Sunday, June 30, 2013

Reinvigorating Rural Malaysia

New Paradigms Needed
There has been a remarkable change in the composition of Malaysia’s rural-urban mix. In the 1980s approximately 70 percent was considered rural, where today 72 percent are urbanized and with the change taking place at about 2.4 percent annually.

It is a change that is taking place all over Asia, from China to India to Indonesia and more. Very few countries outside China have even attempted to cope, with the result that the rural-urban divide has grown and with very little being done to directly alleviate problems of poverty and rustication.

In Malaysia, rural sector development has been debated little, even though the primary sector still represents almost 12 percent of GDP and employs more than 11 percent of the population. Many rural issues affect the future in much greater magnitude than the rural contribution to GDP and employment. The sustainability of Malaysia as an eco(n)-system, the country's cultural basis, and even political destiny are tied up with rural evolution, with the vote in the kampung remaining a potent fiction if nothing else

In the meantime, deterioration continues in what was once one of the world’s most lush environmental green lungs. Forest cover is decreasing on a daily basis. Conservation has lost out to greed and development. Palm oil, rubber plantations and urban expansion are eating into the forests, with very poor land enforcement on the ground. Well-connected businesses get concessions that are extremely financially lucrative, at great environmental cost. Roads and new townships have divided rural habitats, playing havoc with biodiversity.

The precise needs of rural societies are best obtained from inside those communities. A "bottom up" problem identification process would ensure development objectives and implementation scenarios would remain relevant. Community shura (consultation) committees could be set up at the village level to identify and discuss needs, problems, and desired solutions, and advise village heads.

Such a democratic approach to community would provide policymakers with the guidance they need in setting objectives and programs, and assist in minimizing funding leakages during implementation. This measure alone would signal a very strong redistribution of policy decision-making to the communities themselves, empowering communities to have more say in deciding their own future destinies. The shura system should develop new leaders and champions who are willing to lead and help shape a new community sense of wisdom. Policies will never succeed without people to drive them.

Self-sufficiency and a vibrant local trade economy are the keys to future rural communities. However, rural SMEs should be facilitated to enter national and international markets. There are now many compliance procedures such as Good Agricultural Practice (GAP), necessary for agricultural produce to enter international supply chains. These practices need to be introduced within rural communities so products produced are accepted in international markets.

These compliance processes can be locally enhanced to include halal (Islamic compliance) certification, thus widening the compliance process to one inclusive certification, which would greatly enhance the desirability of Malaysian produce, especially within the exponentially growing halal markets worldwide.

Whole sectors like rice paddy production need to be reconfigured from the bottom up so they can become competitive. The paddy production process requires the hands of a number of contractors during field preparation, planting, cultivation, harvesting, and processing stages. Paddy production is an uncompetitive sector.

New methods like System of Rice Intensification (SRI) could be adopted, and more popular aromatic varieties of rice cultivated to increase industry viability. The rice monopoly held by the government regulator Bernas could be ended to allow new approaches to rice products and marketing by entrepreneurial individuals. Such an approach could drastically decrease production costs and add value to rice products, redistributing this added value back to farmers.

University and institutional research should change focus towards communities rather than using scare research funds to chase medals at exhibitions that have no research or commercial significance in places like Geneva and Seoul. The technology developed by Malaysian institutions should be simple, applicable to community enterprise, and appropriate to the size of the enterprises operating in rural areas.

This appropriate technology, if effective and viable is itself a source of competitive advantage that would enable rural enterprises to compete in the marketplace. Read more here.

Mutalib MD - The Unsung Hero

Hantu Laut

Though I don't know him personally and have never met the man I share the loss of this unsung hero, who for many years have been ridiculed by those in power for exposing the issuance of I/Cs to illegal immigrants from the Philippines and Indonesia.

He was the first to expose the "I/C Palsu" and letting illegal immigrants to votes using forged I/C. He also started the first widely read Sabah political blog "Sabahkini"

A true Sabahan who for years pursue the illegal I/C and illegal immigrants problems but to no avail as the power that be denied any involvement.

As the adage "truth will out" what he wrote and has been saying all these years came true at the RCI (Royal Commission of Enquiry) that had many recipients of illegal I/Cs coming forward to testify.

A true and fearless Sabahan, who tried to right the wrongs, but did not live long enough to see through what he has been fighting for all these years.

A champion for Sabahans, an unsung hero, we will be missing him.

My deepest condolence to his family and may Allah bless his soul.


Rebuking Jusuf Kalla: Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

Hantu Laut

Karpal, a bloody disgrace, rebuking the wrong man. 

The man who should be reprimanded is not Jusuf Kalla, but the sociopathic Anwar Ibrahim, who thought his friend will never spill the beans on him and his lies.

If you lied to your friends, you lied to your party members and you lied to the people, do you expect decent people to keep supporting you?

When you have no honour do you expect honourable people to stick by you?

I hope Karpal gets his bearing right and can differentiate between right and wrong.

Karpal is asking Jusuf to apologise to Anwar on what ground? 

Who broke the bond?

Who broke the promise to respect the result of the elections whichever way it goes?

Whatever happened to freedom of speech that Pakatan Rakyat leaders claimed to be lacking in this country and promised "no hold barred" if they come to power?

The Chief Minister of Penang Lim Guan Eng is another dictator in the works, who banned media he doesn't like from attending his press conference.

Aren't they all laying?

As in the old adage " birds of a feather flock together"

Read on.......

