Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Royal Commission It Will Be

Hantu Laut

Manik Urai came and gone.

When I wrote about the impossible possibility of the result of the by-election my friend Bernard Khoo of Zorro Unmasked poked fun at my predictions.You can read his condescending article here.

Well, as good as it gets, Manik Urai went the way I predicted.PAS almost fall flat on its face winning only by inches this so-called impregnable fortress which my friend thought was just my wild imagination.Below is a paragraph from the article I wrote.

'UMNO has a good chance of narrowing the majority gap or even wrestle the seat from PAS if they work hard enough.Most of their losses in past by-elections were due to loss of confidence,demoralisation, bad planning and poor strategy'

You can read the full story here.

With only 65 votes difference and over 100 spoiled votes, UMNO took the loss with a bold face.There were no ruckus or fracas, UMNO took it in its stride, accept the loss in a gentlemanly manner.

Flip the coin and imagine it was PAS in UMNO's shoes and with 65 inches between them you can bet your bottom dollar the whole Pakatan mob will descend on Manik Urai and scream for countless recounts.Cheating, vote buying, phantom voters and every word in the hocus-pocus dictionary would be the call of the clarion, Pakatan's standard allegation against the BN government in every elections and if they lose going to the streets is standard procedure.

The politicising of the death of Teoh Beng Hock is another Pakatan ways of demonising the government and the Prime Minister. A Royal Commission will put to rest any speculation on Teoh's death.

I believe the PM will allow and announce the formation of a Royal Commission.It is good for the people, the government, the nation and the Prime Minister himself.

On a lighter mood, why is former Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi telling us this? He has plenty of time to do it in his first full term and the right time because he has more than two-thirds majority in Parliament at that time.


Malaysians can watch partial eclipse of the Sun tomorrow 22 July around 9-10 a.m.

Image:Solar eclipse animate (2009-Jul-22).gif

Maximum eclipse
Duration 398 s (6 min 38.8 s)
Location Pacific Ocean
Coordinates 22°27′08″N 090°28′04″E / 22.45222°N 90.46778°E / 22.45222; 90.46778
Max. width of band 258.4 km

On 24 October 1995 I watched a total solar eclipse at a small village called Matunggong at Kudat in Sabah.With a few friends we stayed at a friend's farm overnight to watch the eclipse next day.

Below is a solar eclipse viewer which we used to view the eclipse.

Do not view a solar eclipse with your naked eyes.

There is still no sign of the effect of the proxigean spring tide.Probabaly a lull before a storm.Things might change with tomorrow's eclipse of the sun.


chaptokam said...

Oh they are screaming for blood and burning down the churches and condemning the religion just because a few priests sodomise some young boys !! hahaha that's taliban reasoning , philosophy , ideology and mentality .
While the parents of the boy are more rational in thinking , please do not politicise the issue , but rather they want a royal commission of inquiry to get to the truth .
Looks like they have more sense than those crackpots

eddy said...

DAP and PKR together with the obvious support of Malaysiakini and The MI relentless campaign to capitalise and strike political point of this tragedy has come to naught, thanks largely to the desire of the family of the late Mr Teoh to remain above politics.

I think with the now almost completed Police investigation, the wishes of the family of the late Mr Teoh should be respected and a Royal Commission be called to investigate his sudden and tragic death.

If the Cabinet with the consent of the DYMM Agung, convene a Royal Commission, I hope that the Commission be made up of eminent persons in Malaysia and the Commonwealth. From Malaysia I think Royal Professor Ungku Aziz, Emeritus Professor Khoo Kay Kim and probably Former Judge NH Chan and former Attorney General Abu Talib could be called for duty. While from the Commonwealth maybe eminent persons from Singapore, UK, India, Australia or New Zealand. To avoid charges of biasness the head of the Commission could be a reired senior judge from the Commonwealth as well.

Whatever it is the truth and the rule of Law must prevail.

zorro said...

Sir, I never intended to poke fun at your prediction. It took me by surprise your prediction. I have covered all by-elections and I can safely say that I know what UMNO had to do to make any headway.

Condescending....your perception probably. Anyway cheers to you.

Hantu Laut said...