Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kami Melayu Tak Kow Tow,Kau Tau ?

Kami tak kow tow, kau tau?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Art Harun

To all Singapore Malays, I am writing this to tell you how lucky we all are in Malaysia. You think you all are so great, you sure have not seen how greater we, Malaysian Malays, are.

What you think? You think Johor Bharu is a place full of thieves, kidnappers and gangsters don’t you? Well, I wouldn’t blame you. Because that is what your ex-Prime Minister cum your Senior Minister cum your Minister Mental said. He did not like Malaysia because he was jealous of our success, peace and tranquility. And so he said that in an affidavit in a court proceeding. As Singapore Malays, you of course have to kow tow to your Supreme Leader and so you agreed with him, in’it? In’it?

I am sure you don’t really agree with him but you cannot say so, in’it? Because you can’t really say anything in Singapore, especially when what you wanted to say would go against what your Supremely Total leader said, in’it? Can you?

Well you know something? We Malaysian Malays can say anything we like. Of course we cannot insult Islam lah…kalau insult Islam we kena lah. But a bit only lah, not like you all in Singapore. We would only be detained without trial under the Internal Security Act. Then most probably we would have to leave Malaysia and live elsewhere. But you see, we don’t have to kow tow like you all. That’s the point, get it?

Hmm…do you know that Kia has launched a new car? Yes. It’s called Kia Soo. LOL!!!

Allow me now to continue to write in proper Queen’s English. Because my Singlish attempt in the foregoing paragraphs is really pathetic, as you could see. That is because we Malaysian Malays are taught Maths and Science in proper English. Because of that, we Malaysian Malays are so proficient in English although we are not as good as you are in Maths and Science.

The purpose of my writing this letter to you is to tell you that we, the Malaysian Malays, do not have to kow tow to anybody. We are the best Malays in the whole world. The luckiest Malays in the whole world. And the most successful Malays in the whole wide world, including the cyber world. Any other Malays, from any other country, or part of the world (including the cyber world), are just not as good or successful as us, the Malaysian Malays. They are simply at the tenth place out of ten. We, the Malaysian Malays, for your information, occupy the first nine places. That is how good we are.

I tell you what. We have a Malay astronaut. Here he is known as AngkasaOne. We even have a reserve astronaut. He is also Malay. He is known as AngkasaTwo. Don’t ask me why we mix a Malay word for “space” with an English word for the first two numbers to call them two astronauts. Perhaps that is because we want to impress that we are taught Maths in English. Yes, that must be it. Now, you all in Singapore do not have any AngkasaOne do you? See? We are better than you. And we do not have to kow tow to anybody.

We also swam across the English Channel, fully protected from jelly fish in a cage. And we have a Datukship for that. You all Singapore Malays got like that one ah? Mana ada? Of course later they was a Chinese boy who swam without the protective cage and even much faster than us the Malaysian Malays, but he did not get Datukship, you see. So we are better. And we did that without having to kow tow to anybody. You all. You kow tow also cannot do like that one, for sure (my Singlish is getting better, eh?)

Than we also have many big Malay businessmen in Malaysia. Our national carrier, MAS (not Malay Airline System, it’s Malaysia Airline System, mind you), was owned by a Malay. He made MAS the best. And one of the biggest. So much so that when he left, MAS was in such a solvent state that it could spend RM1.55 million to buy some paints in various colours splashed over some white canvas and put them in the Chairman office. And we did it without having to kow tow to anybody, kau tau?

We also have Malay businessmen who built highways from the north way up to the South. Now, had your government agreed, we would have extended that highway to your small ciku state via a second causeway. But true to your kiasu attitude, being jealous of our success and achievements (especially because we have several excellent national cars and the fact that we now have not one, but two, submarines – which mind you, can now dive in tropical waters – and also the fact that we run the “hottest race on Earth” – which is to be renamed “the monsoon-est race on Earth” – once a year), your government don’t agree to that proposal. But we always have a way. We will build a crooked and very scenic bridge on OUR side. Padan muka you all! We cannot build a straight bridge, we would build a crooked one.

More on the hottest race on Earth. We know you all are envious of our F1 Circuit, which is the best in the world (in 1999 that is). You all are so envious with this circuit. That we know. You all don’t have enough land and therefore you can’t build one. You also cannot have a F1 circuit race unless you want the F1 race to be held underwater.

So you have a street F1 race. Street race! Hah! In Malaysia, we Malaysian Malays do that every night. We call ourselves Rempits. Congratulations! You have turned the F1 drivers into Rempits! And to be different, and to kow tow to Europeans fans, you have to hold the race at night. In Malaysia, we do not kow tow, okay. Unlike you. Racing at night and on the street. Cheh!

Back to the highways. Yes. That was done by us, the Malaysian Malays. Look at how successful the highways, as a business, are. I know. In other countries, like yours, highways are built for logistical purposes but here, let me remind you, highways are primarily for business and investment purposes. As you can see, we, the Malaysian Malays are inventors of new businesses. And to top it all, even when the highways are raking it in, in terms of toll collections, our government would compensate the highway company in the hundreds of millions. And we do that, my little Singapore friends, without kow tow-ing to anybody. Nope. No kow tow, kau tau?

We, the Malaysian Malays are the masters. We excel in every fields of business. In constructions industry, we obtained contracts recently for the construction of the new palace. Not only that, we even managed to negotiate with the government, whose allocation was initially RM400 million, to increase the cost to about RM800 million. Now tell me. Can you, Singaporean Malays, do that? No way towkey.

And at international level, we managed to be an agent who put up the deal to for the Malaysian government to buy submarines. And we earned, I am told, about RM500 million for that. You think it is easy to buy submarines? No it is not I am telling you. There must be an agent to put up the deal. The government cannot just take up the phone and tell the submarine manufacturer that it wanted 2 or 3 submarines. Or ask 4 or 5 manufacturers to come for presentations and choose one of them to supply the darn submarines. No. The government needed us, the Malaysian Malays to be the agent. And of course, we do that without kow-tow. We do not have to kow tow, get it?

You all Singapore Malays, you can do like that ah? Sure kenot. You all are losers. I am sure you all supported England the other night, didn’t you? 4-1. Bumbling kow-tow-ing idiots! Golden generation konon. If that was golden, than I wonder how brass looks like!

You all have Perkasa or Gertak or not? Ha…got or not? You see, we Malaysian Malays are so lucky. We have Perkasa and Gertak to look after our rights and entitlements. That is why we do not have to kow tow to anybody like you all. We know our rights man. Our Constutilation. Yes. Our rights and entitlements are all mentioned in the Federal Constitulations. Our supremely brave and intellectually inclined leaders or Perkasa and Gertak have read them. And we believe what they say too. That is why, we do not have to kow tow to anybody. Kau tau? Continue reading..

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Is Your Company Bankrupt ?