Anwar Turn On Old Friend Jusuf Kalla Through Karpal

The life of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim must be terribly convoluted at times. The continuing saga of Anwar's breach of his own, proposed peace agreement with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, mediated by former Indonesian vice president Jusuf Kalla, is no different.
Not long ago, Jusuf was Anwar's friend. Today, he is a target for Anwar's proxy in Pakatan Rakyat, Karpal Singh, determined to cover for Anwar's lack of honour and refusal to peacefully stand down after he lost GE13.
"Jusuf Kalla should express regret for his statement and apologise to Anwar," said Karpal, the DAP National Chairman at a press conference Saturday, claiming that Jusuf was apparently always untrustworthy. He added that Jusuf had disgraced himself by disclosing the peace agreement and Anwar's failure to abide by the agreement, and by destroying public confidence in Pakatan Rakyat.
Pakatan, after all, does not need help in destroying the rakyat's confidence.
This marks yet another turn in Anwar's post-GE13 saga, which has seen Anwar claim victory before a single result was announced, the 'Black 505' rally delirium, a flirtation with boycotting his swearing-in to the Dewan Rakyat, and now a willingness to burn a high-profile friendship of over a decade.
Jusuf had been a friend of both Anwar's and Najib's for years, making him the perfect mediator for any agreement between the two. So when Anwar, certain that Pakatan Rakyat would take Putrajaya at GE13, reached out to Jusuf to mediate an agreement by which the loser of GE13 agreed to accept the results of the elections peacefully, Jusuf happily agreed. Anwar signed the final agreement, and Najib gave an oral commitment – which Anwar accepted.
When Anwar launched his wave of 'Black 505' rallies and categorically refused to accept the election results, Jusuf finally revealed the agreement, its origins and his anger at Anwar's betrayal. Anwar rotated through several excuses for his failure to honour the very agreement for which he asked, each of which Jusuf rubbished in turn.
Enter Karpal Singh. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

BN Will Lose The Next Elections ?

Hantu Laut

Anwar say he is firm in opposing electoral fraud, corruption and racism.

It's about time someone tell him, in no uncertain term, to stop  his charade and call a mea culpa, smoke a peace pipe, or be a gentleman and accept defeat graciously.

Everything of what he said is true, there were corruptions, there were racism and there were some cheating in the elections, but not the way he portrays them. 

Corruption is nothing new, been rampant since his time in UMNO and electoral fraud twiddling with the electoral boundaries, which he never complained before when he was riding high in UMNO everything was hunky-dory then and not forgetting he was also charged and found guilty of corruption. The court only overturned his sodomy sentence. 

Gerrymandering is not an election offence. The electoral boundaries need to be redrawn every eight years and Malaysia's population in rural areas are sparsely distributed making equitable distribution of voters per constituency the same as urban areas, impractical and a logistical nightmare.

Racism ? Yeah, it is more DAP's piece de resistance!

Why I say racism is DAP's forte?

There are lots of Chinese chauvinism in DAP. 

The Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Selangor and Gelang Patah are showcases of Chinese chauvinism. Former Johor MB Ghani Othman would have won if just 15% of Chinese voters had voted for him.

DAP had grown from a 'mosquito party' into the second largest political party in this country on the ground of solid Chinese supports. A Chinese tsunami is not a overstatement, without which it will never have achieved its present status. 

DAP leaders are more sophisticated, clever and subtle with their political campaign to woo the Chinese, unlike the crudely fashioned 'rough and tumble' ways of UMNO leaders, uncouth, unpolished and very unMalay.

Homogeneity, is in the Chinese blood when their common interests at stake, they cohere.

Ha! The Malays, will they ever learn? They are split three ways, the educated urban Malays (the self-indulging highbrow), the rabble rural Malays (the simple kampong folks) and the Islamist Malays ( who want to be more Arabs than Malays)

UMNO, has certainly failed, otherwise, the Malays won't be so divided. The Malays who can think independently feel they have been played out by their own kind.

If  Najib does not carry out drastic changes in his party and government, stop all nonsense of rewarding UMNO warlords with government largesse (the people's money), reduce corruption and appoint capable people to key positions based on merit rather than cronyism and nepotism and if there are no radical changes made between now and the next general elections, BN will lose the next election..GE14.

BN have lost the popular votes, which is a clear indication that worse is to come.

Changes that the people wanted, not what UMNO wanted.  

Friday, June 28, 2013

Pintar Sangat Atau Loyar Buruk ?

Hantu Laut

This Mohd Zain, ex-police of some kind, seemed to have fixation on Najib of wanting him to be prosecuted for this, or for that. He seems to know the law better than the best lawyer in town.

There are three things that came to my mind after reading this story in FMT. Is he dumb, seeking rough justice against Najib, or just a loyar buruk?

Obviously, there must be some lawyers out there who must have advised loser Fariz Musa in Pekan to lodge a police report on that basis....penipuan, a strong word indeed, for a minor mistake, missing out the abundantly used "Mohd"

I am not a trained lawyer (you can also call me loyar buruk) and don't know the rules here, but in many other countries including the U.S. one can sign "One And The Same Person" affidavit if there are differences or mistakes made in various documents, or the name used differ from the birth certificate.

Why would Najib want to cheat or would have gained by using different names in different documents? Isn't inadvertent omission would be more likely the case?

Below is Fariz Musa police report in Bahasa, which I thing is a waste of time and likely to be thrown out of court if it ever reached  the courtroom.

