Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Have A Dream

Hantu Laut

"We will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends". Martin Luther King,Jr.

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Martin Luther King,Jr.

"Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves". ~Abraham Lincoln




SM said...


I did wonder when you would quote Martin Luther King Jr!!!!!
Yes, most Malaysians (except probably for UMNO Politicians & their supporters!) have a dream. A dream of being United, a dream of being one, a dream of being called Malaysian without having to state whether you are Malay or Non-Malay & finally a dream of having a "Bangsa Malaysia"!
Most of my foreign colleagues call me Malay (altghough I am not) for the simple reason that they see me as Malaysian & do not understand when I tell them that I am "Eurasian"!
Wasn't Obama's father from Kenya (an immigrant)? And now Obama is a Presedential Nominee?! That's the US (hyprotical though we call them!) for you.
I have a dream that one day my son will not need to fill in his "race" when he fills a Government Form. He will just write down MALAYSIAN!
And you can bet as long as the BN (read: UMNO) is in power, that's NOT going to happen!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When I was studying overseas, I lived in the dormitory where most Chinese students (mostly rich kids) were staying. When asked, where they were from by other students, very few of them said they were Malaysians and they never denied it when it was suggested that they were either from Singapore or Hong Kong. Students from mixed heritage gave their non Malaysian parents as their country of origin. These students never went to Malaysian students gathering until they had problems. These students also made comments like how lazy the bumiputeras were, they were stupid ect ect. They first avoided me because I am a Malay and that I had a scholarship but when they found out that I did not have a scholarship and that my parents were retired teachers, they changed their tune, a little bit too late I must say. Have you ever notice that when you buy something from peddlers, bumiputras are charged more than the other races. This was confirmed by a Chinese fruitseller That I always went to at the night market. He used to charge me a little bit more than his other customers until he realized it that I only bought fruits from him. The price tag you see is for bumiputras but the price changes when other races are buying them. I lived abroad for a while among the Americans and other Malaysians of different races than mine. Every time they have a chance, they make fun or look down on the bumiputras. We are all Malaysians but we have different ethnic groups but overseas, other Malaysians used their ethnic group to tell others that they were not really Malaysians especially people that have portugis,thai,white ect ect. Are these bangsa Malaysia we can be proud of??

SM said...


Please don't "generalise".
From what I've seen, the Malaysians who are Non-Malay have always said they were from Malaysia. Many who have immigrated to other countries refuse to give up their Malaysian Citizenship (does that sound like they are "trying to hide their Citizenship?). I have many Chinese Malaysian friends in Australia who go out of their way to make sure people know they are Malaysian & not Singaporean & "Honkies"!
Well, maybe I can't talk about others but as for me (& I have worked all over the world having been in the Oil & Gas Industry for the last 20 years), I have always said I am Malaysian (& proud of it). By the way, I am of Portugese descent (my grandparents were from the Malacca Portugese Settlement), so your theory that Malaysians who are from Portugese, Thai & "White" not admitting they are Malaysians is nonsence.
I guess you guys have to "find" excuses to "support" your Racist UMNO agenda?!
How can people who believe in Allah (who has made ALL men equal) also believe in "Ketuanan Melayu" & the ISA?
And I quote Zaid Ibrahim (in his last day in Office), when he spoke of UMNO on why he is resigning..."you can be a race based party, but you don't have to be racist bigot (that sums up what UMNo is).