Hantu Laut

Let's us get back to the story of Felda's bankruptcy.

Is Felda already unofficially bankrupt or is in the process of becoming bankrupt (some people like to use the term 'technically insolvent') which is a misnomer.You are either insolvent or you are not.There is no in between.If you suffer a temporary cash flow problem that doesn't yet construe an act of bankruptcy until such time you can't pay your creditors and legal action is instituted against you by your creditors to recover the debts.

The question here is. Has Felda committed an act of bankruptcy which simply means it was unable to pay its creditors?

One can easily detect whether a company is liquid or not and the simplest way is to look at the current assets over current liabilities.This ratio is concerned with the assessment of an organisation's ability to meet its short-term obligations.Even this does not reflect true liquidity.The truest test is the acid test of the 'liquid asset ratio', which is current assets less stock/inventories over current liabilities.The minimum ratio should be 1:1 liquid assets over current liabilities.Anything less means the company is in trouble and will have problem paying its creditors and a probable cash flow problem that can effect its overall operation.

Can one detect a company heading for bankruptcy a year or two before it happens?

In 1968 Edward I Altman, assistant professor of finance at New York University came up with a formula that can predict a company heading for bankruptcy as far back as two years before it happens.The formula is a bit too complicated for me to explain here. It uses balance sheet values to measure the financial health of a company using different formula for different type of company.His formulas have achieved over 75 percent accuracy and gained wide acceptance by auditors and management accountants.

Felda is a GLC and as such its financial statements should be an open book.In fact, all public and private limited companies' accounts are opened for public scrutiny and it should be more so with GLCs.These are companies considered own by the people which make it imperative that those managing them show transparency and accountability.

Why is Felda silent and secretive about where the missing portion of the cash reserve gone to?

Felda should be more forthcoming and should publish its latest audited accounts to satisfy public's abhorrence.Simply saying our assets has grown by so much is not good enough.

Dato Mohd Maslan in a press conference didn't show an air of confidence or knowledgeable in finance when he simply put forth the increment in total assets as a satisfactory answer.Total assets meant nothing to liquidity.A company can have huge asset backing yet still go bust.Reason? It doesn't have enough liquid assets to pay short term debts.

The question? Is Felda having liquidity problem that forced them to use the cash hoard to finance their day-to-day operation or the money was spent on other investments.If there were investments what are they? These are simple questions that someone in the higher management should answer not people like Mohd Maslan who is an UMNO politician.

Below is financial highlights of Felda operations.
Performance 2004-2008 (year ended December 31)

Felda has yet to produce its audited accounts for 2009.

The last few years Felda has embarked on diversification of it business.In 2007 it bough out Robert Kuok's interest in Perlis Plantation Bhd (PPB) at a total cost of RM1.5 billion which bought them PPB group's entire sugar asset in the country.

Felda Global was created to diversify both locally and overseas.It formed a JV in Indonesia to open palm oil plantation, hotel and restaurant in Mecca, oleochemical in US and foodstuffs in UAE.

There was no announcement whether it uses internal funding or bank borrowings to fund the venture overseas.

If they have nothing to hide, it's about time someone in Felda wake up and give plausible answers to those relevant questions and send its detractors to hell.

Also read:

Unfazed by threat, ex-minister takes another swipe at Felda

(Unperturbed by the threat of an expensive law suit, issued by Felda yesterday, Tan raised another poser over the group’s alleged RM500million investment in Massachusetts-based Twin Rivers Technology.

“Felda is in the oil palm business. Why is it investing in an American business in the first place?

“And what benefits does Twin Rivers Technologies bring to Felda?” he asked.)

Profoundly stupid question.Probably, never heard of diversity,diversification and diversified resources.

Palm oil will not be the golden crop forever.A time will come when it will end up like the others, tin and rubber.

Felda was right in diversifying into other type of businesses.A one product company is vulnerable when market goes a yoyo.

It is not what other business the company undertakes should be the question.It is whether there were frauds and abuses of fiduciary duties that should be of concern.

Wonder, how they made this guy a deputy minister?

Not sure whether this makes any sense but read it anyway.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Is Felda A Bankrupt Company ?

Hantu Laut

The next time, before you accuse a corporation or an individual of being a bankrupt just make sure you read their balance sheets first.

The question here is how many of our politicians, journalists, bloggers, lawyers, judges and economists can interpret financial statements? Obviously, some just don't care to find out the truth before opening their big mouth.

These are the people who are often confronted with the intricacies of financial figures and its imputations that could be as simple as ABC for some and as puzzling as the jigsaw puzzle for others.

Politicians, are the worse offenders when it comes to not doing their homework.Than you have the other type, political leaders surrounded by advisers and sycophantic political vultures who dish out wretchedly wrong advices to advantage their own position without caring for the dire consequence.

Felda, in response to some of the malicious rumours that the company is bankrupt has decided to sue for defamation a number of people including Anwar Ibrahim, Zaid Ibrahim, PAS MP Abdul Wahid Endut, a former deputy minister and at least three reporters.The Malaysian Insider story here.

The source of the rumours is Felda's dwindling case reserve of RM4 billion which apparently had diminished over the past few years and blaming Najib's involvement in its ruinous financial management.

Did people like Anwar Ibrahim and top dog lawyer Zaid Ibrahim actually check Felda's financial statements before going public with their assertions.

Felda confirmed that it is true its cash reserve has declined but on the other hand its current and fixed assets had risen as much as RM6.2 from RM9.17 billion in 2004 to RM15.37 billion in 2009.Maybe, Felda should also be more forthcoming where the money has gone to. New investments or drawn down to meet its financial obligations?

What construes bankruptcy? It is an inability of an individual or organisation to pay its debts as and when it becomes due.In more simple term you have more liabilities than assets and you can't pay your creditors.You are not a bankrupt unless legally declared so by a court of law.

In Malaysia the Bankruptcy Law is still archaic.The last time the government wanted to revise it to be current with what is practised in other developed economies it was bullied and pressured by the banking community not to amend the Act.

Getting court protection for scheme of arrangement with creditors is almost unheard of in Malaysia.Once, you are bankrupt, you are almost bankrupt for life and applying for discharge is dicey if you have many creditors.

Personal bankruptcy is painful for those genuinely in trouble.The Najib's government should make attempts to change and update the Act to be in line with developed nations and to make the banking community more prudent in their lending and not become too dependent on getting the life and soul of the guarantor when loan goes bad.

In many Western countries discharge is automatic after a few years, provided you are on good behaviour, did not commit fraud or broke any of the conditions applicable to a bankrupt.

Has Felda failed to meet any of its financial obligations or asked for restructuring of any of its short and long term debts that might indicate acute liquidity problems? If it has not than it is not anywhere near insolvency and even if it has applied for restructuring it is still not deemed bankrupt unless declared so by the court.