1.Saya Fariz Musa adalah calon PKR yang bertanding dikawasan Parlimen P085-Pekan menentang calon Barisan Nasional ,YAB Dato Seri Mohd.Najib bin Tun Hj.Abdul Razak dalam PRU ke-13 yang lalu.

2.Beberapa hari yang lalu saya telah membaca satu laporan dalam Freemalaysiatoday (FMT) bertarikh 17.6.2013 diatas tajuk "Usulkan undi tidak percaya terhadap Najib".
Laporan ini adalah berdasarkan surat terbuka oleh bekas Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah,Kuala Lumpur yang ditujukan kepada Ketua Umum Parti Keadilan Rakyat Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan turut disalinkan kepada Ketua Setia Usaha Negara,Peguam Negara dan Ketua Polis Negara.

3.Perkara utama dalam laporan berkenaan yang ingin saya bangkitkan ialah maklumat berkaitan DS Najib telah membuat affidavit-affidavit palsu pada 21 dan 23 September 2011 yang difailkan dalam Mahkamah, yang membicarakan kes liwat yang sekarang berada diperingkat rayuan.

4.Susulan dari itu saya telah mendapatkan salinan affidavit-affidavit berkenaan daripada Peguam PKR untuk semakan. Saya memandang berat perkara ini kerana setahu saya, membuat affidavit palsu adalah kesalahan jenayah yang serius dan sama dengan kesalahan memberi keterangan palsu di-mahkamah.

5.Saya mendapati dalam kedua-dua affidavit berkenaan, DS Najib telah membuat kenyataan secara bersumpah memberikan nama penuh beliau sebagai Najib bin Tun Hj.Abdul Razak. Isteri beliau Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor juga, ada membuat affidavit pada 21.9.2011 dan menyatakan secara bersumpah juga yang nama penuh suami beliau, ialah Najib dan bukan Mohd.Najib seperti yang saya sangka selama ini.

6.Bagaimanapun, pada hari penamaan calon pada 20.4.2013, DS Najib telah mendaftarkan nama penuh beliau sebagai Mohd.Najib dan diterima oleh Pegawai Pengurus bagi kawasan Parlimen Pekan. Nama yang DS Najib berikan dalam borang penamaan calon itu adalah bercanggah dengan nama yang beliau ikrarkan dalam affidavit beliau dan isteri beliau.

7.Saya mempunyai sebab untuk mempercayai Pengerusi SPR sendiri telah mengetahui akan perkara ini, sebelum hari penamaan calon dan boleh menjangka percanggahan berkaitan nama sebenar DS Najib, akan berlaku pada hari tersebut.Ini berikutan surat terbuka bekas Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Kuala Lumpur kepada Pengerusi SPR sendiri, memaklumkan akan kemungkinan percanggahan tersebut akan berlaku di-hari penamaan calon tersebut.
Rencana FMT bertajuk "Pencalonan Najib dalam PRU13 ditolak?" bertarikh 15.4.2013 iaitu lebih kurang 5 hari sebelum hari penamaan calon berkaitan maklumat kepada Pengerusi SPR itu, disertakan sebagai lampiran kepada laporan ini.

8.Sekiranya DS Najib atau Pegawai Pengurus SPR telah memaklumkan kepada saya atau wakil calon berkaitan percanggahan nama DS Najib dalam affidavit dan borang pencalonan beliau itu,maka sudah pasti saya akan membuat sesuatu bantahan dan akan meminta mereka merujukkan perkara tersebut ke-mahkamah dimana affidavit-affidavit berkenaan difailkan.

9.Memandangkan maklumat yang penting ini disorokkan daripada makluman saya atau wakil saya dihari penamaan calon tersebut, maka saya telah dinafikan untuk melakukan sesuatu bantahan yang pasti akan saya buat jika telah diberitahu akan maklumat ini.
Malahan saya akan membuat laporan polis terhadap DS Najib kerana membuat affidavit palsu seperti yang saya lakukan sekarang ini.

10.Saya membuat laporan polis ini adalah untuk menggesa pihak polis menyiasat Dato Seri Najib kerana dikatakan telah membuat affidavit palsu dalam perbicaraan kes liwat dan tindakan beliau menyorokkan yang beliau telah mengikrarkan affidavit dengan menggunakan nama yang berlainan dengan nama yang beliau berikan ketika mengisi borang pencalonan pada 20.4.2013.
Perbuatan menyorokkan maklumat mustahak seperti di atas boleh dikatakan sebagai perbuatan menipu.
Tujuan saya membuat laporan ini juga, untuk menggesa pihak polis menyiasat tindakan Pengerusi SPR kerana perbuatan bersubahat dengan DS Najib menyorokkan maklumat penting, iaitu mengenai pembikinan affidavit palsu dan pencanggahan antara nama dalam affidavit dan nama dalam borang pencalonan, daripada pengetahuan calon lain yang akan bertanding dan pengundi-pengundi kawasan Parlimen Pekan khasnya.

11. Bersama-sama laporan ini,saya sertakan dokumen-dokumen bukti seperti berikut;
a) Affidavit-affidavit DS Najib ikrarkan pada 21 dan 23.09.2011.
b) Affidavit Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor diikrarkan pada 21.09.2011.
c) Rencana FMT bertajuk: "Usulkan undi tidak percaya terhadap Najib." bertarikh 17.06. 2013.
d) Rencana FMT bertajuk: "Pencalonan Najib dalam PRU 13 ditolak?" bertarikh 15.04.2013.

