Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bro,You Are Only De Facto Leader Lah!

Hantu Laut

Probe into Khalid’s deals for sake of transparency, says Anwar

Poking his nose where he shouldn't. Anwar still want to control everything. 

You are only de facto leader lah, brother! 

You have no legal right or power to order or direct what the MB should or shouldn't do. The MB and his Exco are responsible to run the state without referring to you, or interference from you and the party. 

That's why Khalid was fed up with you and asked you to fly kite of your interference with state matters, which are none of your business. Unhappy with Khalid's treatment, you found it expedient to muckraking him to remove him from office.

You are not PM yet, or de facto PM, even if you were one, you can't interfere if it was opposition state, like what BN doing now, respecting the democratic process by not interfering in the state administration of opposition states.

I am surprise none of the sycophantic lawyers that surround you tell you this, or are they just as clueless as you are?

You are de facto (unelected) leader of the party only, you are a non-entity as far as the state administration is concerned, therefore, know your place, stop interfering in state matters.

All along we know why you wanted your wife to be MB. 

Unfortunately, the Almighty was not ready to grant your wish and desire to control the state of Selangor yet.

For goodness sake, please refrain from asking Azmin to reappoint you as financial adviser to the state because you will again become a pest.

A time will come when Azmin will also tell you to FO!

You are an amazing man, no matter how wrong you are, most Malaysians think you are right, which is how dictators are born.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Belittling, Demotion And Punishment Of PAS: A Fool On The Hill!

Hantu Laut

The denigration, belittling and demotion of PAS by its partners in Pakatan Rakyat has started, which without any doubt a punishment.

Is the new Selangor MB Azmin Ali a democrat extraordinaire, or a fool on a hill?

PKR has 13 ADUN seats but gets 5 Exco seats, while PAS and DAP has 15 seats each but get 3 Exco seats each.

This is called tyranny of the minority. Very common in the Middle East. It happened in Iraq, Bahrain and Syria, where minority ruled over the majority.

PAS, should by now reconsider its position in Pakatan.

If what Azmin did was with the knowledge and blessing of Anwar Ibrahim, I feel sorry for him, he fell into Anwar's trap. 

Anwar has the perfect shot to kill him........vote of no confidence with the help of his disgruntled allies, PAS and DAP.

Some people just too smart for their own good.

Whether Anwar will succeed or not is another matter, but Azmin has left himself an open target.

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