Even if Felda were to have lost all the cash reserve in a bad investment, technically, it is still not bankrupt as long as it can meet its financial obligations in the day-to-day running of the company.

Anwar Ibrahim was a former Finance Minister and Zaid Ibrahim used to run the biggest law firm in this country.It's absurd that they don't know the procedures.It goes to show that they don't care what it takes, they are prepared to throw caution to the wind to implicate Najib to gain political mileage.

Though, I think they are not very good at it, lying has become a set pattern and the forte of Pakatan leaders.

If Felda can prove that they are not any where near bankruptcy, the two Ibrahims better be prepared to consider bankruptcy themselves.This can be not only the most costly legal suit in Malaysia's history, it can also bankrupt the defendants unless of course Anwar can take over Puterajaya and do what he accused the BN government of doing, interfere with the judiciary.

So, next time before you call a company bankrupt, please learn to read and interpret the "balance sheet". That's where the company's financial health is hidden.

Was Kevin Rudd Rat-Fucked ?

Hantu Laut

Just two weeks ago, while in Australia, I wrote about whether Kevin Rudd is in the rut.Would he loses his job?

Just two days ago Rudd fell victim, not to the electoral process, but rat fucked by his own deputy.As they say "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" or in this case a deputy scorned.

His deputy, Julia Gilard engineered a midnight coup against him in a leadership tussle of the party.Rudd initially says he would defend his position but later changed his mind.The general consensus is that in view of his declining popularity, his government falling short of expectations and contentious issues with his government he would lose the contests as party members would rebel against him to save the party.

Her source of anger was Kevin Rudd's seemingly contemptuous act of sending out feelers to test her loyalty.Whether she if fair dinkum?

Rudd is well known for his short on the fuse, distrust of those near him and a ruddy human relation problems with colleagues and subordinates.

One of Rudd's big problems is his loggerhead with mining bosses on the super tax for the mining industry which has also exposed his other administrative weaknesses.His poor human relations with colleagues and subordinates has finally pulled the rug from under his feet.

Rudd was not a victim of diminishing popularity with the masses.He is a victim of the rich and powerful mining lobby.The mining companies $100 million advertising war chest has done serious damage to his reputation.

The companies took up television,internet and full-page newspaper ads attacking Rudd' government.One ads punctuates that the super tax “Weaken mining, you weaken the country. But that’s exactly what the government’s new super tax is doing,”

Julia Gilard says she is throwing open the government's doors to the mining industry.That could mean compromise or total withdrawal of the tax.

Was Kevin Rudd "rat-fucked" by his deputy?

What an ebb of tide, a man popular six months ago suddenly died of political back-stabbing.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shooting Blanks

Hantu Laut

It takes all kinds to make the world go round and Malaysian politicians are one of them.More brawn than brain.

In school we are always being told by our teacher that empty vessel makes the most noise and little knowledge is more dangerous than none.

What have we got here? An empty vessel and a fool? The empty vessel has been shouting to be heard on something that in all likelihood will not be heard.The fool can't tell the difference between a spoon and a fork.

Kota Kinabalu: Umno Kalabakan's public demand for the Merotai State seat that is currently held by a fellow Barisan Nasional (BN) component is a total disrespect of the coalition's spirit of comradeship.

The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) said it not only reflected the (State leadership's failure to discipline members)(this is a democracy mate, you can't stop people from speaking up), but also set a dangerous precedent that could backfire on the ruling coalition.

LDP Publicity Officer, Albert Kok, said LDP felt that the Umno division had placed not only the BN State but also the national leadership behind by making such a demand.

"I totally disagree that the Merotai seat was on loan to LDP from Umno (it is, face the truth) because under the BN spirit the seats are distributed equally to all the component parties irrespective of the seats' voter make-up," he said, Monday.

Kok who is also Private Secretary to the Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Datuk V.K Liew, said that in many areas in the country, compromise has been reached to allow even one minority party to contest.

He recalled that the Prime Minister had also made it clear that "we must work as a team and help out one another even if that area has a Malay majority".

According to him, the Hulu Selangor by-election was one of the recent and best examples where despite being a Malay-dominated constituency the seat was given to MIC (MIC did not win the seat,UMNO did)because the national leadership respects the coalition spirit.

In the by-election, he said Umno and all the component parties had worked hard to ensure victory for the BN.

Kok said Umno Kalabakan Chief, Datuk Abdul Ghapur Salleh who had also stated that 191 branches in the division fully supported the demand for Merotai seat "to be returned" to Umno in the next General Election (do you expect anything better from him) would be setting a dangerous precedence.

"If this happens in future they can simply disregard other component parties and simply resolve to do something that is against the interests of BN as a whole.

"If they can do to Merotai, what is stopping them from doing the same in other areas? It also reflects badly on the State BN leadership for its failure to discipline their members (again, your communist mentality, this is the free world)," he said.

"It is totally contradicting the Prime Minister and BN concept of 1Malaysia ... this is not 1Umno," he said. (it is all UMNO mate, they consider you mosquito party)

Kok said LDP is the most senior BN party in Sabah but it had also been continuously victimised. "This is extremely unfair considering we have been loyal (there is no loyalty in politics)and dedicated to the struggle of BN since 1989.

"We were one of the few parties who were instrumental in assisting and sticking with Umno when it set foot in Sabah in the early 1990s.

We certainly do not deserve to be mistreated by certain Umno State leaders lately who are out there to discredit and victimise us to satisfy their greed and fulfil their hidden agenda."

Ghapur, who is also the Kalabakan MP, had said that the Merotai seat belongs to Umno and was only lent to LDP for the past two general elections.

He also accused Gerakan of trying to enlist Umno members and that Sabahans would not be stupid as to vote for a peninsula-based party that was even rejected by the people over there.

Two general elections ago, the Merotai State seat, which is one of the State constituencies in the Kalabakan Parliamentary constituency, was held by Datuk Dr Patawari Patawe who was then moved to Sebatik following re-delineation of the electoral boundary.

Tan Sri Liew Yun Fah who was with LDP at that time replaced him.

In the last election, Liew was dropped and replaced by a LDP Vice President Pang Yuk Ming who is currently the Assistant Infrastructure Development Minister and chairman of Sabah Air.

Liew has since joined Gerakan and was made a Vice President over the weekend

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Letter Of The Law Versus Spirit Of The Law?

Hantu Laut

In my posting here and here I am of the opinion that Tian Chua automatically loses his MP seat and a by-election should be called.

Shouldn't the judge be more concerned with spirit of the law?

I stand with you Karpal.You are the only one honest enough to interpret the law as it is.

This is no "Catch 22" situation.

It's a goof-up and somebody might as well admit it.