Sekian laporan saya.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Susilo: There will be no apology for the Apology

Hantu Laut

The unschooled Indonesian media shit-stirring their President for apologising to Singapore and Malaysia, which was the right thing he did, unlike his minister who is equally unschooled in protocol and foreign relation, behaving like orang hutan.

From WSJ:

Indonesia’s president defended his decision to offer a rare mea culpa to Malaysia and Singapore for the haze that long-burning fires are sending into the neighboring countries, a move that sparked a small torrent of criticism in this country of 240 million people where the president’s image isn’t what it once was.
“Due to the fact the haze is from Indonesia, we take responsibility, and saying sorry in that context, to me, is not excessive,” a miffed-looking President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono told reporters Wednesday, a day after apologizing to Jakarta’s closest neighbors over a particularly bad spell of an annual conflict dating back to the 1980s.
Asked whether he had felt pressure to apologize after weeks of media attention and statements from leaders overseas, he said “What I’ve done in the past two to three days…is fully my decision.”
He made a point of saying that he would continue to press both countries on issues close to home: fighting for domestic workers’ rights in Malaysia and pushing for an extradition treaty with Singapore, saying the latter remained the home of many assets moved illegally overseas during the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s.
Newspapers Wednesday and Thursday were filled with news of the apology, with many quick to criticize the president for a problem partly caused by the sizable Singaporean and Malaysian plantation companies operating in Indonesia, particularly in the fire-choked province of Riau.
Offering a contrarian voice, however, was the influential daily Kompas, which called the apology “noble.”
But in Dumai — a dusty, outpost town built on palm oil and timber where traffic lights are routinely ignored– the owner of a convenient store downtown offered the more common view across Riau.
“It’s embarrassing. Why does our president have to apologize to Malaysia and Singapore?” Read more

Jusuf Kalla's Expos`e Of Anwar Ibrahim's Foreign Backing

Hantu Laut

It came from his good friend, who probably had grown tired of his lies and fed up with his charade.

Former deputy president of Indonesia Jusuf Kalla exposes Anwar Ibrahim and the sources of his furtive funding, which will have far-reaching consequences if he had become prime minister.

Below is the English transcription by The MOLE of Merdeka Online interview with Jusuf Kalla.

Former Indonesian vice-president Jusuf Kalla believes that opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is receiving help and assistance from Washington to interfere in Malaysian politics.

In the second and final part of an interview taken from news portal Merdeka Online, Jusuf questioned Anwar’s motive in receiving help from countries considered enemies of Islam and Malays.

“I received a call from Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono informing me that he (Susilo) had received a call from the ‘Washington Police’ asking the president to accept Anwar’s invitation to a meeting,” Jusuf said, adding that he told Susilo not to bow to Washington’s demands and decline the invitation as Anwar is only an opposition leader and not the Prime Minister of the country.Read more

Here, is the original interview in Bahasa Malaysia.

Pakatan MPs Break Ranks with Anwar Over King’s Speech

It seems Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is now totally out of step with his own side of politics.

Just a day after he tried to downplay the King's speech as being merely a starting point for debate, MPs from his own side of the chamber have lined up to disagree with him.

On Tuesday the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah, called on the rakyat to discard attributes which caused disunity, saying: "I urge everyone to foster unity among Malaysians and do away with disruptive attitude."

To most people, a monarch wanting to see his nation united would seem uncontentious, but Anwar's reaction was swift. He effectively accused the King of being a BN mouthpiece.

But not everyone agrees with Anwar's blatantly self-conscious reaction.

PAS MP Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi praised the speech, adding that he welcomes cooperation between the Government and Opposition as long as it was based on Islam.

"Cooperation, as taught in Islam, would bring good, not something that would be detrimental or encourage hostility," he said, totally abandoning his leader.

PKR's Zuraidah Kamaruddin welcomed Tuanku Abdul Halim's words of encouragement for women in the workforce.
"Family institutions need to be strengthened, the relevant minister needs to take proactive measures to increase the use of women power in the country," she said.

And PAS MP Nik Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz was even more fulsome in his praise saying: "The King's speech has left a positive impact on all of us. He has placed high hopes on us to work together to develop the country."

Read more here.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Meritocracy Memang Cina Punya, Melayu Pun Boleh Jika Dididik Sepertinya

Hantu Laut

Every passing day we get all kind of nut cases in this country.

Before I get to the crux of the matter let us stop at Malacca where a huge controversy is ongoing on a faulty decision made by the new Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Idris Haron to close down Jonker Street. 

Why the need to close down something that has been there for 14 years, had become a tourist attraction and a heritage of Malaysian cultures for the world to see? 

Has the Chief Minister caught the Heng Jebat syndrome, or is he in a Malay dilemma for making such inconsiderate and irrational decision? Isn't he chief minister for all?

I always believe in "if it ain't broke don't fix it", if you do, other inextricable problems may come out of it, which is exactly what happened to Idris Haron. 

I have been to Jonker Street many times before, long before upgrading and after its upgrading, hunting for antiques as I like to keep old things. I think it is a wonderful place. 

What plausible explanation had Idris Haron given the people to close down such a beautiful street that embodied the multi-cultural heritage of this beautiful country.

Rightfully so, now the Chinese is saying it is "political vengeance and retaliation" against the Chinese for voting against Barisan National. 

