan's propaganda machine is dissimilar to the ones coming from the hearts.

I have in the past asserted that PAS is a leopard that will not change its spots no matter what its other partners say.Many Malaysians have been misled to believe otherwise, particularly, by DAP, who desperately wanted to be part of the Federal government to push forward its own agenda.

To PAS and PKR leaders, hudud has become the "buzz" word, a war cry to attract right-wing Muslims, comprising a very significant segment of the Malay population in rural and semi-urban areas.With the promise of implementing hudud they hope to break UMNO's stranglehold on rural Malays outside Kelantan.

As I have anticipated the so called liberal road or the rise of the Erdogen faction in the party was a lure set up by DAP to pacify and subdue the Chinese voters.PAS has no intention of giving in to DAP. The real PAS is beginning to show its true colour and DAP is whimpering as what to do next.

Malaysia already have the mild form of shariah which deals mainly with family law and minor offences but have excluded the harsher form of punishments.

Hudud is one of the four categories of punishment under Islamic Penal Law.The rest are shown below:

Qisas: retaliation which literally means an eye for an eye.

Tazir: corporal punishment usually dispense by a judge.

Diyya: compensation paid to heirs of victim, usually blood money paid in a murder case or personal injury.

Hudud deals with fixed punishments for serious crimes such as murder,theft,robbery,adultery/fornication, drinking alcohol and apostasy (not all imams or jurists consider apostasy as hudud offense).Malaysia do not at the moment consider apostasy as hudud offense but once implemented apostates may have to face the letter of the law.

Punishments for hudud ranges from decapitation for murder, to chopping of hands for theft and stoning to death for adultery.

Every Malaysian including yours truly here believe that Malaysia would never be able to apply hudud law due to composition of our population and representations in parliament.On the surface, it is true, but in reality it is not.

What you see at the present moment is the superficiality of the BN power sharing formula giving comfort to the other races.It may not happen now but it certainly can in the near future.With many marginal seats that can swing to the Malays with a bit of gerrymandering, the home truth will strike home sooner than you would have realised.

Do not underestimate that the Malays can't rule on its own, even at the moment, they can if they wish to with a simple majority, but it would be foolhardy as the time is not ripe yet to do so, but if pushed to the ground they may have no choice but to exercise that option, which will be a sad day for Malaysia.

I am not in favour of one communal party rule but I'll not rule out the danger of it happening and, of course the less initiated, the Malay intelligentsia, the smart aleck and the not too smart aleck would have a field day calling me by all sort of names..........anyway, I am not perturbed, it's just my opinion, which I am entitled to, wrong or otherwise.

The political stability, economic stability and pluralism that have made us one of the economic tigers before is an evanescent bubble and becoming more and more elusive due to political instability. With the threatening implementation of hudud looming on the horizon we may see further erosion in these areas.

Some Muslim friends I talked to were under the impression that we can be like Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, where, in spite of hudud law the economy prosper.That is spiteful ignorance and wishful thinking.We can never be like the Saudis who can sit on their arses for next hundred years and need not work hard a single day yet the money will come pouring into the state coffers because they have the biggest oil deposit on the face of this earth.Foreign investors do not go to Saudi Arabia to invest, they go there to sell all kind of colossal projects to steal the Saudis money. They don't need foreign tourists too, they have 2 to 3 million tourists every year ordained by Allah.

Without Allah's gifts Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States would be the poorest countries on earth.Whether accidental or by divine intervention most oil deposits with cheapest extraction costs are located in mostly Muslims countries yet many of them are still disgracefully backward, poor and ruled by tyrannical leaders.

Let us take Libya as one example which is oil rich but the people are still poor.It has per capita income of around $14,000 (PPP), the same as Malaysia.

Below are figures in comparison with Malaysia.

Country Pop(mil).......GDP (bil)... Per Capita ......Oil Production/Export

Malaysia .....28 ..........$414.............$14,700 ............664,800 bbl/day

Libya ........6.5 ...............90 ................14,000 .........1,779,000 bbl/day

You can see the huge discrepancies and senseless figures coming out of Libya. It has small population, huge oil export and a GDP almost 4 times smaller than Malaysia.Muammar Gaddafi has completely screwed up the country, stifled freedom,suppressed the people, siphoned oil money and made no effort at all to introduce other economic activities, solely dependent on oil revenues.When the oil fields run dry the Libyan people may have to eat sands.

We should not be looking at the Arab countries or for that matter not even Western democracies as examples, we should be looking at countries like Japan,South Korea,Taiwan and Singapore that have progressed so far ahead, they must have the right formula for success.China, a much bigger country was not ashamed to admit they followed Singapore economic policy in the early days when it first opened its doors to the outside world.