Kill your baby, dump your baby ... or make sure s/he is safe and has a future

June 20, 2010

Kill your baby, dump your baby ... or make sure s/he is safe and has a future

Kill your baby, dump your baby ... or make sure s/he is safe and has a future

"When the girl-child that was buried alive,

Is asked for what crime she was slain?'
Al-Quran 81: 8-9

The baby Moses was placed in a reed basket and set adrift on the Nile -- to be found and brought up by Pharaoh's daughter. That was very lucky!
In Islamic countries -- with their strict sexual morality and enforced segregation of unmarried men and women -- there is obviously no sex outside marriage, and therefore no problem of unwanted babies. Theoretically.
So why is it that, in Malaysia alone, there are scores of babies abandoned every year? Left in secluded public places, like toilets and rubbish dumps, presumably in the hope and expectation that a kind stranger will find the child and ensure its well-being.
Sadly, many abandoned babies in Malaysia are not so lucky, dying of dehydration or even being eaten by wild dogs.
The problem is, of course, the shame of being an unmarried mother. Many young women hide their pregnancies from their families, perhaps get no support from the baby's father, and for them the only option seems to be to give birth in secret and then dump the child somewhere -- trusting that s/he will be found and looked after.

There is now, at least in Kuala Lumpur, a much better option.

OrphanCare brochure

Continue reading.

(Sent by a dear friend.Probably as outraged as any decent human being could be on the dumping of unwanted babies.)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Which Come First The Law Or The Judge's Intention ?

Hantu Laut

There would be no need for a by-election as the judge is very clear in what he says.He doesn't want another by-election.

Than! why not fine him below RM2000?

Below is the relevant section of the Penal Code that Tian Chua is charged with.

Voluntarily causing hurt to deter public servant from his duty.

332. Whoever voluntarily causes hurt to any person being a
public servant in the discharge of his duty as such public servant,
or with intent to prevent or deter that person or any other public
servant from discharging his duty as such public servant, or in
consequence of anything done or attempted to be done by that
person in the lawful discharge of his duty as such public servant,
shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend
to three years or with fine or with both.

Do you see any minimum fine stated therein.I believe, the amount is at the judge's discretion.

Tian Chua a happy man.The BN happier still.
There is no need for the BN to fight another by-election which in all likelihood they will lose.The only unhappy people are the leaders in Pakatan Rakyat.Can't show off their rising popularity.

So, which is supreme, the law or the judge's intention?

I am confused!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eyes Wide Shut

Hantu Laut

I have not cared to comment on the NEM (New Economic Model) since it was first announced as I feel it would be a waste of time as I do not have much faith that the government going to implement it as it is.

As it is they say "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." Najib may have the best of intentions but he would not be able to deliver what he promised. The pressure from inside UMNO would be too high and too risky for him to discontinue the traditional politics of patronage.

Many bloggers have put forward their views on the subject including our prolix and prolific blogger SakMongkol47 who has written a number of articles on the subject.One that draws my attention is his "Conspiracy of the rich"

Malaysian politics is all about money.Without money the BN would have done even worse in the March 2008 General Elections.What SakMongol47 wrote of the big projects becoming preserve of the big guns is not far from the truth.I can't see any semblance of serious economic reforms in the 10 MP. Najib will be under pressure to keep rewarding the warlords in UMNO and other component parties.The money train, pardon me, the gravy train must continue to run along the same track.

The only way Najib can succeed is, if he is not afraid of losing his job and to be cruel to be kind.Nip in the butt any opposition from within the party before it become widespread.The success much depend on how unwavering is Najib in pushing forward his plans to change the fate of this nation.

Vision 2020 is less than 10 years away.Many things can happen or not happen.We can join the high income community or erode back to the low income.The ball is in the government's court, whosoever it is the next 10 years.

Do not ridicule Idris Jala. He was not wrong to warn Malaysians the consequence of an all encompassing subsidy mentality.Nations can and have slided back to poverty due to corruptions and poor financial management.Think of the Philippines, think of Argentina, think of all the African countries that have gone to the dogs and lately think of Greece and the other European PIGS.If it can happen to them it can happen to us.

The problem with Malaysians they do not want to hear the bad news preferring euphony even if it is far from the truth.They have now taken subsidy as of rights not as a privilege.

The right thing to do is to bring this nation to a higher income level to increase productivity that can boost our growth rate and GDP.Subsidies should only be temporaries.

I support removal of all subsidies.

Will Najib have the balls to do so? Not likely. Certainly not in the near future.Doing so will cost him the government.We have become a nation of blackmailers.

We much pretty screw ourselves up the past 50 years where those behind us have overtaken us.I will not mention Singapore as it is sensitive and taboo to some Malaysians when making comparison.Taiwan and South Korea are two countries that I can confidently quote as examples of what we could have been or better.I will not give facts and figures at this juncture for comparison purposes.I have one nation which is closer in comparison.

Do you know that in the seventies Malaysian and Singaporean men go to Taiwan and South Korean for sex holidays? Today, the situation is reversed, they are coming over here for cheap sex.If that is not telling of how far we have progressed what does? Malaysia has also been quoted as one of the busiest human trafficking transit point and destination.Not something we should be proud of.

My recent visit to Australia was an eye opener and realised how pretty screwed up we have been, not because nature has been unkind to us, because we have been unkind to ourselves.By right, we should have been better than the bloody Aussies.

Sorry mate!It's fair dinkum!

Let's begin with my internal flight in Australia which may not be the barometer for everything good about the Aussie, but it's a start.

I took a Virgin Blue flight from Brisbane to Perth with checked in baggage.Surprise, surprise! when I arrived, even without going through immigration, there weren't any, anyway, it's a domestic flight, I was amazed my bags were there waiting for me.It reminded me of Changi 25 years ago when I lived in Singapore, they were already delivering baggage ahead of passengers.

I have passed through KLIA six times the last eight months, both through the main and the cheapo terminals. I have to wait between 15 to 30 minutes before I can see my bags on the carousel.

My return from Perth was on Air Asia X.Bags took almost 30 minutes to clear and the terminal was jam-packed to bursting point.The air-conditioned was struggling to keep the terminal cool but failed miserably with the amount of heat generated from those human bodies.Restaurants filled to the brinks and me losing my mind.

I now agree with Tony Fernandez that MAB are run by morons who can't foresee what's coming.This is one airline terminal and yet busier than than the main under utilised terminal.If they have allowed him to build his own airport it would be on the way to completion now and cost a fraction of what the government's costing would be.

Australia has less population than Malaysia and a territory 23 times bigger.

Some Malaysians always have the strange habit of arguing that the reason Singapore is successful is because it is small and easier to manage and control which I find.....what can I say... ignorance, foolish or just plain stupid.

Now, let see what they have to say about Australia, which is 23 times bigger than Malaysia.Some, even called the Aussies lazy.Let see who is actually the lazy one.

There is a difference between working smart and working late.Putting too much time into your work can also mean two things....inefficiency and incompetency.You either do not know your job well or you are just a slow coach which, unfortunately, increases your unproductiveness.If you live in KL the situation is even worse, your productivity and quality of life goes out the window.You have to spend average 2 hours caught in traffic snarl unless you are very well-off and can afford those million dollar condo nearby.