PM Najib, I think you need to keep your boys in check before they do bigger damage to the peace and harmony of this country. One must not cut one's nose to spite one's face.

Now, let get to the crux of the matter.

A recent statement by a Malay educationist, one Ibrahim Abu Shah , a former deputy chancellor of Universiti Teknologi Mara calling on the Ministry of Education to restructure the education system to do away with MERITOCRACY and bring back justice to MALAY students, is, to me, an insult to the Malay race.

Adding salt to the wound implying that Malays are not able to compete on a level playing field, he and a group of Malay educationists asserted that the merit system have created CHINESE SUPREMACY in the country. 

That in itself is an admission that Malays are slow learners. How could the same education system create one race to become more superior than the other?

If this bunch of Malay educationists do not yet know, let me enlighten them that CHINESE SUPREMACY in education have always been there for as long as they have been around. 

Why are Chinese more successful? 

Because Chinese parents care more about education and will spend every penny to educate their children. I have seen Chinese hawkers, fishmongers and petty traders sending their children overseas for further study. They carry out their tasks indefatigably and saved every penny they could to educate the children. They do not waste time seeking government help to send their children for higher education because they know they won't be getting any. 

Ostensibly, not all Chinese are like that, but majority are, giving highest priority to education. Very rich Chinese do not even bother to educate their kids in this country, after primary education the children are sent to Singapore for secondary education and onward to other countries for their tertiary.Unless they have big family business to take over back home,  most of the bright ones never came back to Malaysia.

I always have had reservation about our education system, from primary to tertiary, whether it can prepare our children to compete in the global place. Not being unpatriotic but more being prudent about the children future, all my children were educated in Singapore for their primary/secondary education and in the West for their tertiary education. I am sure, if the occasion arises, they can find a job anywhere in the world.

In ancient China one have to sit for civil service examination before one can enter the civil service. The great Chinese philosopher Confucious asserted that those who govern should do so because of merit, not of inherited status. His notion sets in motion the creation of imperial examinations and bureaucracies open only to those who passed the tests

To help Malays gain greater height in education it is not by lowering the standard but by constantly raising the notches up to make it competitive for the Malays in order to put them at par with the best in the world. 

Unfortunately, our few learned Malays are looking the other way, to reduce Malays to become moronic students.

What's the point of churning out thousands of mediocre graduates that no one would want to employ other than a government that set up itself a middling education system under a gross misconception that it is helping it own race to achieve better educational standard. These Malay professors need to have their heads examine. 

It is common knowledge in this country that local graduates find it hard to get jobs in the private sector, which survive on being competitive and won't take the risk employing laggards. 

There are thousands of unemployed graduates, who are also their own worst enemies, they overrated their second/third rate degrees and won't take a 'stopgap' job while waiting for better prospect.

To the Malay educationists, I suggest "don't bring the mountain to Muhammad, bring Mohammad to the mountain"

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Susilo: Mark Of A True Statesman

Hantu Laut

That's it, a mark of a true statesman. Thank you Susilo for your apology.

If it has come earlier, there won't be many angry Malaysians and Singaporeans.

That's the way it should be, as responsible neighbour we apologise if the mistake is ours, not insult our innocent neighbours who have to bear the brunt of our mistake.

You need to teach your Minister for People Welfare Agung Laksono tact and diplomacy. He behaved like a village tyrant.

I could not link the article on Susilo's apology, the full text below

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) -- Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono apologized Monday to Singapore andMalaysia for record-setting pollution caused by forest fires in his country.
"For what is happening, as the president, I apologize to our brothers in Singapore and Malaysia," Yudhoyono said. He asked for their understanding and said Indonesia is working hard to fight the fires, which are often set by farmers to clear fields.
Jakarta dispatched planes and helicopters last week to battle the blazes in peat swamp forests as well as plantations in Riau province on Sumatra island, where the smoke easily drifts across the sea to the two neighboring countries.
Speaking at a news conference after a Cabinet meeting to discuss the issue, Yudhoyono said he has ordered an investigation of the fires.
"There should be a thorough investigation. In my analysis, there are both natural and human factors," he said, adding that the wind direction has caused the smoke to concentrate in Singapore and Malaysia.
Malaysian declared a state of emergency on Sunday in a district where the haze triggered one of the country's worst pollution levels, while Singapore has urged people to remain indoors due to "hazardous" levels of pollution.
Last week, Indonesian Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare Agung Laksono slammed critical comments by Singaporean officials about the haze, saying they should have been conveyed through diplomatic channels instead of publicly.
"Singapore should not act like children, making all that noise," he said. 
Also Monday, Minister of Transportation Evert Ernest Mangindaan warned all airlines about dangerous flying conditions in Jambi, Riau and Bengkulu because of the haze.
He said any aircraft flying in the areas must first obtain permission from Air Traffic Control. Yahoo.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Anak Melayu Suka Berpesta Dan Berdemonstrasi Di Negara Dystopia.

Hantu Laut

The Black 505 held at Padang Merbok on Saturday 22 June was an anticlimax and incipient boredom for many attendees. Some left before the main event started, stating boring speeches and the haze as the killjoy.

Most attendees were Malays, who are hooked on to this carnival type protests, a wasteful social habit courtesy of Anwar Ibrahim.

Today, some youths mostly Malays tried to break into Parliament to demand EC members to step down.

Anwar have said Pakatan will not have anymore rallies, but he is not sure about the NGOs.

