Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pakatan's Saturday Night Fever

Hantu Laut

The beast rares its ugly head at every elections........phantom votes, tempered electoral rolls, votes buying, cheating, intimidation and last but not least an Election Commission subservient to the ruling party......accusations hurled at the government by Pakatan Rakyat at every elections.

I can't understand how Malaysians got suckered into believing that these accusations were all true.Pakatan feeds on lies and delusions.They eat lies for breakfast, lunch and dinner and than they shit lies all over the country.

If they were true how in hell the opposition managed to wrestled 5 states and denied the BN of two-thirds majority in the 12th General Elections.

Read this.

Will Pakatan get the 'Saturday Night Fever' this Saturday.

With the exception of DAP who may capture significant number of seats, the rest of the gang may need to be hospitalised.

Sarawakians are no hillbillies as Pakatan made them out to be.There won't be any tsunami either.Sarawakians can think for themselves. The East Malaysians know when is the right time to change the government.

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Anonymous said...

Zentrum future studies says that BN will fall. Dont be so sure.