The hotel I stayed in Perth has 123 rooms, has only 1 receptionist (she is also the cashier,the front desk manager and the concierge).The restaurant has 4 workers, 1 receptionist/cashier and three waiters.I still checked in without hassle and get my food and drinks on time.

OK, let's get to the nitty-gritty.

Country Land Mass Pop GDP(2009) GDP (Per Capita)

Malaysia 328,867 sq.km 26 mil $381 bil $14,800

Australia 7,682,300 22 $824 $38,800

You can tell when a country is rich and the people is well-off, not by the number of posh cars on the streets but by the number of mariners and the number of luxury boats in them.Even the smallest mariner here is bigger than the biggest we have in Malaysia and they are dotted all over the country.

Now, Australia 23 times bigger (75% desert), population slightly smaller, GDP 2 1/2 bigger and is almost 3 times richer than us.

Hello! Anybody out there? Can you hear me? Why? Why is Australia doing better than us?

When you travel keep your eyes wide open.

I am beginning to like this man.

(The title is taken from the 1999 movie 'Eyes Wide Shut' starring Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tian Chua A Goner

Hantu Laut

Fine reduced from RM3000 to RM2000 for Tian Chua.Is that the minimum the judge can impose on the criminal act of Tian Chua?

The law says fine of no less than RM2000 or not less than a year's jail will disqualify an elected representative from his post.

I agree with Karpal Singh that Tian Chua is doomed as an MP unless of course the Election Commission construe it differently to avoid another by-election.

Looks like Tian Chua jumped the gun by agreeing to transfer the bail money as payment of the fine.Whether he still can appeal after paying the fine I am not sure as Article 48 is silent.

The law is very clear RM2000 or not less than a year's jail.If you are fined RM500 and given a year's jail you are still a goner.Either way you are a goner.

I'll be most surprise if the Election Commission does not call for a by-election.

PR may not be worried of not winning in the area.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sungei Orchard

Hantu Laut

Ask any Singaporean would they imagine flooding at Orchard Road before the mighty rainfall submerged Singapore's most famous street yesterday.

I lived in Singapore for 10 years at Cairnhill Road, a stone throw away from Orchard Road and I would have sworn to anyone who asked me that Orchard Road would never flood.The only place that I can remember get flooded after torrential rain coupled by high tide was along Bukit Timah Road.Otherwise, most parts of Singapore are high and dry.

Adjacent areas, Scotts Road, Cairn Hill Road, Cairnhill Circus and Mt Elizabeth must have been spared being on higher ground.

Most efficient and capable Singapore got caught out by "act of God"

As they say "God's mill grind slow but sure" and "man proposes, God disposes"

Picture 1 Picture 2
Picture 1 Picture 2
Picture 1 Picture 2
Picture 1 Picture 2
Picture 1 Picture 2
Picture 1 Picture 2
Will heads at PUB roll for this most unexpected natural disaster.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DAP Gone Mad

Hantu Laut

So, it looks like not a cabinet's decision yet or is Najib making a 360-degree round turn on the issue of overseas scholarship for Malaysian students.At least, he is listening to the rumble on the ground.He says student's aid to continue

Meanwhile, DAP has gone really berserk

This is the first time in the history of this country's politics or for that matter anywhere else in the world I have ever heard of such ridiculous practice.Maybe, DAP should learn to spell D E M O C R A C Y and learn the actual meaning of the word and take a closer look at our Constitution and our political system.

Who is the elected representative, the individual or the party? There is no doubt he was elected on DAP ticket but our Constitution only recognise the individual not the party as the elected entity.

I am against party hopping but if such person refused to resign there is nothing the party can do except wait till the next elections to let the people decide.

Resigned and pay RM5 million for any elected representative leaving the party. Can such contract stand in a court of law?

Hee Yit Foong left over a year ago why was there no disclosure that she has signed such an agreement then?

Maybe, former judge NH Chan can help with some legal advice.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Education:Keeping The Brain-Dead Inside, The Brains Outside

Hantu Laut

Sorry Babe! Ain't got no money for the kids education but we can buy the BMW that we have always wanted.

Got money to build RM800 million palace, got money to build RM800 million new parliament building, got money to bail out the corrupt-laden PKFZ, got money to make every UMNO's ministers and divisional heads rich but have no money for our brainy students.

If there is anything more horrendous that the Najib's government has churned out so far this could be the worst.

I am sure the Chinese are amused because with this policy it would be the majority Malays and bumiputras kept inside the country.The proverbial "katak dibawah tempurong"

Looks like Mahathir's Vision 2020 is going down the drain.

As Jema Khan pointed out in his article here Najib is a good goalkeeper but backed by under performing team.That could be an understatement.

I have in many instances spelled in my previous posts the need for Najib to have a major cabinet reshuffle or face the perils of losing the government not because of him but because of dismal performance of most of his ministers.His own popularity rating may be on the rise but his ministers are dragging him down.It is either intentional or out of sheer foolishness.

Najib should introduce a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for each and every minister to measure their performance on quarterly basis.Those falling below the tolerance level for three consecutive quarters should be removed.

Do we really need RM800 million palace and RM800 million parliament house and all the trappings of the delusions of grandeur and neglect our responsibility to educate our children?

Lest, Nazri forgets those are taxpayers' money the government spending on megalomanic projects.

What is wrong with the present parliament house which has been renovated and refurbished a few years ago to the tune of RM85 million yet the roof leaks.Is this building about to collapse to justify the building of another?

This is a government in contradiction.After warning the people of economic gloom and doom and possibility of going bankrupt it embarked on a ridiculously grandiose and wasteful plan of building a new parliament house at a whopping RM800 million for the benefits of 222 members of parliament.

We all know how important education is and how success is deeply tied to having a good educational background.

There are many highly intelligent children from poor families who are just unfortunate to not be able to pursue tertiary education because their parents can't afford to finance further education for them.These tangible assets go to waste because the government failed in its duty.

Human success depend on the ability to adapt, to invent and education is the indispensable factor that can bring progress to humanity.

"Necessity is the mother of invention" and only with education we can gear the brain to logical progression and inventiveness.

Look at the Malaysian oil palm industry.We are the biggest producer of palm oil yet we labour in backwardness in our oil palm plantations depending on imported labour to harvest the fruits and misplaced notion that labour will always be cheap.

No one, including government agencies funded by the government to do research on the oil palm industry has come up with an idea how to mechanise the industry.Greed overrides our better judgement.We put as many trees as possible in an acre of land to get bigger yield in the short term rather than invest in the long term by inventing machines that can mechanise planting and harvesting that eventually will bring down the cost of operation.If that crop is grown in the West they would have found a way to mechanise the whole industry.