Your guess as good as mine who will be behind the NGOs demonstrations and who likely to be in the front.

The Chinese have delivered their message and have gone back to work to earn their rice bowls .

The Malays still think they live in dystopia.

In the meantime enjoy the lyrics of the song by OneRepublic.

Yeah! that's where you are heading for.

The Indonesian Minister Is A Moron!

Hantu Laut

If you are born stupid there is little anyone can do to help you, but if you can rise to the level of a minister in a government people expect some level of intelligence in you.

"It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool than open it and remove all doubt" a popular quotation by Mark Twain

I have little time for this kind of stupidity.

This Indonesian Minister should commit "harakiri" because he has no sense of shame. He should come to Malaysia and Singapore and see first hand how dangerous the smog had become and hazardous to human lives. We live in constant fear that we may collapse anytime and die due to lack of oxygen in the air. 

The API reading in Muar, Johor yesterday spiked to 746, even a face mask is rendered useless with such dense pollutants in the air.

He lives in Jakarta, or on Java Island, which is not in the path of the deadly haze and he has no idea how terrible it is to breath such deadly air, which can kill the elderly and those with respiratory diseases.

After reading this my blood reached boiling point. What kind of lamentable excuse this moron is giving us?

It is your country, you have jurisdiction over the land, put out the fire and take action against those companies. 

You have your law, enforce it! What's the point of telling us they are Malaysian companies, the Malaysian government can't go there and enforce the law.

It's typical irresponsible Indonesian mentality, I am big, I am a moron, I don't care and I can bully you.

Additional reading:Fires In Indonesia

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Black 505 Rally A Flop: DAP The Crowd Puller, Not Anwar

Hantu Laut

The distressed politician

As I have said in my earlier post 'will it fizzle out before it started' the expected happened.Anwar blamed the haze for the poor turnout.

It's not the haze, people are tired of listening to the same thing, the repetitious bashing of BN and the EC. An overdose of anything will have dire consequence.Even an overdose of vitamins can make you sick, or die from it.

An attendee when asked why is he leaving so early responded "Many of us were put off by speeches bashing BN and the SPR(Election Commission).Their speeches belong to pre-election ceramahs, not at a rally for the rakyat"

The general feeling among the people is that Anwar is too much"gila kuasa" and has become completely irrational. The content of his speech at the rally was a reflection of his emotional distress.People are beginning to realise that getting more popular votes do not guarantee a win, it's the party that collected the most number seats at simple majority that form the government. Anwar refused to accept the results and started a campaign of destabilising the government.

The Black 505 Rally at Padang Merbok was a big flop, they had less than 10% of the 300,000 people expected to turn up.The lukewarm response by DAP was a major cause of the failure, which should make Anwar realise that DAP is the crowd puller, not him. Lim Kit Siang presence was just a symbolic gesture not to upset Anwar. There were very little attendance of DAP supporters. Most Chinese that attended the rally were PKR members and supporters.

Here, the sycophantic pro-Anwar/PR portal Malaysia Chronicle pulled a bluff, putting the crowd at 70,000, when they hardly had more than 30,000.

The measly Chinese presence will not bode well for Anwar, he may be the de facto leader, but DAP the one calling the shots. DAP is definitely the crowd puller with massive Chinese solidarity in urban areas. Anwar's supports are mostly opportunistic, localised and scattered among the different ethnic groups.As I have written in an earlier post, PR elected members are dominated by non-Malays, boosted by swelling Chinese supports.

A good example to quote is Mohd Ariff Sabri also known by his blogging name SakmongkolAK47, who was DAP candidate for P.80 Raub, a mixed constituency of 11501 voters comprising Malay(49%) Chinese(44%) and Indians (7%). Sabri won by a majority of 2814 votes on the back of strong Chinese supports. The vote was not for Ariff Sabri, it was a vote for DAP. He would have lost if he had stood in a Malay majority area in Pahang.

DAP is the mainstay of Pakatan Rakyat supports and the crowd puller. Not PKR, PAS, or Anwar.

DAP have played their cards well, logical and rational, they have no ambition to make a Chinese prime minister. Even with more seats than PKR and PAS, they will accept Anwar as PM, but being the kingmaker, they can control him and shape the policies and future of this nation according to their prescriptions.

Penang is a modality.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mother Of All Rallies Today: Did The Chinese Smell Something Fishy?

Hantu Laut

Everything we do, good or bad, must have a reason, or an objective. We eat to live, we work to sustain that existence. We shower once or twice a day for hygiene, to keep the bugs away from making us sick. We have sex for pleasure or procreate to sustain the human race.

Unless, you are completely insane, everything you do must have reasons.

Pakatan Rakyat lost the elections and blamed electoral frauds as the cause of their misery. They know why they lost but they don't want the people to know the truth, they want the people to think that they have really been cheated, they want to anger the people to justify an uprising.

They say they have no intention of bringing down the government. If so, why hold so many rallies?

Later they say they want all Election Commission's members to resign for the electoral frauds.

Doctor apa ini, doctor ubat, doctor gigi atau doctor baru belajar (intern)

There are many lawyers in Pakatan Rakyat, don't tell me they don't know the law, who can appoint and who can remove members of the EC? Have the shit got into their heads that they can't remember the law.

Their propaganda of electoral frauds started long before the general elections as contingency plan in the event they lose the elections. As I have expected, they lost and are using that contingency plan now to take over the government, by hook or by crook.