Hudud is not suitable for Malaysia, not just yet and don't forget politicians seldom keep their promises.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Malaysians Should Take A Leaf Out Of Obama's Book Of Failures

Hantu Laut

US President Barack Obama made hundreds of promises during his 2008 Presidential Campaign.Watchdog organisation Politifact has been keeping track of Obama's promises and put the list at a staggering 506.

As most politicians would know, and most level-headed citizens would expect, it is not possible to fulfill all campaign promises and Obama is no different from the rest but Obama is also not what he is.

I am not concerned with what he promised the American people on the domestic front but with what he promised the world he would do to improve decades of American belligerent foreign policy that have wrecked untold miseries on the rest of the world particularly the US initiated wars that have killed hundreds of thousands of civilians in mostly Muslim nations.

The Afghan War began in 2001 when America commenced its war on terror as retribution for 9/11.Hardly 2 years later it invaded Iraq under the pretext of dismantling Saddam Hussein's WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) which later was found to be a big lie perpetuated by the US and her close ally Britain to justify the invasion of Iraq.

It is now over a decade and the US is no where near winning the two wars.The contagion of war has even spread to Pakistan where the Talibans have regrouped and more determined then ever to drive the American out of Afghanistan and put an end to its military influence over the Pakistani government, which has become a beggar's state, a failed state and not able to resist American aids in exchange for its soul.

For the last century the US has reversed its own "Monroe Doctrine" (the restraining of European powers from continuing hegemonic influence and control over the Americas) using military intervention in any trouble spots, anywhere around the globe that they deemed might endanger American global interests, without due consideration for the massive collateral damages they might inflict on the country concerned. Their military excursions had taken them to the Korean War,the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, the Afghan War and the Iraq War not taking into consideration other skirmishes and stealthy wars in some Latin America countries.

The biggest torn in the Islamic world is the Palestinian issue. Since its abrogation as a state and the making of a Jewish state in 1948 by the Western powers the issue of an independent Palestinian state have been sidelined by every US President in favour of Israel.The Palestinians are in complete limbo because the big guns are on the side of Israel.

Obama made a number of universal promises which are listed below and which he has clearly failed to fulfill.

1.Guantanamo Bay

Within days of his inauguration, Obama signed executive orders to close down the military prison within one year and to end torture in interrogation.

Gitmo is still operating and torture of prisoners are still on the suspect list.



He promised to end the war in Iraq in 16 months and to withdraw all combat forces from Iraq by August 2010 and remaining troops by end of 2011.

For almost a decade of American occupation the country remained a war zone with highest probability of returning back to sectarian violence the moment US troops left Iraq.There are 3 more months remaining to the dateline.


3.Palestine/Israel States

He made a promise to make sustained push for the existence of two states - a Jewish state in Israel and a Palestinian state.

The Israeli government as usual is the spoiler of any peace negotiation, resisted Obama's calls to stop settlement construction in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.Construction freeze was a condition set by the Palestinians for the peace talk.Like all past presidents the talk remained a talk ending up in a deadlock because the President can only provides lip service, have no sincere intention of creating a Palestinian state.


During the campaign period in 2008 Obama was nothing less but impressive.His oratory skill was intensely felt by those watching him speaking, his style immaculate and his extemporaneous speeches gave air of confidence. The American people, overtly impressed, voted him as president.Still in the honeymoon period, by January 2009 his approval rating jumped to 69 %, by August 2011 declined to 38 % and the latest rating hovering around 41 %.

I was personally impressed by Obama's messianic orations during the 2008 campaign period and was hoping he would be elected. I now realised he, not unlike our Anwar Ibrahim, is just a smooth "Yes, we can" talker and a non-performer.

His lack of purpose, lack of direction and lack of leadership made his administration slow on action losing precious moment initiating major reforms domestically and in its foreign policy.

His bumbling and slow response to the Gulf oil spill which has caused major environmental disaster was a picture of his slowness and incompetence.His expended war effort in Afghanistan has failed so miserably even his General in charge of operation openly admits "nobody is winning" the war.

Though, the American people are more concerned with domestic affairs and don't really care about America's foreign policy, let's hope this man don't get re-elected for another wasteful term.

Since Jimmy Carter he would probably be the next biggest Democratic disappointment in the White House.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

PAS/Pakatan Leaders Should Visit Chin Peng ( National Hero)

Hantu Laut

PAS leaders, particularly, Mat Sabu should visit national hero Chin Peng lying critically ill on his death bed in a hospital in Bangkok.

If Mohmmad Indera is a national hero than Chin Peng must be one even bigger national hero because he was the leader of the CPM that tried to liberate Malaya from British colonial rule and Mohammad Indera came from the same organisation.

In the past some opposition leaders have asked the government to allow Chin Peng to return to Malaysia but to no avail.Maybe, they should appeal for his body to be brought back so he can lie in state for Malaysians to show their last respect to this mass murderer.

Travestying history is their next sophistical project to fool the foolhardy Malaysians.