We have a trapped mind because we are so easily comforted, complacence and forever depending on the West for new technology.Worst, we don't take criticism as construction for new ideas but rather as a source of annoyance.

Invention need research and development which need big money and only government and big companies can afford to fund such venture.The recipe for any invention is the trained human mind.Education trains the human mind.That's why the West put greatest value in education.

Here, our government tells us there is no more money for further education let alone spend money on research and development.Sorry Nazri! You may be a lawyer but you are way out of your league.

Isolated tribes in the jungle have no form of education to bring modernity to their culture.They continue to stay in the age of ignorance.Islamic civilization, where the sciences used to exist and evolve have been dead for hundreds of years caught in a time warp.Many Muslim nations have put high quality education in the backseat.

Education purveys knowledge, skills and values that are passed from one generation to another.Without education we are doomed.Let me produce Nazri's penultimate statement here.

“This year, we reduced the number to 1,500. Next year, we will continue [to reduce this further],” he said.

Nevertheless, Nazri said that the extra funds would be given out as scholarships to students pursuing courses in the local universities.

“Ultimately, the purpose is also to retain our good students here in our local universities. We want our good students to study locally and this is our long-term goal.

“We want our universities to be first-class. We want to retain the money here, so we finance those in local universities — we want the talent here,” he said.

Nazri noted that one of the reasons behind the brain drain problem in the country was that many students pursued their studies in foreign universities.

“And when they are there and they have the connection, they no longer want to return,” he said.

The full story here.

It sounded like the government is stopping to send students overseas because of the brain drain which is absolutely ridiculous and untrue.

Those who never came back were mostly self-sponsored or paid by parents or family.Those who left the country left for a reason.

Our employment market sucks.It is one big sweat shop and the biggest problem is the government wanting to keep wages low.Entry level for fresh graduate is miserable all for wanting to reflect low cost centre to attract FDI (Foreign Direct Investment).

There is no minimum wage in this country.Employers squeezed labour to the bone and pay minimal wages.

Yes, it is good to keep as many as we could in the country.Maybe, the government should first give a health check on the education system in the country before making that conclusion.Even our local private sector shy away from employing some of our local graduates so can they survive the world's competitive marketplace?Is that the right way to stop the brain drain? Are we going to produce brain-dead graduates?

Nazri and the government should first take a serious look at the top universities of the world and see whether they can find one from Malaysia in the top 100 before making the fatal decision to kill the goose that lay the golden eggs and produce mediocre gooses.

World's top 100 here.

Even more baffling why is Nazri making statement on education issue.Has the Ministry of Education become redundant?

Also read this heart-rending story.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sorry Babe! Ain't Got No Money For The Kids Education

Hantu Laut

Got money to build RM800 million palace, got money to build RM800 million new parliament house, got money to bail out the corrupt-laden PKFZ, but ain't got no money for bright students.

Why should we worry about education.We should all join UMNO and become the perfect politician.

Vision 2020 is fucked! Take a time travel back to 1920 with Commander Nazri Aziz.

Read it tomorrow here.

Jews Go Home ? The Helen Thomas Tragedy

Hantu Laut

It is alright to kill Palestinian men,women and children but the moment you mentioned anything objectionable about the Jews the whole Western hypocrisy exploded in your face.

Veteran White House journalist Helen Thomas learned that bitter lesson for making what the Western world termed as antisemitism.

Watch the video below.

In the words of Racheal Saclar "It’s hard to hear the words “The Jews of Germany and Poland” and not think of anything but the millions and millions of Jews who were incarcerated, enslaved, tortured, starved and exterminated in the Holocaust." "Which means that, sad as I am, Helen Thomas can no longer be a hero to me."

What about the Palestinians, displaced from their homeland, bombed, killed, locked in by blockade in their own country for choosing a government that the Jews and the Western powers are not happy with.Are their lives worth less than that of the Jews?

Helen Thomas, a 90 year old lady with 67 years career in journalism has to resign because Western hypocrisy and double standard wouldn't allow her to pass for speaking the truth.

Also read from Washington Post "Why we'll miss Helen Thomas"

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The House Of The Rising Sun

Hantu Laut

Why has one form of gambling become an issue while others seemed to have been accepted? Isn't Malaysia already one big gambling house. From 4-digit betting, horse racing, slot machine to full-fledged casino, we have it all.Why the noise about sport betting?

Have Malaysians invariably become victims of disinformation, the blind follow the blind and making noise for the sake of making noise.

Sport betting may be less attractive to many people than say 4 digits or any number game and the devil of it all, the one-armed bandits or slot machines.

With sport betting only those who has clue of the sport would be betting as opposed to other game of chance where anyone can participate.

The detractors of sport betting are blindly opposing it because some vested interest groups are not happy, why they are not getting a share of the cake and, therefore, trumped the war drum.Those so called holier than thou living on their high moral grounds and having scruples about gambling are just pawns in the game.

I agree with Raja Petra here they are not against gambling per se but against licenced gambling.Underground gambling is just as big if not bigger.I know of a friend who made almost RM1 million in the last World Cup, so he says.So, don't underestimate the size of underground gambling.

I do agree there must be some form of control over gambling in the country but the unfortunate thing is Malaysians are barking up the wrong tree.They keep their eyes and ears shut to what is more dangerous and one that have brought more serious social ills and untold miseries to families.

Those who suffered most are in the low and middle income group.Those with compulsive gambling habit of the breadwinners.

In term of severity the slot machines are the most dangerous and more often than not did not comply with international standard on the ratio of payout.You can well imagine who are the inspectors to police compliance? A full-pledged casino is less dangerous than those unregulated one-armed bandits scattered around the country.

These three slot-machine clubs under the guises of cafe lounge are only 200 meters away from each other at Tg.Aru, Kota Kinabalu.There are many more scattered all over the city.

These money-grabbing machines are scattered throughout the nation under the guises of membership sport clubs and virtually controlled by one man or his companies.Unlike bona fide clubs you don't have to pay to be a member to this phony sport club because they know they will eventually get all your money.It racked in million of dollars every month of hard-earned money of the low and middle income group who dreamed the elusive dream...of becoming rich from gambling.

The very rich don't gamble, if they do it's what they called spare change, so it is those with little money that frequent this kind of gambling joint.

Gambling is addictive and can destroy lives of families of gamblers who have no control over their habits and the slot machines are there 24/7 or 365 days a years waiting for them.

Licences for slot machines are given out by the Federal Ministry of Finance.Obviously, the usual give and take policy would have been the reasons to allow these money-grabbing devils in our midst.

This so -called sport clubs have sprouted in the cities, suburbs and urban outskirts close to rural population. There are scores if not hundreds of such clubs in Sabah. I don't know about Peninsula Malaysia and Sarawak, I guess they would have the same if not more of these factitious sport clubs.