The biggest honour should be given to Ambiga for the biggest political fraud of the century, openly colluding with Pakatan Rakyat to destabilise the government under the pretext of fighting for free and fair elections. This lady has a swollen head because of that award given by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, which is a real boo-boo. The same kind of ill-judged Nobel Peace Prize given to Obama, a joke I still could not comprehend till today. Alfred Nobel must be turning in his grave, though, he himself invented one of the most destructive invention, the dynamite being his most famous one.

This is Anwar Ibrahim's last stand, by hook or by crook, he must be prime minister, but as I have predicted time and again, he'll never be, man proposes, God disposes. Someone up there writes his destiny, and for that matter, for all of us.

Another propagandist, but not as smooth as Rafizi the Goebbels.

Shakespeare had also gotten into the act that one's destiny is in God's hand, in his works of Hamlet "There is a divinity that shapes our ends, rough-hew them how we will". It means no matter how hard you try to shape your life in the end it is God, who decides your destiny.

In Islam we called it takdir.

Fate must have it that God is not ready to make Anwar the prime minister of this country yet.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place and as the democratic process had failed him, he needs to change the course of action and the only option opened is an uprising similar to the "Arab Spring"

No political party in a democratic system in any part of the world organises weekly rally as the one seen in Malaysia. What is the purpose?

It is undeniable that the whole idea of the weekly rally is to culminate into a huge one to bring down the government.

It seems DAP wise up to the wrong flavour of the rally as there are no signs of them participating. Did the Chinese smell something fishy, hence, not wanting to get involved?

It looks like an all Malay do, organised by incorrigible PKR and PAS leaders, the sore losers.

Inikali lah! Melayu pukul Melayu!

Today, we'll see how many stupid Malaysians will come out, in spite of the haze, to participate in the mother of all rallies....or will it fizzle out before it started?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Indonesia, A Neighbour From Hell

Hantu Laut

I now consider Indonesia as bad neighbour.A government that talk a lot and do fuck all to clean up their dirty act.

This is not one off thing, it's happening almost every year and this time it is a catastrophe of the highest magnitude. The haze choked two neighbouring nations, Singapore and Malaysia.

I am here sitting in my lounge looking out of the window and can see how bad the haze here in Kota Kinabalu. Our Crocker Range and Mount Kinabalu, which I can see clearly every morning has disappeared, completely shrouded in haze. We are looking more like Beijing minus the concrete jungle.

I can imagine how worse it is in Singapore and Peninsula Malaysia. I understand the API went up to over 300 in Singapore today, which is hazardous to humans.

Indonesia, is certainly a neighbour from hell and should be made to pay for damages and losses incurred due to the haze.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Smoke from forest fires in Indonesia has choked neighboring Singapore and Malaysia, prompting Singaporean officials to press Jakarta for urgent action against the haze that has pushed the city-state's air pollution to the worst level in 16 years.
Read more.

Christina Liew Is Sabahan Lah, Stupid!

Hantu Laut

It is a stark revelation that the RCI cannot be used as a yardstick to measure the extent of government involvement in the issuance of Malaysian identity cards to illegal immigrants.

Most identity cards were sold by irresponsible and corrupt West Malaysian officers, who came to Sabah to make fast money with little conscience that their actions have far-reaching consequences, detrimental to the interests and well-being of Sabahans.

A number of witnesses called up by the commission had been unreliable. Some were too smart for their own good, some just plain stupid and some gave only half the truth.

The recent claim made by Sabah Suluk Ethnic Clan Association secretary Mohd Zaki Hari Susanto (a Suluk with an Indonesian name) that Api-Api assemblywoman Christina Liew was an Indonesian Chinese before becoming Malaysian was a clear case of ignorance. The man is just plain stupid, doesn't know what he is talking about. Many people knew Christina Liew from childhood and knew she is a Sabahan and a naturalised Malaysian. What was uttered by this man at the RCI was untrue.

Liew has clarified her status here.

Many young Malaysians are ignorant of the history of this country because our history books in schools are so badly written, it imparts very little knowledge of pre-independence history and the position of the migrant races who stepped foot on this shore before independence.Read more.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Black 505 Rally,Arrest The Organisers Not The Blind Mice.

Hantu Laut

Is Rafizi Ramli a politician or a skunk? 

He doesn't seem to understand that there are laws in this country that all and sundry must respect. He couldn't care a shit. He wanted to show the people how big his balls are and how he can defy the long arm of the law and the police wouldn't dare touch him and if the police do touch him or any of the protesters, he and the whole herd of cows will claim police brutality and violation of their democratic rights.

Anwar's idea of the black rallies is to provoke the police into taking action against the protesters so he can condemn the government for its heavy-handedness and gross violation of human rights. He want his Western allies to see how bad the Malaysian government is. 

This bunch of pathetic jokers say they have no intention of bringing down the government, if so, why hold the rallies recurringly?

In which fucking country do they have members of parliament organising street rallies almost every week over unproven allegation of electoral frauds ? Only in Malaysia, like we have nothing better to do, making us a laughing stock of the world.

Anwar failed to capture Putrajaya out of his own stupidity. He thinks he can get Putrajaya riding on the waves of popular votes, which he knew very well is a complete fallacy, but is now using it to confuse and rile up the people to go against the government. He was in UMNO before and knew how the system works.

Spinning the yarn, twisting truth into lies and lies into truth is Anwar's alchemy.