These iron-clad electronic monsters allow you to gamble your money up to RM80.00 on one push of the button.For the bold and reckless that's money down the drain very quickly.You can lose thousands in a flash.Here the machines only come in minimum denomination of RM1.00 and RM0.50 and you can bet up to 80 times in one go.

In Burswood Australia they are less greedy and more reasonable, the common areas only have 1 cents, 2 cents, 5cents and 10 cents machine which allow you to bet up to 100 times.Still cheaper and more dependably regulated than the monsters in this country.

PAS youth has decided to mobilise a 100,000 strong rally to the Istana to protest against the sport betting but conveniently overlooked other more pressing problems detrimental to the Muslim community.

Obviously, we are more interested in political gimmickry rather than the welfare and well being of the Muslim community.

We should wake up to the other realities of life, those that will lead us to the brink of disaster and sadly we have the habits of sweeping our problems under the carpet and denied that we have a problem and Muslims all over the world seem to have this attitude and false sense of invincibility.

In her second book "Nomad" how in one of the chapters the writer Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali apostate wrote about the husband of one of her cousins who was seropositive for AIDS and sadly out of ignorance and sense of invincibility the man keep saying "AIDS?! I don't have that! I am a Muslim! I am a Somali! We don't get AIDS!

In his case, ignorance is not bliss, it is deadly.

We all know and these are published facts.We have a serious drug addiction problem among our youths, majority Muslims, we have multiplying HIV problem, majority Muslims, we have babies born out of wedlock, majority Muslims,we have babies out of wedlock killed and dumped, majority Muslims and lastly we have the abominable Mat Rempit almost exclusively Muslim boys.

Is the government and Islamic party like PAS doing anything about it? Are there programmes in place to bring education and awareness to counter these social ills afflicting the Muslim community.

If there is, than it must be either invisible or I am blind, because I have not seen or heard of any of it.

Issuing new licences to counter underground gambling may not be the answer, enforcement of the law is.

Below is the reason I titled this article "The House Of The Rising Sun"

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Who Says I No Spik Inglish?

Hantu Laut

Remember the Utusan Malaysia reporter who thought 'ultra vires' means to insult..... and to him Karpal Singh insulting the Sultan of Perak.

As a result of his poor English he has disseminated wrong message to the public and created chaos in the seditious case against DAP leader Karpal Singh.

Well, read the piece below from fugitive blogger Raja Petra on bad English and the 'bodoh sombong' culture among some Malaysians which in Malay would mean 'orang yang tidak mahu belajar dan tidak mahu diajar.

Worse, the smart-aleck or pretender of know-it-all refused to ask what they don't know.

In Sabah we have one word for it 'temberang'

The problem, however, they told me, is that I write in English while the readers who had made police reports against me do not understand English that well. So, because of their poor command of English, they have misunderstood what I had written and thought that I had insulted Islam.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

DAP chairman Karpal Singh was cleared of sedition today without his defence being called.

The Bukit Gelugor MP was charged with sedition last year for saying the Sultan of Perak could be taken to court over the removal of Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin as the mentri besar.

The High Court here found the prosecution had failed to prove it had a case against him.

In his decision today, judge Azman Abdullah noted that the news reporters, key witnesses and police involved did not understand English and the meaning of sedition. -- The Malaysian Insider

Continue reading..

Mandela's Great Grandaughter Died After World Cup Concert

JOHANNESBURG (AP)—It should have been a moment of triumph—Nelson Mandela, basking in the cheers as Africa’s first World Cup opened.

Nelson Mandela with his great-granddaughter Zenani, who was killed in a car accident following Thursday's kickoff concert. (AP Photo/Peter Morey)

Instead, South Africa’s beloved anti-apartheid icon stayed at home with his family Friday in northern Johannesburg during the opening ceremony and game, mourning his 13-year-old great-granddaughter Zenani, who died in a car crash on the way home from a tournament-eve concert in Soweto.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation said the tragedy “made it inappropriate” for the former president, who is 91, to attend the opening ceremony in Johannesburg.

We are sure that South Africans and people all over the world will stand in solidarity with Mr. Mandela and his family in the aftermath of this tragedy,” the foundation said, adding that Mandela “will be there with you in spirit today.”

Johannesburg Metro police spokeswoman Edna Mamonyane said the driver of the car had been arrested and charged with drunk driving. Mamonyane said the driver, whom police didn’t identify, could also face homicide charges.

“The Metro police found that he was drunk,” Mamonyane said. “He lost control of the vehicle and it collided with a barricade.”

Police spokesman Govindsamy Mariemuthoo, who earlier said the driver would appear in court for a preliminary hearing Friday, said that had been postponed for further investigations, and that the driver was not being held. Mariemuthoo said that was not unusual.

“It’s a decision of the prosecutor,” he said.

The Mandela foundation denied reports that the former president’s ex-wife Winnie Madikizela-Mandela was in the car, but said she was treated in a hospital for shock after being told of the fatal accident. She was discharged after a few hours.

She was on the VIP list for the opening ceremony, and a press box official confirmed she was at Soccer City, but the foundation said later that Madikizela-Mandela did not attend.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, who was in South Africa to lead his country’s delegation to the opening ceremony, were among those who offered condolences.

South African President Jacob Zuma, calling Mandela by his clan name Madiba — a term of affection—referred to the death in the Mandela family in an address to the crowd before the Mexico-South Africa game started.

He said Mandela had wanted to be there, “but unfortunately there was a tragedy in the Mandela family.”

“But he said the game must start. You must enjoy the game,” Zuma added.

Mandela has achieved glory as a politician and human rights campaigner, but suffered many personal tragedies.

In 1969, three years after arriving on Robben Island to serve a life sentence for sabotage, Mandela received a telegram from his younger son, Makgatho, informing him that his eldest son, Madiba Thembekile, died in a car crash.

Prison authorities refused to allow Mandela to attend the funeral.

“I do not have words to express the sorrow, or the loss I felt,” Mandela wrote in his autobiography. “It left a hole in my heart that can never be filled.”

Thirty-six years later, Makgatho died. Mandela announced his last surviving son died of AIDS-related complications, saying the only way to fight the disease’s stigma was to speak openly.

Mandela’s family life suffered during years devoted to politics, as an underground anti-apartheid fighter and in prison. Two marriages fell apart, the second to Winnie. He began his 27-year imprisonment only four years after marrying her.

Mandela was freed in 1990. Four years later, his lifelong battle over apartheid won, he became South Africa’s first black president. He served just one term, then devoted himself to international causes, including fighting AIDS.

He has announced his retirement and desire to devote time to his family several times. Increasingly, those close to him and other South Africans have said the reward for all he has done for his country should now be freedom from the public’s demands.

On his 80th birthday July 18, 1998, he married Graca Machel, a veteran of the anti-colonial struggle in her native Mozambique, former education minister, noted international child rights advocate and widow of Mozambique’s first president, Samora Machel.

Graca Machel once told a television interviewer she helped Mandela reconnect with his family. Family photos released by his foundation Friday showed a relaxed and smiling Mandela with Zenani and other great-grandchildren.

Zenani was one of the anti-apartheid icon’s nine great-grandchildren.

Source:Yahoo Sports

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Oleh-Oleh Rendang

Hantu Laut

After having feasted almost perennially the past week on oysters and succulent Aussie's beef an accidental find of this little Malay restaurant on the quiet side of Hay Street gave me salivating nostalgia of home-cooked food. The spartan interior is typical of most Malay restaurants back home.First thing that came to my mine was, who cares, as long as the food is good.

I am not on a gastronomical journey but simple plain good food is certainly more desirous than pretentious ambience.As good as the food can be a bad service can kill your appetite.

The restaurant was empty except for a table of three launchers at the far end of the room.Malaysians, I guessed, but not sure whether tourists or residents.

Perth had a fair share of Malaysians permanent residents as any other immigrants.I have many Chinese friends that have migrated here.Some have become citizens of the country.

After browsing through the menu I decided to order 'beef rendang' with rice.Scanning the room I noticed some empty plates of previous meals still uncleared from the table next to me.By now I have the gut feeling that I have come to a wrong restaurant.

The guy at the counter spent most of his time talking in Malay on his cellular phone with his friend or girlfriend occasionally leaving his work station to go outside the restaurant to continue with whatever secret conversation that he didn't want anyone else to hear.

By now 20 minutes has passed and there were still no sign of my food.I called the guy and enquired about my food and all he said was it's coming.Goddam hell! I know it is coming but when without saying it aloud.The cardinal rule and always bear in mind that if you are not happy never scowl the waiter till you have finished your meal.

We all know 'beef rendang' is pre-cooked and can be served almost immediately unless the moron think I am not Malaysian, an idiot and do not know what rending is.

Beef rendang, empty restaurant and it took over 20 minutes to get my food to the table.It was rendang exclusive, without anything on the side, not good, not bad but just edible. By the time I finished my meal I would have spent at least 40 minutes in the restaurant and guess what? The empty plates on the next table were still there.Just imagine what the service would be like if the restaurant was full.

The Malaysian Chinese restaurant that I have been to in the Gold Coast and here did not suffer from such lackadaisical attitude.

The owner, whoever he is, is either equally incompetent with his "tidak apa" attitude or as clueless as when he first left Malaysia for this land.He might just as well run his food business from the warong in KL.

You certainly can't take the kampong out of this Ahmad.He has brought his whole kampong to Perth.

The next time you are in Perth try the "Oleh-Oleh" restaurant along Hay Street and hopefully I was wrong or too hasty in my judgement.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Is Kevin Rudd In The Rut?

Hantu Laut

While Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's popularity has soared to 72 percent as of late, in the land of the kangaroos, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's popularity has plummeted to a low ebb.The dire consequences of broken election promises and the new controversial super tax on the mining industry that Rudd is determine to introduce to enhance government's revenue.

David Hogan, the publisher of Scoop of Western Australia described him as Australia's most terrifying politician.

Kevi Rudd came to Perth and about 2000 miners, supporters and families rallied in a park outside the hotel where Rudd was to address a media lunch.

Kevin Rudd's visit to Perth, where there was an orchestrated  public protest rally, has proved to be a rare positive during a grim  past few weeks.
Instigated by mining bosses

Western Australia is where Kevin Rudd's new super tax going to take a deep bite and mining magnates are pulling their firepower to demolish Rudd's ruddy tax on the mining industry which has made some ruddy Australian billionaires.

Rudd's visit to Perth yesterday which the Sydney Morning Herald described as 'Rudd's journey into a lion's den could be a turning point' was indeed what it is.

Opposition to the super tax is confined to a loud but narrow sectional interest group.Out of 500 locals who turned up for Rudd's community cabinet meeting (never heard of it in Malaysian politics) only two raised the super profit tax.

One lady said if the mining bosses think they could not continue mining under the new tax scheme, the government should call their bluff and take back the mining licences and give them to someone else.The other, a man said the only problem with the super tax is that the government has not done enough to explain its benefits to the "man in the street."

Western Australia and Queensland are the two biggest mining states and opposition to Rudd's super tax could come from these two states as it could effect their financial health as the mining bosses would like to put it.

Will Kevin Rudd and his Labour party go the way of Gordon Brown?

The average working class Australians that I spoke to do not think so.They are more concerned with how it's going to effect their welfare and their pockets.

Kevin Rudd's political campaign to preserve his image has also taken on a new perplexing dimension........Japanese bashing, which got the Japanese being one of its biggest trading partners in a state of anger and confusion.

Ruddy Rudd contemplating taking the Japs to the World Court on its anti-whaling policy.

Will Kevin Rudd be in the rot with the Japanese?

The average working class Australians that I spoke to said to hell with the Japanese.

Australians don't eat whale meat and are very annoyed at the idea.

Will Kevin Rudd be in the rut?

The average working class Australians think too early to tell and said don't pay too much attention to the media.

On the home front, Najib's raising popularity may not necessarily translates into votes.Malaysians imbibe party more than personality.

The Westminster system has its drawback.If they think the party is rotten than Najib could become a casualty.If they think the head is rotten than the party become the casualty.Gordon Brown can testify to that.Labour lost mainly because of his lacklustre performance.

Unlike Westerners, Malaysians tend to hide what inside them.Opinion poll, can be misleading and become purely academic, particularly in this part of the world.

Najib not out of the woods yet.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Joining The Communist Party Of Australia?

Hantu Laut

Anyone for joining a Communist Party? Well, I did, for about 20 minutes, not for the ideology but for the cause of the day.....the damning of Israel.

Since the Australian government was mealy-mouthed about the cold-blooded killing of innocent humanitarian activists on the Gaza's aid flotilla, the Communist Party of Australia has taken upon themselves to send the message that what Israel did was murder and should be severely condemned.

The peaceful protest and public rally was held this morning on Perth's busy Hay Street, a shopping and commercial center of the city. It was an incongruous mixture of the discontents, the want to be seen activists and over-zealous members and supporters of CPA.The disinterested and the unperturbed but curious anyway staying on the periphery.A group of policemen staying on the side just in case.

Some photos of the demonstration.

A friend once asked me how come the British banned the Communist Party in Malaysia but allowed Communist Party in Britain and Australia.Maybe, we all know the answer to that.

That's the true test of democracy.As long as they don't take up arm struggle they should not be a problem.That's how the British looked at it.Unfortunately, the CPM (Communist Party of Malaya) decided that intimidation, violence and killing are the answes to taking over a government. The CPA (Communist Party of Australia) is now 90 years old and has not made much progress.The Australians are happy with a government that takes care of its citizens from the cradle to the grave.