He said Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was very concern with the massive electoral fraud that happened in Malaysia when in fact Susilo told him, he can only lend his ears, but can't interfere in Malaysia's domestic affairs. 

Did Susilo actually invites him for that reason or invites him to tell him to respect the democratic process and live to fight another day.

Indonesian papers only picked up what was spun by the pro- opposition spinning mills and Pakatan leaders like Anwar and his lackey Rafizi the Goebbels. 

Goebbels seems to be in a delusion of grandeur, insisting that the rally must be held at Padang Merbok, although, DBKL had refused to give permission for the rally to be held there as the venue has been given to another party earlier for its function.

The Black 505 Rally on 22 June is an attempt to bring down the government through forces of people's power.  Read Rafizi' stance here. Degil dan biadap.

Can 200,000 or so blind mice from Kuala Lumpur  represent 13 million or so Malaysian voters and 28 million Malaysians in the country?

My advice to the police, if they have to arrest, do not arrest the blind mice, arrest the organisers.

Razaleigh Should Go For President Not Prime Minister

Hantu Laut

'Salvage value', in accounting term is the estimated value that an asset will realise upon its sale at the end of its useful life.

At age 78 can Razaleigh performs as adequately and as furious as a younger man? What salvage value has Razaleigh?

Like machines and other movable assets that depreciated in value every year as they get older, humans are the same, our mental and physical value diminished as we grow older. Of course, we do get the "oddballs" who would not cease to amaze you with their mental and physical dexterity. Think of Lee Kuan Yew and Mahatir Mohammad and you have the amazing prodigies of endless energy. These larger than life figures have dominated politics and societies for decades and have yet to whittle away their influence.

Are Malaysians ready for another blue blood to lead this country after a long hiatus from the first prime minister who came from a noble house, a libertarian with a laissez-faire policy that eventually led to the worst racial riot this country had ever seen. 

Would one born with a silver spoon in the mouth have touch with the ground and empathetic to the common people's aspirasions .

Good old Razaleigh has become a mirage of some sort for people in despondency. Everytime, there's leadership crisis his name is hawked around as 'fill in the gap' candidate for prime minister. He had not come any nearer the goal post. His last attempt at the UMNO leadership of its presidency was during Pak Lah's time and was a complete disaster. He had only one nomination from his own constituency, not enough for him to mount a challenge.

A man of refreshing candour and good stead, he should not believe and savour false hope given him by the few disgruntled UMNO/BN parliamentarians. They are 'dogs in the manger', selfish, self-centered and won't have enough string to pull off a coup. 

Will Razaleigh gives Najib a run for his money?

He may get some supports from MPs in PAS and DAP, but the spanners in the work will be Anwar's PKR and UMNO. If Razaleigh become PM the whole political equation will change, which may not be in Anwar's favour and not of his liking.

I believe sensibility will prevail. Razaleigh will not mount a challenge against Najib in a vote of no-confidence in parliament. He may not want to be prime minister using the back door and owe the opposition a favour. He would be in office at the mercy of the opposition if he accepts their olive branch.

However, he may do a Julia Gillard on Najib, mounting a challenge for president of the party, hence, the premiership. This is the more honourable way for him to claim the premiership.

Mahathir is still trying to call the shots, calling for no contest for the two top posts. He may have a valid reason, but will they listen to him?

Razaleigh still have enough time to campaign for supports and this time he will get more support from more divisions, but the journey may still be uncertain, a chance worth exploring in this uncertain time.

Note:UMNO has changed its voting method to what they claimed to be direct voting by 145,000 members from all divisions to stop money politics.The party claimed to have 3.5 million members. It is  still not representative of members choice.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

One Stupid DAP MP Against Construction Of A Mosque

Hantu Laut

One stupid and insensitive DAP MP against mosque construction with stupid excuse of azan disturbing the people's sleep. 

I am not a religious person, but this kind of stupidity is going to cause unnecessary racial and religious tension.

The kampong people sounded smarter than him, telling him that dogs barking also disturb their sleep and even worse dog barking can be incessant or sporadic throughout the night.

Azan only occurred twice after sundown, once in the evening just after dusk (maghrib) and every morning just before dawn (subuh). There is another one at night after 8 p.m (isyak), but some mosques do not sound the azan as the worshippers who came for the maghrib prayers usually stayed on for the isyak prayer.Most azan lasted less than 5 minutes.

Obviously, he is too thick to understand the imputation.

Watch the video:

What say you, Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang and SakmongkolAK47 ?

Azan (call to prayer) below.

DAP has 38 seats in Parliament making it the second largest political party in the country after UMNO. 

In the old days, before the dawn of cheap amplifiers, almost all azan were done unplugged, maybe mosque committees should consider turning down the volume or go back to the good old days.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Some People Have The Cheek !

Hantu Laut

Ansari should have known better the cabals, the cheats and the fabulists that is Anwar's brand of politics. A dirty user of the worst kind

Never trust a man with a crooked smile!

Some people have the cheek!

Our target today is Ansari Abdullah.  A friend of his on Facebook sent us the following posting:

Many of you who follow us here and elsewhere must have thought that we are going to criticize Ansari like we did others - yes, we whack everyone!  But not today, in fact, we felt sorry for him :-(

It is extremely painful to be forsaken by people we trust but that should not hinder us from moving on and strengthening our determination to improve ourselves and contribute our part to society.

For Ansari, 35 years of legal experience is definitely not long enough to spot and handle vicious and deceitful politics...! Read more.